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Chicago police paying to disarm citizens

Gun Bullets

When the American founders wrote and approved the “right to bear arms”, the intention was that if the government ever became too authoritarian, the people could raise a militia and rebel just like the founders themselves had done. Since the signing of the document over 200 years ago, many Americans have forgotten the real purpose of the second amendment and in Chicago, citizens are now getting paid to disarm themselves. CBS reports:

Using the lure of $100 gift cards, the Chicago Police Department is encouraging people to get guns out of their homes and turn them in this Saturday, during the annual gun turn-in program.

First Deputy Supt. Alfonza Wysinger says anyone who turns in a real gun will get a $100 gift card. Replicas and BB guns are worth $10.

“No questions asked,” Wysinger said. “Just show up at the church, and hand over the weapons to the CPD officer that will be there, and get your $100 gift card. So we strongly suggest that people come out that have weapons lying around the house, or weapons, maybe, that they don’t necessarily want in their house. This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on the street.”

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  • Daedalus Mugged

    Too funny…ON the street.  “This is a chance to get some money for their weapon, and get another dangerous weapon on the street.”

    I would agree, giving a weapon to the cops is inherently dangerous.  Who knows how many of them will be used kill citizens, or plant as evidence after another wrongful use of force by CPD. 

  • Gil

    Really?  Reading the U.S. Constitution shows the Militias are there to be called up by the Government to stop people trying to overthrow it.

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