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Why I’m betting on people who will kick ass and take names

August 15, 2011
Zell am see, Austria

It’s easy to be pessimistic on a day like today. Forty years ago on this very day, Richard Nixon put a bullet into George Washington’s face, cancelling the direct convertibility of dollars into gold and once and for all ending any hope of an honest money system.

Over the past four decades, the dollar has fallen 98% against the price of gold. Politicians and central bankers pretend that inflation is not a concern, but the rising cost of living around the world has prompted people to such extremes that they’re willing to light themselves on fire to protest government bungling.

Despite all the economic troubles in the world, though, I’m extraordinarily optimistic for the future. You see, this morning I just concluded our second annual Liberty and Entrepreneurship youth camp– a five day event where my business partners and I put a group of students from all over the world through an intensive, hands-on ‘value creation laboratory.’

We believe that whenever there are problems in the world, there are always opportunities to solve those problems and create value; we took the students through practical exercises in how to spot these opportunities. This included things like developing credible business plans without making the common rookie mistakes that drive most businesses into the ground.

The camp culminated in a series of group presentations about actual business ideas they had come up with… and to be honest with you, every single one of them was impressive. These weren’t silly, amateurish, rinky-dink ideas like operating a summer lemonade stand, but rather creative solutions to large-scale problems that actually have serious potential.

Let me give you a few examples.

One of our students, Philipe from Brazil, came up with a great idea to address a real need in his home country: elderly care. Brazil’s rapidly growing middle class now has the disposable income to provide better in-home care to its elderly parents, and he devised an elegant solution that is just screaming to be deployed. I’m eager to invest.

Another student, Julian from New Zealand, came up with a creative solution to personal security challenges that plague both travelers and worried parents of small children. His idea makes a twist on GPS tracking, and if he takes the necessary steps to build this business, I’m convinced it could be worth $20 million to a big satellite company in a few years.

Another student, Kim from Germany, recognized that the growing appeal of precious metals in the broader consumer market warrants a higher level of quality in portfolio tracking services. His team came up with some extremely clever ideas for a precious metals portfolio app, and given where we are in the commodity’s growth phase, the idea has significant merit.

Ultimately, this is the reason we keep doing these camps year after year: we believe in people, and we’re making a long-term investment in their capabilities.

At some point down the road, whether it’s next year or 10-years from now, there’s not a doubt in my mind that many of these students will be wildly successful in their chosen fields… and if we can have the opportunity, now, to influence their skills and knowledge, then the investment that we’re making today will pay enormous dividends in the future.

I truly believe that bright, clever, creative people can solve any problem that is presented to them. Every single one of us has the power to do this– something, or perhaps many things, that we’re good at that can solve a problem in the world. If you solve a problem, it creates value for the consumer, and it creates wealth for you. That’s a win/win for everyone.

It’s clear there are a lot of problems in the world and a lot of things that need to change; most people attempt to affect change through a political grassroots movement that can take decades to make any headway, if ever. Going door to door trying to get others to vote for ‘your guy’ is an exercise in frustration, even futility.

Government is what creates the problems to begin with; they are not the solution. We are the solution. Nurturing those skills to become self-reliant and create value in the world, or investing in others’ capabilities to do so, is a much more productive way to fight.

We’ll send out links to download MP3 files from the camp lectures once I have the opportunity to have the audio cleaned up for you, but the short version is this:

1) Take steps to protect what you have and diversify your sovereign risk; what we’ve seen so far in terms of riots, systems failures, and Draconian government response is just the tip of the iceberg, and you have to be able to operate from a position of strength without all of your eggs in one basket;

2) Develop the necessary skills that you feel will be the most valuable in the future, especially given the dynamic nature of the tumultuous times in which we live.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • jondaw
    • Diogenese_

       The above former government agent ‘economist’ suggests the following to deal with the financial crises:

      1. More government spending
      2. More government money printing
      3. More government regulations

      Why do such government favor seeking people never mention that the 114 Trillion total US future debt + yearly budget would require over 10 years of  %100 taxation on everyone in the US to pay for? Oh yea, because they don’t do the numbers. Calling the tea party ‘morons’ and claiming to care about the average guy is enough evidence according to such people. The government reducing spending to avoid raising the $114 Trillion bill is ‘moronic’ according to that ‘expert.’ Perhaps a Quadrillion in debt is the right level. That’s 1000 Trillions. The economic output of the entire US for 1 year is 14 Trillion.

       Btw, after the government and it’s schills forced the banks to lend to poor people who couldn’t repay, and the 2008 mortgage crises happened, the above guy was blaming the CEO’s of the banks for what the government forced them to do.

  • http://theresilientfamily.com Resilient Family

    I really believe it’s the younger generation that will fuel the innovation of tomorrow.  I’m also convinced that we’re seeing the pendulum swing the other way from a globalized, centralized economy towards a resurgence in innovation that is inspired and put in place locally and completely around, through and over the top of governments. 

    In a decentralized world (largely made possible by the Internet), governments have less and less control.  That’s why they’re freaking out and cracking down so much now.  But innovation and the human spirit will trump government control every time in the long run. 

    What inspires me and makes me so optimistic is the huge resurgence in self-reliance and resiliency. 

  • Diogenese_

     I think there is a good chance that SB just met some future Billionaires. The opportunities around the world are so over the top it’s mind boggling. The government and it’s banks are doing such a good job that they are actually charging wealthy people to deposit large amounts of cash. There are now literally millions of rich people around the world close to desperately searching for some place to put their money. Solve even the tiniest fraction of that problem and the world is your oyster.



  • Quentin

    “I truly believe that bright, clever, creative people can solve any problem that is presented to them.” I agree. Everybody can be the “Steve Jobs” of his/her life.
    Such workshops seem like a wonderful idea but how does one get involved when not being a student, but coming out of school (PhD?) or with a few years of experience (and frustration) with jobs in government or academia? How does one find suitable information?I find it hard to figure out where to start to get suitable support and advice, particularly if one’s own skills are more of the “consulting” type and not a cool physical or concrete product. Some insights would be welcome!

  • Diogenese_

    Consulting is one of the best ways to ease into being a full time entrepreneur, since you are already being an entrepreneur with your labor, and learning from and connecting with your customers.

    Read these essays:
    -especially the ones about ‘iterating fast to make what the customer wants.’

    This is a great site for internet marketing:

    Network with local business people and learn from them. Read the book ‘brass tacks’ to understand that being an entrepreneur is Not the same thing as just making a cool product. You have to make what the customer wants in every way including the entire buying experience, shrink your costs and raise your profits, and carefully budeget to avoid a cashflow bottleneck even when your profitable. Incubators can sometimes be good to checkout, but be wary of ripoffs.

  • http://www.signsallsigns.com Yassel- sign company

    At some point down the road, whether it’s next year or 10-years from
    now, there’s not a doubt in my mind that many of these students will be
    wildly successful in their chosen fields…

  • Chas Hartman

    VERY interested in Philpe from Brazil and his eldercare project. edencity@aol.com, Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook.  Thanks!

  • Afrikanus Kofi Akosah

    I’m so elated to see this and should be glad if we could get in touch. I run a free market think tank here in Ghana West Africa and I just concluded a Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp for 32 college and current graduates from July 31 – August 5. Your friend Noel Wulirider Berge was one of my teachers. Please I want to learn a lot from you. In your convenience you could go to my website and see the camp report here:www.aypcghana.org

    Thank you.


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