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Go to this city if you want to disappear

January 18, 2010

Tangier, Morocco

If you're on the run and looking for a place to lay low, one city you should consider is Tangier.

You have to start with a bit of history-- as far back as the days of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Tangier was an important commercial center due to its location at the entrance of the Mediterranean.

For the next 2,000 years, the city was conquered by[...] Click here to continue reading

How to make an extra $12,422,575.54

January 12, 2010
Estepona, Spain
There is really a great deal of information out there about offshore corporate structures... frankly it's mind numbing. Do a search for "offshore corporation" and you will undoubtedly return over a million websites promising you fast incorporation in Panama or the BVI, as well as a host of 'benefits' for that particular jurisdiction.

Are these benefits real? Does it make sense to structure a business overseas?

Yes. Planting[...] Click here to continue reading

I ignored the warning signs

It was an interesting weekend, to say the least, and what I am about to tell you is a true story.

I 'intended' to drive down to Gibraltar this weekend, hop a ferry for Morocco, and spend a few days in Africa. As it happened though, once the famous Rock of Gibraltar emerged in the horizon, I inadvertently turned my car north into the Sierra Bermeja mountains.

Down on the coast where I[...] Click here to continue reading

How to avoid living in a police state

If I have been too subtle in the past, let me be absolutely clear this afternoon: the time to do something, the time to take action to safeguard your future and your families livelihood, is NOW.

I'm more impassioned than usual this morning... and with reason.  Reluctantly, I tuned in to Team Obama's press briefing last night about the ongoing saga of the Nigerian underwear bomber.  Obama's is clearly trying to cultivate a fear[...] Click here to continue reading

Four jurisdictions to store gold overseas

January 7, 2010

Reporting from: Estepona, Spain

I've long believed that exchange controls will eventually return to the developed world, specifically in the United States and Western Europe. Struggling to find buyers of their debt, these governments will likely impose strict penalties for net outflows and retail currency transactions.

Unfortunately, most people will be too broke, too stupid, or too distracted to care that their savings are trapped in a rapidly depreciating[...] Click here to continue reading

How to value foreign property

January 6, 2010

Reporting from: Estepona, Spain

I'm sitting now in lovely Estepona, Spain-- a coastal town on the Mediterranean that experienced a massive property boom over the last decade.

The community I'm in is anchored by a five-star Ritz Carlton golf resort, and surrounded on all sides by the mountains or the ocean.  Ancient military tacticians marveled at the defensibility of such a position and likely did not envision it being[...] Click here to continue reading

You’re officially on your own…

January 5, 2010

Reporting from: Estepona, Spain

I've spent a lot of time lately sitting on the terrace of my coastal villa here in southern Spain, enjoying great conversations with friends, pondering the markets, and making significant investment and business decisions.

I've found that it's much easier to do this in a peaceful environment, free of the normal distractions that can invade our daily lives.

In fact, one of[...] Click here to continue reading

Multiple Flags Overview

Reporting from: Malaga, Spain

I do not have tremendous faith in world 'leaders' (as ridiculous a moniker as that is to use); last month's debacle in Copenhagen only further underscored how perverse and ineffective the existing political process is, and everyone is really starting to see it.

The Social Contract is deteriorating rapidly, and in the end, the one thing that you can count on is that people will ultimately do what they[...] Click here to continue reading

The end of the end is the beginning

I'm sitting on a sunny terrace overlooking the Gulf of Taranto in Italy's southern Puglia region, and it's absolutely spectacular. If the world goes to hell in 2010, this will be on my short list.

Puglia is Italy's breadbasket-- staple crops here grow like wild flowers due to the temperate climate and rich soil. It hardly rains here (this is a plus for me), yet ground water is abundant, so it's fairly easy to[...] Click here to continue reading

Subscriber Questions

I receive a lot of subscriber questions, and while I cannot answer them all, I wanted to specifically address three of them that key in on recurring themes in this community-- second citizenship, investing, international opportunities, corporate structures, banking, and gold/silver storage.

1) Paul asks-- "I was wondering what your 1st choice would be in setting up an online business offshore.  Which country would be best for business structure, hosting, and merchant accounts?"

[...] Click here to continue reading