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Is it fixable?

Marco Polo

In the 15th century, the highest standard of living in the world belonged to China…

Places like Nanjing had reached the pinnacle of civilization with incredibly modern infrastructure, robust economies, substantial international trade, great healthcare, and a rising middle class.

Across the globe, Europeans were living out short, mud-filled, brutish lives in squalid poverty, dying off by the thousands from the bubonic plague. They were practically Neanderthals compared to the Chinese, and explorers like Marco Polo wrote fanciful tales of wealth and opulence in the east.

If you had told a Chinese merchant at the time that, over the course of the next several hundred years, global primacy would shift to Europe (and a relatively unknown American continent), you would have been laughed at. It was simply unthinkable given how advanced China was over the west.

And yet, it happened. History shows us that the great things about western civilization (Industrial Revolution, technological achievement) and the not-so-great things about western civilization (imperialism, slavery, genocide) caused the tables to turn and primacy to shift from east to west.

Ironically, the tables are turning yet again, and its driven by a number of factors.

At the tail end of World War II, a new global financial system was concocted that was heavily biased to disproportionately benefit the United States. Over the subsequent decades, foreign countries would obligingly mop up US government largess and finance out of control retail consumption.

It got to the point where people felt it was a natural right of Americans to have huge homes, cheap gas, and oodles of junk, as well as a government that could buy anything it wanted without giving a second thought to fiscal discipline. Much of this was made possible at the expense of peasant workers overseas.

For years, they imported US inflation and suffered a tremendous disparity in standard of living, all because of how the global financial system was set up. This system, based on the United States as the center of the economic universe, is now completely fractured, and it’s the biggest game changer in centuries.

Is it possible that such a force can be stopped or reversed? Highly unlikely.

These huge sea changes in the global order happen slowly, like titanic ships changing course in a tight canal. The initial seeds of change were planted decades ago when the US began running consistent budget deficits in the early 1960s, and even before that when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 (which forever corrupted the nation’s money supply).

The negative momentum has been building for an exceptionally long time. Today’s debt, inflation, and unemployment crises are merely the latest symptoms of a cancer that has been growing for decades.

In total objectivity, the patient is beyond cure at this point… and the math is quite simple.

The US debt situation is already very precarious, and even the government’s own budget shows continued deficits for years and years to come. Undoubtedly, this represents some level of risk for the nation’s creditors, and market participants will require a greater return on investment in order to justify the risk of loaning money to the US government.

Even assuming that all existing debt is rolled into new bonds, higher borrowing costs will absolutely cripple the Treasury. The more money they borrow, the higher their borrowing costs will become; yet, the higher their borrowing costs become, the more money they’ll have to borrow to make interest payments.

Nations typically enter this vicious cycle once they start having to borrow money just to pay interest on what they already owe. The US is already way past this point.

If you study US financial conditions, you’ll see that mandatory entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare soak up over 75% of all federal tax revenue collected. That’s before paying a penny in interest on the debt. The rest of the budget constitutes several trillion dollars in other expenses like genital-groping TSA agents.

As such, given the current budget just for the sacrosanct areas like defense and senior benefits, tax revenue falls over $400 billion short. America has to borrow to pay its interest expense.

Is it possible for a white knight to come riding in and slash spending by the necessary (and brutal) 50%++ just to break even? Possible, but extremely unlikely without granting him/her dictatorial powers. Getting a majority of 435 members of Congress to sign up for such painful political consequences is dubious at best.

Even still, such cuts would just be enough to break even. In order to actually make progress on paying down the debt, one would have to make even steeper cuts… and that’s just at today’s levels. The debt grows worse by the day, as do useless ‘economic recovery’ spending measures.

As such, borrowing costs are set to rise, causing the budget deficit to spiral out of control towards an eventual default.

Since so much of the global financial system is based on the US treasury market, this will set off a chain reaction of bank defaults and commercial bankruptcies, not to mention trigger a wave of credit default swap and other derivative obligations to the tune of several trillion dollars.

The other (more likely) possibility is that the Federal Reserve will continue to finance the deficit by conjuring additional money supply out of thin air, eventually leading to a loss of confidence in the dollar as a reasonable store of value.

The only reason this hasn’t happened already is because there is no viable alternative yet, however there are clear signs that investors and foreign governments are scrambling for a quick solution. Smaller alternatives like the Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, and gold are all at record highs.

Barring a benevolent dictator or some kind of miracle, this situation is unstoppable and irreversible until the next cycle of the global pecking order turns the tables once again.

I’d like to hear from you about this– do you think the problems in the existing system are fixable without a complete reset in the way the world works?

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Michael Vega

    USA Declares Force Majeure as a  way to blame it all on a act of God beyond their devilish control, Just one more way to pass the buck.

  • Peter Norton

    The system itself is totally broken.  Politicians, by nature, will *always* make the wrong choices simply because being reelected is the primary goal, *not* “doing the right thing”.  “Power tends to corrupt.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely” said Lord Acton, back in 1887.  Obviously a very forward looking fellow…or superb historian.  I can’t think or speak of any of them as “leaders” as I’d not trust any of them to “lead” me across a busy street. What a colossal ego it takes to announce they anyone has the answers for ALL.

  • Don

    More outstanding insights from someone who has a demonstrated, well thought out, firm grasp and realistic view of the bigger picture.  I can’t say enough about the education I have received from Simon Black’s commentaries and writings.  A service to the world but a lifeline to those living in the U.S.

  • Maritima

    While I read the following article, I don’t agree with everything. Food for thought.

    Turning the Muslim Bus Around

    the Muslim Bus Around

    By Paul Hollrah (Colony
    Rabble) on June 2nd, 2011

    The January 2011 edition of National Geographic Magazine contains a
    cover story by Robert Kunzig, titled, “Population 7 Billion.”  If it is
    not enough to scare the pants off anyone concerned about the future of mankind,
    it should at least be enough to make us do some serious thinking.  For
    example, what do we see as the long term future of the country where our
    children and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren, will have to
    live long after we are gone?

    The article begins by describing how, in 1677, Dutchman Antoni van
    Leeuwenhoek attempted to estimate the population of the Earth.  Since there
    were no reliable censuses, van Leeuwenhoek assumed that the Earth was as
    densely populated as Holland.  And since the population of Holland was
    estimated to be about 1 million people, and the inhabitable land mass of the
    Earth was estimated to be some 13,385 times the size of Holland (the correct
    figure is close to 3,300 times the size of Holland), he concluded that there
    were some 13.4 billion people on Earth.

    Actually, he overestimated a bit.  Anthropologists now estimate that,
    in 1677, the population of the Earth was only about 500 million.  As
    Kunzig describes the post-1677 population growth,

    “A century and a half later… the world’s population had doubled to more than
    a billion.  A century after that, around 1930, it had doubled again to two
    billion.  Before the 20th century, no human had lived through a
    doubling of the human population, but there are people alive today who have
    seen it triple.  Sometime in late 2011, according to the UN Population
    Division, there will be seven billion of us.”  UN demographers project
    world population at nine billion by 2045.

    Kunzig tells us that, “Close to a billion people go hungry each day,” and
    that, “Decades from now, there will likely be two billion more mouths to feed,
    mostly in poor countries…”  Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population
    Bomb, predicted in 1970 that “hundreds of millions of people are going to
    starve to death,” and that it was far too late to do anything about it. 
    Making the point that the very future of the United States was at stake, he
    said, “The cancer of population growth… must be cut out, by compulsion if
    voluntary methods fail.”

    What has surprised demographers is how far and how fast fertility rates have
    fallen in some areas of the world.  Kunzig points out that, “China,
    home to a fifth of the world’s people, is already below replacement fertility
    and has been for nearly 20 years, thanks in part to the coercive one-child
    policy implemented in 1979; Chinese women who were bearing an average of six
    children each as recently as 1965, are now having 1.5…”  But there is
    another very ominous side to the story.  Kunzig tells us that in some
    parts of the world, occupied by just 16 percent of the world population, there
    is still a problem of high fertility… mostly in sub-Saharan Africa where
    fertility rates average five children per woman.

    Compared to fertility rates in most western nations… 2.1 children per woman
    in the United States, 1.9 in New Zealand, 1.5 in Canada, 1.3 in Germany and
    Austria, 1.2 in Russia and Italy, and 1.1 in Spain… it is worrisome to compare
    birthrates in those countries with the fertility rate in some Muslims
    countries: Niger 7.46, Mali 7.42, Somalia 6.76, Afghanistan 6.69, and Yemen
    6.58.  As those countries continue to overpopulate and their people become
    poorer and hungrier, they tend to want to emigrate to Europe and to the United
    States where, more and more, they are making up the shortfall in the population
    replacement rate.

    Joseph D’Agostino of the Population
    Research Institute states the obvious.  He says, “For the most part,
    only Muslims have high birth rates…”  And since Christians and Jews are no
    longer having large families, “Muslims are going to inherit the Earth.” 
    He warns that the world will be a far different place if Muslims become the
    dominant religious group.  He says, “I think we can see what life is like
    in Islamic countries… And we can see that the Muslim world is becoming actually
    more radical and, in many ways, is headed backwards into its barbaric phase…”

    In some European countries Muslims have already begun to overwhelm existing
    cultures.  They are imposing Sharia Law on old Europe at a rapid pace and,
    unless the people of Western Europe wake up and turn things around, within a
    generation or two the Europe we know and love will be gone forever. 
    Unlike other cultures, Muslims do not assimilate.  To the contrary, their
    goal is to overwhelm the culture of their host countries.  We’ve
    seen this in the installation of foot baths at airports, Muslim cab drivers
    refusing to transport passengers with alcohol in their luggage, Muslim clerks
    refusing to ring up alcohol at department store cash registers, etc., etc.

    Again, what we must all decide, before it’s too late, is what sort of
    country we want to leave to our children and grandchildren… assuming, of
    course, that we care enough that we would want to leave them a nation with a
    western-style culture that bears no resemblance to the barbaric 7th
    and 8th century cultures that dominate the Muslim world in the 21st

    Americans have always taken pride in the fact that we were an ethnic
    “melting pot.”  But that characterization ceased to be a source of pride
    when immigration quotas favoring Europeans were abandoned in 1965.  The
    catalyst for that demographic disaster was Senator Ted Kennedy’s Immigration
    and Nationality Act.  Since implementation of the Kennedy bill the United
    States has experienced a flood of immigrants from Latin America and Asia.
     What he and other liberals failed to understand is that we had a perfectly
    fine country before they came along and that the vast majority of us would have
    preferred it to stay just as it was.

    What Western nations must ultimately conclude is that Islam is not a
    “religion” as we in the west understand the term.  Vested with full 1st
    Amendment rights, it is far more than that; it is a social, political, legal,
    military, and economic system with a spiritual component.  It is an evil
    force that attempts to impose its seventh century value system in any way
    possible, violent or non-violent, on an enlightened twenty-first century
    world.  Without its religious component, Islam would be viewed as just
    another hate group, outlawed in every country outside the Islamic world.
     Of all of the major religious denominations, it is only Muslims who
    proselytize by giving reluctant converts a choice they cannot refuse: either
    swear allegiance to the Prophet Mohammed, or die.

    Some Western European nations are already beginning to push back. 
    Several European leaders have declared multiculturalism a failure.  France
    has enacted a law barring Muslim women from wearing the burka in public and
    Germany and Holland are considering similar laws.  But much more needs to
    be done.

    Like most Europeans of the post-World War II era, many Americans have
    succumbed to the fiction that Islam is a “religion of peace” and that worldwide
    jihad is merely a pipedream of the radical few.  The litmus test for Islam
    as a “religion of peace” will be the day when churches and synagogues can be
    built throughout the Muslim world and when Christians, Jews, and other
    non-Muslims can practice their religious beliefs openly and freely in all
    Muslim countries… and not before.  Since many mosques are known to be
    breeding grounds for jihadist murderers, Muslims should be prohibited from
    building mosques anywhere in the West.

    Islam must be viewed, not as the world’s second largest religious
    denomination, but as an invasive alien culture that has not evolved appreciably
    beyond its 7th century roots.

    If Islam cannot be banned from our shores on the basis that it is far more
    than just another religious sect seeking religious freedom… that it is, in
    fact, an invading force that occupies and holds territory by terrorizing and
    out-populating the indigenous peoples… then T.B Macaulay was right when, in
    1859, he characterized the U.S. Constitution as being “all sail and no
    anchor.”  Instead, we must acknowledge that our Constitution invites such
    liberalization of 1st Amendment principles as to be a
    self-destructing instrument.  If it does not allow us to protect ourselves
    from a religious sect that seeks not religious freedom, but social and
    political dominion through violent means, then it will not allow us to protect
    ourselves from the drunken savagery of a rampaging motorcycle gang.  It’s
    all a matter of scale.

    Kunzig’s study leaves us with just two options.  If we do not want to
    see our major cities devolve into nightmarish Muslim hellholes such as Kabul,
    Baghdad, or worse, Mogadishu, we can; a) do nothing, insuring that the U.S will
    become just another Islamic cesspool, our women brutalized and disenfranchised,
    or b) we can maintain the current size and ethnicity of the U.S. population by
    repealing the Immigration and Nationality Act, returning to pre-Kennedy
    immigration quotas, giving preference to the wealthiest, best educated, and
    most productive people of Europe, South America, and the Far East, and reducing
    or eliminating our dependence on Arab oil.  That must be our goal and we
    must not shrink from embracing it openly and publicly.                              

    Caroline Glick writes in Jewish World Review that, since taking office,
    Barack Obama has “failed to conceive of a strategy for contending with the
    situation.”  Instead, he has discouraged any discussion of the basic
    threat posed by radical Islam by banning the use of the terms “War on Terror,”
    “jihad,” “Islamic terrorism,” and “Radical Islam” in U.S. government documents.

    As one Muslim caller to a radio talk show put it, “The liberal
    (peace-loving) Muslims are on the bus… but the crazies are driving the
    bus.”  If that is the same bus on which Obama has invited Republicans to
    ride… so long as we sit in the back… then I want no part of it.  It’s time
    to get all of the good people off the bus, turn it around, put Obama behind the
    wheel, and send him and all of his Muslim friends back to where they came
    from.  Call me islamophobic if you will, but if peace-loving Muslims are
    incapable of controlling their radicalized brethren and assimilating in our
    culture, then I just don’t want them in my country.




  • LMS

    Part of the reason the United States has become a global standard after World War II could also be because of the blood and treasure we lost trying to protect the sovereignty of nations. America has given tremendously and has sacrificed astronomically so that other countries may exist today. Socialist countries show off their huge social programs, which allows them to seem more humanitarian and more “Earth” conscious making them seem somehow better than Americans. When asked about the possibility of having a more modern way of defending there countries, they say we do not have to spend money on defense because “America will protect us”. In the coming years this will be a major problem for Europeans both socially and militarily as America declines.

    In addition, Americans have always sought to buy things and this can be traced all the way back to Revolutionary times when many Americans were in debt then also. This phenomana of the human state can be seen when countries and markets are more free.It is similar to affecting the bottom line of the balance sheet: focus given to the revenue side rather than the expense side. This is very different statement to say that Americans feel “entitled” to finest in life. If energy can be purchased cheaply for everyone it benefits mankind, not just America. Making energy more expensive is hurtful, particularly for the poorer countries. Many Americans work very hard to have what they have and our country continuously seeks trade with other nations.

    To state that we are purchasing things on the “backs of peasants” suggests that the third world is somehow worse off than before they entered into trade with the US. We see the opposite empirically that health indicators and personal wealth increasing globally so much so that we talk in terms of emerging nations rather than third world countries. We would not be investing in international funds if America has piliaged and left country after country to die on the vine. A skewed “hate on America” view will only be tolerated so far.

    This is not to say, however, I disagree with your fact that the American central bank is now the leading cause of global decline. The debt based monetary system (P< P + I) is set up to consume not just corporations as we saw in the 80's, but now entire countries. This destructive vortex must continue to expand or it will collapse. Deflation is very dangerous to this model and that is why you see the Fed scurrying to stop the "dangers" of deflation rather that worring about inflation. That is why we now see our American military in the "Sovereign Wealth" nations of the Middle East. Sovereign money is a threat to the global banking cartels.

    One remedy to stop the vortex is sovereign money. Since our Treasury is now an instrutment of debt based system, it cannot be relied upon to create sovereign money in America. Therefore, one solution would be for the States to create alternative currencies for "state purposes" as to not interfere with the Commerce Clause. This would allow each state to shore up their individual economies and offer protection for their people.

    The other essential threat to stability is the elimination of property rights and the increased regutlation on what you can and cannot do on your property. Our farms must be protected so that there isn't widespread starvation. Once America is stabilized, we can attempt to redefine the purpose of government and push back "rulers" just like the Magna Carta did in times of old establishing the rulers were also subject to the laws placed on mankind.   

  • John

    This problem will not be fixed because the people in charge of fixing the problem are the problem.  The biggest entitlements in the United States are all branches of the government collecting huge revenues in taxes.  If it wasn’t for the government the economy would be thriving.  Oh, I have a new idea, why don’t we try the Free Enterprise  System?! It sure isn’t what we have now.  For everyone who thinks everything is going well, imagine if the millions of people who get welfare, food stamps, section 8, were cut off.  The money they are getting is being printed out of thin air.  If they were cut off you would quickly see how bad the economy really is. 
         The problem in this country is the people have far too much respect and trust for the clowns in the government who are ruining our economy.  Our government officials are our employees, we are not their subjects.  Since our government is corrupt and taking us to the cleaners we should follow the law at our own discretion and do everything we need to to survive and go back to the barter system.

    • Scott

      The only weay that a True Free Enterprise system can be implemented is to socialize Land.  WHen each individual has free and equal access to Land we enter a situation where no man is beholden to another for his/her sustenance.  On this footing we are each free to puruse our own creative talents and receive full measure of their worth.

    • Achanz

      The “Creature” commissioned Congress (the fox) to build the
      hen-house and for them to install the security system.

  • CharlieM

    The first thing you must do when you find yourself in a hole is STOP DIGGING!

    Slash government spending at all levels.
    Go back to serving only constitutional imperatives.
    Cut taxes and let the entreneurial spirit revive this almost-dead corpus.

    • Achanz

      That’s funny Charlie but the hole you mentioned is not an ordinary hole my friend. It is a broken drainpipe! You can cut all expenditures completely but the basin will still leak out of control! Now… who do you think broke the drainpipe and catching the water at the other end?

      • rdd

        Yes, this is the real question isn’t it. Follow the money and you will find your answer. Just one step shy of evil, isn’t it.

  • Jack

    You know, I think a lot of people like you are not helping the way you should be. If you were not making any money off of this negative thining would you still be doing it?? If you answer yes then you are really not helping. You have made enuff off of our backs and the fear mongering you are passing along!!! If you were serious about this you and the other wizards of gloom and doom would team up, quit scaring the shit out of us (to get us to buy something) and combine your efforts in a way that would help!! Yes we as a Nation are in trouble, we need to help each other without cost. That is what humans are supposed to do as taught in all our basic philosophies ( Judaism, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism, etc, etc). Not make a profit out of as you do!!!!

    • John Doe

      Change is constant.  Learn to deal with it.  Some think the nation-state will lose its dominance.  (Check out ‘The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age’ by James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Mogg). 

      Also, what is wrong with selling consulting services?  This site gives lots of free advice.  You should ask yourself if you are seeking value without paying a fair price. 

  • JohnBraintree

    It is not a mystery why Europe was a basket case in the 15th century.  Such paralysis was due to 12 hundred years of papal rule over church and state.  As one writer noted:

    “The noontide of the papacy was the world’s moral midnight. The Holy Scriptures were almost unknown, not only to the people, but
    to the priests. Like the Pharisees of old, the papist leaders hated the light which would reveal their sins. God’s law, the standard of righteousness, having been removed, they exercised power without limit, and practiced vice without restraint. Fraud, avarice, and profligacy prevailed. Men shrank from no crime by which they could gain wealth or position. The palaces of popes and prelates were scenes of the vilest debauchery. Some of the reigning pontiffs were guilty of crimes so revolting that secular rulers endeavored to depose these dignitaries of the church as monsters too vile to be tolerated. For centuries Europe had made no progress in learning, arts, or civilization. A moral and intellectual paralysis had fallen upon Christendom.”

    But the rise of Protestantism changed all this.  Fast forward to the New World in the early 1700’s:

    “The Bible was held as the foundation of faith, the source of wisdom, and the charter of liberty. Its principles were diligently
    taught in the home, in the school, and in the church, and its fruits were manifest in thrift, intelligence, purity, and temperance. One might be for years a dweller in the Puritan settlements, and not “see a drunkard, nor hear an oath, nor meet a beggar.” It was demonstrated that the principles of the Bible are the surest safeguards of national greatness. The feeble and isolated colonies grew to a confederation of powerful States, and the world marked with wonder the peace and prosperity of ‘a church without a pope, and a State without a king.’ ”

    But the United States, which led the world from despotism and theocratic tyranny to liberty of conscience, is now leading the world back to tyranny.  The present and previous president, the first in American history, have both personally bowed to the pope and George Bush declared that “Catholic principles must be put into practice here in America.”  Five of the nine Supreme Court justices are now Roman Catholic. The United States is now sacrificing the secret of its prosperity, protestantism and republicanism, and right on cue, our economic might is deteriorating right before our eyes and we are on the brink of economic ruin, a far cry from our economic predominance at the end of World War II when American protestants howled that Truman dared to think of sending an ambassador to the Vatican.

    The United States, under Rome’s increasing influence is repudiating its Constitution and a continued decline in temporal prosperity will be the sure result just as in the 1500’s.

    • Bernard Cox

      Following is unabridged text from a sermon preached by ‘one of America’ own’; a prophet vindicated by God with every possivle sighn and wonder, but was rejected as a false prophet the moment he began identifying the False prophet, the Beast, The Whore, and her Harlots, the Red Dragon, the Antichrist. Protestant America had already been successfully invaded by Roman Catholics including Jesuit priests who orchestrated the invasion. Bernard Cox

      63-0119  THE.WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  PHOENIX.AZ  SATURDAY_ «  210       †          But woe unto that congregation when an anointed man of God tries to bring them the Word, and then they won’t line up with It. That’s right. How is he going to have a church that all the nine gifts operating in it, and so forth, and then, they and that, and the church won’t even–even live decently and morally, won’t learn their ABC’s of the Gospel? Then say, “If I had a better preacher!” Why, it’s your fault. That’s right.211    It’s our nation’s fault, our Americans, that we come over here for freedom of religion. From what? And we go right on back, and put into our capital the very thing that we was come over here to be free from.212    This nation is a whole lot like Israel. They, Israel, come into Palestine, drove out the occupants and took the land. The first, they had some good–good, men over them. They had David, and Solomon, and great men. Finally, after while, they kept voting in, and pushing in, and electing in, till they got a Ahab down there, that married a heathen. Now, Ahab was a pretty good fellow. Is… He–he wanted to do right, but he couldn’t do right, for that woman of his.
      63-0119  THE.WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  PHOENIX.AZ  SATURDAY_ «  213       †          Now, I ain’t nothing against the man that I was speaking about a few minutes ago. He might be a good man. But it’s that system of that harlot behind him, that twists his neck. That’s the thing is going to do it. Come in like just as easy as he can, like that, and flash the whole thing down.214    Did you know we are–we are now… Our national debt is so great, until we are paying on borrowed money, off of taxes that we’ll get fourteen years from today. What’s going to happen when this system breaks?
      63-0119  THE.WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  PHOENIX.AZ  SATURDAY_ «  215       †          Castro, sure, I’m against him. He’s a communist. Right. I’m against him. But he done a good thing when he changed the currency and sent the gold back, bought up the bonds and sent the gold back.216    We’ll have to do that, or there’s one thing stuck in our face, that is, that the Catholic church owns the wealth of the world. She’s got the money. She’s got the gold, to buy our bonds back again. That’s exactly. And you think these whiskey dealers, and tobacco dealers, and great people of the country won’t sell out, to keep from losing all their business and counterfeiting the currency? They’ll go right back and take that money from the Catholic church, and then she’s sold. Right. Don’t the Bible predict that, “The wealth of the world”? I’m not a politician, neither a smart man, but I thank the Lord I know Him. And that’s right. There is where she’s going to lay, right there. You watch it. You watch and see if that ain’t right. Just… I hope we all live to see it, and I don’t think we’ll have to live too long.
      63-0119  THE.WAY.OF.A.TRUE.PROPHET_  PHOENIX.AZ  SATURDAY_ «  217       †          But how you going to do? How we going to build a church? How we going to build a nation? How we going to build a nation upon this now? What are we going to do about it?218    Maybe I better shut up, go somewhere else. But, you know, I’ve said enough till you know what I’m talking about. See? You know what I mean.know, I’ve said enough till you know what I’m talking about. See? You know what I mean.

    • Bernard Cox

      Who owns the Federal Reserve? Not the American Government! Not the people of America! It is owned by the ‘fallen’ Jew. Another question, “Does the Roman Catholic church maintain any semblance of Christianity anymore?” The answer is no! a BIG ‘NO’! The Vatican was sold out to the Illuminati, (the false Jewish elite who head the NWO) through the invasion of the Vatican by the the Freemasons with the aid of the Jesuits at the Second Vatican Council 1965-1969. See the eye-witness report in the freely downloadable book entitled ‘THE BROKEN CROSS’ by Piers Compton. In the following text, we find that the prophet William Branham warned America of the faiure through conspiracy of the manner in which this would consumate. The Vatican has the world’s wealth while America is in debt with useless bonds being primed to collapse. Bernard Cox

      63-0628M  O.LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE_  HOT.SPRINGS.AR  V-20 N-10  FRIDAY_ «  177       †          And remember, in that time, all the ministers give in. Jezebel was the leader. Listen, Ahab himself was a pretty nice guy, but Jezebel was the neck behind the head. She was the one who did it. She was the renegade. I ain’t got nothing against that man, as a president, but it’s that Jezebel system that’s behind it. Can’t you see, these popes and things coming in now, one is raising that “don’t know Joseph.” And the first thing you know, we are right now asking the Protestant church to consolidate with it, and every organization will go right into the federation of churches, and there you are trapped.178    We are living off of tax money that will be paid in forty years from today. The nation is broke. Where is it at? Who has got the money? We haven’t got it? Our–our bonds are no good. We’ve got to have gold. Who’s got it? The Catholic church. What will they do? Before these whiskey man and all these great holders and stockholders will ever give it up, they will absolutely sell out, and the church will loan the nation the money. And what it will do, it’ll sell its birthrights right straight into Catholicism. Then what are you going to do? That’s the gold of the world, them and the Jews, and that’s the covenant that he makes with Israel.179    See, you Bible readers can teach that in your church. You see, I’m just showing you I believe the same thing.

      63-0628M  O.LORD.JUST.ONCE.MORE_  HOT.SPRINGS.AR  V-20 N-10  FRIDAY_ «  180       †          That’s how it will have to come to pass, and we got it right there now. And here we are, organization, with the mark of the beast upon us, just exactly like the first beast; an image unto it, a federation of churches, joining a power. And they made an image unto the beast, that he could both speak, and it done the same thing the first beast did before it. Right in our clutches! Oh, children!

       314-1       †        PHILADELPHIAN.CHURCH.AGE  –  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK  CPT.8Furthermore, the elect will not only be kept, but as this move becomes the “IMAGE ERECTED TO THE BEAST,” the saints will be gone in the rapture. And this little delightful, winsome movement that started out in fellowship at Ephesus will become the monster of Satan that defiles and deceives the whole world. For the church system of the Roman Catholic and the Protestant in coming together will control the whole wealth of the world system and force the whole earth into its religious trap, or will kill them, by refusing them the privilege of buying and selling whereby they would make a living. This will be accomplished simply, for the harlot’s daughters are all but gone back to her. In the meantime, Rome has acquired nearly all the supplies of gold. The Jews have the bonds and all the paper. At the right time, the harlot will destroy the present day money system by calling in all the paper, and demanding gold. With no gold, the system falls. The Jews will be trapped and come into the alliance, and the harlot church will take over the whole world.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NL23BXH46Y7W2D7FBJOUOP4MQM philross

    Seems too late to correct our debt problem. Let us suffer in our stupidity, maybe we and our government might learn to do what is right. Just to stop spending is not the answer.

  • marc pritchett

    Is it fixable? Yes, but not by any one or all the worlds governments combined. Or singular entity. The fact is the best course of action is to let nature take it’s course and hang on for a bumpy ride. Let the forest burn down to the ground in order for the new seed to take root and spring forward a newer, stronger, more vigorous forest. This is how wisdom is gained.

    • MARGIE

      I find it hard to understand people that just sit back and wait
      to see what MAY HAPPEN.
      I look to the future, and sure I can stand a bumpy ride, but
      will be damned if I will sit back and watch the forest burn, and wait for new seed. Face the facts, stand up and fight, and
      learn to protect what wonders we have been given in this
      world. When bad apples get into the crate, they ruin all the
      good ones. So let’s throw out the rotten apples and protect
      the good. We have been blessed with wonders you see
      in no other Country, so let’s keep her, and don’t be a quitter!

      • Spalenberg

         I had a look on the debt clock. The sum owed per taxpayer is over one million per person. Fix that – No way.

      • Archstone

        When they say ‘per taxpayer’, do they
        mean ‘taxpayer’ or ‘person’?  I only ask because so many ‘persons’ don’t
        pay taxes and have never paid taxes, so we can probably double the amount owed per ‘taxpayer’ to make up for the wonderful members of our society who suck off the rest of us.

      • rdd


    • rdd

      If you paid attention you would realize that humans haven’t learned for the last 5000 years. It is unfortuante but “we” keep begging for tyranny again and again.

  • Antal Fekete

    I am professor Antal E. Fekete. I have a website http://www.professorfekete.com . “Fekete” means “black” in Hungarian. This is not an alias, I was born with this name. I am impressed with your description of 15th century China and her highest standard of living at the time. China had been on the silver standard since time immemorial. One of the great questions of human civilization is whether the silver standard died a natural death, or it was the victim of euthanasia. It is possible that the phoenix-like rise of China in the 21st century heralds the phoenix-like rise of silver and the restoration of the dual monetary system based on gold and silver, as the regime of irredeemable currency that was foisted upon the world by the U.S. in 1971 is coming to an ignominious close.

    The demonetization of silver by the United States is referred to by some as “the crime of 1873”. It was strewn with chicanery and coercion. Chicanery, because Congress stooped to abolishing a Constitutional right, the free coinage of silver, withour even proposing a Constitutional amendment. Coercion, because the measure was put through to humiliate and to weaken China further, already humiliated and weakened by the opium wars. 

    The opium wars were not about opium. They were about silver. Western countries had been losing silver to China through their one-way trade. They had to pay for their imports from China, but
    couldn’t offer anything the Chinese would want in exchange — until they hit upon opium. When China outlawed the opium trade, the Western countries, in one of the more shameful incidents of the  history history of the Western countries, declared war on China in the name of “free trade”. China was the loser in the opium wars, but the silver saga continued. In 1934 Roosevelt started his silver purchases in the world market that created a devastating deflation in China destabilizing the country, forcing it off the silver standard in 1935, and making it an easy prey of Japanese imperialism, and of Maoism in 1949.

    The high-handed dealing with the Constitution having a precedent, “the crime of 1973” followed that of 1873 when Nixon put an end to the last vestiges of metallic monetary standards in the U.S. through an executive order. Forty years later the U.S. is facing a total credit collapse.

    • Achanz

      Thank you Professor Fekete… I wish you can elaborate more on the opium Sega to clear the mist of the movie “55 days in Peking” staring Charleston Heston. 

  • john

    we are the money—- do you think that is a joke?

  • Roncast1

    The US must declare force majure on the debt, institute a policy of “if its consumed here -it must be manufactured here, establish a personal income cap (15x base rate max.), and freeze all funds in the US for dispersal in the US only. As employment opportunities reach a virtual 100%, all who are able must work or become felons. Three felonies   (of any type) will result in deportation or death.
    Minimum wages will be based upon demographics and be a wage of dignity.
    There will be no more government comment regarding work that only illegal immigrants can do. If one cannot qualify for an enhanced position, they will do farm work.
    Though such a policy will increase costs-everyone will be working and will be able to meet those costs. Malingerers will become felons.
    Current prisoners will serve out there sentences. Future criminals will pay fines or provide services as punishment. All those deemed violent will be executed promptly.
    All long term prisons shall be closed.
    Those who use the protectionist policies to produce inferior goods or are judged to be taking unfair advantage of the situation, will be found guilty of a felony.
    All illegal aliens will be immediately repatriated to their countries of origin, at the cost of those countries. Refusal to pay will result in our military intercepting any and all exported goods until the debt is paid.
    As the US recovers, the debt (renegotiated) will be paid back as surplus capital is  available.
    Involvement in any countries internal foreign affairs shall be forbidden. If a country threatens or attacks the US interest, it shall be attacked with the full strength of our current defense capabilities- without hesitation.
    The Constitution should be adjusted to enable these policies as well as mandate a future of a balanced budget. Pragmatism must become the only evaluative process to determine any and all future policy.

    • rdd

      Wow, that’s pretty much a doctrine Mr. Marx…

  • jetgraphics

    I prefer the republican form of government, where the people are sovereigns, and the government is their servant.
    But if folks want the democratic form of government, where the people are subjects and the government rules them, who am I to say they can’t.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Unfortunately, I believe that when an area gets too many people, the pols easlly begin to sneak in the demo view. Something for nothing is a very easy sell for those who produce nothing themselves.

  • Pingback: Is It Fixable? | Laissez-Faire Bookstore()

  • rdd

    Ben Franklin knew it was not recoverable saying “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic”. He knew history, as you seem to Mr. Black.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    No. When the shtf we will eat the bankers.

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