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Here’s another obligation you didn’t sign up for

July 20, 2011
Split, Croatia

Bruce Lee, a long-time hero of mine, died 38-years ago today, and in tribute to his intellect and philosophy, I wanted to blow the dust off an old quote of his that seems quite prescient:

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.”

Each day it becomes increasingly obvious that there are essentially two kinds of people in this world– those who are unaware that they walk in the darkness, completely oblivious to the real dangers in the world, versus those who understand reality and seek the truth.

The former group comprises the vast majority of society. This is your voting electorate and mainstream media audience, and they’ll buy every bit of propaganda that’s sent their way… whether it’s support for the war(s), ruinous economic programs, child molesting TSA policies, or just plain old fear and hate.

In its latest effort to spread fear and hate, the Ministry of Love, also known as the Department of Homeland Security, has produced an Orwellian new video intended to encourage Americans to rat each other out.

If you’re not in a place to watch the video right now, I’ll summarize briefly.

First of all, it’s one of the most pathetic attempts at filmmaking in the history of motion picture; the average shampoo commercial has better acting and production quality… and is much more subtle in its message.

In the world of Homeland Security, terrorists all drive unmarked full-size vans, wear hooded sweatshirts, and deposit backpacks in conspicuous public places. They might as well have had a cackling James Bond villain twirling his moustache in the corner.

At its core, the video is filled with scenes of ordinary citizens spying on each other and alerting the authorities to their compatriots’ suspicious deeds. In my favorite scene, a woman calls the police after snooping over the shoulder of a young man typing away on his smartphone.

Naturally, it’s all for the common good… for everyone’s safety and security. In fact, everyone shares in this responsibility according to DHS, so we should all be on our toes to rat each other out at the first sign of suspicious activity. Apparently this is yet another obligation that comes with citizenship.

For the majority of people who watch this video, their chests will swell with pride in the knowledge that they now have a role to play in their country’s security. These are the folks walking around in the darkness, unaware.

You can’t talk to them about things like personal liberty as they’ll just regurgitate the propaganda they’ve been spoon fed since birth. These are the same folks who take their shoes off at the airport and proclaim, “Whatever it takes to keep us safe,” or “I have nothing to hide!”

Truthfully, real criminals aren’t back alley types, but rather the policymakers who spread fear and paranoia in the name of justice. They cloak their crimes in good deeds while building a brainwashed class of future Thought Police.

If Orwell had written a prequel to 1984, this would all be part of it.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Dave26027

    Thanks- this IS scary. And humorous- I work in trucking. From experience, I know most overloaded Police Departments will be very nice to listen to you talk about the “suspicious activity” you just saw. If you could see the dispatcher on the other end while you’re trying to be a good citizen, you’ll be alarmed to find him multitasking while ignoring you until you’re finished. Five seconds after you hang up he’s already deep into the next phone conversation. This video must make a lot of Government agents and employees very proud. After all, this explains to us all where we waste our tax dollars. “See Mom? I told you I found an important job!”

  • disqus_TLcMqwnySr

    Of course, nobody bothers wondering why terrorism exists or whether the responsibility of security is being misplaced.

  • index1000

    Thought you guys might enjoy this (i have no personal relationship with the program or the people in it) interview with ex head intelligence analyst for UK police who was dismissed when he idenitifed UK government insiders and Intelligence services as the greatest threat to UK security.
    You won’t see this on the BBC.

  • JureAO

    Simon, as I see you’re nearing close I’d just like to extend an invitation for a drink, if you happen to pass by Ljubljana, before we meet in Lithuania in 3 weeks.


  • Jacques

    Ah… I truly missed the swastikas, a barking dictator and pulsating national pride music!

    A bit of video massaging and editing, and this would make a double plus good Nazi propaganda piece.

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelPorfirio Michael Mason

    Strong post. 

    – MPM

  • Greg Mitchell

    I love the assertion at about the 4:25 mark: “You should also know that the law enforcement personnel who receive and respond to these reports are trained to recognize trends, behaviors and indicators related to specific terrorist threats, and related crimes while RESPECTING PRIVACY AND CIVIL LIBERTY SAFEGUARDS.” (Emphasis mine.) Yeah, but only when those pesky civil liberties and constitutional rights don’t get in the way…

    • Sven

      And those guys look a lot like the SS eh? Man oh man.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jay.twila Jay Twila

        Yes, I wonder if it was done on purpose.

  • TC

    Reminds me of the propaganda videos in the movie Starship Trooper.
    “Remember service means citizenship!”

  • http://twitter.com/pdtrading Peter Davis

    Christ, we really are screwed. I can’t believe I won’t get those 9 minutes of my life back. Fortunately for all of us, terrorists all wear hooded sweatshirts, walking around suspiciously with huge backpacks full of explosives and are, of course, infinitely fucking stupid. Thank God DHS is here to protect us!

  • http://www.bzemic.com/impossibleInstinct/ steve ward

    first: i get the message

    second: they screwed the video up?
    a: really? you just described at lest 30% of people
    b: boy them terrorist are really dumb not looking behind them
    c: im sorry but if i see something off like a break in i call 911 not you guys
    d: so does the video count for all the people in DC?

    i could go on and on

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Citizen-Tom/100000533102597 Citizen Tom

    @ 5:30 mark : “….Fusion Centers…”   sounds like a device on the mothership where humans are blended into delicious smoothies

  • Ken Long

    Not as pathetic as you make it out to be. Perhaps a little over the top, but I read plenty of End Of America and other doomsday reports encouraging us to hoard food and guns and gold that are equally extreme. I personally find its good to be aware of as many sides of a situation as possible.

    Videos and reports such as this one increase my awareness of these people and their sensitvities. I for one dont want to get on the wrong side of these people unnecessarily. When they ask me to take my shoes off at airport security, I comply. I make sure I have nothing to hide, do nothing to delay the process or to arouse unnecessary suspicion. That doesnt mean I will walk through their radioactive scanners, but I dont object to people doing their jobs. I save my objections for the people on top who create these situations, and I focus my energy on what I can do to live a better life, Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser.

    • Diogenese_

       Maybe if you avoid ever objecting that will eventually earn you some extra food rations.

       The problem with not objecting at all and trying to ignore the reality of the situation is that that won’t do anything to stop the tyranny from increasing.

        Don’t fly, don’t use US dollar banks, don’t set yourself up to be dependent on Government food rations, question whether someone has the right to grab your genitals as they please.

      btw-the TSA has already made use of hidden xray machines at a train station, ‘good behavior’ will not get you paroled.

  • marineh2ominer

    Bruce Lees remark makes a much greater statement in much less time than that whole video .

  • beckyblanton

    These intelligence folks are the same ones who ignored repeated intelligence, addresses and phone calls about the 9/11 terrorists right?

    • ATWDream

       And the failed Underwear Bomber as well. It was the man’s own father that was warning them!… And now we all have to get body scanned..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XL374DFQBZU5ZXUEADTAEQ7KGM Thomas

      Yeah, they ignored a fricking former federal analyst (James Woods) who called in a dry run of the 911 hijacking.

  • sotarrthewizard

    Anyone notice that all the “terrorists” were White Males ? And all had short hair ?  Looks like DHS is still fixated on Veterans and Tea Party “terrorists”. . .

  • Taogarrett

    I noticed that all of the terrorist were White Males and everybody else was nonwhite  a.k.a. “minorities”.  Don’t bother looking at the Middle Eastern couple that’s just racist and sexist, don’t you love this PC crap?

  • DeepThunder

    Oooops… guess I goofed, thought this video was about global assets doing a wet op.

  • http://www.cancunwellness.com/ peter knopfler

    I`m sorry I`m old enough to know Nazi tactics coming from Vienna 1940`s, then I saw Communism= Stalin, Hitler to Stalin Now this. Hope I`m not the only one who remembers People spying on their neighbours and Parents. This is the beginning Soft power Mind control Fusion Centers Fema camps Homeland Gestapo, USA largest Prison Population includes 50,000 Inmates long term Solitary confinement Torture some already 30 years in a box.SHAME
    this is USA DEMOCRACY SOLD OUT TO CORPORATIONS ALL IS PRIVATIZED. You see something the other guy see`s you,
     guilty or not your “F”! NAZI Mentality.

  • TK

     Just a reminder that is is not TSA who initiate security policies it is Congress. TSA screeeners are merely following guidelines THEY ARE REQUIRED TO, that have been created by Congress. Lets place the blame correctly.

  • napensnake

    I found it interesting that Homeland Security tells us not to focus on race or other characteristices but, rather, suspicious behaviors.  We the unwashed and untrained masses should be able to identify suspicious behaviors but TSA is incapable of doing that at the airport so even the most benign people are “inspected.”  Perhaps they should hire average people to work at TSA?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.twila Jay Twila

    The logical conclusion is: where to flee? In many respects the global reach of the United States is limitless. I don’t think there is anywhere to “run.” The best possibility is to minimize your own exposure to the U.S. federal government. But also, if you act like a “radical” then you will be treated as such.

  • Dorchux

    Note the misspelling of ‘acquiring’ @ 3:03. The people who have the ‘intelligence’ aren’t even required to have any intellectual understanding of the language they speak, let alone the true meaning of freedom, liberty and justice.

  • http://elevationgroupvideo.com The Elevation Group

    I love how most of the suspects in the video are Caucasian and the people who are reporting the incidents are not. 

    You wouldn’t want any racial profiling or anything when we’re looking for terrorists.  Apparently we just need to keep an eye out for white people who wear hoodies and carry backpacks. 

    I think I’m going to report Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III and his alter ego is Slim Shady.  Very suspicious indeed.  

  • Richardterrance

    I do not consent to Homeland Gestapo. Not one of its “laws’ are positive law. It is only the Gestapo reborn for the proles.

  • Bill

    I think everyone should call the DHS every day to report what they’ve seen. You know, “I’m just calling to report something suspicious, I saw a woman use her cell phone in the check out lane at WalMart.”

    Let’s jam them so full of ridiculous crap that they can’t handle it. Suspicious activity is a very, very ambigous term.

  • Joe Tittiger

    I want to report a terrorists organization that is making movies. I think they are called DHS or something like that. 

  • Joe Tittiger

    Same old MO they have used for the past few hundred years. The old  Biblical divide and conquer. Keeps the sheeple from noticing the real terrorists.

    This film is hysterical. Almost as good as reefer madness. :-)

  • Bliebler

    A number of folks say that all the terrorists were white folks – funny I thought they actually had a number of women, men, white and black – but seems like the hoodie is the clothing of choice for all these folks.  If you see someone in a hoodie call your Fusion center and maybe they can direct a satellite over them and track their every move.  

    Simon – the videos in the Singapore MRT’s aren’t too much different from this one. So not just the US or western Europe w/ all the cameras and encouraging this kind of behavior.  

    • Texwilley

      You know what just makes me sick? There wasn’t one cowboy in the whole damn video. We should be playing cowboys and terrorists…..

  • friend

    I hope you like Split, yesterday was not so hot because we had good rain in the morning.

  • Divinguru

    haha. I wonder if they are going to pay us for keeping an eye out? Oh wait they are broke…we must PAY THEM in denominations of our freedom…

  • Divinguru

    destruction of value = creation of the DHS

  • Puzzled

    Just do as they say – call often, report everything you see.  Keep them busy.

  • guest poster

    “1984” isnt coming – it already came and went – we’re far beyond “1984” at this point!

    the government is EVERYWHERE in the public sector – it’s everywhere in your job and it’s ALL OVER your home – just because there isnt a video screen calling you “brother” doesnt mean we arent being watched, manipulated, brainwashed and disposed of like cattle on a ranch.

    it’s been “1984” for a looong time people… it’s been here for LONG time.

    • Diogenese_

       The TSA has mobile backscatter vans that can see through walls.

      The government forced telecom companies to help it spy illegally on Americans, and the congress passed a law saying that was OK.  Thus it stands to reason that all US communication systems are spied on by the government. That includes the ability to listen in on cell phones or use the cell phones camera, even when it’s not being used on a call.

       All new US smart phones from 2013 on are required to contain a chip provided by the government, supposedly to enable the mandatory new government ’emergency’ text messaging system. But congress already said it’s OK for the government to break any wiretap laws, so count on those chips to enable more efficient spying.

      Facebook and google also probably provide even better intel than a camera inside a home.

      • any hill

        AXIOM!! Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Angus

    We have here the perfect opportunity to test these idiots. The biggest terrorist organization around besides the U.S. government is the IRS. Most of us already know that 99% of what the IRS does when it terrorizes the American people is not supported by law but the government just turns it’s attention towards old ladies and children and the groping child molesting TSA screeners at airports when the IRS seizes the private property of innocent Americans who don’t owe a damned thing to them. 
    The IRS just says, “So, sue us” but just try to sue them, they have unlimited funds and the corrupt federal courts side with them because the judges are so corrupt that they don’t want the IRS going after them if they rule against them.

    Define terrorism. It is defined as actions that a government takes against its own people.

    Let us all report and file charges against the IRS for it’s terrorist wrong doings and see how effective this new “Tattle tale against your neighbor” crap is.

    You didn’t know that the IRS breaks the law whenever it goes after private citizens working within the private sector of America?

    “Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.”

  • borninmombasa

    The “hoodie” is the new Muslim garb? Who knew?

  • borninmombasa

    I called Homeland Security and reported about 500,000 folks a year crossing our unprotected southern border. They asked if they were wearing “hoodies” or were they just potential Democrats ? 

  • Buckster

    Did anyone report Rocky as a terrorist when he ran up the stairs of the Philly Museum of Art?  I was wearing a hoodie, and he was punching and raising his arms in triumphant victory with theme music playing.  These are obvious traits of someone who needs to be ratted out

    • Markmills8

      Rocky was also wearing sweat pants with no pockets, which means no government issued ID!
      Suspicious indeed…

  • Detaoist

    After watching the above video, I’d like to offer this summary: Don’t wear dark clothes, hoodies, or gloves in summer (casual, even professional wear, will divert suspicion).  Don’t leave the bombbag in an uncrowded place at any time-it will attract suspicion.  Don’t panic & never run.  Follow the suggested steps to maximize results, and remember SOMEONE is always watching you. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HNPAAANWOILPHOKSCLFE2K2HBY ValerieP

    First, it isn’t “ratting out” anyone to report a criminal activity or an activity that is suspicious enough to bring it to a reasonable person’s attention. How many howled that nobody was watching when the 9/11 perps were taking flying lessons and not learning how to take off or land? But don’t worry, all of these “law enforcement types” could care less. A neighbor’s van was stolen and its insides (except for the driver’s seat) was deposited on my lawn. All that the local cops cared was that I didn’t expect them to take the “garbage” away! They didn’t even look to find the owner – I did! The fact that a van was cleared out could have meant it was going to be used to smuggle illegals or drugs or made into a large bomb – but the local cops didn’t care. When I called the FBI in New York, they didn’t care either. All that the agent told me was that I couldn’t expect the local police to be interested in mere property crime! I asked him if it required a severed head to get their attention and that to me, the operative word here was CRIME! If the cops weren’t interested in mere car theft and the FBI wasn’t interested in a possible moving bomb, hey! Surely there has to be a happy medium between Big Brother and Big Deal!

    • europe rules

      are you always that brainwashed ?
      these images remember me of the soviet era with rats everywhere reporting the fact that you have foreign soap or telling jokes about the regime.
      land of the free? you make me laugh. In USSR you had more freedom than you have now ….
      And I know what I’m talking about….

    • Diogenese_

       This story of how the FBI and local police couldn’t be bothered with not only a major theft, but also a potential terrorism incident shows what the real purpose of the DHS is, to brainwash the US people into full on slavery. The slavery of a former free people conscripted into a domestic security state army.

       My friend in the Air Force got a bad sunburn once, and his pay was docked as a punishment for ‘damaging government property.’

       That will be the next step, eating fatty foods, etc will be called unlawful sabotage against the state’s health care system.

    • Professor Y-KM-R

      Someone please push the RED button and get it over. I’d rather be dead then read her…

    • sahara2084

      I felt compelled to dissect your fear-ridden comment…

      First off, the FBI was really not concerned about Your problem because most likely the FBI, as well as the other 12 intelligence organizations in the U.S., already knew that it had nothing to do with “terrorism”.

      The FBI has admitted to “befriending” and then setting up would-be “terrorists”…then arresting them. This is a fact. Now, why would you trust these people?

      Nobody “howled” about the alleged 9/11 “perps” because nobody (regular folk) knew that these people were taking flying lessons….except…wait for it…..the government. All evidence points to the fact that the U.S. intelligence community knew full well about these men taking flying lessons, and were being funded from  US-friendly ISI (pakistan intelligence) operatives, such as the head of the ISI – General Mahmud Ahmed – who was in Wash DC (at the White house) right before (and possibly during) 911 crime.  Ahhh, but CNN tried to spin this differently but failed at it….and shortly after Gen Ahmed resigned.

      From my research it does look like the intelligence community has much more data and knowledge of ALL OF US than we would think possible. But that is from the minds of us little folk. Look up Echelon, visit NSA sight, listen to Panetta in his conference hearing where he said “The Next Pearl Harbor that we face could well be a cyber Attack”…He said this about a month ago. Now where have we heard this before…Read this article and read the scribd document they include from the PNAC group. These people back in 2000 were saying a “new pearl harbor” would get the American people behind their agenda.http://www.americanpendulum.com/2011/06/cia-head-panetta-the-next-pearl-harbor-and-the-onward-march-for-militarized-cyberspace-dominance/The government does not give a rats-ass about “protecting” you. They are more concerned in making ALL OF US little snitches for their continuing operations abroad and at home.

    • http://twitter.com/illuminatus777 ὀξύμωρον

      You sound middle class and white. Maybe you are a terrorist.

  • Mcdonald1958

    Interesting that the viewer is being conditioned to look for young white males.  All the examples show similar perpetrators being ‘ratted out’ by ethnic minorities, hmmmmm….. racial reverse profiling

  • Lupinslady

    Can you say, U.S.S.R.? 

  • Aristoteles

    Quite liked that quote by Bruce Lee, an amazing character
    who inspired millions of people…  Maybe
    these days SIMON is the one who is inspiring people?  Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of a
    worldwide movement along the lines of “Shedding the Darkness” or “Seeking the

  • stk33

    What’s really sad is that this government has become the biggest employer, that the average income (counting the benefits) of the parasites playing these games is already twice more than in private sector, and that they take their jobs more and more seriously.

  • OutofStep – OutofTouch

    Just a bunch of Lies! To justify more lies – shut em down.

  • TK

     I understand “REALITY” and therefore realize the “truth” is not. “Truth” is entirely subjective, depending on who is speaking.

  • Jlh1958

    And not one mention of millions of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human traffickers and terrorists coming across our unsecured southern border. 

    Would that not qualify as something a tad bit “suspicious” and worth reporting? 

    Hello DHS?  Helloooo?  Anyone there??  Helloooo?


    • Bryan

      Please, remember that all those you have mention is only a problem to the government itself, not to the people. The government had created those problems:

      Illegal Aliens, – you mean like pilgrims coming over to America? You don’t think that Natives perceived the pilgrims as “too many new people”? The government has absolutely no right to decide who can enter, and by ignoring that and deciding, they create the problem.

      Human traffickers are simply the people doing everything they can to help the cause of the people and the freedom of each. Sure, they oppose tyranny. But which side are you on?

      Drug smugglers are people busily trying to satisfy the demand existing in these united states. It would be happily satisfied locally, again, if the government didn’t mess this up. What right does the government have to control what substances do you put in your own body? They have no such right, and they are being outright criminal in interfering with supply-demand dynamics of a substance that is clearly demanded by the people. Drug traffickers are the freedom fighters. They fight for your right to take or refuse the drug.

      Terrorists? Really? Every terrorist was artificially manufactured by the government. Show me one case where the act was not a response to an oppressive government attempting to decide on something they have no property rights over to decide!

      • JP

        You know, as much as I dislike government, there is a need for it. Nation states were developed to protect what that society produced. You forget dear Brian, that the world is a savage place, and except in the last few moments of history, right was indeed decided by might. Nations, and by that I mean the conglomerate of citizens or subjects, went to war for the riches of another nation. It is not fair to judge history by todays standards, just our own behavior.

        Human traffickers are not tyranny hating, liberating nice people. They see a market and take advantage of it. They leave their victims locked in trailers to die slowly baking in the desert heat by our southern border or else they ‘groom’ often kidnapped teenage girls into whores. The only freedom they want is that dispensed by a large bank account.

        Your argument about drug trafficking holds a bit more water. But I’m not sure if society or individuals would benefit having addicting drugs freely available. Pot, booze sure. Heroine, not so much.

        Terrorists are simply scum you knucklehead. They choose any means they can to, uh, terrorize a civilian population, not those directly making decisions nor carrying out the those decisions they find abhorrent. If you have pity for Native Americans and the brutal deal they got imposed on them, then perhaps rethink a bit your stand on ‘freedom loving’ terrorists. They want ‘freedom’ on their terms, which might not include your freedom. Additionally, I think you might think differently if you saw terrorism first hand. 

        And remember that Ghandi was successful only because the British were civilized; had he tried the same techniques elsewhere, he would have died without a ripple in history.

  • Jp

    LOL, if feels good to be dangerous: I’m a vet, I own a rifle, I own a hoodie and watch cap and a knapsack… if I get a van, does that make me a set up for a no knock warrant?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RKYLIDDL5IAMSLRHWIJ3FDG764 Aliza

    It is funny how many paranoid people make statements like:

     “real purpose of the DHS is, to brainwash the US people into full on slavery. The slavery of a former free people conscripted into a domestic security state army…”

    “I’m more afraid of the government than I am afraid of the terrorists”

    What an ignorance?! I am both frightened and amazed by such a level stupidity, especially when I think of it that most of these people are college or university graduates.

    I guess, according to them we just have to bury our had in a bucket of sand and pretend that there is no terrorist threat in our country. 

    Perhaps, even the terrorists among us will appreciate our attitude that we ignore and/or deny their existence, and we trust them more than we trust the DHS/our government. 
    As a token of their appreciation for our willful ignorance, they’ll never going to harm any of us, maybe just the DHS, if anybody. Or maybe they just abandon Islam and all the teachings of their ideology and all of them turns into a nice law abiding citizens. LOL!

    If there is a paranoia, than it is pretending that there is no need to fear of terrorism, and instead of terrorism, attempting to redirected our fear toward DHS, the government, who supposedly “taking away our freedom” in the name of home security. 

    You will be only guided with such a paranoia against home land security until someone from your OWN family is a passenger of the next blown up plane or train. And when that happens, you finally will pull out your had from the bucket of sand, or your own a-s-s, or whatever darkest hole you choose to bury it in.

    No one is about to take away your freedom. Your government has only as much amount power as much you give them. 

    Reporting suspicious acts that might be linked to terrorism is not like citizens used to spy on each other under the rule of Soviet Russia, Cuba or Iran. You still have the freedom to tell your president that he is an idiot, if that’s how you feel about him. You can tell him in face and nothing is going to happen to you.

    If anything threatens your freedom, that’s ignoring the danger of potential terrorism: pretending that it isn’t exist and believing that by doing so the danger will simply go away.

    Good luck with that.

    While I find it ridiculous that some people fear their government more than they do terrorism, I must agree that the fear toward Obama’s government system is quite justifiable. There are things happening under Obama’s administration that shouldn’t be. However, at the same time I also find people in fault, because they “love their bondage” because they are willing to let it continue. Don’t forget, even Obama can’t have more power than the American people allow him to have. Even he can’t control your freedom unless you let him to do so.

  • Kevin

    The problem with reporting suspicious activity to central governmental agencies is that they receive 10’s of thousands of reports EVERY DAY!
    The solution would be to have PRIVATE security officers in each community to sort out what’s what.  Then, they would relay the information to the appropriate authorities.  Unfortunately, a lot of the middle-class tards who own a mercedes or lexus are too cheap to hire a security officer to watch their property!!

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