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Welcome to “Future Headline Friday”

Today, we’re trying something new and unique. In a world brimming with bewildering headlines, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future… thinking about where this trajectory leads. So, today we’re launching our inaugural edition of “Future Headline Friday”. This is our satirical take of where this world is going if

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How attractive is Egypt’s Citizenship By Investment program in 2023?

Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs – and the European ones, in particular – have come under mounting pressure from Brussels in recent years. Yet occasionally, new programs still come online. Egypt’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program has been in existence since March of 2020. But is it worth considering? In today’s episode, we

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Hard data that confidence in the dollar is cracking

It is becoming increasingly clear that the world is losing faith in the United States dollar… and rapidly turning to alternatives. And that’s a huge deal for the United States. For nearly eight decades, the US economy and US government have enjoyed the unparalleled benefits of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency.

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Greek Golden Visa: A look at the Steady Eddie of EU Golden Visas

Amidst a slew of recent Golden Visa program closures across Europe, the continent’s top residency by investment program is more popular than ever – AND its imminent price increase for certain areas has been delayed. In today’s episode, we take a look at some of the factors contributing to the program’s success… A

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We’ve waited nearly 15 years for this

Thousands of years ago on the 27th of July, 54 BC, the famed Roman senator Cicero wrote a letter to his friend Atticus complaining about all the corruption and bribery that was destroying Rome’s political system. There was an important election taking place that year for Roman consul, which had once been considered

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Maybe it’s time to think about a different approach…

If you open up U-Haul’s website and have a look at the discount page, you’ll see a huge graphic at the top of the screen advertising “Discounts on One-Way Rentals from the Midwest to the West Coast.” It shows a map highlighting middle America, with arrows pointing west to California, and urging customers

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Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa program 2023: Program Overview

Cyprus’ Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) has not garnered as much media attention as the Portuguese or Spanish DNVs. And while its requirements aren’t super lenient, the island is nonetheless a highly compelling option – especially for English-speaking digital nomads. Let’s have a look at the program below… Cyprus: An excellent island destination for

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Humanity is on the cusp of a giant (6x) leap forward

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean caused a tsunami to strike Japan. You probably remember seeing this in the news, because, directly in the path of the tsunami sat the Fukushima nuclear power plant. As the waves crashed into the reactors, the plant’s cooling systems lost power and the

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