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Guest Post: How money can buy you happiness

[Editor’s Note: Simon’s friend Craig Ballantyne is filling in today to talk about the importance of the internet in generating independent income]

In the late 1970’s one of my best friends and his family escaped from Armenia, then under communist rule. In fact, his father bought their way to America via Italy, eventually settling in California (legally). In the decades since then, my friend has gone on to graduate high school, drop out of college, and eventually build a 7-figure business on the Internet allowing his family to live the American Dream.

Sure there were rough times along the way after they arrived in Southern California with almost no money and poor English. For the first few years my friend had to dumpster dive behind grocery stores in order to help feed the family. But over time, things got better. His parents got jobs. They worked hard. And my friend went on to experience the rewards of being an entrepreneur who adds value to the world.

For those who say money can’t buy happiness, this story proves them wrong.

If you include freedom as part of your happiness equation, then there is no denying that money plays an important role in acquiring happiness. Money gives you the freedom to live anywhere in the world, to get out of many sticky situations, to support your family’s goals and dreams, and to protect your family from the strange world we live in.

Almost every penny my friend’s father had went into bribing their way out of despair and misery and into creating a better opportunity in America. Money buys freedom. And freedom is almost essential for happiness.

You don’t need a lot of money to improve your freedom today. As Simon has shown you, there are many inexpensive places in the world that offer greater freedom than cities with a high cost of living.

But let’s be clear, unless you are independently wealth today, you’ll always need some sort of income to pay for the necessities in life, let alone the extra special experiences that can bring you even greater freedom and happiness.

When and if you move – and even if you don’t – it may be tough for you to replace your current job. Many Americans are having a tough enough time replacing their jobs as it is in their home towns.

If you have no income, you have no money. No money, no freedom. No freedom, little chance of happiness and security.

There is a solution. It’s called taking control of your financial situation through the creation of a web-based business, one that you can run from almost anywhere in the world – even in Armenia today.

The Internet continues to be the Great Equalizer, allowing average, ordinary men and women all over the world to create an independent income under their own control. You may be out of a job today but you’re never out of opportunity when it comes to building your own online business.

It worked for my friend from Armenia, for me, and for literally hundreds of people I have met personally at seminars and conferences around the world.

Now I understand it might sound ironic to invite you to Washington, D.C. to learn about how you can create your freedom, but in less than 6 weeks time that is where there will be the biggest congregation of Underground Internet business owners in the world.

It will be your opportunity to learn from everyday, average folks like James Schramko from Australia and Shelby Larson, the creator of one of the largest work-at-home-moms businesses in the world, , who have all built Internet businesses they can run from anywhere in the world. It’s through these businesses that they have supported their freedom and happiness.

If you want to control your income and create your financial independence, this is the best event you can possibly attend. It doesn’t require risky investing, wiring money overseas, or “trusting” the locals to not rip you off.

Instead, you’ll meet positive people happy to help you and show you the way towards building your own online business, including Matt Smith and myself.

In fact, should you choose to stick around for the bonus day, you’ll meet and hear from both myself and Matt Smith on how to go from your first sale to your 1000th sale online using our website business blueprint.

You might even get your turn in the hot seat…but don’t worry, it’s the good kind of hot seat, where you’ll be able to share your website business idea with Yanik Silver and Matt Smith and have them dissect your business plan and offer life-changing ideas and instructions to help you succeed faster than you could on your own.

The Underground Online Seminar sells out every year, and Tuesday, January 31st is the last day to reserve your seat at the special Early Bird price (and with access to all of the fast action bonuses).

Reserve your spot here

I look forward to seeing you there and helping you get on the path to freedom and happiness that you deserve.

Craig Ballantyne
Editor, EarlyToRise.com
Contributor, Sovereign Man

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Kevin

    I’m coming pretty close to unsubscribing to Simon Black. I know he’s legitimate as other businessmen have confirmed, but it seems he’s just coming up with marketing gimmicks to source other people’s money for his own investments. Of course, makes sense right? Why else would he have this website? What’s despicable is that he’s marketing these ideas as “super secretive”, “inner circle of top connections”, and “guaranteed success” when you can really get them for free in many other places the web.

    Anyway, thanks for getting me started on Mongolia. I’ve already secured capital with a few partners and will be moving there in a few months. See, I didn’t need Simon Black’s $2000 service for that.

    • bryant

      Today $1995
      Or 3 Easy Payments of just of $698.33

  • http://thegreatpurification.wordpress.com/ Eamon

    While this is an excellent article, we must not confuse the means with the end.  Liberty is but a means; it is not, as many wrongly believe, an end in itself. Being free to pursue the things we desire is only a means, although it is an important means which helps us toward the end.  Happiness is the result of having obtained a desired end that is truly good for us, not something which is only apparently good or for which this or that undisciplined passion ceaselessly clamors.  Not to be too philosophical or contra the writer’s praiseworthy piece, but happiness does not actually result from obtaining material goods, or even being totally free from the many constraints that the Money Masters and their stooges are trying to place upon us and which we all rightly lament.  Men have been unspeakably happy in the most wretched, difficult circumstances precisely because they were free and rightly-ordered in mind and heart.  Unless a man is right in mind and heart, no amount of pleasure or stuff or power can satisfy the deepest longings of his heart.  Those things are but icing on the cake of true, solid happiness — a cake most moderns, sadly, do not pursue and would not recognize if it fell upon them like a mountain. Still, the normal way for men to achieve whatever happiness may be obtained in this short life requires that they have a sufficient supply of material goods.  Thank you for another excellent piece. Carry on :)  Godspeed

  • Contrarianism

    I have to disagree with your theory on happiness. Money doesn’t always bring happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars. ;-)  And those who say that money doesn’t buy happiness somehow fail to consider that neither does poverty. Good infomercial. Thanks

  • Hiday_happy

     are u busy all time?

  • Hiday_happy

    hi i agree with you,i will do what you say

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