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How to play a dollar rally

It had to happen eventually.

Nothing moves in a straight line in either direction, up or down... and when it does, there's clearly room for a correction. 

In this case, I'm talking about the dollar, which has surged in the last week. 

What a roller coaster ride-- we watched it continually slide for years against major currencies while the credit bubble fueled capital flows into foreign currencies and commodities.  When the bubble[...] Click here to continue reading

Dubai is struggling, but rising (a bit)

Dubai is looking something like Rocky Balboa late in his first fight with Apollo...bruised, battered, struggling to his feet-- but still fighting. Of course, if you remember the movie, Rocky didn't win that fight. He was all heart, no belt. I think the analogy fits.

To be clear, I think Dubai is great... I have done a lot of business there and I enjoy it; it's fun, safe, diverse, historic, and cosmopolitan. For the[...] Click here to continue reading

Profting from turmoil in Thailand

He has ruled through 12 US Presidents, a string of military dictatorships, several coups, and a historic transition to democracy. At 81 years of age, King Bhumibol of Thailand has really seen it all.

Despite his essentially ceremonial position, King Bhumibol is revered, almost worshiped, by his people-- not like other constitutional monarchies where the royal family is merely a rubber stamp soap opera.

He has used his extreme influence on several[...] Click here to continue reading

How a Chinese stock and property bubble will affect gold prices

I have the temporary misfortune today of feeling a bit under the weather. I've always wondered how such an expression came to pass, but if it is meant to be any sort of metaphor, my 'weather' is something like a category five hurricane.

As a consequence, I was unable to attend this week's Asia gold conference which took place in Hong Kong; fortunately, though, my friend and colleague Christine Verone was in attendance, and[...] Click here to continue reading

Network Infiltration

As promised, I published my "Network Infiltration Black Paper" late Friday afternoon; I had spent all week working on this free report designed to teach anyone how to build contacts, gain influence, and infiltrate any exclusive network.

Unfortunately, I found out on Monday that, after I released the paper, the volume of people simultaneously trying to download it temporarily crashed my Ireland-based web server over the weekend.

Problem solved. If you didn't get[...] Click here to continue reading

Five things you need to know about Uruguay

I love Uruguay... it is, without a doubt, one of my top five choices in Latin America-- the country is clean, beautiful, and cheap, full of great wine and friendly people. But if you're considering the country as a place to live, work, or do business, there are definitely a few things you need to know:

First, Uruguay is NOT a financial center. It achieved a reputation over the years as a tax haven[...] Click here to continue reading

A silver lining for taxpayers

The US Internal Revenue Service was feeling rather proud of itself yesterday; IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman held a press conference to release the final results of 2009 amnesty program.

Over 7500 taxpayers came forward this year to confess hiding income in overseas bank accounts; this number is substantially greater than the several hundred which usually step forward.

Obviously, the unity of insolvent western governments against overseas 'tax havens' coupled with the UBS/Swiss banking[...] Click here to continue reading

Set up your kids for life

If you're presently expecting a child or are planning on having one soon, you should really consider having your baby overseas.

There are many countries, particularly in the western hemisphere, which grant citizenship to all children born within its borders, regardless of the nationality or immigration status of the parents. The legal term is called jus soli, which differs from jus sanguinis, or citizenship by blood/ancestry.

The United States and Canada are two[...] Click here to continue reading

A day at the knock-off market

Thanks to an unexpected computer crash, I've spent the majority of my day trolling around one of Shanghai's infamous technology marketplaces, where just about everything you see is a knock-off.From my condo in Shanghai's Pudong district, it's about a 15 minute metro ride to "Pacific Digital Plaza," which ironically is just a stone's throw from Best Buy.  The building is five floors of wall-to-wall electronics-- if it has an on/off switch, you can buy it[...] Click here to continue reading

How to have an anonymous phone conversation

Do you think your government doesn't have the means to listen to your phone calls?

Think again.

Governments from around the world, not just exclusive to North America, have technologically advanced eavesdropping programs which can capture mobile phone conversations without anyone ever knowing.  And just in case the government isn't so technologically advanced, they coerce wireless carriers into coughing up encryption schemes (cough, cough, Russia)...

Unless you have your own two-way encryption[...] Click here to continue reading
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