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You’re officially on your own…

January 5, 2010

Reporting from: Estepona, Spain

I’ve spent a lot of time lately sitting on the terrace of my coastal villa here in southern Spain, enjoying great conversations with friends, pondering the markets, and making significant investment and business decisions.

from my balcony in spain small1 Youre officially on your own...

I’ve found that it’s much easier to do this in a peaceful environment, free of the normal distractions that can invade our daily lives.

In fact, one of the key benefits of living a multiple flags lifestyle overseas is building up a wall against these distractions.  As I travel, I become markedly out of touch with the sensationalized minutia that pervades national headlines back at home, whether it’s Tiger Woods, Obama’s vacation, or the Nigerian underwear bomber.

Occassionally I flip through the cable news channels and spend a few minutes chuckling at their ‘in-depth’ coverage of the White House party crashers.  Since I am safely outside the system, it feels like I am visiting the local zoo, peering in to the monkey’s cage and observing a strange mating ritual.

“How bizarre,” I think to myself, shake my head, and then go on with my life in the real world.

One such series of events that has really made me shake my head is all the new attention to airport security in the United States.

Americans were shocked at the incompetence of their government agencies– how could a Nigerian man on the watch list pay cash for a one-way international flight with no checked baggage and make it on board with incendiary powder in his pants after tipping off the embassy?

Frankly I’m surprised that anyone has any confidence left in the government. Can we really be that surprised?  It’s amazing that people still look to the government for a political solution to security.

The government has a dismal track record and is consistently playing catch-up, overreacting to situations after-the-fact with ridiculous policy measures.

The immediate fall-out from these recent events has been mind-numbing.  Authorities deemed that passengers would have to keep their seats for the last hour of the flight… as if an ‘evil terrorist’ who is bent on a suicide attack would be thwarted simply because a flight attendent told him to sit down.

The government’s reactionary lunacy in dealing with these situations is unparalleled.  I bring up this point, however, not to bemoan the government’s actions. We all know they are corrupt and incompetent. What amazes me is the total lack of self-reliance by the people.

In a Reuters article yesterday, for example, I read about the security breach at Newark Airport. An unidentified man apparently bypassed the security checkpoint by walking through an unguarded exitway, fuddled around the gate area for 20 minutes, then left the airport.

Newark was locked down for 6-hours while jumpy police and TSA agents rescreened thousands upon thousands of passengers, trying to overcompensate for dropping the ball.

The article goes on to further discuss how many ‘security experts’ are suggesting the use of body scanners and more intimate security in order to keep Americans safe.  Then I started reading the comments.

One particular comment from user “janeycat” probably sums up the voice of quite a few Americans:

“I for one am all about pat-downs and body scanners… I don’t fly and have no    reason to but i sure don’t want a blasted plane falling out of the sky on me !!!!”

Wow. What happened to the land of the free and home of the brave? It has been replaced by the land of the mandatory bicycle helmets and home of the safety-patrol.

To me, there is so much wrong with the user’s comment, though it is best summed up by Benjamin Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

In Franklin’s day, you were responsible for your own safety and your family’s safety. The government was not expected to protect you.

Today is a completely different story. We have abdicated our self-reliance and now depend entirely on the police and the government to save us from the evils of the world, real or manufactured.

Ironically, though, the government has determined that it does not actually have an obligation to protect its citizens.

In “Warren v. District of Columbia (1981),” the court ruled that “a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.”

Many other court cases reaffirm the same point. It might not be Ben Franklin’s time anymore, but you are still completely responsible for your own safety. Anything else is simply an illusion.

I’m curious to see where you stand, let me know if you agree.

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Pat

    I agree with you on every point. Once again, you are objectively, and absolutely correct.

  • Bobby Casey

    It’s a shame really that the American people have gotten to the point of an expectation of an education, safety, a job, food…..wait a second, that is starting to sound like communism…

  • Darryl Bruns

    Ya Simon, you got it right. We’re on our own.
    I spent 35 years as a bush pilot in northern Canada. It never failed
    after every crash, there were sure to follow a bunch more Air Regs.
    There is never enough rule books to cushion the impact of the next crash, however. db

  • Kim

    I have felt for a long time that the way things are handled here in middle America are backwards, but who am I to point fingers being an unemployed middle class single mother of two! Look at my home state Michigan…in my opinion I don’t have to look too far to see why there isn’t any real paying jobs here in Michigan, because the corporations are ran similarly to the country. UGH!!!!!

    • Don

      Kim said this: “I don’t have to look too far to see why there isn’t any real paying jobs here in Michigan…”

      This simple sentence is at the root of what’s wrong with people today, they expect others to provide for them, and for the life of me I don’t understand why.

      Kim expects *someone* to provide her with a means of earning something.

      Why does she think this way?

      Why doesn’t she think, “Hmmm, I’m a human being, I have kids to provide for, all of us have to eat, so I guess I better figure out a way to get some food on a regular basis.”

      But that thought never entered her head, and she’s not unusual, millions of other herd members are just like her, and some are even worse and they are called politicians.

      • Kim

        My point in that statement Don was not that I expect a handout but rather to point out how the corporations and the country are similarly ran….when there is a problem lets have a meeting (or another law) and then lets have another meeting (or another law) about why the first meeting (law) wasn’t working and then have another meeting about why nothing has been changed from the first two meetings and so on and so forth. Lets ship all of our work out of country, it can be produced cheaper there. Just a viscous circle, but a handout NOT!

  • coni uzelac

    i should have saved a parity that i received – the premise was that all flight passengers would be grounded and that only pilots, flight attendants and air marshals would be allowed to fly in the future…it was so well written, just like a news report

    • melr


    • Don

      That was an article on the Onion that has been making the rounds lately even though it was originally published online back in 2002.

  • andrew harris

    I agree 100% with your analogy. What makes it even worse is that public safety at the local level is bankrupting whole cities with their overgenerous pension and benefit plans. Look at Vallejo California(pop120,000) where the 500 or so police and firemen and retirees became 85% of the city budget and forced it into bankruptcy. I would say in my city less than 2% of all calls are fire related and 85% of the time is spent sitting at the fire house watching TV. Where I live in Reno NV we have firemen that actually live out of state. It is a disgrace that WILL cause many more municipalities into Bankruptcy.

    • Möpsi

      Andrew, your comments about fire departments bankrupting their cities is spot on. As you say, if they spend 85% of their time idle, who can afford them, and their multi-million dollar machinery?

      Certainly not the Mexicans. My close friend is visiting there at the moment, and the city of 300,000+ houses is serviced by a single unused firetruck. How is that possible? Simple. No one ever said that houses HAD to be made cheap and flammable. Concrete, brick, and tile rules in Mexico, where no one can afford to rebuild their house piece by piece every 20-40 years. According to the fire department, nobody has ever died there from a house fire.

      So once again, the problem comes back to the people, who could care less whether their house is a toxic wooden/plastic firetrap in a city of confusion, versus a high quality product in the beautiful countryside with its own cistern, well, fruit orchard, and adjacent to loveable self-reliant neighbors.

  • The Nomad

    Simon, I agree that we should be responsible… TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL….. for our lives and not be dependent upon governments, which have always been and always will be by definition and experience totally incompetent if not totally corrupt. The problem however is when we are in situations where it is not possible for an individual to be responsible for our own safety and security, such as when we get on an aiplane. (What, are we going to fly the plane ourselves?) In that case, we have no choice, except not to fly, but to turn over the safety and security of our lives to other persons.

    My beef is that the incompetent governments and airlines are not really interested in protecting the public. They are only interested in playing CMA when something goes wrong. And for that, the individuals responsible should not only lose their jobs but face criminal negligence prosecution.

    • Don

      You always have a choice, but many people do not like the choices laid out before them, so they cave. Cowardly, retarded idiots. And soon they will get exactly what they deserve.

  • Stewart

    You are 100% spot on.

  • jennifer

    Simon, This Nigerian, was a staged event so they could have additional controls and expanded war. It’s B.S. This is very serious for those of us that travel regularily. There is info. that the body scanners cause DNA breakdown. We need to report to each other, where these scanners are and where they can be avoided. What airports, including international, will take a pat down, a Drs. letter etc

    • Möpsi

      Jennifer, are you worried about health risks caused by the millimeter-wave body scanners, or the x-ray backscatter ones?

    • Dave Blanco

      I agree completely with you, Jennifer. Let’s boycott the airlines and use video conference instead (while we still have the Internet)!

  • Jack Lardner

    My Canadian family and I have been flying all of our lives, and a couple of years ago, purchased a third home in Palm Springs California. With the increased security imposed on visitors to the United States, we are seriously considering selling our home there and avoiding all contact with American border crossings, whether it be by land or air. There are plenty of places to be other than the United States.

  • Axel

    A little common sense profiling, at the expense of “political correctness” would weed out a substantial number of suspect terrorist candidates while sparing the public at large considerable inconvenience and aggravation. The alternative – limit or cease flying and thereby punish the airlines for incompetent and intrusive governmental mandates.

  • Ron

    Guns made America Great!

  • Richard

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. You make more sense than most of the people around here and obviously more than those who “lead” us.

  • Terri

    I totally agree with you, Simon. It seems a vast majority of Americans are lazy and want the government to do everything for them which is called socialism. The sad thing is that these people aren’t just giving up their own freedom – which they fail to realize – but in their ignorance are also giving away the freedom of all the people who don’t want the government to be responsibile for them. Thank you for your articles, I really enjoy reading them and am learning a lot!!

  • AW

    the Onion: FAA considering passenger ban–

  • Donny

    You are correct it’s about taking away the liberty of the individual, not being able to go to the toilet in the last hour of a flight is laughable what’s to stop someone doing the deed in the first hour of a flight?. I still remember the day Tony Blair surrounded Heathrow with tanks, you’d think they expected an armoured division of terrorists to turn up it was solely aimed at frightening the populace. Am always suspicious when we have one “incompetent terrorist” arrested on a plane, surely there are many other targets they could find without the need to go through security checks if they really wanted to commit mass murder. Just look at the mayhem caused by one suicide bomber in a market in Iraq. Yes they are killing our soldiers but that’s because we invaded their country. The war on terror like climate change is a hoax I think 25,000 US army deserters since the war began proves they know it too..

  • Peteg

    It used to be that neighbors took care of each other. Remember the Minute Men? “The British Are Coming!”

  • Sam Blair

    This article resonated with me, sitting here in Mexico, scanning headlines from Asylum America to the north. My premise since 9/11 has been that the U.S. has gone collectively insane, with something like paranoid schizophrenia. Each subsequent incident makes the Asylum even more restless, resulting in more lockdowns, more paranoia, more dependency on broken, irrational, probably self destructive systems. See: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
    There is a strange but tranquil detachment from the insanity when you are away from it, wondering, how does this end?

    • ted plottner

      Interesting observations——-in which i partly agree

    • Leland

      It is more like they have become mindless puppets oblivious to the strings controlling them or programmed, as would be the people in a psychotherapy cult. I believe there is something very basic about the various totalitarian -isms (socialism, fascism, corporate cronyism, …) that most don’t seem to understand. They are not really ideologically based political movements; they are each instead a psychotherapy cult. Their proponents do not use ideas and reason to advance their cause, they instead use psychological conditioning (or psychotherapy or brainwashing or whatever euphemism you like for trauma based mind control) to “convince” people of the rightness of their cause. The politicians and their cronies just being chief among the brainwashed. That is what makes such movements so insidious and dangerous. That is why, as totalitarianism advances, people forget what history has shown over and over and more people don’t demand freedom. Because, as it advances, people become less and less capable of thinking for themselves and more and more dependent upon the direction of the masters of the cult. You free yourself from the control of a cult by realizing it is exercising “undue influence” over you and walking away, which is an option that is greatly strengthened by the multiple flags lifestyle Simon is presenting.

  • A US/UK dual citizen in CH

    I generally agree with your posts and positions, but I personally don’t believe that either the quality or amount of airport security would have our Founding Fathers turning in their graves.

    There is a big difference between the government forcing you to do something “for your own good” (e.g., helmets) and them trying to protect you from people who even a brave citizen could not protect himself or herself from. I mean, even if a brave private citizen had the time and initiative to personally pat down the other 200 passengers each time he or she flies, I’m not so sure the passengers would appreciate it. (Or, ok, maybe some would.) In other words, I’d vote against secret police knocking down my door at 3 in the morning, but I don’t particularly mind them doing their (imperfect, over-reactive) best trying to stop people bringing my plane down, which I believe is all they’re trying to do.

    Benjamin Franklyn also wrote that “Distrust and caution are the parents of security,” so, of course, one can argue this one either way.

    • mesillamaan

      Nicely said…it’s an important distinction that you made here…

    • Don

      Look, you’re talking about the US gov’t here. It has an unblemished history of 200+ years of failings and anyone that would ever consider allowing it to control any aspect of their existence is a babbling idiot.

      You need to set the crackpipe down and step away from the table, now.

  • http://None Mark A. Leiter

    Simon: I absolutely agree with you re. the Gov and safety. This is not simply a Libertarian/personal freedom type issue. This is also a practical question. These protective measures, although well-meant, not only fail to deter a determined evil-doer, they simply inconvenience well-meaning good-people.

    An example in another area: The draconian measures in the Drug Wars. E.G., necessity to PERSONALLY pick up certain scripts. All types of similar prescription regulations; must use ONE DRUG STORE, for certain drugs; no rewal without a new Script for certain prescription meds.

    No problem for Drug dealers; only for us law-abiding disabled older Americans.

  • http://e-mail joe thorne

    Simon – The other side of the coin is that it is illegal to protect yourself!! Don`t resist the intruders, they might sue you. I`ll do my best to eliminate them from the gene pool

  • Travis

    It seems to me that at least 90% of North Americans are waiting for someone else to look after them. Be it their security or health or education, they are waiting to be told what is right and what wrong by some authority.

    I can’t imagine how they would behave if they had to take responsibility for themselves – thoughts and conversations would change entirely.

  • Michael

    Simon, Quite right, and I would add that I don’t think the average person’s reaction of “more is better,” in terms of how to respond to a security breach is very helpful either. But such a reaction by the public can certainly be counted on by the PTB. No the Nigerian situation was not a conspiracy, just a predictable facilitator. Personally… I am only half joking when I say that the so-called airport security situation in the US is set up to control the eventual exodus of citizens when the economic/resource situation here comes to a head.

    Incidentally I’ve used that Franklin quote, with one of the GED-educated bozos in Seattle as I watched him pat down my 8 year old daughter in an effort to avoid profiling. No, I’m not much for the incremental change philosophy; It just made me feel better.

  • Hector Toro

    From reading the comments I feel that you are acting like victims. Take a lesson from Simon and think like in judo; use your oponent’s strength in your favor. Just refuse to play by their rules otherwise the only outcome is to pay the consequences. Realize that the game has changed therefore we must also change. It won’t be easy and we may have to give up some of our comforts in the interim but at the end we will regain control of our lives. The alternative is to let the system take more and more control. The question that must be answered is, how much will I endure? Like the man says, “What the intelligent person does first the ignorant person does last”. Your choice.

  • Sharyl

    I agree wholeheartedly……..the way government changes is from bottom up, first the people must start by not asking for or accepting government handouts, for instance. All those who participated in Cash for Clunkers and\or the Homebuyer Tax Credits for instance are part of the problem. Every time I see the Iranian citizens dying in their streets, I’m ashamed at what fools and cowards Americans have become. I don’t have any faith in our elections here in America anymore either……..I think they’re as riddled with fraud as any in Iran.

  • JB

    Yes agreed.

  • Melinda

    Yes, I absolutely agree. The comment by the woman you cited in your post is representative of the thinking of far to many people here in the States. This is just one factor leading many of us to search for the tools to implement a multi-flag life. Looking forward to more on that topic; especially information leading us to that all important second passport.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Gloria

    Proud to be a citizen of the USA? Glad I am not!

  • Melinda

    It seems quite clear that the US governments (Federal, State and Local)have all learned that they can get away with “protecting” their citizens (subjects?) out just about everything they have. And they are aggressively persuing that policy until “Brave New World” is realized. Good luck to us all!

    • Leland

      Yes, it does at times seem like our US governments (Federal, State and Local) have somehow been transformed into a mob-style “protection” racket.

  • Megann

    Completely agreed Simon. It is almost as if us normal citizens should go back to the days of the wild west and protect ourselves, our families and our property because there is no one else out there who will. The crimminals are carrying weapons to defend themselves, why can’t we? The only person you can depend on in this world is you!

  • Patrick

    Yes, we are accumulating a massive amount of so called Americans that are prepared to surrender their personal and civil rights to an inept
    socialist government.

  • Sloopyjoe

    Unfortunately, most shall reap what the few have sown. You can choose to adapt and excel or remain ignorant and suffer with the rest. A positive and decisive mind; good skill sets; and correct planning will see you through the nightmare train a’comin. The window to choose is narrowing. I wish everyone the best.

  • ted plottner

    1st let me say SIMON that there are very few people in my life that I really enjoy hearing from-but you are one of these people–Thanks for sharing yourself!!!!!———Since the advent of big money,credit and legality taking the place of honesty and integrity……we now find ourselves being under the rule of all money interests——People actually believe that such human created powers and interests are in fact reality-and truth……..PEOPLE have lost thier way——-I remember a few years ago, Rex Reed, the republican conservative pr guru,saying that it does not matter,…..the pros and the cons[or facts] of any issue….it is all what you can get people to believe…….and if you got enough money you can get them to believe almost anything.——YIKES!!!———————-Also, I believe that Americans have become a little scientifically illiterate…….and there is so much information[good and bad] available that it all has become overwhelming……and so they fall prey to idealology–They become victims to talk shows and misinformation—-I remember a few years ago …….. chemical data was being given to a bunch of Congeressmen from a large study that was done on a severely polluted area——-it was strictly technical and scientific in nature……but a group of conservative members stood up and exclaimed the chemical data was ” liberal propaganda” and not true??? ———–Some other observations……..the high rate of “fast food” diets of most Americans and the increased stress of working Americans………I belive is creating poor mental health etc.—-As simon points out we have a problem……..a sad commentary of what we have become……….

  • Me

    From where I sit (on a flight back from Zimbabwe) this would seem to me to be more a developed world problem. Caveat being that I refuse to travel to the US anymore and so cannot include that in any analysis. It is additionally not just security that is the issue here. It is the total abdication of responsibility by individuals. Citizens of the developed world have already, and continue to hand over personal responsibilities left right and centre.

    Health care, education of ones children and oneself, personal insurance, monetary insurance, management of ones business, management of ones assets and investments etc. If we care to review all of the above and more we find a recurring theme. A nightmare really. Abdication of personal responsibility in most every aspect of our lives.

    As you say Simon, it is merely amusing looking at it from the outside in but what cannot be discounted from a “bystander” perspective are the investment and lifestyle implications of same.

    There are both positives and negatives in my humble opinion. Positives are that a crisis in all the above will wake the lumpen masses from their slumber and will simultaneously cause a change in the way we humans organise ourselves socially and politically. The rise of the sovereign individual being one of them. The negatives involve the actions of the dying nation state which are well in motion for all to see and not likely to subside anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      I am really interested in your perspectives on Zimbabwe. I was born there from 1800′s European stock……..have not been back for many many years. Came to US in 1983 thinking it would be a better life for myself and then 7 yr old son. At this point think it was a bad decision!!
      Have family there, (Zim) but they are not honest with me about how they are doing. Would love to send them funds but do not know how.

  • Neil

    Simon, you are right on. I will always be optimistic on future outcomes, as long as I have control. It saddens me to see very few people taking control of their lives, and responsibility for their actions.

  • Mike

    You are correct. There are far more lemmings today than ever before. Those willing to stand up and take their lives into their own hands are few and far between, but that should also mean many more opportunities for us. Finding them will be the key.


  • Bernie

    As in one of your other comments,the circumstances of the underwear bomber are very suspicious for a DELIBERATE lapse/suppression of intelligence info similar to 9/11.Check:
    The use of a real or imaginary threat(terror)to frighten the population and justify military action is quite old and was a favorite Nazi tactic.
    As to Police “protection”,there is increasing evidence that the US is turning into a police state where lack of protection deteriorates to oppression!
    Your take on the situation is right on.

  • anonymus


  • James Bond

    Simon says:
    “Newark was locked down for 6-hours while jumpy police and TSA agents rescreened thousands upon thousands of passengers, trying to overcompensate for dropping the ball.”

    James replies:
    This confirms to me what someone told me yesterday. The secret meaning of the initials TSA is: Thousands Standing Around

    ;- )

  • Ken

    It’s not about security or liberty …. it’s about a paranoid public much like any abused relationship. Public morale is so low all that is left is fear, cowering and resignation. Democracy is basically dead and control of the politicians has been seconded by powerful lobbyists. Until the American public votes out anyone receiving corporate dole little will begin to change.

  • David

    The British are coming is right and its our government or more precisely the people and organizations behind the government. One of my favorite quotes is one by Baron Nathan de Rothschild, “I care not what puppet they put on the throne of England, the man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the Empire; and, I control the money supply.” Since the FED controls the U.S. money supply and the FED is owned and controlled by the Rothschild’s and their allies; i.e., the Rockefeller family (Chase Bank), the Warburg banking family (Germany), J.P. Morgan (now part of Chase), Goldman Sachs, etc. and their stated aim has been to bring down the U.S. to bring it under the control of world governance (U.N.), which is controlled by those who control or own most of the world’s central banks, the IMF and World Bank (Rothschild banking dynasty), I think we begin to see a pattern. Also, you have to realize that, under the Trading with the Enemies Act of 1934, we are all declared enemies of the government and the banking system which means that we can all be declared enemy combatants at the first sign of rebellion and interned without trial indefinitely if they catch us (I don’t think we can be declared traitors because we are already declared an enemy and the terms are exclusive). This also applies to those who work for the government because everyone is expendable (not that they think so but fools exist everywhere – you just have to look at history). People seem to forget that those of us that took the oath took it to the Constitution and not to the government. They are separate and distinct. And the government is not our friend.

  • Peter Kirschbaum

    I agree totally and I`m always happy to receive your infos and comments.
    When ever you come to Portugal (Algarve) I would be happy to welcome you and discuss all matters more profoundly. You and your wife are invited
    to a stay with us in our guesthouse.

  • Me too

    mostly i agree with ‘Me’ above…. and, i don’t know how to live in this “brave, new” world. Our society may be ‘highly educated’, but, if they been taught values, morals, manners, respect, common sense or how to think logically/reasonably, i’m having a hard time seeing that. It seems to me, for the most part, a very pompous arrogant society totally lacking in basic understanding, skills, and requirements to sustain a civilization. I’m hard pressed to see any other ending on this planet than that described in the book of Revelations.

  • John R Black

    Totally agree Simon – as a namesake I follow your blogs with added interest!
    The situation in the UK seems to have followed what is going on in America – only it seems even more oppressive here as we are a small island – I don’t know whether it is just politicians seeking more power over us in the name of “safety” or whether it is creeping feminisation of our society that is the downside of the laudable aim to give women more clout in politics and the workplace. Cameras on every corner with numberplate and face recognition built in to many of them; DNA databases that include anyone the police happen to feel like arresting even if they are not charged or convicted of anything ; ID cards; vetting for everyone who helps a child that is not their own; down to completely unecessary street lighting in semi rural areas after midnight which squanders natural resources for minimal benefit. I could go on, but basically people need to realise that if they are wrapped in too much cotton wool they will slowly suffocate. I am not aware of any camera that has prevented a murder or rape – rather a few may have provided a ringside (or fuzzy) view of the crime: the only thing that prevents these crimes are good policing (on the beat) brave citizens defending themselves or brave responsible fellow citizens.
    What I would really like to know is, whether the people of this country or America have ever actually been asked at the polling booth whether they approve of mass surveillance – I am not aware that I have been.
    Do keep questioning!
    Very Best Regards

  • Irene Marrs

    If the government decides they are not responsible for public safety or police protection etc. can we at least get our tax money back? Perhaps my neighbors and I can then pool the money safed this way and buy our own plane – and no terrorist will get on that!

  • Trish

    What ever made us believe otherwise? Of course, we are responsible for ourselves, not only our safety but everything else. We came with nothing; we leave with nothing.

  • Redpill

    The real question is how much longer are we going to tolerate it? They may have fancy weaponry, but we out number them, and we can find out were the live. We don’t have to confront them when they are ready for battle. We can pick the time and place for battle. Remember our founding fathers were criminals, They had the stones to shoot the government agents at that time. They tried the peaceful solution, they wrote the king a letter — the Declaration of Independence — it didn’t work.

    I’d like a peaceful solution as much as anyone. I’m lazy, and fighting is hard work, and you can get hurt or killed. But a peaceful solution may not be possible. We have to consider do we want to be slaves, or are we willing to do what is necessary to be free?

    Unfortunately, I believe that most people will bend over and take whatever they shove at them.

  • Anonymous

    Things are really begining to get rolling now. It would be humorous if it was not so scary.

  • Mike

    Our people have become completely dependent on our Gov. and the media
    so they no longer have the desire or ability to think for themselves. It’s a sad state of affairs. You have once again hit the nail squarely on the head.


    Re: Airport Security
    As a frequent traveller on Ryanair between UK & Spain etc. I often tend to wear 3/4 layers so my only hand luggage item ‘fits’ size & 10kg weight limit.
    ‘Pat-downs’ as your commentators cutely call them have been fun! In some airports we must remove boots. Paris Beauvais was hyper-critical of luggage recently but boots on was OK. Am awaiting full Xray m/cs with mixed feelings.
    A conundrum if we had foot&mouth scare again: maybe we would have to walk barefoot, or wash our shoes while going through the system. Ha..
    Re: Personal Freedoms
    Do UK citizens have any now? I left years ago, and have taken some of your advice Simon. Love your articles. Informative and unafraid. Good on You!

    • Kim

      I enjoyed your “reply” cynicat! If only I was brave enough and could figure a way “Out” of the US….And Simon love your articles!

  • Steve

    Right on, Simon. And, with a self professed Muslim in the White house and a bunch of Chicago hoods functioning as Tzars, it will get much worse.

  • Tim

    I agree to a point, but how are we suppose to protect ourselves in this airline type situation? Are we able to some how see into the future and know if a particular flight is doomed??? I totally agree we need to take full responsibility for our own safety and do so to the best of my ability but there are situations we have no control over. I cannot control you, at least if you are determined to be a suicide boomer, and I have no way of knowing you are about to explode!! Yes our government is a joke and by no means the least of it the TSA! If they would actually do their jobs and not stand there and just kind of go through the motions things would be a little better!! In my dreams right….

  • Matthew Kelley

    The news media is not reporting to the American public the whole story about the underwear bomber. The other airline passengers who were on board are telling the shole story on the Alex Jones radio program at A man with official credentials used a badge to get the underwear bomber on board the aricraft during embarcation at the gate becausethe bomber was denied boarding because the bomber not have a passport.
    This who thing was contrived to force body scanners onto the American public.

  • Hank

    In the case Warren v. District of Columbia (1981), the court was right. Ben Franklin said it best we are “responsible for your own safety and your family’s safety”. The people on the flight with the Nigerian man with the incendiary powder in his pants should have pitched him out the door at about 9,000 feet, end of problem. Now we will spend over a million dollars on this guy when he should have been tossed off the plane at 9,000 feet. Maybe then other would think twice before trying something like that.

  • Cliff

    Simon – I couldn’t agree more. Keep up the good work!

  • LookingToLeave

    A few years ago I volunteered to standby for an overbooked flight. The airline arranged to me to take a later flight on one of their sister airlines. It was in another terminal, and since I had a last-minute ticket on that airline, I had to go through the special screening. The TSA agent asked me if I had ever been through this before. I was very tempted to answer, “What? Having my civil rights violated by someone who probably hasn’t passed as many FBI background checks as I have?” Instead, I just said, “No.”

    That’s the last flight I’ve taken. The next flight I take will be from either Canada or Mexico after I cross their border on foot (or by car) and head off to the next country I’ll live in or get citizenship in. Between the government treating me more and more like a criminal, and my money as something that is theirs to use, I’ve had it with being here in the U.S.

    I’m a firm believer that things tend to go like a pendulum. They swing to one side until they reach their limits and have to swing back to the other. 230 years ago, we were at one side. Now, we are working our way to the other extreme. I believe it will take a while longer until we reach the turning point, and I don’t want to be around as we go through the upcoming changes and (self-created) problems. Perhaps the U.S. will become a country of opportunity for my children or grand-children, but I believe other countries are at (or approaching) the swing of the pendulum to a way of life that will make them the place where “the streets are paved of gold.”

  • Ross Anderson

    I have known John Pugsley, Doug Casey, Gary North and many others for many-many years. I have learned about Austriasn Economics and it is my choice so I think I have a good foundation for logic and truth. The education system in uSa is so rotten—–it must be replaced with a free market system. at that point we will see real progress. The Golden Rule is a good place to start.

  • Lucien Forbes

    The son of an elite Nigerian will be escorted to his plane, as most travelers of any experience will be, absent of any surveillance. Cash for the ticket kept his name from the data bases we so foolishly depend upon to protect us!! So elemental it is mind-boggling.

  • brentm57

    Your are absolutely correct. The politicians in the U.S. Government want ever-increasing power over the lives of the citizens, but steadfastly refuse to take any responsibility for their decisions/actions. Unfortunately, they seem to have convinced the majority of said citizens that this is a good thing and that resistance is not only futile, but un-American.

  • Paul

    It’s the same over here in the UK. Ironically, there is a payoff for the Authorities with these Goof ups in that they can gain power by pushing through more and more oppressive controls with increased support from the more fearful and less thoughtful members of the population. We are trading too much freedom for an illusion of safety and it’s far too much of a price to pay – unless you’re a member of the Government.
    Current controls should have picked up this guy. More controls are no substitution for incompetence.
    Keep up the good work! (I meant for Simon, not the Government)

  • francesco

    Well it is very difficult for us citizens of the world to defend ourselves without guns. It is clear impossible to carry guns across border as you travel around the world. So how am I supposed to defend myself?

    Last week I was in Panama on a Darien beach known for being frequently visited by criminals and was Very happy that there were TWO government police groups there.

    So I may agree to the philosophy as a theory, but better not forget the real world

  • Fartraveler

    Ha! Completely agree with your assessment of the situation. It’s about time they changed that old cant (“Home of the Brave and “Land of the Free”) to reflect the current reality of life in America. It’s more like the home of the incompetent and land the inane. Oh, and you can for get the “Free” part, too. We lost THAT a long time ago…

  • Caroline

    Can anyone say or smell false flag ops? And the comment from the sheeple quoted in the article, said to be an American (Simon, you were much to kind), literally made my stomach turn and my mind burst in rage! What true American would ever say such an idiotic thing? But the truth is, that is the state of mind of many of the people calling themselves American today, because they know nothing of history and can only ponder what their next cell phone will be, or remember what the call-in number is for the next American Idol, or sadly, how they will make their next month’s bills. I for one, thank God, finally got my kids out and away from that pervasive mentality and ever-growing lack of options, and we are now living among more sane, down-to-earth, close-to-the-earth people, getting as self-sufficient as we can, here in Ecuador. As a prior service-woman in the US Air Force, who is still praying and hoping for the best for my country, which has been abandoned by common sense, I can only shake my head at the all the zoo-like nonsense most people call reality. Looking in from the outside, when I occasionally do, makes me ever more embarrassed as an American. The apathy is astounding, all most too much to bear that I cannot look too often. I guess until the nonsense ends, somehow, someday (which I continue to fight from afar I might add), we will not be flying into or out of the US, unless it is a true emergency.

    • joe in buenos aires

      Caroline -

      I’m retired military myself & moved here to Buenos Aires a little over three years ago. I have the very same reasons for moving as well as the very same feelings about the ignorant American population as you do. Enjoy your new (much more relaxed) life.

      • Caroline

        Joe, “Relaxed” is the key word. People here don’t seem to know anything else. It’s quite refreshing, although, at times, admittedly, can be quite frustrating for my “Americanized” want-it-done-now mentality (which I am consciously trying to train my brain to get out of!), and learn to go with the flow. Good or bad (everyone should realize there is no total perfect place or nervana anywhere), overall, I am so thankful to be here. We are now enjoying what I call “the annoyances of freedom”, which is: slower service (almost everywhere), slooowww government (but that was the same in the US), less choice (which is actually okay–who needs 10 different choices of soap?), and expensive cars and electronics. But, in exchange, we’ve gained medical care like the US use to have in the 60s–$10 office visits (that’s the total bill), well-trained doctors and nurses who still come to your home and give you their cell phone for after hour calls (which they answer!), cheap fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood–cheap food period, affordable homes and property, excellent, affordable private elementary and high school (children learn 3 languages, are taught manners, and get physical education everyday–tennis and swimming, for instance), and state colleges and universities, and a wonderfully diverse landscape–ocean, mountains, and the Amazon all in one country. These two lists don’t comprise everything, as this is just off the top of my head, but so far, we are loving our new home and, yes, the relaxation. Good on you for getting to Argentina! We plan on getting there soon to visit. Enjoy yourself, also!

      • Caroline

        Also, to any that may be further interested. . .I forgot to explain what I mean by freedom–those that I find important and have experienced so far: abundant, organic food, raw, unpasteurized milk, doctors who are into alternative methods, many other alternative providers, being able to order most of your own medicinal drugs (which don’t break the bank) directly with the pharmacist if you need them (we don’t, but like the option), and the police just do not bother you–in fact, it’s a rarity to see them. (There are a lot of security guards that businesses hire.) But, there are no surveillance cameras, you don’t have to use a seat belt (if you foolishly don’t want to), and we haven’t been under the threat of forced vaccinations. I feel much more free here than I have for a long time in SoCal. . .I have yet to see a gang member–not yet sure they exist here. Guns are not “allowed” on the street, but you can still buy one to protect yourself in your home.

        The flip side of the coin–the reason for all of this “freedom”, is because the EC government doesn’t have money to police everything, which can be good or bad.

        The current president seems to be interested in spending it on health care and education, and border control. He has told the wealthy land owners to put their land and it’s resources to use for the benefit of the country (meaning they are supposed to plant crops and share water resources, for example), or they could lose it. I understand the thinking–why should someone who owns family land (which was originally stolen from the native Ecuadorians), keep land if they do not use it for the benefit of themselves and for others? For that, he has been called a socialist and a Chavez wannabe.

        However, I would rather live under these conditions as opposed to big brother government, a banking and drug cartel, an FDA that blesses poisoned food and water, and being a big fat target for every jihadist in the world who hates the US government policies. . .also, no Wall St. thugs here. In fact, the president has brazenly told the IMF and drug cartels to take a flying leap with their “illegitimate” interest charges and drug patents (which keep outrageous prices on medicines that cost a penny to make), as well as the US govt, when he told them to remove a military base in Manta, Ecuador, and said he would renew the lease when he could put an Ecuadorian military base in the US. . . I somehow felt strangely vindicated by all of that when I read it!

        I feel like this is a new frontier–it’s definitely a new world. You can really feel the difference when it comes to actually feeling free. . . Of course, that being said, with freedom comes responsibility for your own health, wealth, and protection. No one to sue if you trip and fall and break your leg on a city sidewalk that is uneven. When Ecuadorians don’t like their president or a law, they peacefully protest. Several times, when they have in the past, presidents have been physcially removed from office–isn’t that the way a democratic government is supposed to work? This is a very peaceful country for the most part. Overall, I like the current president and the way he is running the government. That is something I definitely have not been able to say for years in the US. . . Food for thought for anyone contemplating Ecuador. Ciao!

    • Kim

      Ah Caroline, you are indeed a lucky woman…if only I could figure a way to follow in your footsteps and get me and my girls out of here…

      • Caroline

        Kim, Where there’s a will. . . I encourage you to do some research and see if you can’t figure out how to make it happen. I’ve met a woman who did what you are wondering about. She escaped from the Detroit area–came down with her two small girls, a few suitcases, basically no money, and found that she could make it by teaching. They want English speaking teacher’s down here. Maybe you could do the same? The pay isn’t American pay, but it is higher than the standard Ecuadorian monthly pay. You can google Expat Forums and Ecuador (or any country you may be interested in), to explore and ask questions. Good-luck and make it happen!

  • Keith Rushing

    When people put their trust in government for their well-being they no longer have well-being. We are made to be creative in a free but not without danger environment. I appreciate and agree with your observations.

  • Jaded Iris

    The crotch bomber showed up the institutions for what they are…….. Useless , rudderless groups pretending work, thought up by politicians to cover their behinds.

    I have considered myself on my own for years but continue to use the system for my bennifit.
    We are aiming for the multiple flags approach in all haste.

  • Adrien

    You are 100% right. I don’t want them to take care of me I will do that on own. Keep up the good work.

  • Mark

    Simon, you are correct, sir!

    The Liberals will destroy what’s left of America. In it’s stead will be a system of assurances and guarantees that look great on the outside, but fundamentally steal the ability for an individual to decide for one’s self what is appropriate for themselves.

    It is sad. I intend to leave the USA very soon. If I can get away from Obama and the fascists in time.

    Good Luck to All of Us–we will need it.

  • http://msn chris

    Simon Thank you for the article very well said :
    On that note the only thing that the tsa created was jobs other than that it is a worthless goverment entity as they say locks are only designed to keep honest people out now shhhhhhh quiet american idol is on don’t want to miss it !!!!!!!!!

  • RJ

    The tail is waging the dog and the fleas are in charge.

    Signed The dog catcher on duty lol ;-(

    P.S. This dog don’t hunt no mo

  • Mike Smith

    Just like health care, Do we need someone to tell us, to take care of us?
    Hell No, Just take care of ourselves.

  • JT

    I totally agree, next they will tell us that in order to be SAFE we should NO longer travel in airplanes anymore. Sooner or later when our time comes something is going to get us, government or not!

  • Jonathan Bello


    I agree with your conclusions But the conditioning of the population is by definition intentional.
    Even without significant conditioning ( outside of a general illiteracy and poverty), its estimated that only 3% of the population was actively involved in the American Revolution ( i.e. the revolutionaries).
    The rest of them had sympathies for ( 1/3) , against ( Royalists-1/3),
    and I don’t give a damn who wins ( 1/3). There was also the frontier to
    bleed off resentment and initiative.

    However, now, as Bernanke has directly said in Congressional testimony
    “managed information” ( the controlled official media) is effective. In addition it is obvious that the amount of taxes people pay is another controlling device requiring people to consistently work, coupled with no free capital ( its all controlled) such as a frontier provides. Peoples’ noses are kept to the grindstone coupled with the demands of family ( wife and children) requiring further efforts of time and money.

    So while you are correct, unless you are single, or independently wealthy
    it becomes both difficult psychologically and financially to wrench yourself away from family obligations ( ex. your wife does not want to move away from her family geographically or wishes to move back to her family’s location- check with your friends who have wives). Financially, that is why you receive so many enquiries as to what type of business you can create if you wish to live outside the United States. The money in an immediate sense and also the practicality of that money to convince your wife to share in this adventure, this move. Tunnel vision is easily fostered and maintained in the general population.

    • Kim

      True that!!!

  • Ron McBride

    You are 100% right, Every time the government get’s involved things normally turn out worse instead of better.

  • Margie

    Totally agree with you Simon!
    Came to the US from Zimbabwe (born there from 1980′s settlers)
    Thought I was doing the best for my then small son. (Son’s Father took off when he was 2 yrs old)
    What a mistake that was. Wish I had gone elsewhere.
    Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe) before it became the totally corrupt, Despot ruled country, was a wonderful place and the breadbasket of Southern Africa.
    Everyone was employed, well fed, had excellent medical. This included ALL people, black, white asian or any other race or combination thereof.
    That said, we were All responsible for ourselves. No work, no food. That is the way it should be. Charities or families, helped those down on their luck and they were very good at it. (Not as these same charities now are in the USA…….all in it for the big salaries and not really for charity)

    Guess who totally destroyed Rhodesia!! The USA and that totally DISGUSTING man Kissenger!!

  • Scott

    Wow! Great thoughts…I agree wholeheartedly!

  • http://PanamaandtheOECD Steve Loy

    I agree 100%. Problem is, the government regulations do not allow you to protect yourself, I guess my next step is to learn Kung Fu!


    We have “law enforcement officers” now. They can’t do anything until a law has been broken – so you better be prepared to take care and protect yourself! The “Peace officer” of yore is long gone as is the friendly, compassionate neighborhood police officer.

    Incidentally, did you see the eyewitness account by a Michigan lawyer and his wife of the “diaper bomber” boarding procedure facilitated by a natily dressed gentlemen?


  • Anthony

    In 1991 I lived in a section of Hollywood — Los Angeles — where you had to watch your step or someone would watch it for you.

    Anyhoo, one day I’m in the shower when I hear my front door slam shut. I immediately yell the name of my roommate, who I assumed had gone to work but forgot something at home, hence her doubling back to retrieve whatever she needed. She did not respond and the door slammed shut once again.

    I paused, killed the water and hesitated a few moments before I stepped outside that bathroom. Every man reading this can imagine what was going through my mind as I quickly devised a fighting strategy that could work while I simultaneously protected my johnson.

    I slowly entered the living room, beelining for the front door. Odd…there was no sign of forced entry. I carefully checked the rest of the small apartment. Satisfied that I was alone, I called my roommates’ place of employment — which was a good thirty minutes away — and she came to the phone.

    She freaked when I described what happened. However, I assured her the police — with a station, literally, not more than three blocks away — would take care of everything. I’m still waiting on those badge wearing, donut inhaling, sap suckers to show up. I deduced the bldg management — who I would now describe as tweekers, though I had no clue about crystal meth, then — would wait for tenants to leave or go to work and fleece apartments.

    That thought, coupled with the fact that cops stationed three blocks away didn’t bother to show up after I called them for help, is the reason me and Mr. 357 Magnum — we call ‘em Hog Legs back home in Chicago — are now best friends.

    Be Safe Friends

  • Howard Thompson

    Hi, Simon,

    I agree with your position. It is too bad that political correctness has overcome reason. I am waiting for my wife to get an encryption program on our laptop, then I will get bill pay, and buy airline tickets to Panama or Costa Rica. We already own a building lot in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to get out of the country. We had some work done in our house today, and the worker had a unique viewpoint. He said that everyone should just fly naked.

    Howard Thompson

  • allessa garrett

    As for flying, while it might be a necessary evil to sometimes rely on the commercial airlines in order to travel, the world is quite different when you head for a flight school and rent your own jet.

    Not liking the after-effects of 9/11 security and airport pat-downs that sometimes appeared to be borderline sexual assault of females, I took a serious look at flight schools and getting a pilot’s license. I learned a lot of things when I did, things that are at the same time liberating and unsettling, which I will not go into here.

    No, it’s not an easy way to go…and it can become expensive just to even get the license depending on the type of plane you wish to learn to fly.

    But here’s the thing: I remember reading about a guy who was a passenger on a chartered plane within the last six to eight months. This guy had taken flying lessons to learn to fly a Cessna or some other small aircraft, and at the very least had a pilot’s license. He and his family were onboard a plane with a pilot who, during the flight, DIED mid-air! After some major machinations at two different towers, this man was able to land his own plane thanks to his basic knowledge of flying and to a flight instructor at one of the towers who was intimately familiar with the controls of the big plane that he was on who talked him through it.

    Here’s my take on things: we need to learn to be as self-sufficient as possible because the government was never really there to protect us, as they have been quick to let us all know by both their words and their deeds. Anyone with any hope the government “is here to help” can take a look at New Orleans to see what the government has in store. And although I have no problems with looking after myself and learning what it takes to do that, it often seems that if I exercise my right to learn to do so that the government will have a problem with me!

    I am also anxious to hear the results of the second citizenship details you mentioned in your recent newsletter on the subject, Simon. The plan as you mentioned it sounds brilliant!

  • Sunny

    Good Morning Mr. Black…loved your sense of humour…keep it up! :)

  • Michael

    It seems odd that so many folks seem almost disappointed to realize that the government actually is not here to help us be secure. I grew up not thinking that they were. Frankly I would rather they never did, why would anyone want a beaurocracy set up to maintain infrastructure ostensibly offer to help them anyway? I mean, wouldnt one assume there to be strings attached?

  • ralph

    Really I think we can solve the whole problem of airline security by mandating EVERYONE FLIES NAKED!!

  • secti

    If I were inclined to believe in supernatural phenomenon I’d swear you were a mind-reader; it was as if you plucked what I’ve been thinking for the past 8 years right out of my head & put it on your blog. Well-said, sir.
    It is frustrating to think that – in all likelihood – the only people who will read this post are the choir…

  • Heads Up

    One airport security company has been on duty during 9/11(Boston and Newark), the shoe bomber, and the underwear bomber: ICTS International N.V.. It appears to be a front for Israeli False Flag Terrorists.

    If you happen to be going on a flight and you see middle eastern men that seem to be getting through security and boarded onto the plane a little too easily with the white-glove treatment, run like f*cking hell!

  • Joe

    I agree with you on this point in spades. Fear and cowardice are the order of the day here unfortunately. The good news is that some appear to be waking up.

  • Roy

    I took my wife and daughter to the San Diego Zoo over the holidays and while there I observed four middle eastern types, males with the bearing of trained military. The four of them were walking around with no regard for the zoo or exhibits, talking to each other in Arabic and taking GPS readings on a cell phone at each large paved area. They seemed quite unconcerned that they might be observed.

    Now I wonder if these rather arrogant men were being observed on camera or did anyone really think they might pose a threat.

  • Jillaine

    Couldn’t of put it any better myself…scary but the truth usually is! It seems that some where along the line, the majority have chosen to live in this world of fiction…you’re not a herd of cattle people. Make your OWN choices and and gain back respect for yourself!

  • Will

    I can’t wait to hear more on multiple flags.

    I want to find a place like Galt’s Gulch (Maybe Caseys in Argentina, but as a family of asthma sufferers we do enjoy the no-smoking policies here in the US of late) but:

    1) I want to take my guns with me
    2) I need to find husbands for my Christian (not Catholic) daughters.
    3) I need to ramp up my online income and get a little concerned that so much of the technology I buy can only be shipped to US addresses


    • Möpsi

      An Asthma sufferer would not want to live right next to grape vines, since they get sprayed. But Asthma is accumulative, and can be cured with fasting, which is a good idea regardless of whether you live next to grapes, corn, soybeans, or in a big stinking city.

  • Andrew

    The situation in the US is really heartbreaking and completely out of control! The underpants bomber fiasco was an obvious setup by the US government in order to force more invasive screening on passengers. The cumulative effect of backscatter x-rays is definitely not good for the long-term health of anyone.

    My plan is to start researching alternate modes of transportation such as bus, train and freighter travel.

    I am so angry about this new development that I could spit!

  • Jay

    Why are Americans are sniveling idolaters?

    The nature of America’s behavior is religious. Slavery is inherent in the design of the world. We are either slaves to God or slaves to sin. It is only in slavery to God that political liberty and economic freedom are found. God saves us from our sins. He cleans us up and enables us to govern ourselves and put to death our sinful passions. When people govern their individual persons according to the Law of God, there is little need for an autocratic police state.

    When people rebel against God and choose slavery to sin, God gives them over to their passions and appetites. The world becomes a mighty uncomfortable place when the sinful passions of men are not restrained. Sinful men think that liberty, freedom, and progress are to be found apart from God. No sooner do they reject the worship of the one true God, then they erect false gods and serve them.

    Today we see the consequences. Men who will not be governed by God will be governed by their sinful passions. As men become given over to sin, they become incapable of governing themselves and turn increasingly towards tyrants that are quite ready and willing to govern with a heavy hand. The result is always the end of liberty and economic freedom and a headlong fall into the abyss of statism.

    Don’t be surprised that people trust government. It is the logical manifestation of their idolatry.

    • WTF?

      Jay- keep your superstition to yourself. If there is a higher power in the universe, your tiny human mind is too feeble to understand it, let alone be his/her/its ambassador. People give themselves to governments for the same reason that they give themselves to your silly superstition– because they’re lost, lonely, poor, tired, hungry, cold, scared, ignorant, or just plain stupid.

      Thank you for proving my point.

      Simon- I don’t want to degenerate this into an adolescent shoot-out, but seriously, can you just unsubscribe this moron?

      • Redpill

        I’m not a god believer, but I think Jay should be able to express his opinion.

        For whatever reason, the posters here seem to realize our government is out of control and that our liberties are diminished because of it.

    • Möpsi

      Jay, translating what you say into “secular speak”, to make the words more effective, I think most libertarians would agree: self-government is the best government.

      • Jay

        My argument is this: Self-government begins with the individual. In a culture where individuals govern themselves according to the Law of God, over time political and economic freedom cannot help but burst forth. I believe that in America the majority of people have turned away from this. The result is the police state that Simon warned us about in today’s blog posting.

        We can complain, whine, and moan about the failings of the federal government in America to the end of time. Until people repent of their covetousness, envy, greed, and all manner of government provision including government education, government health care, social security, and the like, I think tyranny is what we’re going to deservedly get.

        PS. Folks, Simon mentioned at the end of his article, “I’m curious to see where you stand, let me know if you agree.” I do agree with him, which is why I took him at his word and added my two cents worth and my perspective. I applaud Simon for running this comment section with an even-tempered hand. I applaud his willingness to post a diversity of comments and opinions. If we can’t act as ladies and gentlemen and practice charitable self-government in our comments, we end up not that much different from the tyrants most of us profess to abhor.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    Was it Will Rogers who said “be glad we don’t get all the government we pay for?” Whoever it was, he had a point. Any government that really could protect us from everybody but itself would be the greatest threat to liberty and welfare ever created. We’re already too damn’ close.

  • stephen saunders

    I agree with you Simon. Now we will see a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction – finger pointing and countless millions for full body X-rays – more increased security which will deter more foreigners from traveling to the USA. I hear this all the time – ‘I really don’t want to travel to the USA and be subjected to this’ – especially if you happen to be a law abiding muslim.

    Last year I travelled to NYC to attend a finance conference and stop home to see the family. From there I had to travel to LA – I was profiled at JFK because I entered the country on Emirates Airline ! ( Dubai / JFK on the 380 – a great airline and craft BTW) When I tried to check in curbside and they saw I came in on Emirates from Dubai – I was informed I had to check-in at the counter.. They then directed me another line and told me it was ‘random’ – I looked like the only American on the line !! For sure – the only Caucasian !!

    How this chap from Nigeria was able to board a flight to the USA without a valid passport, without a visa and a one way ticket WITHOUT luggage remains a mystery.. The mistake was made in Amsterdam and we should be looking at the airline NOT the IC community..

    I enjoy your newsletter and recommend it to other expats in SE Asia

    keep up the good work!

  • Allen-Nelson of the Boisjoli Family

    I do believe it is time for those who know what is really going on to have an “intervention” with the Gov. here in North America. It’s time to pull in the reins and reaffirm the boundaries of Government interaction. Sure you may feel safe…for now, on your terrace in Spain, but this is a global epidemic and you will not be able to hide from it much longer. No we have to stand, and stand together, and affect some change in policy. Quit running and hiding and take responsibility, it’s time for a shift in the paradigm, and it is not going to go well if all the good people run off thinking they can avoid it! Divided we fall, together we stand. Remember…the world went to war the last time someone tried to put checkpoints in the streets and train stations! Do they really think it will be different now?

  • Michael Schreiber

    I agree with you and Benjamin except for the body scanners. The body scanners are no different than looking under your coat to see if you have a bazooka. I don’t care if the government knows the size of my penis, I just don’t want them to tell me what I can do with it.

  • Justen

    The concept of government-provided safety is a pure and absolute farce based on false assumptions about risk and general reality. It’d be hilarious if they didn’t try to charge me for their non-service. They might as well charge unicorn taxes and inspect me for pixie dust.

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