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Cost of Living in Bogota, Colombia

A sample of basic household items in case you are wondering what is the cost of living in Bogota, Colombia–

All prices have been converted to US Dollars at 2,000 Colombian Pesos (COP) per dollar.

Cost of living in Bogota, Colombia as of August 2009 @ 2,000 Colombian Pesos (COP) / Dollar

Apples, 6-pack: COP 5,210 = $2.60
Bananas: COP 700/500g = $0.31 / lb
Beef, flatiron: COP 13,800/kg = $3.13/lb
Beef, sirloin COP 25,920/kg = $5.89/lb
Blender: COP 199,000 = $99.50
Bread, high quality: COP 5600/500g = $2.54/lb (loaf)
Carrots: COP 705/500g = $0.32/lb
Cashews: COP 11,100/100g = $25/lb
Cereal, granola: COP 5,650/500g = $2.56/lb (box)
Chicken, breast: COP 16,270/kg = $3.69/lb
Chicken, drumstick: COP 10,920/kg = $2.48/lb
China set, 20 piece: COP 139,900 = $69.95
Corkscrew: COP 14,900 = $7.45
Corn: COP 2,125/500g = $0.96/lb
Cutting board: COP 8,500 = $4.25
Egg, 1-dozen organic: COP 8,030 = $4.00
Egg, 1-dozen w/omega: COP 7,280 = $3.64
Egg, 1-dozen: COP 5,260 = $2.63
Gasoline, unleaded: COP 7,000/gallon = $3.50/gallon
Lettuce, organic: COP 3,540/250g = $3.21/lb
Lettuce: COP 2,860/220g = $2.94/lb
Long distance to USA on mobile phone: COP 330 = 16.5 cents/minute
Microwave, large: COP 299,000 = $150
Milk: COP 1,780/L = $3.36/gallon
Newspaper, local daily: COP 1,300 = .65
Olive oil, extra virgin: COP 38,400/L = $19.20/Liter
Onion, white: COP 2,580/500g = $1.17/lb
Pan, square griddle: COP 39,900 = $19.95
Plum: COP 5600/500g = $2.54/lb
Pork, Argentine chorizo: COP 11,640/500g = $5.29/lb
Pork, bone chop: COP 20,590/kg = $4.67/lb
Restaurant Meal for 1 at a cheap restaurant: COP 3,000 = $1.50
Restaurant Meal for 1 at a full service restaurant: COP 18,000 = $9
Shampoo, Pantene: COP 8,650/400ml = $4.32 (medium sized bottle)
Soap, bar 3-pack: COP 4,960 = $2.50
Strawberry: COP 12,150/kg = $2.76/lb
Sugar, refined: COP 4,290/2500g = $0.39/lb
Taxi, from Bogota airport to northern sector: COP 25,000 = $12.50
Television, 42″ Plasma (Samsung): COP 1,899,000  = $950
Toaster oven: COP 37,4950 = $187.48
Tomato, organic: COP 6,900/kg = $1.56/lb
Tomato: COP 1,090/500g = $0.50/lb
Toothpaste: COP 4000 = $2.00
Water, 5L COP 4,040 = $2
Wine, Spanish imported: COP 23,800 = $11.90

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • rick

    just returned from a trip of two weeks to bogota. perhaps the rent is better than the states, but not much else. gas is higher. i live in florida and maybe pay a little more for coffee. i enjoy your column. thanx.


  • christian

    Your article is very much at target. I was born ed and raised in this city of “eternal spring”. Trained in medical field in the US and stayed taking boards, etc. Now, When I return I can feel the beauty, spontaneity of the people. It is quite an experience. CMD

  • Jai

    Since I am recently dodging a humongous swarm of avaricious yellow jackets eager for their pound of (my) flesh every time I enter my door, which is directly under their nest, and dealing with a landlord who seems unclear on the concept of “Ex-ter-min-a-tor,” I’ve been thinking I’d run anywhere that is yellow jacket-free or has somewhat more astute landlords. But after seeing the prices in Bogota, I will continue attempts to educate the current landlord. Call me when WalMart moves to Bogota and I can outfit a new apartment with the basics of toaster, coffee maker, blender, set of dishes, etc, for under $20 a piece.

  • http://www.medoblado.ning.com Robert

    Many things are very expensive in Colombia, like cars……more than double of what you would pay for the same car in the states, and without the safety equipment.

    Imported food products are expensive. Some things have a 62% import tax added.

  • adele Clarke

    I love your Colombia as well. I am thinking of purchasing a retirement home there. I am single and in my mid forties, and worry that it might not be safe. I was introduced to the country through a former boyfriend and saw Bogota and the surrounding area through wealthy eyes. If I retire, to the country it will be in a middle class way. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • john benus

    please put me on your email list

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