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When the mob becomes violent

August 23, 2011
Manila, Philippines

Today I was accosted by someone begging for money. I know… big deal, right? It’s not an unusual occurrence anywhere in the world, especially here in the Philippines.

Begging is actually big business in Manila. Often small children are forced to work the streets by a ‘begging syndicate,’ and adults keep a watchful eye from a distance before confiscating the kids’ proceeds.  This is one of the lowest acts of humanity I can think of.

The person who approached me today, however, was not a child. He was a perfectly able-bodied, 17 or 18 year-old youth. He chased after me shouting, “My friend! My friend! You give me coins!” If you notice the language, he wasn’t exactly asking… more demanding.

This is a mentality that I will never understand.

Yes it’s unfortunate that there are people in the world who struggle to make a decent living for themselves and their families. But I firmly believe that tossing a few occasional coins is not going to solve their underlying problem.

Indeed, handouts encourage people to continue living on handouts instead of developing skills, working hard, and pulling themselves up from poverty. This makes the situation worse, not better.

It drives me crazy to see someone who clearly HAS the capability to make an honest living, yet refuses to do so… such as the young man who approached me today.

Instead of doing an honest day’s work, or offering some service, or trying to learn a valuable skill, there are FAR too many people who believe that they are simply entitled to other people’s hard work.

Unfortunately, this attitude seems to be a growing trend in the world today.  And it’s not just 17-year old youths living on the breadline (or rice-line) in Manila.  It’s people in “rich” Western countries too. The difference is that a government is inserted in the middle.

By expecting the government to provide for them, people who have been rioting across Europe (and even stealing and looting) are really no different from the unfortunate youth who accosted me here in Manila today.  All of them expect a free ride by demanding handouts from others.

This is no way to prosperity.  Indeed, it’s the way to bankruptcy.  When the pie-takers begin to significantly outnumber the pie-makers, there simply isn’t enough to go around anymore, and the mob becomes violent.

This is where we are right now, and it’s going to take many, many years to get out of the hole the world has dug for itself.

People need to be taught from an early age that no one owes them anything in life… and that character traits such as curiosity, hard-work, honesty, thrift, innovation, ingenuity and, above all, self-reliance are to be commended.

Unfortunately, with the leadership and role models we have in the world today, this is likely to prove an uphill struggle.

What do you think; how does the world get out of the rut it’s in?  How do we turn more people into well-balanced, productive individuals, who demonstrate some degree of decorum and show respect for the success and private property of others? Can it even be done?

I look forward to hearing your views.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Born to a Danish father and British mother, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Tim Staermose has led an international life since the day he was born. Growing up, he also lived in Egypt, Denmark, and Singapore, before eventually settling in Australia, where he completed his education and took out citizenship. Since then he has also lived and worked in Hong Kong, and Manila, Philippines, in the field of equity research — both for a bulge-bracket Wall Street investment bank, and for an independent investment research firm. Today, when not traveling the globe looking for investment and business opportunities for the Sovereign Man community and catching up with his diverse, multinational group of friends, he divides his time between Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

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  • Jdhjimbo

    The first step necessary in reordering the state of affairs is to get the State out of education, since it is the primary tool of indoctrination, wherein people are taught revisionist history, anti-capitalist, anti-free market propaganda, while they learn nonsense like global warming, wacko sexual attitudes, and graduate without even the fundamentals.   Secondly, we need citizens who care about liberty to be committed to withdrawing support for the State (obviously, a Ron Paul election would be a huge boon to such, but I am not holding my breath for that) – nullify, nullify, nullify.   The Federal Reserve (and its evil twin, the income tax) must be abolished so Rothschild & Co. can stop raping us.   That being said, individuals have to know that the elites will work extra hard to tighten the noose of the police state, so one must diversify – in assets, citizenship, and residency (if at all possible).   Do not give away your individual power to anyone – least of all the thugocracy of the State and its police goons – and commit to non-aggression in all areas.   The universe is made up of energy, and our personal energy is often wasted in fighting that which does not need to be resisted – just transcended.    Visualize, feel, and live the life you envision, and stop focusing on what everyone else is doing (look at the mess most of them have created, anyway!!).   Everyone has value, and most of the seeming obstacles “out there” are self-created by the mind.   Great crisis (the nation-state model and financial system are coming apart at the seams) contains within it great opportunity.   We are moving into a new paradigm, and there will be a clashing of values.   Commit to liberty – for yourself and brothers all over the world – and do not compromise to the coercion and theft of the elites – the State, its financiers, its media and academia shills, and the monopoly cartels the State sanctions.   Their system cannot continue without the support of millions of citizens.   Wake up, and DO NOT GIVE UP!

  • Lowell L Morse

    It isn’t just the folks on the street, although this may have intensified due to unemployment. 

    Entitlement mentality goes from the government needing more money and taxing more.  Even failed marriages.  Law suits.

    Getting the picture?

  • Pamaiden

    I work as a cashier at Walmart for $7.80 an hour.  It is the only job I could find [in this economy] when I was forced to go back to work last fall.  I see people all the time who are young and able-bodied using their food stamps to buy pop, candy and other junk.  I don’t qualify for food stamps even though I am caring for a disabled husband and a teenage son. I watched as people bought 50 – 100 dollars worth of candy for their kids at Easter time and I couldn’t afford any candy for my son!  I work and can’t get any help while other don’t have to work and can eat way better than us………what’s wrong with this picture??

    • David Hutchinson

      Stop hating on those so called able bodied persons. Just quit your job and get foodstamps yourself. It’s not their problem you have become an indentured slave for 7.80 an hour. Do ou want someone to join you being enslaved? Make your husband get SSI. You are in this situation because you are too proud to take advantage of the safety net the government is. If things were left to the republicans the unfortunates like you would be dying in the streets. That is what government spending is all about, a safety net the one percenters won’t pay for. Starting your own business won’t do either with all if the licensure and inspections and tax filings and employees and their right to healthcare. We need to be helping each other out. It’s not the presidents job to insure you have a job. 7.80 is not a livable wage. Are you eating Ooodels of Noodles every night? If you were consider yourself lucky. there are some folks who don’t have that.

      • Michael

        It’s exactly this socialist mentality of yours that will and is leading to the downfall of the US. Look at western Europe to see where we are heading. Their socialist economics are buckling under the burden, debt, and obligations of their entitlement programs. You should study history: socialist east germany vs. west germany, socialist china under Mao (with millions of needless deaths) vs. China under the economist guidance of Deng Xiaoping starting in the 70’s (a defacto capitalist economy with far greater opportunity). Learn before you spread your misinformation. Hand outs don’t work. Pamaiden is working hard and should be proud of herself for NOT being the type of person who relies on the gov’t handouts as you’re suggesting she become.

      • David Hutchinson

        Business only cares about your dollars and not your well being.

    • Michael

      I agree. I worked nights at a grocery to help pay my way through college and I constantly had people using their EBT card to buy something small like 1 can of tomatoes at $.75, then pull out the cash for a $30 bottle of Hennessy. Or there was the time I was in Costa Rica last November, working online doing website design and not making much, but earning my own way. And two of the other guests in the hotel were Americans on unemployment making >$1,000/month and laughing about traveling off their unemployment checks. The worse part, they *plan* to and do take unemployment every year. Instead of planning ahead and getting a freaking job. It’s B.S. I’m fed up with it. Those people need to earn their own way, but they won’t as long as they don’t have to.

  • Granny

    Blame it on women.  Too many boys are being raised by moms who hate to see their little boys inconvenienced in any way.  As a grandmother I was upset last week to learn my son-in-law makes my 12 year old grandson mow the lawn while he sits around and rests from his job.  Then I got a grip!  Used my head and calmed down. 

  • David Hutchinson

    Entitlements are there as safety nets for the unfortunates. Presently we are a nation of unfortunates because of the belief that captialism is the way to go. The economy failed because of credit driven captialism. Encouraging folks to buy homes so they could use them like piggy banks knowing full well we were heading for disaster. Don’t whine about low wages because just as business is doing more with less so are the people. They are not driving to the store, mall because they have no money and have to conserve.  Consumer credit is not availiable to anyone so creditable folks can’t buy and credit themselves to death. We have become a nation of conservers. We shop on line often buying from overseas directly and saving money. Life is just evovling. Deal with it.

    • Phartman1

      Entitlements are ending.  This current situation was caused by both Repulicians and Democrats.  I suggest you expand you reading a little further.


      You are correct life is evovling and everyone will have to deal with it.  Everyone have been spoiled, it have become time for everyone and the government to live within it means.

    • Diogenese_

       The biggest entitlement is social security, and the people who receive most of it have pensions that put them in the upper middle class in modern America. It’s a political tool which destroyed the real safety net of community charities that existed in the past. The economy failed because the government kept printing money, went into trillions of debt and tried to run the financial industry such as by legally requiring banks to loan to poor people. Real capitalist countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile have seen an increase in wealth during this time, not a decrease. The US is just another European like socialist authoritarian nightmare. Read ‘MeltDown’ by Tom Woods if you want to know the facts and stop making ignorant sounding claims about mortgages and the free market.

      • westland

        There was a time in the United States when social security was not an entitlement, but was more like social insurance.  The idea was that you would sacrifice some of your income during working years so that you could collect in times of financial hardship.  but then came some Ponzi guy that created a business model where investors would buy into a scheme where they could expect a really good return on their money.  The scheme would pay dividends to investors using new investor money and when new investors stopped investing the whole thing fell over and everyone lost it all.

        This is now the exact model that western countries use to provide social security.  Personally i love the terms these people come up with its hilarious.

        It is now documented that now the boomers are retiring, there will not be enough Gen Y workers to support the retiring boomers, which translates into not enough new investors to pay dividends to the existing investors, so i think you can all figure out what will happen.

  • Susanlsmith60

    Yes, it is true. People would rather work, earn, and communicate better than begging and violence.  I would like to see more production and innovation in the United States and less regulations and taxes on people trying to do so. ss

  • Rocun Ygrene

    War is very expensive and we are paying for it. We have let our leaders to fail us to debt/death. Afganistan and Iraq war budget alone… $10 billion a month. Yes you will read this but I know nothing will happen. I carried so many anti-government posters in my 40’s while most of my peers were busy paying their mortgages and daily lives. I left America with my family 25 years ago when I know nothing will happen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CWPMILYEQ2FBBXYJORAAQD7NKU Jan H

    Greetings Stan,     I will answer your question though I must say rather late.  There was a rich man who was begging for help because he had no money as all his was invested to the point wherein if no one helped him he would starve.  There was also a poor man who had no money at all in the same situation.  Which one should you help?  The correct answer is both of them as God Sees All and as HE has granted you with special skills to which you, yourself succeed at wherein others can’t  There is one stipulation though.  If he is healthy enough to perform duties then hire him for his wages and you will feel much much better and everyone wins in the end.

  • JrMonroe74

    I agree,there seems to be a growing trend of people who think that someone else should take care of them.While people here in the States work to make ends meet,while we are forced to take our payments with debt based notes,all the while our government tells us not to worry,just passing more “security” laws to keep you safe,extending the war in  Afghanistan,ect..Just makes me mad!!Thanks for listening!

    • Dilemma

      Everyone should take care of everyone, shouldn’t they? Isn’t that what socialism is all about? You did know the U.S. is socialist didn’t you? Schools are socialist. Church and State are socialist. Prisons are socialist. Everything we do with or for someone else is considered social. Socialism, socialism, socialism. Keep saying it over and over while you think about caring for a loved one. Socialism, socialism, socialism. Hmmmm… America is SOCIALIST. Some people just have a harder time accepting it than others.

      • David Hutchinson

        Folks are so concerned with others taking care of themselves need to consider a world that considers a policy of if you don’t work you don’t eat. If you fall a step behind then you are doomed to become the one at the bottom of society and someone has to be at the bottom of society. Sometimes it’s forced upon us by bias and sometimes some folks are just caste there. If we do not take care of the downtrodden you will incur the wrath of the masses. The notion of pulling oneself up by their bootstraps is a foregone notion. In reality folks lie, cheat and steal to become successful and are applauded for it. It’s taken as a rite of passage. It’s business and not government that has gotten us into the state of economy we’re in today. It’s fair market value extracting the most they can get from the market that puts the burden on most folks. Technology has reduced the amount of work needed to insure livable wages for human beings. Wise up. There will never be full employment. Those who work, shut up and work and support those who don’t work. Shut up or join the masses that don’t have jobs. Or promote control of fair market value. The promise of the future is here now. More mechanization and less work for humans. Imagine all of the people going to work at the same time. Bad for the environment and business.

      • Dilemma

        No one has to be at the bottom of, so called, society. In nature there are natural laws not set by, so called, society. You eat, you procreate, and you defend yourself from all else. Nature provides EVERYTHING a human being needs to survive without placing that being at the top or bottom of any, so called, society. Society is a civil term that chattel masters forced upon all others by overpowering them over time. Always taking from everyone and everything, more than needed. This is not civil and cannot be faced head on as the chattel masters have favored themselves with grandiose schemes that not even an imagined superhero could defeat. Ask yourself, ‘do I need nuclear power, poisons to rid the earth of what is deemed unlikely to help in my betterment and future, do I need an automobile to carry me to a tree to pick its luscious fruit, do I need to exchange a piece of paper for nourishment when it is at my feet or above me?’ The questions could go on and on. The key is to stop living in fear and face the nonsense head on TOGETHER not individually. The masters tell us that socialism is bad and individualism is good. Socialism is good when people are working together as equals and do not allow someone or choose someone to overpower them and make decisions for them. Individualism is good when an individual does not put him/herself above all others and force all others to the so called bottom. There is more than enough to go around, nature’s laws say so, yet those individuals who placed themselves above all others and were allowed to overpower them have made their own laws that allow them to take from everyone and everything, more than is needed, and place all others, at the bottom, in fear of never having enough.

      • David Hutchinson

        Actually there really no need for the capitalist system because we can produce anything we want at minimal cost. The only thing that keeps the whole system going is the fact that you hope to become one of the one percent. Will that make you happy? Being able to buy the world while others stay hungry. Your discriminality will implore you to keep that Negro from having what you have or marrying your daughter. We could give things away or at minimal cost after all business doesn’t pay livable wages to the masses that actually help to produce you’re iPhone or iPod. If we realised housing, healthcare, water, energy, internet are HUMAN RIGHTS. A basic core of benefits should be made availiable for everyone. Those who cannot live without working, let them work. Those who don’t want to work as much, let them. Don’t put them down because you feel you have to work and they should too. You need those folks to consume and keep the system going. If basic needs were met then we could talk about working more to get above basic benefits. Otherwise folks need to stop complaining about work and welfare. Complain to the businesses who use mechanization and computerization to cut out human workers.

      • David Hutchinson

        Don’t believe the lie of full employment. The world will never be at full employment. We have too much mechanization and computerization to claim full employment. Some, those who want to work, will work and those who don’t want to work won’t. Creating busy work for folks is pure bullshit. If you want to work because of the quaint notition of working by the sweat of your brow, then do so. This is the future as promised and it was promised there would be less work to do because of computerization and mechanization. For instance we don’t need the cop on the motorcycle chasing down speeders when we have radar boxes that look like electrical transformers with cameras. Fewer policemen on our streets. We have cameras everywhere. We have computers that can trace your digital signature or symbol and capture you watching porn. Folks should be working less because businesses profit big. Businesses should be penalized for ruining society because there is no work. Stop pandering to businesses and make them pay double, triple taxes to support the folks they don’t employ and the profits they keep.

  • WalterByrd123

    Language matters.
    I think ‘Progressive’ and ‘Conservative’ labels demonstrate how important language is.
    Speaking as a ‘Conservative’, I think we should abandon that label, and take control of the dialog.
    We are now ‘Productives’….I would use “Creationists’, but even though I firmly believe in the God of the Old and New Testament and am a Jesus follower, that word, ‘Creationist’ has other baggage.
    WE ARE THE ‘PRODUCTIVES’ and should act and speak and move and breathe this way. The T.Party is on track, but combined with “Productives’ the T.Party can energize old America…

    • P Chanterelle

      I like your thinking on this one.

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