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The government is sending you a message

June 29, 2010
Oxford, England

My apologies for not writing to you yesterday… I was angry (a rare occurrence for me), and I hate writing to my friends when I’m angry. You see, the G8/G20 summits took place over the weekend in Toronto, and everything about these events simply boils my blood.

To me, there’s nothing more utterly worthless than a bunch of corrupt, irrelevant, incompetent bureaucrats who generate enormous pomp and circumstance to gather together at taxpayer expense in order to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Yet this is what happens at these ‘summits’ year in, year out.  They’re not exactly staying at the Holiday Inn Express, either. The events are always in some posh resort where legions of underlings can enjoy champagne and filet mignon, courtesy of Joe Public, all the while their bosses strut and glad hand in front of the cameras.

This year, the focus of the summits was on the state of the world economy. They spent the weekend arguing, debating, and deal making… yet by Sunday evening, the only real accord reported by the group was an insipid statement about halving budget deficits by 2013.

The truth is, these summits carry absolutely no weight whatsoever; the G8/G20 are not sovereign bodies with any authority to enforce any of the resolutions. At the end of the day, each of the member countries is going to march to the beat of its own drum, no matter what it may have signed up for at the summit.

Regardless, the media ate it up.  Newspaper headlines around the world heralded the governments’ progress to reduce their budget deficits… apparently failing to realize that half of a budget deficit is still a budget deficit, generating yet another uptick to the national debt.

I’m sure that years ago these summits probably mattered. Back when the United States was the undisputed world economic power thanks to devastated post-war economies in Europe and Asia, the annual summits were a great way for the US to bend the rest of the world to its own agenda.

Decades later, the results from this summit paint a very clear picture about waning US influence. American priorities going in to the summits– sustaining government stimulus programs, cooperation in Afghanistan, currency flexibility in China, etc. remain unresolved and conspicuously absent from the groups’ final reports.

It’s obvious that other countries, particularly the ’emerging’ G20 nations, have achieved significant political power on the international stage, and this is the surest sign of a major shift in the global balance of power.

One day, I expect that, if these summits still exist, it will be a platform for China to dictate the rules, and for the rest of the world to follow. In the meantime, they will continue to be worthless and wasteful, furthering governments’ record of unsustainable largess.

Needless to say, voters are understandably unhappy about this– the ‘leaders’ who gathered in Canada this weekend are the same people who have been effectively stealing from their voters and squandering every penny on wasteful programs designed to get them re-elected.

Despite nearly 2-years and trillions of dollars spent, little has improved. Politicians can smile in front of the camera and talk about how wonderful the global economy is, but the people standing in the streets have an entirely different perspective. Protesting at the summits is one small way for them to express their views.

This is the thing that made me so angry: Canada spent over a billion dollars of taxpayer money to turn itself into a police state and send a very clear message– that the government is the boss and in complete control, and all the little people singing in the streets will be stamped out like bugs.

All weekend long, riot police viciously assaulted unarmed, nonthreatening protestors in the streets of Toronto, as well as designated ‘free speech zones.’ Sure, there were a handful of people who shattered windows and even lit a police cruiser ablaze, but the vast majority of protests were entirely peaceful.

After the weekend, politicians (including the Mayor of Toronto) stepped up to defend the police actions and sell the public on the idea that assaulting peaceful protesters is a reasonable way to maintain order.

I find myself disgusted by the idea that serially, criminally incompetent politicians can pillage their countries, then hide behind armies and police forces, protecting themselves against the public that they’re supposed to be representing.

The big question I have is, why does the government even bother holding these events in a city like Toronto?  They could have gathered anywhere in the world, such as a remote province in northern Canada.  Yet they chose a major population center instead.

I think they made this decision on purpose, hoping that protesters would show up en masse so that they could send the message loud and clear: If you question the government’s authority, you will be crushed.

It reminds me of that quote from the very prescient book, 1984, “[i]f you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”  I think it serves as yet another reason to get busy planting flags and diversifying away from all of this ugliness.

Tell me what you think about it– I’d like to know.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • MVP

    Coming soon to an Amerikan Kontinent Gulag near you…

  • Wanderingsalsero

    Simon I couldn’t agree with you more. None of us would have thought that we’d be living this kind of history in our own time. That’s probably why history does repeat itself……i.e. because people forget it so easily.

    I personally think we’re headed for another revolution not only in the US but also in some other countries. It’s hard to put my finger on the ‘why’ other than to think it’s got something to do with the fact that ‘people don’t change’ and I think the fight between good and evil is something that’ll never go away. Not in this world anyway.

    A lot of people think that it was only in more primitive, less enlightened, times time that ‘rulers'(AKA: governments) were this oppressive. But I think we both know that the problem lies ‘in the hearts of men’ and that because ‘people don’t change’, the price of liberty is, in fact, eternal vigilance.

    I can now understand the sadness that early immigrants to Amerika must have felt…i.e. leaving their homes and everything that was familiar and dear to them. I know because I can see myself having to do it. That is….to the extent that it’s possible in these times of the ‘long reach’ of the digital finger of totalitarian government.

    Keep up the good work. You’re lifestyle is certainly an interesting example to try to emulate.

    Best regards,

  • T5GRRR

    I have lived and worked in China for the last 10 years so I have a different view of the world compared to most. I have not only watched the Government here continue to tighten control and find new ways of making money for itself and cronies. Every month there are new rules requiring a new tax, fee, restriction, etc. Most of then are from local officials who make up rules on their own or alter the rules from the central govt. Usually you can see someone related to the officials or paying them bribes will benefit from the rules. However, foreign owned businesses are getting tightened more and more. Because we are foreign, we pay our taxes by the book, I pay my taxes by the book as well. Unfortunately this puts me in a unique position. I live in the finest condo building in the city and the parking garage is full of Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, etc. I drive a 6 year old Honda, yet I am the largest taxpayer in the district of 3 million people, my company is the largest corporate taxpayer.

    Clearly there is some serious corruption and the scale cannot be imagined. As bad as the rest of the world is, China has far exceeded others.

  • Charlestyrrell

    I generally agree with your comments Simon. More striking than the meetings uselessness is the flip flop of what went on. European countries that have been Socialistic for a long time have realized that the massive benefits have to be reduced or collapse will occur. (Greece, Spain, etc) One the other hand the former champion of free enterprise was solo on continues big debt and spending. This is where this radical socialist, Obama, has taken us. To me it stop him in the November elections or it’s basically over for America.

    • Kwtomed

      And who would you replace him with? Another Bush or maybe a Rand Paul?

  • manoman

    I just watched Stefan Molyneux lay out a strong argument that we are witnessing the collapse of a corrupt useless system, counterproductive to solving the problems of the human race. This G8/20 Summit is just another distraction on the road to its demise. I have to agree. I think thoughtful people have a chance of navigating the situation, your work greatly aids to that end.

  • Joe

    I generally admire your ethos and message. But at times it begins sounding a bit utopian. Like governments, utopias historically fail to deliver on their promises before long and because they swim upstream, utopias fail a lot quicker. I agree with your justifiable anger at the ridiculous antics of governments. But maybe the failing is that governments are made up of people and people resiliently prove to be consistently fallible whether operating in governments, religions or utopias. It’s an old and endless story, is it not? Your multiple flags strategy has the advantage of offering greater choices to any self-directed, savvy, sophisticated and intelligent individual (not exactly sure how large that population is?) whilst the pendulum of world events swings toward entropy. Sometimes though, one must plant a flag and make a stand. A wife and children aren’t so easily portaged and don’t align as neatly with the life of an international interloper. But out of love you want to create as much security as possible while rooting them in the familiarity of someplace they can call home. As a businessperson and entrepreneur, I admire the strategy for the opportunities it opens up. As an investor more choices might lead to better choices. As a young and unattached person I get the appeal; it’s almost like being an international spy. But as a family man, it begins looking a little “Mosquito Coast” to me.
    All The Best,

  • Er

    Hello Simon,
    Well,i can only agree with you.In particular on 2 issues:
    1.Spending 1 BILLION dollars on security,when we are all supposed to be belt tightening.Of course its Joe shit gets to pick up the tab;very convenient!Makes you wonder if the corrupt politicians are not actually scared of democratic free speech- unless of course its them who do the talking!
    2.Why inside a major city?A remote island would have been much better and cheaper.Perhaps theyre scared of isolation!And youre right,there wouldnt have been demonstrations to face down and crush, like bugs.
    Makes me glad im a soveriegn individual,not subject to the diktats of these BXXtards.

  • Jimwrkdiver

    At least it appears that even the Socialist Europeans have finally realized that Keynesian economics are wrong!

  • Buzz

    As a youth, I was indoctrinated with the belief that we lived in an enlightened post-barbaric world of reason, representative government and liberty.

    Took me awhile to get the joke,
    but I’m not laughing.

  • Pilnaw

    Excellent piece – well-written and insightful.

  • Seh

    Agreed. We are living Orwell’s 1984; Big Brother (through
    finance and war) controls the world. So is there a government
    any where on earth that actually puts its citizens first?

    • Craig

      The government of Bolivia is a bunch of lying thugs living out their Marxist fantasies at the expense of further impoverishing the Bolivian people.

    • Prfolkler

      No there is not. Even if it starts out “pure of intension” it will degrade very quickly. The first amendment of the US constitution says “Congress shall make NO law” in regards to limits on free speech. That was 1787… A few years later (before 1800) the past the “Alien and Sedition Act” making it a federal crime to speak out against the government…

  • Kiwe

    Simon at last you write plainly and clearly of what is real and what is in your heart. It should be clear to all of us even the troops being used by Goverments re security at G8 /G20 but this has not yet happened.

    Perhaps sadley it never will ?

    Thank you

  • Orrinl

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m sick of these lazy good for nothings living high on our hard earned tax dollars while passing laws and heaping more and more damaging regulation on all of us. They’ve completely forgotten that they were elected to serve the public, not rule over it. We truly need term limits. (Short ones) Orrin L.

  • Swagman

    Totally agree with your writing. And many of the commenters above.
    Canada has a history of being a phone call away from being a police state. Regina riots in 30’s, FLQ “crisis”, Oka standoff, Ipperwash standoff, APEC in Vancouver at UBC and now this. The hammer is never far away in this country, regardless of the tolerant image gov’t likes to portray.
    Harper is a Bush wannabe who is dying to be a big man on the world stage. This is why Canadians are killing and dying in Afghanistan and these G8 and 20 summits. So Harper can feel like a big boy with the big boys(he has said as much). Unfortunately he is a pathetic pissant from a piss ant country (in the global power order). How long will Canadians pay in $ and lives for his ego? The apathy of my country saddens me and all levels of gov’t are just a plain embarrassment to those they are supposed to serve(but that is the same everywhere).
    For sure multiflagging and internationalizing oneself is about the only way to get relief. Frequent/Long term travel is good. Bluewater cruising would work too.
    Two songs come to mind when I think of Harper: Offspring’s “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” and The Dead Kennedys “Fuck Off, Nazi Punks”
    Sieg Heil, Harper/Bush/Obama/Kissinger/et al

  • Vai

    You are absolutely bang on the button.

    As an individual, I have always chosen to find the circumstances to suit my ideals rather than change the circumstance I find myself in. Sometimes it means sacrificing one’s ideal circumstance in exchange for better later.

    Unfortunately, the majority are either unaware or “too herd like” and rendered themselves too deep in it to ever have the choice to “plant any flags”.

  • john

    Spot on! What confuses me most, is how does anyone expect to get different results when the same old liars use the same methods repeatedly spinning words to create the illusion that they have solutions. Am I missing something surreal in this new digital century of computers? After all has been said, aren’t these the jokers who created the controversies, and want all the fools voting for them to believe they can cure them?
    It’s the same old wine in a brand new bottle!

  • Pasco

    I think we need to be careful not to try to bend everything that we see happening in the world to fit our particular worldview and philosophy – otherwise we are going to lose credibility and look like conspiracy-theory crackpots.

    The heads of state maybe chose Toronto because it is convenient, has good facilities, is easy to get to etc. etc. and anyway, whatever we may think of them, why should they necessarily have to hide away because some other people – a small minority – may choose to cause trouble and are prepared to use violence.

    Also, many of these protestors would definitely not be free enterprise or personal liberty champions but rather quite the opposite.

    Also, I think you might have been pushing it a bit in your piece on the world cup in terms of the demise of the old powers. The quarter finalists are pretty much a classic group – Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Holland and Uruguay. The only real newcomers are Ghana and maybe Paraguay and there are always one or two surprises in any world cup.

    • Dissentfromdayone

      Brother, it IS a conspiracy. When folks understand that Obama and Bush play for the same team, here is wisdom.

  • Steen_reeler

    Agree. Problem is there are no men with balls left in the West today. No balls – no democracy.

  • Denniskta

    A problem with the power at hand. tHIS IS A LOOK AT WHAT IS TO COME TO THE U.S.A. BIG TIME.

    • Prfolkler

      I would only say one thing in regards to this… Your TENSE is incorrect: In my opinion it came to the US several years ago – It only became obvious as the financial situation got worse and the open looting of the public became rampant.

      When I left the US, I was living in Michigan. Snow on the highways is something I think the Canadians on this site can understand… The Michigan gunverment did two things 3-4 years ago: cut snow removal funding and made it an automatic speeding ticket if your car slides off the road — Driving to fast for conditions you see. Even if your car is stopped and it slides down a hill….

  • GARY

    I simply agree with you 100%.
    Thanks so much for your letters.
    It’s good to know I am not all alone.

  • Mark

    G8/G20 purpose is to create a one world government / army.
    When there are through even multi-flags will be useless.

    The force they show, is there to impress us in case we have been thinking that we might be able to stop their agenda.

    We are naive if we think people in power are incompetent! May be we should get a bit smarter and less arrogant ( thinking they are stupid ) and considering the case that everything which is happening is exactly what they want.
    Yes that is not what we want, but when was the last time governments have done anything for the people?

    It is time to wake up, I think…

  • Wayne

    Simon, Do you know anything about the organization call GOOOH. It stands for Get Out Of Our House and was formed by Tim Cox. Tim believes he has a plan to replace every member of congress with every day people like you and me. In other words get the career politicians out of Washington. More information at http://www.GOOOH.com. I would be curious to hear your thoughts?

  • Daehnhardt

    Once thieves stole your money, now they steal both the value of the money and the possibility to work for it. Once war was what you feared most, now security of your live does no longer exist. Thanks Good that we have no children as there is nothing positive left we could give them. So drink the best wine you can until the very last drop, share it with friends as all will fade away.

    • Brian Drumm

      Daehnhardt, yours was a heartbreaking quote- :( but a realistic perspective from someone who feels no hope. I have hope for you, please listen.
      Look my friends, there is another way–
      We all labor to survive in the physical, and while this is not in itself wrong or an error, (it’s the normal instinct at work), — we know we inevitably perish by one means or another- it is only a matter of time. We can not survive in our physical biological bodies- yet we can survive spiritually, and this is were the words of Jesus Christ as he spoke in the Gospels take on a new powerful dimension of meaning- “Labor not to lay up your treasures upon this earth were rust, moths and thieves corrupt, but rather lay up your treasure in heaven.”
      The first step here is to have an account in Heaven, which by the way qualifies as an “offshore refuge” does it not? A place to keep your assets, is not your soul your most important asset? You can easily make provisions for your eternal survival in the privacy of your own mind and heart- God hears.

      According to the message of the Gospel (meaning good “Good news”) we start our relationship with God when we confess our personel offenses to God and ask for his forgiveness, the bible says He can not and will not turn us away if we approach him in humility. Jesus paid the price for our sins (transgressions and offenses toward God) He is the ransom for the captives who are held captive by the fallen one. Jesus’ sacrifice pays the price of freedom for you and I and secures for us an eternal, not a temporal refuge, and for this reason is of enourmeous value.
      It is simple but it is not easy, what makes it difficult is our own propensity to insist on our own sufficiency of righteousness. But God has already contended with this issue in Romans 3: where he says ” There is none righteous, no… not one. We tend to think we don’t need the help of God, or that we are no good anyway so we could never deserve heaven- and we can not, but God in his grace toward man has made the issue one not of personal credibility or performnace, but one of submission of ourselves toward Himself in a moment of honesty. Jesus was his criteria, John 14:6 ” I am the way the truth and the life; no man cometh to the father but by me.”– (Jesus speaking of himself). the whole Biblical narrative directly or indirectly revolves around Jesus, He is the focal point, the hub if you will. God isn’t looking for the perfect, (He has already made the case that there aren’t any) He is looking for the believing, which could be any of us that turn to him in faith.
      Listen, the frightening events of this present world where anticipated in Scripture, and so it must begin to appear in the way it was described for the world, at some point, and it is looking increasingly like a world Gov. is coming to fruition; the prophetic events of world dominion by a singular governmental force were predicted long before the technologhgical capabilities that could enable it were even dreamed of- yet it is obviously coming isn’t it? Everybody on this site can see it’s development, it’s imposing gathering strength, and we are trying to use our minds to escape it. But the God of the Bible offers the end run solution and the exit strategy to this vexing problem of global enslavement for a people He calls His own, out of every toungue and nation … be one of those.

  • Ryancis

    How much will the general public take? The politicians seriously believe that we will all stand by and let things happen. In the US at DC rallies politicians almost dare you to even approach them. In history it has been proven over and over that you can push people so far and then a powder keg goes off. The police are trying to enforce laws that save these politicians. At some point in time the crowds will turn on the police as they will be looked at as being as corrupt as those they are defending. What will it take? Americans are timid and generally afraid of authority, but this will not last forever.

  • PleasantGarden

    As much as possible, I try to contribute to the underground economy…trading skills with skilled friends (& friends of friends), buying at tag sales/yard sales…the less I can participate in the rampant consumerism fake economy, the happier I am.

  • Robert

    The growth of government entitlement programs with no clear idea on how to fund them is quite troubling. Social Security and Medicare are almost broke already so the answer is a national health care program we can’t pay for? I’m pondering the possible future implications of my retirement funds – 401(k), etc – that seems like the obvious next thing the government will attack with tax increases as it struggles to fund these entitlement programs. Possibly even repealing the tax-free benefits of Roth accounts. I recall the recent post about how the British government changed the rules literally overnight so it doesn’t seem very far-fetched that the US government could do the same thing. It has me seriously considering not contributing to retirement plans and investing the money somewhere else. Any thoughts?

    • Rettefrancais

      Hi Robert,
      Have been an RN, with an advanced degree, for 45 years. The health care bill is the worst possible solution. There are simple, easy ways to immediately reduce the costs of healthcare without reducing the quality of care, giving time to develop a program that would be effective. I sent a 7 page outline to obamarama who did not even send an auto generated response. So much for citizen input.

      • Mac4mart

        It’s not their agenda to fix the system, so any viable solutions are ignored.

    • Govmann

      I feel the same way. The retirements savings of workers will be the next apple picked to share with the non-workers in this new utopia in the US. I am can’t decide whether to fund my self employed 401K or not. Screw the so called tax benefits. And the government can change the rules overnight. Good luck to us all.


  • John

    Simon, you are 100 % right – i am glad to know that i am not alone with my thinking and ideals.
    Ayn Rand’s Atlas shrugged is now coming to life through those looters “Governments”. It’s time to build Atlantis!

  • Mexicano

    More good reasons for living in Latin America, where, generally speaking, the governments keep their noses out of what the general population is doing.

  • Jacqueslafleur32

    As a Canadian living only minutes from the G20 site, the media coverage was a sorry fabrication of the facts focused primarily on defending the police as heroes for their bravery in “a very difficult and volatile environment”. Very little mention of the wholesale arrests made on people who had no involvement or association to this event and the disregard for even basic human dignity. Basically the status quo in this country. That said, Canadians get exactly what they deserve…as they are the first to believe (and vigorously defend) the myth that this is the best and most free jurisdiction on the planet. There are precious few that understand that this country is a jail without bars and one must be careful not to assault these false sensabilities. Until this changes and people start to understand the issues…these misconceptions will continue and politicians with the help of their drones (police) will continue to perpetuate whatever they desire and successfully pass it off as the truth.

    Apologies to the world from someone who knows better!!!

    • Rettefrancais

      Sounds like the US to me. Thanks for your input

    • Swagman

      Spot on, man.

  • Steveloy

    I don’t think it could be described any more accurately!
    I agree 100% Thanks

  • Leland

    I remember some time back when there was an uproar because someone, the CEO of Goldman Sachs if I remember correctly, made some statement that they were “doing God’s work” (a statement that was completely absurd to reasonable ordinary people). The thing most don’t understand is that he was completely sincere in his belief that is what he and his fellow magicians are doing. From the world view into which they have been indoctrinated, “God’s work” is to transfer wealth and power from the “unworthy” (in other words, all the rest of us) to the “worthy” (in other words, them and their fellow magicians). And that is what governs their world view and all of their actions. They are indoctinated to believe that perception shapes reality and so, from their world view, they are not lying when their words are patently in opposition to reality, they simply believe that those who see reality as it is, rather than according to the perception they are attempting to create, are lacking in faith and need to have their thinking corrected. They regard it as right and just to punish (financially or by any other means) those who are “lacking in faith” and working against “the greater good” (which, in their world view, is anything that increases the wealth and power of the “worthy” at the expense of the “unworthy”). It is in reality a psychotherapy cult (albeit a very powerful and well established one) and, like any other cult, it is about maintaining power over its subjects at any cost without regard to truth or justice or the rule of law or individual sovereignty. The problem is that changing perception doesn’t actually change reality; the most it can do is, for a time, obscure reality for the benefit of those creating the false perception and the detriment of those deceived by it. Reality always, eventually, reasserts itself. At its very root, their world view is founded upon manipulation and fraud but, as with any other brainwashed person subject to a cult, they are unable to see it because they have been indoctrinated into believing that they are “doing God’s work for the greater good.”

  • Margaret

    I read your articles everyday. It has become my reward for doing my exercises. I am an American, married to an Australian and we moved down to Australia 7 years ago. Three years ago I became an Australian citizen. Yesterday my husband and I went to pay our taxes at our accountant’s office. It was 40%, not to mention the 10%gst that we pay on everything else. Australia is crawling with public servants who also love to go on summits of various kinds. Much has been made of our new female prime minister. While she has had to put the mining tax on hold until after the election, she won’t be able to keep herself from implimenting some form of it. We are looking into the possibility of finding another country. Thank you for writing about all the ins and outs of planting different flags. We aren’t the only ones here in Australia who are seriously thinking about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nphyx Justen Ⓐ Robertson

    Videos and news like this fill my mind with one word: scum.

  • Treasurefish


  • Heather

    Of course they held it in Toronto to make a show of force. And until we stand up to these Jack Boot thugs they will just continue on their status quo. Look at what they have done to the Gulf. They don’t care and it is time for them to be removed on all levels. Period.

  • Sheik Abdul

    The most convenient thing for the government would be to kill the non-resistant by flogging him to death or some other means, as was done in former days. But to put a man openly to death because he believes in the creed we all confess is impossible. To let a man alone who has refused obedience is also impossible. And so the government tries either to compel the man by ill-treatment to renounce Christ, or in some way or other to get rid of him unobserved, without openly putting him to death, and to hide somehow both the action and the man himself from other people. And so all kinds of shifts and wiles and cruelties are set on foot against him. They either send him to the frontier or provoke him to insubordination, and then try him for breach of discipline and shut him up in the prison of the disciplinary battalion, where they can ill treat him freely unseen by anyone, or they declare him mad, and lock him up in a lunatic asylum. They sent one man in this way to Tashkend–that is, they pretended to transfer to the Tashkend army; another to Omsk; a third him they convicted of insubordination and shut up in prison; a fourth they sent to a lunatic asylum.

    Everywhere the same story is repeated. Not only the government, but the great majority of liberal, advanced people, as they are called, studiously turn away from everything that has been said, written, or done, or is being done by men to prove the incompatibility of force in its most awful, gross, and glaring form–in the form, that is, of an army of soldiers prepared to murder anyone, whoever it may be–with the teachings of Christianity, or even of the humanity which society professes as its creed.

    So that the information I have gained of the attitude of the higher ruling classes, not only in Russia but in Europe and America, toward the elucidation of this question has convinced me that there exists in these ruling classes a consciously hostile attitude to true Christianity, which is shown pre-eminently in their reticence in regard to all manifestations of it.

    • Dissentfromdayone

      Amen brother.

  • http://fundmanagernews.com/hugh-hendry Hugh Hendry

    it’s a real shame that police state tactics took over. It was sickening to see the whole city with thousands of cops on every street corner in order to contain 100 bad apples.

    A billion dollars down the drain but it served a purpose. I am now more determined to plant another financial flag.

  • Mary Ellen

    I agree and the U.S. government has already sent the message to Americans….don’t count on the government to help you.
    That is why so many enlightened Americans are in the process of leaving this country which has become a nightmare of incompetent bureaucrats.
    I would rather take my changes living in Mexico where at least the government doesn’t bother you.
    Sadly there will be a huge influx of Americans into the poverty category and being homeless because they choose to sit around and hope the government will improve.

  • KRT

    I stayed over in Toronto, Sunday June 20. I went downtown for dinner and drinks only to see teams of police literally every 3 blocks. And not just packs of 2 or 4. But 8 to 12. On foot and bikes. They were everywhere.

    That night I stayed in the Sheraton at the airport on the 7th floor. On the elevator ride down in the morning, the elevator stopped at every floor where a police officer was waiting. How’d I know? They were wearing their full on riot gear. Guns and shields and all. This was at 6:30am Monday June 21st. You think they could have waited until they actually got to the front lines.

    I’m as disgusted with the growing police state as everyone else. But what really scares me is where these “officers” are coming from. Sorry I can’t provide a reference, but I read/heard that most of the “police” in Toronto for the summit were not in fact Canadian. Maybe not a majority, but even if only a few were foreigners, this would really change the tactics of the game.

    Local police forces will still have some kind of sympathy for their friends and neighbors, which could translate into a weak, slow to progress, police state. But if the police are foreigners with no allegiance or history with the area, then they’re that much more effective at shutting off their brain and feelings and being the pawns they are.

    I’m curious how all the fear mongers and apologists would explain that a “foreign police force” is not an invading army?

  • Marann2004

    Trim the fat. Cut through the bull. It’s all pretty simple. Why did they crucify Jesus? Has the world changed? Yes, it’s much, much more complex. But have the principles and weaknesses of mankind changed? I think not. – Marty

  • Moeyvonne

    What finally convinced me that these groups are prepared to emerge from the shadows as a fascist force is the ostentatious and horrendously expensive preparation for the G8 and G20 meetings here in Canada this week. IMHO, this was an in-your-face insult to the Canadian public in particular but also by extention and example, the general Developed World public who are resistant to the changes brought about by TPTB, ‘Free’ Trade, open markets, etc. This was a third finger salute to the worlds protesters, a “Fuck you, we’ll show you who the bosses are” statement. They are either hyper-confident of their eventual victory over the masses or they are running scared and exaggerated their importance in compensation.


  • Pussinboot

    “Needless to say……wasteful programs to get them elected.”
    This is exactly what happened in Trinidad & Tobago. The previous government spent hundreds of millions on two summits that brought absolutely no advantages to anyone except maybe the government, who got the opportunity to “show off” to the world. But that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and we were able to vote them out when the gov. was forced to call an election two years into their term of office. Now, that’s people power!!

  • ranger01

    You are spot on. It was a show of force completely out of balance to the perceived threat. Gentle, polite Canada…wake up.

  • Ivar

    Just let them try and pull that stunt in San Francisco — LOL.

    Of course, that’s why they never choose San Francisco.

  • Coldbeerlover

    barak was elected on the very idea of big bold ideas=massive deficiet spending….stupid americans ate it up as “change” so in the end its the voters fault not the leaders. we elected them to rob us blind….remember that?

  • Scholngedherquickandhard

    Wow…you get angry over meetings you don’t attend and don’t have to attend in which nothing consequential is decided. You’re a dork!

  • Noswar58

    your article is right on the money. i couldn’t have said it better myself. the government is about as worthless as teats on a boar hog. if they didn’t have their head stuck up their ass most of the time they might actually realize this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Bob

    You’re not serious are you? … It’s sarcasm, right guys? Right?

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