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How to help your friends and family see the truth

December 20, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand

One of my favorite movies is the Matrix. I remember when it came out over 11-years ago, my best friend went to go see it. He called me immediately afterward and said, “I just saw the Matrix. You need to stop whatever you’re doing and come see this movie with me right now.”

Sure enough, the movie was spectacular… and if you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. The action sequences and special effects were mind-blowing for that era of filmmaking, but what really made this movie timelessly brilliant was its philosophy.

In the movie, the main character ‘Neo’ recognizes that the world he’s living in is based on lies and misdirection. He know’s that something is wrong, but he’s not exactly sure what, or why.

Neo is given a choice. On one hand, he can find out the truth, nomatter how ugly it may be– this is represented by a red pill. On the other hand, he can go back to blissful ignorance, which is represented by a blue pill.

He chooses the red pill… and the true nature of the real world isn’t like anything he had imagined.

Seeking out the truth is a scary proposition for most people; finding out that many of our core institutions and beliefs are built on a mountain of lies is unsettling, and it goes against basic human instincts like acceptance and security.

Choosing to ignore the truth, however, is like going up against a force of nature. You might be able to sustain a city under sea level or at the foot of a rumbling volcano for a while… but at some point, mother nature is going to wash everything away with one awesome display of power.

tsunami wave1 How to help your friends and family see the truth

Similarly, the truth can kept at bay for a very long time. Politicians and institutions can pass off their lies and corruption as reality for decades, centuries if necessary. But like a great storm, the truth will eventually surface and wash away their fraud.

People who maintain an open mind and choose to seek out the truth early can get ahead of the storm. People who refuse to acknowledge the obvious facts around them will get caught up in the tidal wave.

I say ‘obvious facts’ because there are so many clear signs that our political establishment and financial system are based on fraud… from the ponzi scheme debt levels of western governments to their farcical elections to the mindless distractions that continually dribble out of the mainstream media.

Many people are waking up to this reality every day, but so many more refuse to see the truth; they’d rather carry on in their blissfully ignorant world instead of prepare to survive and thrive in a bold new future.

I’ve run into this myself many, many times… and I’ll bet you have too; talking to friends and family about the important issues that will change our future can be like talking to a potted plant.

My friend Porter Stansberry has spent a lot of time and energy putting together a comprehensive video that really spells out the truth in its simplest terms– that the western world is in massive decline, and that the consequences of being unprepared are drastic.

Hell, I’d say Porter breaks it down like baby food, and I think it’s the perfect video for anyone looking for a very well-grounded analysis of the economic problems facing the world.

The video is long– about an hour– and it’s controversial. But I encourage you to check it out. Click here to see it.

More importantly, I encourage you to forward this email to your friends and family in the hopes that they too might watch the video and see the truth for themselves. Besides, it just might make those upcoming holiday dinner discussions a bit more interesting…

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • al-Hallaj

    There was a film called “They Live”. It predated The Matrix by good 14 years. There was another one called “Brazil”, also from 1985. If you liked The Matrix, do yourself a favor and watch these two.

  • john

    I saw the video and it was cool and truth defining. Americans need to know how to handle the truth. If they can’t then one day America’s chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Chuck B.

    My family had Christmas dinner a week early and I must say the potted plant reference was true for about 95% of the people at the table. However, it did make for a very spirited discussion.

  • Tylerdurden03

    I really appreciate your blog and read every entry since I have discovered your site but I must say after watching the link to Stansberry that its really just a long advertisement that I think people should avoid. Nothing is revealed just some fear mongering and a sales pitch at the end.

  • Andrew

    I agree with Tyler. After a few minutes, I tired of waiting for Stanley to begin the lesson. Maybe it’s because I am already a believer, but I became too impatient with the long, repetitious, and somewhat self-contratulatory introduction to keep going. Too bad he doesn’t post his information in an essay so that one can skim where necessary.

  • Andrew

    OK, scratch my previous comment that Porter Stanberry should offer an essay format along with the script. Somehow I stumbled onto the script and was able to scroll through it.

    • Peter

      Could you give a link to that script? I can’t access the video with my platform.

      Even without having seen the video, I strongly suspect that it doesn’t cover some important areas, e.g. the market imperfections that promote downsizing and (separately) the capital flight that produces offshoring. That’s because there’s so much to cover and the gatekeepers have kept those things from public view even when they were put forward by fully credentialled economists like Nobel Prize winner Edmund Phelps – so there’s little hope when people like me try to get the message out.

  • CAE

    This video is mostly a sales pitch. Gas in Europe is far more expensive than the US because they tax it at about 100%.

    Gold and silver are real money. Not a huge revelation here. Historically accurate.

    A lot of disjointed “facts” without strong cause-effect correlations and the logic to explain it.

  • John R

    Porter doesn’t seem to believe the truths he states at the outset. He postulates a world that will continue today-type trading after the riots and dismemberment of the cities and elite. No, for those that survive, barter, yes, with silver as a popular medium, will be the method of commerce. The secret commodity he speaks of, and will include if you purchase his package, reveals his dis-ingenuousness. Also, he is far from the only person that has been speaking this line for the last ten years. A recent failed erstwhile Senator from Connecticut comes to mind. Having said that, get out of cities NOW, my fellow lovers of liberty.

  • Jim76

    Good video. Wake up America we are in serious trouble!

  • Guest

    The video takes too long. It’s done, horribly. Your friend needs to start over. Edit.

  • Thewitchkingofangmar

    Seeing the truth is meaningless, if you don’t see the CAUSE of it.
    To begin with, America, the so-called “leader of the free world,” is not a democracy, it is an illegal oligarchy formed in 1861-5; and this led to the spread of war and turmoil worldwide shortly following, and the empire spread outward. We are now just witnessing the DECLINE of this empire, and the inevitable blowback which follows– i.e. you can only push a boulder so far uphill, before it gets too steep and it rolls back over you.
    We can either face this fact, or get left flat.

    • Lynncmaust

      Fantastic comment! Yes and more yes….the illegal evil gov.t in 1861-65 and beyond…..I am a conservative….not a radical lefty……and that history is THE truth!! Ever hear of Scott Nearing? He predicted the decline of the West and esp. America and began the back to the land movement in the 30′s…….read The Good Life for starters….one of his books…

  • Thita

    I listened to the whole video last night. It was long, boring, and didn’t say anything that I haven’t heard before. Buy precious metals, move out of big cities, and keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. That was it. Very disappointing that there wasn’t a fast forward button! The video is basically a sales pitch for their products. But you have to listen for the video for an hour and a half to hear that! I appreciate you, Simon, but this was a disappointment.

  • PA

    Here is an interesting take on “The Matrix” for today, courtesy of David Morgan.

  • Skip90291

    Fellow (new) Aucklander here. Just arrived from North America, where in the US at least folks might be starting to wake from a very, very long and deep slumber. What I find so shocking is that New Zealanders are just where Americans were about 5 years ago. The denial is gargantuan. And it just made me realize that the way of the world has always been thus–there are people who are “programmed” to be blind. They’re followers. Sheep. And I guess somehow evolution has depended on a very large percentage of humans being mindless drones to do the dirty work. But there are people who are programmed differently. It’s the reason you started this blog, and the reason that the “truth” is more obvious. Without overstating it, you’re one of the Neo’s (as per the Matrix). I’ve tried to wake my family and friends up. They’re smart too. But just completely oblivious. Here in New Zealand, intelligent individuals still insist that real estate can’t go down–the government will just “increase immigration” to keep the values up. Yeah, if it were so easy, why hasn’t the U.S. done that, a country that still ranks as the number one most desirable emmigrant destination in the world. Where do Kiwis think these new immigrants, with hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to come from (because there won’t be many new mortgages handed out to newcomers in order to buy precariously over-priced houses).

    Anyhow, being the “outsider” has been a lonely road. I’ve done things “differently.” Some of my relatives just don’t know what to make of me at all. And in better times, my outsider personality probably cost me a lot of money (in terms of the traditional corporate careers I kept quitting on). But in far worse times, it’s the people like you and me who might be the only ones left standing. Maybe evolution made some of us so when the shit hit the fan, we didn’t all go down at once. Maybe being the outsider will be an advantage. Because I’ve made ample preparations: all my money is in cash and some in gold. I sold my real estate for a 400% profit. Because I was the weirdo paranoid who knew it couldn’t last I guess. I could pay cash for a house in New Zealand now, and be mortgage free. And I say no freakin’ way. I ain’t touching New Zealand real estate until it falls the way I believe it will. Just as in the US. The fire sale hasn’t even started. It doesn’t make me happier. It’s actually scary. But I don’t see any other eventuality.

  • Erick Dean Tippett


    I agree with all you have said about the lies and misinformation which unfortunately are the cornerstone of this society. As hard a pill as it may be for some to gulp, that’s exactly the case.

    History is a very powerful tool and in the hands of a few can
    dictate and shape or misshape the lives of many. In this
    country the deletion, invalidation, and distortion of true
    American history is stultifying to the inquiring mind. The
    massacre of hundreds of Pequot Indians by British Puritans
    aided by the defecting son-in law of the Chief of the Pequot Tribe Uncas! Yes, the ‘tragic hero’ of James Fennimore Cooper’s lying Novel “The Last of the Mohigans” joined the massacring
    parties (which included 500 Narraganset Indians) as a spite-
    full ‘punishment’, because the Pequots refused to do further
    trading with the Puritans who had conterfeited and devalued
    their currency (sound familiar?). This significant historical event along with with many others including the false war with the
    Mexican nation in order to bring slavery to Texas are all un-
    taught and not acknowledged in our ‘educational system’!
    Let us not forget that the arrogance the Puritans brought with
    them had its roots in Europe where during the early 1800′s
    Rabbi Svi Hirsch Kalisher petitioned Lord Rothschild, the wealthy
    and powerful Jewish Banker-Mogul, to buy Palestine and the Temple Mount in the middle-east. All these assertions are verifiable in texts such as “Sex and Race” by J. A. Rogers, and most recently, “Ten Days That Changed America “by Steve Gillon. How many in this country know that Mr. Washington was the first president to don his military regalia and prance in front 13,500 men to crush a Whiskey Rebellion against a Whiskey Tax authored by Alexander-Founding Father-Hamilton which according to his own words was intended “as a social discipline for the masses more so than a vehicle for paying off war debts”.
    And of course Mr. Washington was the wealthiest distiller of
    spirits in the country and received along with his fellow aristo-
    crats a lucrative discount on their whiskey tax which the less
    socially ‘astute’ Americans did not receive! Now how do you like that for E-Pluribus-Unum! (Had nothing to do with uniting
    different kinds of people anyway, it was a Masonic symbol
    representing the 13 colonies and contains 13 letters just
    in case you hadn’t noticed. In fact, in case you haven’t
    noticed, there is no mention of the term ‘Democracy’ in the
    constitution. I cant’ find it, see if you can!)

    With such a history of lies economically, socially, and racially
    is there any wonder why we face such ominous signs for the

    Or maybe Mr. Bernanke and the present administration with a
    black president that gives the world such a ‘picture perfect’
    image of a truly ‘great egalitarian’ society for the rest of the world to faun over will be able to fix it all and make it go away. What do yo think?

    Chicago, Illinois

  • flipspiceland

    Right from the get-go, anyone with a phony name like “Porter Stansberry”, creates an aura of a con man. Secondly, this isn’t a video at all. It’s an Audio.

    I agree with the other negative posters here tht this looks like just another self-serving fraudster that may well have something important to communicate but his marketing is painting him as just another of those he criticizes.

  • Carlos

    Porter’s video introduction is incredibly long and comes across like another investment counselor bent on trying to sell something that will save the day. I think he really needs to shorten his video up and get to the point.


  • Dilbert

    Stansbury’s audio presentations are looooooooonng with no way to see how long they are.. they go on forever…

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