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The west has just become a giant banana republic


August 16, 2012
Carthage, Tunisia

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made an admirable habit of enraging western governments over the last few years, particularly the United States.

Most notably, his release of classified diplomatic documents in 2010 proved ruthlessly embarrassing, shining a spotlight on the absurd,
petty little world of international relations.

Ever since, the US government has done everything it can to stop him. Short of assassination. They shut down his website, but mirror sites instantly popped up. They sought legal action, but their efforts have been impeded by the bureaucratic deftness of his attorneys. They froze his bank accounts… but donations have poured in from all over the world.

Along the way, Uncle Sam co-opted a number of allied nations to set aside their principles for the sake of US interests–

Switzerland rolled over immediately and shuttered Assange’s bank accounts.

Australia (his home country) has remained conspicuously silent on the matter, raising not a single word of protest in his defense. One high ranking Aussie politician even publicly suggested that Assange should be killed.

Sweden has happily played along, trumping up dubious allegations about Assange and issuing an international arrest warrant.

And now there’s the UK, where Assange has been based. The British government located and arrested him, yet after his legal team was able to secure bail and delay extradition, Assange sought refuge at the Ecuadoran embassy in London. He’s been living there for two months in violation of his bail.

Assange knows that, if extradited to Sweden, he’ll be shipped off to face the death penalty in the US… so the stakes are clearly high. He even petitioned Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa for political asylum, and just hours ago, Correa agreed.

Swarms of British police have now descended on the Ecuadoran embassy in London. This, on the heels of the British Foreign Ministry issuing a warning letter to Ecuador’s government threatening to “take actions in order to arrest Mr. Assange in the current premises of the [Ecuadoran] embassy.”

Such a move would be appalling, to say the least.

Embassies are hallowed sovereign ground, not to be trespassed. Ever. This is the most sacrosanct, fundamental, inviolable principle of international relations, explicitly codified in both the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the Vienna Convention on
Consular Relations (1963).

Article 27 of the latter, for example, states that “the receiving State [the UK in this case] shall, even in case of armed conflict, respect and protect the consular premises, together with the property of the consular post and the consular archives.”

International law seems pretty obvious here. Yet British police stand ready to storm the embassy, arrest Assange, and tear down decades of diplomatic precedent.

In a way this is almost poetic. Assange is the man who exposed western diplomacy for the fraud that it is. That he would be sent to his death by an egregious violation of its most fundamental principle seems strangely appropriate.

Regardless, the whole affair is perhaps the foulest example that western governments will ignore their own laws, or selectively apply them, whenever they see fit.

Legal precedent means nothing. Rule of law means nothing. Free speech means nothing. Their own treaties mean nothing. It’s unbelievable. Anyone in the west who honestly thinks he’s still living in a free society is either a fool or completely out of touch.

If that seems too radical an idea, consider that ECUADOR is now the only nation which stands to defend freedom and human rights against an assault from the United States, the United Kingdom, and their spineless allies.

The west has just become a giant banana republic. Have you hit your breaking point yet? If not now… when?

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • John Pitt-Rivers

    Well spoken, Simon! The whole matter is a scandal. The world needs more people like Julian Assange!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/neverusethisone Jim Allmon

    This is frightening on many levels.

  • Richard Foley

    I’m sitting here in Oz watching this fiasco it’s totally outrageous our govt is a fucking joke I hope that if they arrest him that he has allies in the hacker community that drop a mile of info out onto the web and cause mayhem for these corrupt govts!!!

    • algreg

      I’m willing to bet that Julian has already thought of that and that is exactly the plan. The man didn’t come this far to let his work die even if he does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.growney Edward Growney

    Scary stuff.

  • rick

    This is a well written and very accurate article. Now who are you voting for..Clown Romney or Joke Obama? :s

    • algreg


    • Pat

      Gary Johnson!

  • http://www.macro-investing-strategy.com/ Macro Investor

    As much as I am concerned about the whole trumped-up charge
    thing in Sweden and America’s attempts to get him over there to face the “death
    penalty” (Sweden can’t extradite him under such circumstances); As a UK citizen, I can see where the British Government is coming from.

    We can’t have criminals harbouring in embassies. Totally
    unacceptable. Ecuador is abusing its international protection as an embassy. The conventions are there to protect internal embassy staff from
    political prosecutions in the host country; not for criminals to jump in and escape
    justice. I support the authority of British police 100% in every square foot of this island!

    • Dboy

      “We can’t have criminals harbouring in embassies.”

      I must assume that was a joke.


    • John Pitt-Rivers

      Are you on drugs? Your writing is totally incoherent and emotionally regressive,

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6112838 Andrew Mackenzie

      1. He’s not a criminal. He’s been convicted of nothing. You’ve already judged him guilty. That’s mistake #1.
      2. The point of political asylum is that Assange won’t get a fair shake if he is extradited to Sweeden. So who is abusing who?

    • http://www.facebook.com/sebastien.roy.96558 Sebastien Roy

      By virtue of international law and tradition, an embassy is a sovereign territory. If the British police invade it, it means that the UK does not respect international law, and that the UK’s signature on any international treaty means nothing. In fact, such an invasion is an act of war.
      Your blind, quasi-religious faith in your government’s might-is-right stance is troubling to say the least and akin to the worse of the fundamentalist madness in the Middle East. It is a responsible citizen’s duty to question and oppose a government’s actions when the latter are deemed illegitimate or abusive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wsilverthorn William D. Silverthorn

    so, thinking this out, if Julian Assange was not being prosecuted and pursued, wouldn’t there be even more such people, hence you are saying that there should be NO government secrets, nothing is considered dangerous to reveal intelligence? Although I do feel for my Assange and what he is trying to do in a Robin Hood sort of way, I can also see that a ‘rule of law’ has to exist … otherwise where would one say the ‘line’ should be moved?

    • Dboy

      Rule of law can only occur when citizens know what their government is up to. Assange revealed evidence of WAR CRIMES. We simply cannot have two governments running in parallel, where one government presents itself to the public as being legitimate, while the other is busily funding terrorism, murdering civilians, stealing resources, and preventing democratic elections in foreign countries. The only way elections work is when the voters have access to THE TRUTH. How do you vote on the job performance of someone in office when you have no idea what they are actually up to?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6112838 Andrew Mackenzie

      Some of us believe that if government were staying within its bounds, it wouldn’t be afraid of transparency. Besides, Assange revealed only certain information, and Wikileaks took pains to redact anything which they deemed threatening to individual lives. Even Secretary Gates admitted that nobody has died and no intelligence sources were outed as a result.

      There should be even more people like Julian Assange.

      • algreg

        Totally agree with you Andrew. He just exposed it for what it is but didn’t put anyone in “real” danger. Maybe it’s the fact that the government doesn’t like Julian’s kind of transparency because it didn’t come from them directly.

  • John Pitt-Rivers

    Long live Ecuador! Land of heroes!

  • Peter Dobs

    Governments may think they can get away with this sort of disgusting behaviour..but over time this stuff compounds, people need to know how corrupt and self-interested gov’t are, they aren’t here to serve us, only here to serve themselves… let’s just not forget this…

  • http://eisbrener.info/blog Michael Eisbrener

    “Julian Assange is the man who exposed western diplomacy for
    the fraud that it is.” and GOV continues to prove it.

  • Ray Burke

    Assange is a special kind of hero. The People’s Warrior, exposing the dark secrets of international intrigue. I fear for his life.

  • Robert

    It looks like the Assange story and the Wikileaks “leaks” are contrived. I encourage readers to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TheJPboU4c .

  • StuckInUK4Now

    Am I missing something? European Union human rights law is supposed to prevent people being deported to countries where they might face torture or the death penalty. This is why the British taxpayer is stuck with the bill for supporting Islamist fundamentalists like Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, whom British courts have decided cannot be handed over to the countries such as Jordan who want to put them on trial.
    But of course, this seems to provide no protection whatsoever for harmless eccentrics like the autistic computer hacker Gary McKinnon, when the USA government wants to put him on trial for the world-shattering crime of hacking into government computers in search of secret files on UFOs and contacts with space aliens.
    And of course, it provides no protection either for Julian Assange, for doing no more than exposing the true nature of the governments of the world by revealing their actions to public scrutiny.
    Yes, I am missing something, aren’t I? Gary McKinnon and Julian Assange are of no use to the governments in their lust for power over those they rule and extort taxes from, so they can be cheerfully disposed of regardless of the laws that supposedly protect them.
    Unlike the Islamist fundamentalists, who are of great help to governments by providing convenient bogeymen with which to scare the masses into submission, obedience, and – most of all – paying the taxes to keep the statist racket going.
    On which topic, the British government has now started ‘naming and shaming’ via the Flickr website those who are guilty of the greedy crime of trying to keep their own money in their own pockets – I’m sorry, I mean selfishly depriving the government of vital funds with which to pay for schools and hospitals and roads and all the other stuff.
    See story: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/aug/16/uk-most-wanted-tax-dodgers-published
    See official site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hmrcgovuk

  • Jason C. Waite

    The cat is beyond out of the bag.

  • rolyas

    I salute Ecuador and pray for Julian . Its a joke to live in such a corrupt fascist society but im not laughing . I have awakened to this nightmare and now only wish I could go back to sleep

    • Bugeater

      Great comment …. I wish I could go back to sleep as well … ignorance is bliss

  • anthony moody

    I just found SovereignMan today, and for the first time feel that, other than when with a handful of friends of the same persuasion, the beliefs that I hold are rational and valid and were so poignantly highlighted in this article. Thank you. In fact the Assange case is simply a proxy for a myriad of situations where the hegemony of certain sovereign nations, led by the USA, inexorably and inevitably affects all our supposed freedoms.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hsellers.mckee H Sellers McKee

    Is this a surprise to anyone? We don’t even have a rational definition of “terrorist,” because by any definition the CIA and FBI are at the top of the list.

  • Sample

    Also, why is our Federal government departments buying up ammunition. Why is our Federal government doing military excersizes with contractors and military personel in our cities. ( Not for training in foreign lands). Why have cities been buying predator drones. Why has the DHS and that fat B..ch been saying military personel are possible domestic terrorists. The list goes on….. We need to stand up and fight! It could soon be time to have another Revalutionary War or a Massive Rebellion. History about empires, currency, war, and repression tells the story of what happens in a cyclical world since the beginning of time. On another note, we need to get the english out of our American system. They are a huge problem and not an ally to anyone.

  • Stutz

    If you need further proof that the US is a Banana Republic–please google: The White Hats Report #47. This is how corrupt both parties are and how they manipulate the American people and the whole world. Then google: Ambassador Lee Wanta to see more of this same criminal activity against a true patriot–Wanta is probably the only person that can save America and the world.

  • Wood Doctor

    It is a shame that governments use the laws that are supposed to protect us any way they see fit. How about John Corsine being exonerated for ripping everyone off. America is changing and the rest of the world is as well. Syria is another example of government out of control. Obama will never be held accountable for all of our money he simply wasted. Vote Republican please. They at least will let you keep more of your money while they screw us!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EHKCTIWGD2YHNS7YFQ27SVJVLQ Edward

      You really think the Republicans are your friends? Really!??? I’ve got a news flash for you: they simply aren’t going to drown the government in the proverbial bathtub. No, they, the corporations and the government are intent on drowning US, the people, in oceans of unpayable debt and the poisonous air of totalitarianism! The Democrats are Republicans Lite, voting 3rd party is ridiculous, and attempting a revolution will only get your *** into Guantanamo or one of those secret prisons.

      • c_markov

        How is voting third party ridiculous? Only in the minds of those who will be easily boxed into the Coke vs. Pepsi politics of the two party tyranny.

  • Henk van der Wijk

    Thomas Jefferson:
    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”
    “The situation where the government fears the people, is called freedom. The situation where the people fears the government, is called tiranny”.

    We should remember those great teachings and ACT upon them!

  • Bobby Ferrari

    I’ve been toying with the idea of buying some property and moving to Ecuador. Now seeing as how this tiny country seems to be the only place with enough balls to stand up to the bullies of the modern world, I think my mind is made up. Good bye U.S., hello beachfront property in Ecuador.

  • topeka

    Cry me a beer. Angleass may be, and likely is a victim of the abuse of government power… and I’m supposed to weep for this guy and get my panties in wad?

    If Mr. Leaky wanted to defend democracy and limited government he could have done better than serving the hand and powers that now want to eat him. Go back and look at the record – he was all cool when he was embarrassing the home teams and making the case for the fascist pigs who now want to eat him alive.

    Angleass is the man who only wants to lynch his neighbors who would never lynch him; and cares nothing about those who will not tolerate one iota of dissent. That he reaps what he sows from those who once supported his work, shows only the truth of those proverbs counseling fools to avoid biting the hand that feeds them.

    Ideally – if we were living in a largely free – Mr. Leaky would not be faced with the trouble he is now in – but he’s been happy to push us towards the government state. Now, he has his reward.

    Remember… “He” always breaks “his” toys.


  • JR

    The trampling of our unalienable rights and abuses of power will continue unabated until enough of those with the guts to actually risk their lives actually stand up and sacrifice them. Then maybe we can regain the freedoms those so valiantly before us fought and died to obtain and we have squandered in selfishness and greed. Assange is no hero. But his obvious persecution and the heavy handed tactics mean he has really PO’d someone. The real terrorists and criminals are trying to send a clear message to the masses At least he and Dotcom have enough money to fight the scum. The rest of us would already in gitmo or dead.

  • CJ Mitchell

    Sadly, those such as myself who want to escape the US and it’s horrible, broken government cannot because they are not 18.Why should I or anyone who didn’t have a say on the matter have to wait 18 years, or any years for that matter to freely leave and call another Government theirs? If I can drive in the US, why can I not leave?

  • Aquamix

    Want to change things? Vote for Gary Johnson.

  • Truth

    Julian is just the messenger. He did not steal anything. He should be set free, completely. Sure, hang the guy who leaked the information, but Not Assange. Just let the guy go. Freedom of speech. If the US government executes Assange, then the US government itself does not deserve to exist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elmo.lovett Elmo Lovett

    These charges against Assange sound like the ones that should be charged against barack HUSSEIN obama. Look at the destruction barack HUSSEIN obama and his gestapo have brought upon America, the leaked secret military information that just so happens to help him politically and puts our men and women in the military in harms way.
    Put both of them in the same dark cell for the rest of their lives for TREASON.

    NE obama

  • 4Life

    There is no real integrity in Western governments presently.Libya was but another case of Western governments making a mockery of international & domestic law.
    China & Russia may be worse but we are not that far behind.

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