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How to make sure your Gmail account is completely secure


Password theft is one of the most common cyber-security threats in our current digital age. Both Yahoo! and LinkedIn have experienced mass security breaches recently which led to hundreds of thousands of user accounts being compromised. Google however has a convenient security feature that you can enable on your account to ensure that if thieves obtain your password, they still can’t access your sensitive information. Bussiness Insider provides a handy tutorial showing users how to enable this security feature:

If you’re a Gmail user, Google has a clever security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your password.

It’s called 2-step verification, and it requires you to enter a second password when you log into Gmail every 30 days. The second password is sent to your cell phone via text message.

2-step verification is relatively easy to set up if you only use Google services in your web browser. But if you use have apps on your phone or tablet that need access to your Google Account, you’ll need another special password generated by Google.

It can be kind of annoying, but it’s one of the best ways to keep your Gmail account hacker free.

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  • Newmanwall2

    I am already uncomforatable with how many people have my cell number and with google’s history for selling personal information, the last thing I want to do is to voluntarily give it to them.

    • Levac2

      yep me too

  • A. N. Onymous

    The SMS to your phone is not a safety feature it is a breach of safety.
    You should not give every organization your phone number, period. And especially to Gmail. What security does Gmail have because you can get your account suspended when a company mistakenly sends an email to your account instead of sending it to someone else his account.

    Apart from security Gmail is a data-mining crook. They collect everything about you that they can, including scanning the contents of your email and to and from who you send and receive email. They MISUSE (and SELL) that information against you for a profit. The sun goes up for free. People at Gmail earn a salary and the company even makes a profit so everything gets paid, by YOU in a way you do not always recognize at first glance. The parties most successful in providing “free” services are the biggest crooks.

  • Geek

    While you do have to weight you options as to weather Google having your number is desirable or not; it is an excellent security feature to prevent “random third parties” from accessing your information.

    That said, yes Google will continue to look at your email, mine it, produce ads off of it (though no human at Google is bored enough to look at your messages personally unless there is a really *interesting* reason to do so). Nor will it protect you in the event that a court order (or police investigation) requests access to your messages.

  • Arjen

    Putting all your email in cleartext on a server that under control of the US government is not security but a sick joke. Also giving them your mobile number is just stupid. Use GPG verfied encryption to ensure nobody but you and the recipient can read your mail. And keep it off US soil where the NSA can snoop it at will.

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