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New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest America’s decline

June 20, 2011
Oxford, England

Late last week, Thomas James Ball reached his breaking point. Driven to desperation by a system that bankrupted him and destroyed his family, Ball walked up to the main door of the Keene County, New Hampshire courthouse, doused himself with gasoline, and lit himself ablaze.

Hardly anyone seems to have noticed.

Conversely, when a 26-year old Tunisian man lit himself on fire a few months ago after police confiscated the fruits and vegetables he had been selling without a proper permit, it launched a wave of revolution across the Middle East.

People were shocked into taking action… protests and riots swept the region and one regime after another crumbled.

Rather than sparking an “American spring” and shocking US citizens into taking their country back, though, Mr. Ball’s act of self-immolation seems to have been largely ignored. There has been scant coverage (and scant is being extremely generous) of Mr. Ball in the mainstream media, and what little coverage there is generally discredits the man as a troublemaker.

This is how the system’s gatekeepers have been so adroit at maintaining the status quo– by suppressing dissent, marginalizing the detractors, and distracting the populace with meaningless, irrelevant drivel.

Mr. Ball left behind a lengthy missive prior to his suicide, which covers a range of topics from political corruption to why the family court system in America is utterly disgraceful. He was, to put it mildly, a staunch advocate of violent change, and it’s clear he hoped a great deal of others would follow in his footsteps to literally burn the system down.

(Ball even left instructions for how to make a proper Molotov cocktail along with specific vulnerabilities of police stations in his area…)

Perhaps the most interesting part of his final post, however, was the observation that the United States is no longer a nation of laws; Ball described what he calls the ‘second set of books,’ which is essentially the collection of policies, procedures, and protocols that courts and executive agencies rely upon.

This includes police departments and other ‘enforcers’ across the country that come up with standardized responses to take judgment out of the equation. TSA agents, for instance, are only following procedure when they fondle children at airport checkpoints. Even the guys who drove the trains to the concentration camps were just following procedures.

Ball argued that the nation is now ruled by such procedures, even in such institutions as family court where judges (by policy) pass the buck down the line to mental health case workers.

His anger and desperation for this system, which tore apart his family and bankrupted his finances, led Ball to light himself ablaze at the local courthouse in a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die.” Ball chose the latter.

The next day, life went on in America. There was no shocking front-page cover story or award-winning photograph to spark a national debate… let alone propel droves of fed-up citizens to flood the streets demanding change.

Rather, the New Hampshire courthouse cleaned up his charred remains and meticulously scrubbed the floors to eliminate all trace of the event. 24-hour news networks ran a quick blurb in their scrolling tickers amid more important coverage of the Miss USA beauty pageant and President Obama’s Father’s Day plans.

In other words, business as usual… suggesting that if there is, in fact, going to be a fight for the soul of the country, it’s a long way off, and many more degrees for the boiling frogs who are stuck in the pot.

My assessment of this situation, however controversial it may be, remains very clear: the great faceless enemy that opposes us, irrespective of our country of origin, is the institution of government.

Over time, this institution has inserted itself into nearly all aspects of life, such that a man cannot so much as enjoy a pint of beer, discipline his children, ride on the train, go to the doctor, open a bank account, apply for a job, go fishing, or watch a sporting event without the heavy hand of government being involved.

This is a beast that feeds on citizens; the more it feeds, the larger it becomes and the hungrier it gets. Of all the solutions out there, including armed conflict, civil disobedience, self-immolation, active democracy, etc., the only one that truly destroys the beast is starving it– take away the feast of productive citizens and accelerate its collapse.

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Sovereign Cyrus

    Excellent post as always, Simon. I have been a regular reader for some time now. And I can personally attest that once my studies are over here (1 years from now), I will be moving elsewhere. I have personally travelled to Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Cambodia recently. Once I visit Chile, I will make a final decision. But one thing I have been able to confirm: America is no longer the land of dreams or opportunity. It is the land of overlords, dictatorship that fuels this serfdom we are witnessing, and a complete loss of sovereignty for the individual as a free human being.

  • Isadoracer

    Great post! It’s shocking how people don’t seem to care anymore. But I wouldn’t blame the state for over regulation. On the contrary, I think that in the USA the problem is lack of regulation in many realms (especially in the financial industry) .  

    • Diogenes_

      Regulations caused the economic crises. Read ‘meltdown’ by Tom Woods. The US has the most people in the jail the world, the most laws, and the most regulator employees already. And you think more of this is going to help?

      • thankgodformentalillness

        most people in jail in the world? and how many are white collar criminals? Man get your head out of there. Sure too many regulations… EXCEPT IN THE INDUSTRIES THAT NEED THEM! Banking and finance too regulated?? WTF! YEA LET EM DO WHAT THEY WANT!. OH YEA THEY DO ALREADY

      • Diogenes_

         It doesn’t sound like your aware that without the 2008 bailouts from the regulatory treasury and fed agencies, not a single one of the current leading NY invement banks would exist right now. Much less that coerced regulatory lending and fed money created the 2008 crises in the first place. Read ‘meltdown’ by Tom Woods. Free Market natural regulation is far swifter and harsher than anything the government will ever come up with.

      • Diogenes_

         btw, you know who has gone out of business and often to jail since 2008 due to more regulations like sarbox? Many small brokerage operators. The big players Want more regulation, because that will get rid of their smaller competition, and only they can afford the lawyers and specialists to both be ‘in compliance’ and finesse the system. Note that the mentor of current tres sec Geithner was past tres sec Rubin who was ceo of Goldman Sachs, and the previous tres sec Paulson also worked for GS.

        “Only please, Brer Fox, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”

      • Leonidcat

        The White House is a revolving door for Goldman Sachs people to get into high government positions. Then they go back to Goldman and other follow to government. Who do you think runs this country? It’s certainly not we the people.

    • Mike

      I hope your post is just ignorance and not mental illness. Lack of regulation? Geez dude, Americans are regulated to death already. You want more slavery, please move to North Korea.

      • Thankgodformentalillness

        Yea. Why try and regulate the thieves that robbed america blind. We should definitlely deregulate the financial industry. Everyone knows they are the most honest and self correcting. RiGHT MIKE? LOL

      • Leonidcat

        Clinton did deregulate the banking industry when he signed for the repeal of Glass-Steagall so that Barney and Chris could make a more “friendly” regulation for the big boys and less “friendly” to us folks in the trenches.

        What we need is less FEDERAL INVOLVEMENT and more state responsibilities.

    • Leonidcat

      Gads go back to your TV set and watch vapid stuff like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and all the other crap. More regulation? I’m a small business owner and regulations are killing my business. Most are passed so someone else can make money off me. Example is the propane return and exchange. We had a good deal when we just checked our bottles for safety and then refilled them (cost was about $5.00). Now the cost of exchange is up to 6 times more than propane actually costs.

  • BW

    After a couple of instances of facing down government bureaucrats, plus taking note around me of warnings such as “click-it or ticket” (for seat belt use), I recognized that these were all the “collection of policies, procedures, and protocols that courts and executive agencies rely upon”.   They rely upon them to the extent that the particulars of your own circumstance, your side of the story, your judgment of the situation, the fact that it is yourself who is responsible for your own life, are all irrelevant.  It is the *procedures* which are sacred and must not be violated. 

    They live on their procedures, they rely on them much as cattle farmers rely on chutes to move cows to their destination point.  Once the final decision has been made by higher-ups (holier than thou) there is no more argument or decision permitted to anyone else:  judgment by those on the lower levels is not required, as the procedures are being used to replace it, to replace thought, thereby making all government dependents’ daily affairs simple to manage and control.

    They become faceless from having become mindless.

  • Dan Shaw

    The US needs to change but not change in the way the middle east is accomplishing it through violence and bloodshed.  Not yet anyway.  It is also the radical element of Islam that have used the burning body to call for change to Sharia Law and to create a Califate.  To call for change through violence will give the government that is currently in charge more ammunition for further crack down and more subjugation or our freedom and  rights.  If we are to be a nation of law and not a democracy then we must work within the law to effect change.

  • Diane Castro

    How very sad…didn’t even hear about it up here in Canada.

  • Our man Flinn

    Who is John Galt?

    • theHman

      Better yet, WHERE is John Galt?

    • Leonidcat

      It’s time I think…..

  • Brian Richards

    Well, really, if a hundred citizens immolated themselves in all parts of the US, it would barely register a second glance by the general public.  Sometimes, I think it will take mass roundups and concentration camps in the desert, along with scarce food/beer to get US citizens to stand up, start shooting at politicians or throwing bombs at government buildings.
    Tunisians are different from Americans. Tunisians have balls.

  • Aryannomad

    I am saddened by this man’s death and I sympathize with his pain, but to kill oneself imo is not the answer. Simon, I know you disagree with the notion of ‘fighting back’ but how feel you about Agorism (Essentially Anarcho-Capitalist who embrace the grey/black market in order to bring down the government)? Like you say, starve the beast and it will die…

  • Diogenes_

     Excellent post. Here is a situation where a man was about to be sent to jail for failing to find well paying enough work in a depression to pay for family support. He wasn’t even allowed to see his children! And how did this all come about? Because he slapped his child once in the face and thus set off a chain of government events resulting in his total enslavement and the theft of his children. That’s it, a single slap in the face. Now granted, slapping children in the face is not acceptable in modern educated society, but the punishment compared to the crime is ludicrous. And I say that as a person opposed to all forms of hitting children including spanking. There is a difference between brutal child abuse and making a single mistake. And the reasonable approach to reducing child hitting is to focus on education and parental support,by a country mile, not police state tactics.

     A couple further thoughts on this:

    A. Anyone who has kids in the US at this time is straight up crazy, especially if your a man. I realize that’s a big thing to say, yet is it not the case that your just one anonymous lie complaint away from having your kids kidnapped and your self either in jail or on a kind of lifetime enslavement parole? Also, even getting married in the US is highly dangerous for the man. And the ‘radical feminist’ indoctrination that young American women go through in college is not the least reason for that. Travel and meet some South American women, they are still interested in being wives and mothers. If you do find a rare American woman, don’t risk living in the US.

    B. A man is brutalized by the state in unthinkable ways, literally having his children stolen, to the point that he burns himself alive on courthouse steps and there is effectively zero mainstream news coverage or outrage about this. And yesterdays posters think the American people will be rebelling against the government? Give me a break! They will be lining up anxiously awaiting being told what to do.

  • USKiwi

    This is an example of why there will never be a “revolution” in the US.  People just don’t care.  Even if they did, the media is doing such a good job of guiding the message through overt propoganda, that they will generally believe anything they are being told.  The ones that do care will go about questioning the man’s motives, background, etc. – anything to shift the burden of taken action away from them so they can move that ever moving “line in the sand” a little further forward.

    Even the people that say they are going to “Stay and Fight” are generally completely apathetic when it comes to doing anything meaningful to actually change the system.  A man sets himself on fire in protest of the system and government, and the most action you will likely take is to talk about it online or to friends.  Let me guess “its not time yet” or “we are still in that awkward stage”.  It is strange to claim “its not time yet” when people are buring themselves alive at the steps of government.

    I saw this as my reality long ago and new when push came to shove all of the keyboard commandos out there would simply keep moving their collective lines in the sand incrementally forward as the government machine incrementally pushes against them.  I took my my leave south to greener and more free pastures.

    • William La Mont

      Great to have a like minded kinsman here – don’t get complacent down here though, its getting just as scary!

    • SilverFern

      Er … The NZ anti-smacking law was opposed by 85% of voters but still in place!!!  If anything, govt of NZ is even more arrogant and unresponsive to citizens than US, citizens even more dumbed down and passive

      • USKiwi

        Having lived in both places, the NZ government (while not perfect by any means) is light years ahead of the US government in terms of being responsive to its citizens.  Every single person on earth thinks that their particular government sucks.  It is a universal human condition.  People in NZ have no idea how good they have it.  Go live in the US for a number of years, keep in touch with the US political scene, and it would be hard to miss.

  • Eddie Edwards

    What shocks America now? Nothing except a Senators dick in a boxers

    • Leonidcat

      That was the news media keeping you from thinking about real problems. Like for example, the Frank/Dodd banking bill that will take effect in July bans over the counter commodity sales, like gold and silver among most others. It also keeps you from thinking about the fact that our national debt is now 100% of the gross domestic product or that 47% of people in this country are now on some type of public assistance. Or maybe the fact that 50% of the people of this country aren’t paying any taxes. Then there’s open borders, drug wars, weapon and drug smuggling, drive by shootings, open grows on private and public lands, in the state I live in.

  • Rick

    Hi Simon,

    off topic, but how do I solve the “utility bill problem”? I travel quite a lot, staying in hotels, short time apartments, etc. A mailbox in Europe is my address. I don’t see any utility bills, and when I’m asked to prove my address, I usually give people one of my bank statements, but sometimes that’s not enough. What do people do then? Do you face the same kind of problem? 

    Thanks for a great site!

    • Leonidcat

      We used to live in a motorhome and travel. We had a “mail forwarder”. There is one in South Dakota and I know of one in Texas. That was our “permanent address”. I would just call them when we moved and our mail would waiting at the next address. We were even registered to vote in South Dakota for a time though we never lived there, just spent the night and got an address at the mail forwarders location.

  • Pitchman

    The Emperor is attending to his needy sociopathic overlords as  the people fiddle.

    I posted your “New Hampshire man” piece at Inflection Point
    with the following links to your site.  If this is a problem please let me know. 

    Keep up your important work! Thanks!

    by Simon Black from Sovereign Man 

    …For insightful commentary on how to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Turmoil visit: Sovereign Man

  • Apart4life

    people will care when…. their money will be gone along with their living standard. Then… a few banksters will be hanged in public places.  Back to the future…. western style… it’s coming for sure and.. if you work for a lobby and or IB like JPM or GS…. it’s time to change work.

  • Diogenes_

    How should the US states pay the salaries of the child kidnapers and father enslavers, according to the big media? By taxing the use of  the internet of course!:

    AUSTIN, Texas – State governments across the country are laying off
    teachers, closing public libraries and parks, and reducing health care
    services, but there is one place they could get $23 billion a year if
    they could only agree how to do it: Internet retailers such as

    That’s enough to pay for the salaries of more than
    46,000 teachers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In
    California, the amount of uncollected taxes from Amazon sales alone is
    roughly the same amount cut from child welfare services in the current
    state budget.

    • Leonidcat

      I live in Texas and my friend is a teacher. For years we have thrown money at education and it’s gotten worse and worse because of federal intervention. We have to hire bilingual teachers so the illegals can get their education free of charge. We have special ed teachers shouldering the burden because main line teachers don’t want to deal with “problem” children. We have people over breeding and having way more children than they can afford to support. It’s a mess and we need the federal government to be out of our business.

    • Leonidcat

      The law reads that you have to have a brick and mortar store in the state where the taxes are collected. Amazon does not, they have a distribution center. In Texas they tried to tax them and they took their distribution center and are moving out. Lost jobs.

    • Ming the Merciless

      WOOO!!! Great idea!

      TAX AND SPEND!!!

      We have an Obamunist commenter!

  • davecydell

    As to “Stay and Fight”, I have a few tactics. Here is one: juries that refuse to convict when the crime is one against the state or purposed  to protect defendant from himself.

    There would then be a need to ban juries.

  • saveyerpennies

    Fine observation Simon Black.  We of the hopeless-populosus are deceived daily by the so-called news media.  Who is it that decides what  information we receive?
    I question Barak Obama’s speech indicating Israel should pull back to the 1967 border.  Who wrote that for him; or worse, who told him to say what he said?
    The most recent is the nuclear plant in Nebraska.  Flooding, fire?  These are serious problems that can and will affect millions.  Also–look at the levels of radiation from Japan right now on the west coast.  It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

  • steve ward

    something dont sound right about that story, really we should start throwing bombs in people windows to spark change? A lot of people dont seem to understand that change has already happened. It just not wide spread yet, how do i know? well simon your part of the change.

    i know at lest 10 other people who would belong to this change that is already here. This is one of the reasons you are seeing such draconian measures.

    These people while they may love there country they are more global in nature. government don’t know what to do about that, if i have money in 5 different country to the government that don’t make sense.

    Now we can talk more, i just dont want to fill this up comments with that. Fist i will say this he has the right idea the problem his solution is bad.

    Second those who play by OLD rules get BURNED period and that what is happening now. People who play by old rules get burn, those who lost there jobs most did not realize that the rules had changed.

    i know 80% of the people who read this will think meh whatever and go about doing what they normal do. BUT the 20% who do read this and take action interest me to know end.

    After all those 20% are what made google, facebook, fabrication machines (a machine that can sit in your house and make just about anything if you have the parts for it.)

    Etc the point is he was right the rules have changed so it time to stop playing by the old rules. although setting your self on fire im not sure if it suppose to work in usa

    • Robert Gandy

      Two nights ago, a similar point in conversation was made with friends of mine. Fabrication technology, communications technology and global mindset is becoming so that people need the status-quo government structure less and less.  These corporate and governing institutions (sometimes the same thing) are finding themselves more and more obsolete and seem to be lashing out.

  • keen observer

    How tragic, and how utterly sad!  After reading the snippet of news in the paper, I took the time to read Mr. Ball’s “final statement” that he mailed to the Sentinel newspaper.  It appears to me that he did everything humanly possible to be reunited with his children, from whom he should never have been separated in the first place.  How sad that his wife was so gutless and stupid in the very beginning to call some counselor and blab nonsense. 

     A little over 20 years ago I quit a job working for the Dept of Corrections in a large, wealthy state because I too frequently saw the results of just such stupidity being perpretrated against ordinary citizens.  My spouse was a career police officer in one of the largest and most forward thinking police depts in the world.  He transferred out of patrol into traffic investigation principally because of the idiotic way they were required to “handle” domestic violence issues. 

    I have a friend who is a licensed therapist who specializes in treating children from broken homes, msot of them torn apart by the courts.  At the young age of 36 he is on the edge of complete burnout because of the increasingly heavy case load that keeps him working from 8 am to 9 or 10 pm nearly every night, and the stupid, insane “policies, procedures, and protocols” required by the “Second Set of Books”. 

    I well remember Betty Friedan’s book, and the so-called feminist movement of the 1960′s and 1970′s.  As a female college student at the time, I thought how stupid it was to preach hatred against all men!  Who would have ever thought that idiotic nonsense would be so prevalent in our society today, and be responsible for the “rape and pillaging” of the American family! 

    I do believe that there will be another revolution, another Civil War in America.  I just don’t think it will happen any time soon.  The vast majority of the American people are too ignorant and too lazy. Not until the majority feel the heat, and the sting of the dictator’s whip, will they rise up.  That is the pattern throughout history, in all civilizations, and there is no reason to think it will be otherwise in the U.S.A.  The only reason we have seen the uprisings in the middle east is because the people  have been under the dictators’ whips for so long, they just can’t take it any longer.  America hasn’t had that experience.  It will take awhile yet, probably several years.  By then, the best and brightest this country has to offer will have fled.  I hope to be in a completely different  place by then, either in this world or the next.  My family think I’m crazy, as do most of my friends.  There are 2 or 3 friends who see the writing on the wall, and at this point  are making some hard decisions about whether to stay because of family or to leave for greener and more peaceful pastures.  I’m in the preparation phase, and hope to be in South America within a year, 2 at the most.  See you on the other side! 

    • Gphil1137

      Too many Americans are worse than soft.  They are amoral and believe that truth is relative.

    • Ron Jones

      “I do believe that there will be another revolution, another Civil War in America.”

      I think you’re right. Sadly, I can’t see any other way out of our headlong rush towards collectivism and tyranny.

      Let’s hope the motivation for change comes sooner, rather than later. I would be perfectly willing to sacrifice everything for the barest chance that my children could live free.

      My wife thinks I’m a little odd too ;-), but she indulges me my preparations.

    • Leonidcat

      You are right about the vast majority. They sit in front of their TV sets and watch crap. They are apathetic and 50% don’t pay a single cent in taxes.

  • Regnad Kcin

    Americans are soft.


    • Leonidcat

      Not where I live. We are armed, grow gardens, stock pile foods supplies and water and are ready if things go bad.

  • Lkr688

    It is tragic what New Hampshire does to families!!  I am sure this isn’t the only state that abuses families.  I am a woman and went through the divorce from hell in NH in 2002.  It’s not about what is in the best interests of the children AT ALL, it’s about everyone involved (attorneys, GAL’s, counselors, etc.) getting their piece of the finances of the parents until they are bankrupted financially, spiritually and emotionally.  I happened to be in NH last week when this occurred and I didn’t hear a thing about it until just now, at home in Indiana.  It is truly sickening that our society has become so numbed and dumbed down that they can’t see the effects of the moral deficiencies of our legal structure.  Everyone has their own best interests in mind…selfishness is the root of all evil.  We are a nation of unfeeling and uncaring individuals…no longer a community of caring human beings.  If we were, this article would have hit the front page of all newspapers.

  • Cronus de Gaia

    Anyone reading this excellent article should resonate to another that addresses the core issues involved. You can find it at . This article defines the subject of ethics; applies the ethics to the nature of law; and concludes with a prescription for creating a society with just laws and NO government.

  • ice nine

    my money’s on the computer hackers to disable everything and force change

    of course they’ll wipe out both the good guys _and_ the bad guys

    that’s why i’d rather not be either right now

  • Nitrider_ninja

    What did he get by killing himself? Is this the way to use the very last human capital you have? What a waste. If I was going to die anyway, I sure as hell hope it would not be suicide. Hell there are so many worthy targets to take with you. Like in DC…..Just saying!

    • Thompson Robert

      Talk like that can have the Feds knocking on your door.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Talk like that is the reason bureaucrats rule!

  • Twostrikes2003

    Anyone else planning to kill yourself? Just leave. South America is good. They like families there. I went there and learned Spanish, which at 54 isn’t so easy anymore. But heck, you gotta save yourself and family. Let America fall apart. It doesn’t care about me, and I don’t care about it.

  • Richard

    This is a perfect example of Government controled lives. LIKE OURS!!!!

  • Cblank3

    House comes on at 7 followed by fox news. There’s a good lineup on TV tonight. Americans will never protest as long as they got their boob tube. It kind of reminds me of that fat woman in Wall-E that was distracted from her tv screen after being bumped by wall-E and then realized they had a swimming pool after spending life on the spaceship. As long as American’s have quality programming that they can watch life take place. Why would life really need to take place?

  • Amzoil

    I’ve been looking, but I can’t find the stuff he wrote anywhere.  Is it not being released?  Where did you read it?

  • Culd DaeRayn

    Consider that just the week before a man shot his ex-wife, her lawyer and several others before ending his own life.  It was allegedly all over a “bad divorce.”  Yet nearly no coverage of this.  Last year I recall some young man setting himself on fire in a similar protest.  Greg Eisenhauer simply decided to end his own life because of bad divorce.  What is happening is the court itself, in its progressive enslavement of American society, is creating more and more of these events; so many so that their victims are starting to become so numerous, that the likelihood of events like this are statistically more numerous.  I believe that We will eventually be so oppressed that our lives will filled with these events daily.  And still no one will do anything.  Slavery always ends in full scale war (revolution).  Eventually, it will happen.  Me personally, after what Mr. Ball has done, I am concerned the opportunity he provided us with his martyrdom will be lost due to the apathy now inherent in our society.  I would rather his children grow up knowing him as a hero whose self-less act was that of a soldier even giving his very life if his countrymen will but listen and now STAND!

  • Toothaker

    The people are in a state of apathy. Tyranny is to follow.
    Government cannot buy us out of poverty. The debt we now have
    is unsurmountable.  When the ==== hits the fan will be when no foreign country buys our bonds. Then people will wake up but all too late. We will become another zimbomie.

    • Leonidcat

      A great deal of our debt comes due within four years. In order to stay afloat we need to borrow more. Fat chance of that happening when the Chinese are spending dollars as fast as they get them to buy commodities and gold.

  • Toothaker

    Why post anything if you have to change it.  Just like the government.

  • Nyuru

    It’s not the government per se, let’s not be fundamentalists. It’s the government when it’s taken over by the corporation. That’s what Il Duce called fascism.

    • Leonidcat

      It’s taken over by special interests, banksters and money fund managers. Soros is not a corporation, he is the single most damaging person in this country today, along with all his “organizations”.

  • Leslieann03452

    This man who set himself on fire, had been pushed to his limits. All starting with the Jaffrey NH Police. My family is currently undergoing a series of harrassments by the Jaffrey Police causing a family member to lose their job and their residence, all on the “say so” of two officers. They absolutely think they can ruin people lives and its “all in a days work” for them. I am calling the Attorney General and hiring a lawyer tomorrow, I will be making it an “Issue” with the media as it progresses.

  • Willow

    As an American, I do find this greatly disturbing.  But what I don’t understand is why it always falls on the “has-nots” to do something?  The middle and lower class would be burned at the stake for making a stand or trying to start a revolution; punished and labeled with a prison record for the rest of their lives if they tried to group together and revolt.  And that is if they even lived to tell about it.  We can’t exactly pull off a coup as you see in other parts of the world.  Why doesn’t the better educated, well traveled, well respected, upper class start demanding, and organizing, change? Could you imagine the effect it would have if Angelina Jolie started organizing protests and demanding change within our country?  She would be able to build an army overnight.  But it is much easier (and exciting!) to try and fix what is wrong with your neighbor then to own up to your own shortcomings I suppose.  And the system in place benefits the wealthy.

    • johndoe

       The wealthy are still benefiting from the system so they will not rise against it, nor do most of them see what is going on at “lower levels”.  Plus most of them have achieved their great fame by doing whatever it takes (including helping out tptb – or being born into these families in the first place).  So, they are already part of the problem.  You think Mr. Soros (who runs most of what you see on TV would allow fame and fortune to any actor/actress that did not comply or agree to his agenda?

      • Leonidcat

        Here’s a little goody for you…. the top 10% of wage earners in this country pay 90% of all taxes. As for the ultra rich, the don’t have time to do anything meaningful unless it puts them in the spot light or it’s a formal function at a ritzy hotel. They just spend the money trying to look good or feel good, but never really do. As for Soros, he is the devil incarnate. He not only owns the media, he owns our President, most all Democrats and a lot of Republicans.

    • Leonidcat

      Angelina is too buzy asking the government for more services for the “have nots” in this society. although she can’t be bothered to fork over her own money so she advocates taking yours.

      • a man in particular

        Factcheck:  Do you really thin you’re paying for services for the have nots?   The HUGE federal government debt represents your refusal to pay.  Those services make up about 10% of that debt accumulated over the past half century.  NOBODY’s paying and that’s why the debt continues to grow. 

        NOW, THE INTEREST on the debt is MORE THAN WE WOULD HAVE EVER PAID FOR THOSE SERVICES.  Sometimes a bitter pill can eliminate a lot of suffering…

        My grandma used to call this type of behavior “penny wise and pound foolish”…. 

  • Mr Angry

    The UK is as equally corrupted by big government as the US. Like many I am aware of it and taking action to move out but it is only when the State attempts to destroy your life that you wake up to the reality of how sick the State has become.

    In my case I have been fighting a battle with social services since Nov 2010 to have my 92 year old father released from a care home. Social services claim he does not have the mental capacity to know where he wishes to live so have used the mental health act, the mental capacity act and now deprivation of liberty orders to keep him detained in the home and to prevent his relatives from seeing him.

    Social services have never shown any proof that my father lacks capacity and claim that I have been abusive towards him again showing no evidence but using that line as a basis to take him away from his home and detain him. As I have challenged the legality of the decision I am branded a trouble maker and so have been denied access to my father. If I attempt to visit him I will be arrested. Neither my father or myself have committed a crime yet our human rights have been ignored. Social services claim my father lacks mental capacity however it does not appear that he lacks capacity to manage his finances as they are trying to force him to pay to be in care. 

    He is marched off from his home, placed for want of a better word in ‘prison’ and is expected to pay for it, all in ‘his best interests’ as defined by social services.

    Determine for yourselves if he lacks mental capacity by listening to his own words at

    • Diogenes_

       What a state abuse nightmare, and the soon to be future of the US too.

  • peter knopfler

     HE did not know the Secret, What Secret? You might say.
    That you can beat someone to death or light yourself on fire and the public does not blink an EYE. T:V: MOVIES 3D gives people that virtual reality and like shining a light into the eyes of a DEER, HE stands frozen confused and does nothing- FEAR in AMERICA is very powerful- people will do nothing facing reality of violence.

  • Martello1

    “TSA agents, for instance, are only following procedure when they fondle
    children at airport checkpoints. Even the guys who drove the trains to
    the concentration camps were just following procedures.”

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!
    This really put a new light and a new perspective on what we are becoming.


    that ain’t going to happen


    toldja so

  • GinnyMS

    The only way to get the government off the backs of the American people is to gut the federal bureaucracy. Cut their budgets by one-third at a minimum. When you are hired to write regulations, that’s what you will do rather than any productive labor. One reason that businesses are not hiring is fear of never ending new regulations and taxes. Like absolute fools, Pelosi and company passed Obamacare when 700,000 people were losing their jobs each month. Froze bsuinesses out of concern for higher costs per employee and higher taxes. Some new bank rules were needed, but not so many so soon without prudent consideration of unintended  consequences. Current consequence:  banks sitting on money, no velocity, few loans for mortgages or otherwise. Without good jobs, nobody can take proper care of their families. And nobody in Washington – not congress or the administration – knows what the bureacrats are doing, nor do they care.

    • Leonidcat

      As a small business owner I can tell you that we are over-taxed (city, county, State & Federal) and over regulated. It’s to the point where I am thinking it’s not worth the effort anymore.

      What we all need to do is STOP PAYING TAXES. That will starve the beast. Until we do that we will continue to be the slaves of the government.

  • John Jauregui

    This is a good time to re-read George Orwell’s “1984″ and “Animal Farm”.

    • Leonidcat

      and…. Atlas Shrugged. Who is John Galt?

  • Faizan Raza

     As I have challenged the legality of the decision I am branded a trouble maker and so have been denied access to my father.
    Thanks for share such a nice blog.
    contemporary lights

  • Krystal Barber

    The government is out of hand. They arrest people daily on blown out of proportion charges in this fake “war on drugs”. Yet you can get drugs that are just as harmful from 7-11 (alcohol and cigarettes). Then your life is completely ruined once you go to prison and get a felony. Even when you get out, you are not free as you’re on probation with the PO telling you who you can befriend or date and where you can live. This country used to be a place of freedom where people could get a fresh start. Now, it is something that has the Founding Fathers rolling around in their graves.

  • André Berry

    The article on Thomas James Ball ,which was deleted thanks to the fascist feminist from Canada, can be found here:

  • Anonymous

    How you see events in America depends on what your worldview is.  As a Christian, I look to the Bible and see what I believe is happening to America.  In the Old Testament, when Israel turned from God, He used other countries to conquer and “discipline” Israel.  Today, the U.S. is turning away from God and He is using economic and financial collapse to discipline us.  When this country was born, we were born on the foundation of Christianity.  Why else did we prosper so quickly?  Things will not improve until the U.S. makes God our focus again.  The signs are all around but you won’t see them without some Bible study and wisdom which comes from a belief in Christ.

    • Sniffing Walrus

      Yeah, God was responsible for all the good things that happened to the US… If there were no religion, and I mean none whatsoever, there’d be no problems. Religion sparks war, outrage, protest, civil unrest, bigotry, and hatred. Religion is all that is wrong with the world today.

    • happyhouser

      The U.S. was not founded on the Bible and Christianity. The most influential “Founding Fathers” (Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere) were Deists, who did believe in the existence of God, but didn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus or literal interpretation of the Bible. (Look it up in the encyclopedia of your choice). George Washington and numerous other signers of the Constitution were Freemasons, which is an organization that fundamentalist Christians believe to be an anti-Christian conspiracy. The fact is that many of the country’s founders followed the religious and political philosophies of the “Enlightenment” a product of French and English intellectuals of the 17th and 18th centuries which were based on new ideas and discoveries proposed by scientists like Darwin.

      Religion certainly has its place in all cultures as a belief system that gives people a moral and ethical anchor, a great deal of personal comfort, and the necessary ceremonies to celebrate the major events of human life like marriage, coming of age, and death. But fundamentalism – the rigid belief in absolute truth and the unquestioning acceptance of traditional ideas just because our ancestors believed them, is unrealistic. The universe changes constantly. Our ideas about it must change also, otherwise we get caught in a backward time warp. That’s why fundamentalists of any persuasion (Evangelical Christian, the Amish, Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Islamist Muslims, even Marxist communists etc.) have such a hard time adjusting to the world around them, become paranoid, and either want to live in isolation or want to destroy it.

      Comparing the self-immolation of the Tunisian fruit-seller which sparked mass protests against the absolute dictatorships of the Arab world  to the act of an mentally deranged person  in the U.S. where we have the free speech to express opnions exactly like we are doing right now, in this forum, is ridiculous. I urge all those of you commenters who hate the U.S. and its government so much, to move to another country as soon as possible and disavow your U.S. citizenship. See how you like dodging drug-war bullets in Ecuador , Colombia, or Mexico. Find out if you enjoy having to bribe some small-time official everytime you need anything. And be sure to double lock your car and triple-lock your front door.

  • Greg Hohnholt

    Thank you for shining light on this story!  I had not heard about it at all, and I’m a big news junkie.  Alex Jones should cover this and interview one of his descendants; we should not let this poor man’s painful death be in vain.

  • Frank

    Soros & the power elite that now control the flow of information dished out by the mass media to the poor dumbed-down masses don’t want the masses to wake up yet as to their dire position.  They want things to get worse before they spring their trap on the masses… who will end up the poor “serfs” destined to serve the elite in a New One World Order.  This will be the end of Western Civilization & the freedoms we once enjoyed.  The masses are asleep, the politicians are corrupt & the power elite are salivating at their prospects. 

  • Guest

    I think in order to properly analyze mr. ball’s outrage, a link to his missive should be included somewhere in this post. Such as this: Perhaps supporting a man who slapped his 4 year old so hard she bled for licking his hand isn’t the greatest martyr to uphold for the next steps of American revolution. 

  • Guest1234

    Maybe if Mr. Ball had set someone else on fire there would have been greater coverage. Then we would have found out about his Islamic connections.

  • Will

    You had me until ‘Discipline his children’. I guess you’re referring to hitting children, so that kinda negates quite a bit of your other good points.

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