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Three Places to Retire on the Beach AND Cut Your Cost of Living

At 1,350 miles, Florida has the most coastline of any state in the lower 48 United States. Add year round warmth, and it is no wonder that Florida nets about 80,000 retirees moving to the state yearly, based on census data. But today Florida tops the list of states where real estate prices

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Great Locations For High Quality, Inexpensive Medical Care

This week I had the incredible joy of welcoming my son into the world. He’s healthy, happy, and at nearly 9 pounds, quite strong. As soon as we found out she was pregnant, my wife and I made a very deliberate decision to have the baby in Cancun, Mexico. We live in Puerto

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Malta CBI vs EU: Another excellent passport program under threat from Brussels

Considering Alternative Citizenship By Investment? Here’s why you shouldn’t wait… Brussels does NOT like Citizenship By Investment (CBI) programs one bit. First they went after the Cypriot CBI. Next came Vanuatu.And now, they’re taking Malta to court over their CBI program, too. Here’s why this should spur you to take action if you’re

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Simon Black Did What?

Friends, Simon Black has done something you might find surprising. No, he didn’t burn all his passports or suddenly become an evangelist for high taxes… But the original Sovereign Man did, in fact, surprise us recently. He sat me down (Viktorija, the CEO)… …and asked me to fire him. Sovereign Man, he reasoned,

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A masterclass in ‘How to shoot yourself in the foot’

In the mid 1400s, the head of the Byzantine Empire was a career politician with decades of experience who most people thought would be a capable leader. Instead, through a series of hilariously terrible decisions, he managed to take his already weak empire off the cliff, and into the dustbin of history, in

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Colombia's Digital Nomad Visa is launching soon

Colorful Colombia’s Digital Nomad Visa program is going live soon

Thinking about an immersive living experience in colorful Colombia? A new law, coming into effect on October 22, will create a new visa specifically for Digital Nomads. Let’s get into the details below… Being a digital nomad in Colombia is about to get a lot easier Bordered by Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and the

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15.7 trillion new reasons to be concerned about the national debt

Last Friday, September 30th 2022 was the close of the Fiscal Year for the US federal government. If you’re not familiar with the term, the ‘Fiscal Year’ refers to the government’s official accounting period. It starts on October 1st and ends the following September 30th. And everything from the federal budget to the

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“The most impressive failure of his time”

Lately we’ve been led astray over and over again by supposed ‘experts’ with decades of experience who can’t seem to stop making colossal mistakes. But I’m not just talking about individuals. I’m talking about institutions too. And one institution in particular that’s been an abject failure lately has been the central bank. That

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