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They want to tax you for every mile you drive

Cars Traffic LA

As Stockton, CA become the first city to declare bankruptcy, lawmakers across the state are doing everything in their power to commandeer more revenues. In addition to driving up sales, income and corporate taxes, legislators have been coming up with more creative ways to tax their constituents. United Press International reports on California’s new plan to eventually tax their residents for every mile they drive:

A California transportation agency said it is considering a tax on motorists for each mile they drive in their cars.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the San Francisco Bay area agency leading the discussions on the possible tax, said the plan would likely involve GPS-like devices installed in cars to keep track of the miles traveled by motorists, with low-income drivers excepted, the San Jose Mercury News reported Wednesday.

The Association of Bay Area Governments, which includes city councilors and county supervisors, is scheduled to analyze a study of the proposal Thursday.

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  • http://twitter.com/bsfootprint bsfootprint.com

    Hm… am I not paying a per-mile tax (indirectly) when I fill up my car?

  • Joe

    Fuck the government. How is the america going to make it.

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