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New USDA ad claims food stamps make people healthier


Since the Food Stamp Act of 1964, Americans have been receiving government aid to pay for their groceries. However, the percentage of the population on food stamps has dramatically increased from when the program was first launched. Today there are almost 48 million people receiving food stamps and in a new ad by the USDA, they are actually encourage people to join the program by claiming that “food stamps can make you look and feel your best.” Breitbart reports on the ad and today’s Senate vote over welfare reforms:

Focus on the food stamp program comes as the Senate on Tuesday voted against reform of the welfare program, approving $770 billion in spending on it over the next 10 years. Sen. Jeff Sessions’ (R-Alabama) amendment proposed to limit excesses of the program by establishing a federal asset test to ensure that food stamps are going to families who truly need them. The vote against Sen. Sessions’ reform amendment was approved, 56-43,  with the help of Republicans Scott Brown (Massachusetts), Olympia Snowe (Maine), Susan Collins (Maine), and Dean Heller (Nevada). Claire McCaskill (Missouri) was the sole Democrat to vote with the majority of Republicans.

Sen. Sessions also attempted to end what can only be described as the ludicrous federal policy of paying $500 million in bonuses to states that sign up more people for food stamps. That amendment also lost, 58-41.

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  • GamerFromJump

    These guys will say anything to increase state dependency, won’t they?

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