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This Trillionaire is FLAT Broke…

William “Bud” Post is flat broke.

He has dealt with lawsuits, jail time, bankruptcy, and now lives on food stamps. It seems strange to think that he used to be a multi-millionaire… but it’s true. In 1988 he won $16.2 million from the Pennsylvania lottery (valued at $30 million in today’s increasingly worthless money), and Bud became drunk on his own wealth.

You’ve probably heard similar stories—the struggling, working class lottery hopeful hits it big in the Powerball only to return to the trailer park, broke, within a few years.


In irresponsible hands, wealth can evaporate faster than Nancy Pelosi’s approval ratings… andthe lottery winners like Bud generally make bad decisions.

They become careless and foolish with their wealth, spending enormous sums of money on opulent consumer goods, gambling trips, and nights in the champagne room. Banks line up to provide them with generous lines of credit that they blow on useless toys or handouts to a fawning entourage.

Sound familiar?

It should. Bud is the United States of America.

America hit the lottery after World War II. We had defeated the Germans, nuked the Japanese, and remained the only developed country in the world that had not been devastated by the war. The US instantly became the richest kid on the block, and like Bud, spent the next several years in an alternate universe devoid of rational thinking.

Decades of poor financial decisions were made based on the idea that the money would never run out. LBJ fought a costly war in Vietnam while building the Great Society. George W. Bush fought two wars and told America to go shopping. Barrack Obama thinks he can provide universal healthcare while bailing out every malignant company in America.

The common theme here is the avoidance of difficult choices. When Bud went to buy a new car and saw five that caught his eye, he bought all of them and built a bigger garage. America’s politicians have made a similar series of irrational choices for decades, and now the money is gone… all that remains is America’s winner syndrome.

We’ve been winners for so long we don’t know any other reality. We live in a bubble world where the United States is the biggest, richest, smartest, most powerful country on earth, even though mounting evidence suggests otherwise.

We continue to spend like Bud as if we are wealthy lottery winners, still assuming our God-given right to avoid tough decisions.

Individually, such delusional behavior and separation from reality are symptoms of a severe mental illness. If the collective body of America’s politicians were a psychological patient, he would be locked up as a danger to himself and society.

We call this affliction winner’s syndrome, and it continues to plague the decision making process in the halls of Congress. The only antidote is a healthy dose of reality and rationality. At any point, Bud could have pulled himself out of his downward spiral with a little clear thinking, a little less ‘yes we can,’ and a little more ‘maybe we can’t…’

Clear thinking could still save America. If we take it on the economic chin, allow our businesses to fail, and restructure the economy, the United States will come out of this slump stronger than before. Unfortunately, there are no near-term indications of rationality in Washington… though while the country may be on a slide, clear thinking could still save you—and that’s where we come in.

Clear, rational thinking in today’s world means considering the full range of global opportunities to protect yourself and safeguard your assets. We specialize in these opportunities; we travel the world in search of the best lifestyle choices, financial deals, privacy options, and asset protection strategies, some of which we’ll share with you in this daily letter.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Bob Ogrodny

    About the only thing I would change about your excellent appraisal of the condition of the state of America, might be the title. I’d call it “From Post to Toast”, or possibly “The FED is UN-dead”.
    Or, “Heads had no Plan. Tails has no Clue” Ben’s thinking “Maybe we can’t?” as Barry is blaring
    “Oh, Yes We Can”, while Paulson works on his tan on the pristine beach of the secluded
    island he bought with part of his cut of 500 billion frns he was paid for engineering the TRAP
    bailout as he snickers out loud, “We already Have!”. They could be called the Three Stooges,
    which would not really be a misnomer seeing as how there were four Stooges, only two of whom were really stooges: Larry, who always had a plan, but it was always wrong; and Curly who had no clue. The other two, first Mo, and later Shemp were actually grifters,working
    their con on everybody else. And that included Larry and Curly, the TWO STOOGES. Mo
    always ended up with the MO NEY, after blackening both of the other two’s eyes, albeit,
    with not nearly the glee of his more thuggish successor Shemp who was less grifter and
    more a common and sadistic thief, but nobody’s stooge. Could have saved some explaining
    by just calling them Winkin and Blinkin and Nod. That fits better than Oj’s gloves. lol

    As to your observations on the power of clear thinking, I sadly offer this opinion: All the thinking in the world cannot restore the Republic which has entered the final stage of its
    demise, having rapidly devolved from a democratic republic which operated under the rule of law to a fascist state which quickly set aside the rule of law in favor of the (emergency)
    rules of private corporations on Wall Street,the reserve banking system led by the FED,
    and the Dept. of the U.S. Treasury, all manned by the same felons and miscreants whose
    illegal and immoral machinations created the emergency to begin with. Anyone still capable
    of clear thinking have either already left the country or are planning to do so very soon.
    before they no longer can, or are posturing on blogs web-wide their intent to resist this
    blatant coup to the death. At best they might cause the powers that installed the POTUS
    as the interim de facto puppet dictator and pull his strings so he uses the nearly dictatorial
    powers given to baby Bush in the Patriot Act a.k.a. Mein Kamph some minor irritation, they
    would be systematically executed, rounded up and imprisoned before being exterminated, or
    otherwise neutralized. Aside from these sincere but outgunned former citizens, who truly
    believe there is an America to “take back”, I have nothing but contempt for the government
    and all of their bureaucratic yes-men, their power mad policemen who have been ignoring
    constitutional rights of “civilians” instead of insuring they are protected by them from “unjust
    searches and seizures, etc.” And all the other “enforcers” of their wills over the wills of the
    people: DHS, ATF, CIA, FBI, IRS, SEC, and on and on ad infinitum. And I am truly disgusted with the aptly named Boobus Americanus, who have looked the other way so as not to see
    what they know is happening hoping it will just go away, and pretending that the freedoms they have so meekly surrendered will be restored when the terrorist threats have been beaten
    once and for all. What wimps and fools we have become. Nanny staters, now over 50%
    of the population, who live like parasites on the now less than 50% of the productive
    Population, are not at all like the founders of this country or the true Americans who built
    it into arguably, the greatest country the world had know. No. They are the lazy, the
    quitters, the over fed, over egoed, arrogant takers who have destroyed what had been
    built before them because of their apathy, greed and sloth. A pox on their houses, no pun intended.

    My fingers have run out of rant. So, Simon, I bid you adieu and wish you success in your
    quest for the personal liberty and freedom you seek, and spread through your work. I
    clearly think I will not find it where I now am. I would have to live another hundred years or so
    and that might not be enough. It’s still a relatively big world out there, and I have found
    many pockets free enough to satisfy me, and they ain’t in the states. See you offshore.
    I will be the one looking for Puff the Magic Dragon. Little Jackie Paper may have given up
    believing in (looking for) him, but I never will. My liberty can be denied by force, but my
    freedom they cannot take without my consent, and I will never give it! Og

  • k

    Canada was a developed country…

  • Joel


  • Joel

    Whether New Zealand or elsewhere, where can private banking and business be conducted at reasonable costs and with great privacy?

  • James

    “Individually, such delusional behavior and separation from reality are symptoms of a severe mental illness. If the collective body of America’s politicians were a psychological patient, he would be locked up as a danger to himself and society.”

    lol–for ounce I really did laugh out loud.