Join the Sovereign Man team

Want to do something that matters?

Would you like to help our 100,000+ readers and 15,000+ customers achieve more freedom in their lives, while at the same time build your own freedom and refine your skills?

Our team is based in Santiago, Chile, with an amazing office in the best part of the city. As part of our team you will get a chance to work alongside Simon Black and absorb his knowledge and experience.

While we have certain open positions listed below, we are always looking for self-driven and sovereign people who can add value to the Sovereign Man business.

So the big question is…

Do you think you can improve our business / content / website / products / sales or something else?

If so, then please email us at and let us know how you can add value to our business.

Open positions

Web-developer & operations manager

You would be working with a smart, driven, young team from all over the world in our office in Santiago, Chile.

As part of your job you would be working closely with members of our marketing, editorial, investing, and IT teams. This would give you the chance to acquire their knowledge and their skill sets, while enhancing your own financial sophistication, entrepreneurial abilities, and international diversification overall.

Your role would be to continuously make improvements to our website, integrate all the different systems and make sure everything is running smoothly. You should have experience in front-end development (HTML, JS, Bootstrap, JQuery) as well as know PHP and ideally have experience with API integrations and WordPress theme/plugin development. This would allow you to gain more experience in these skills, as well as learn how to apply them to growing a business.

You would be using these skills in order to help more people achieve freedom and prosperity in their lives.

You too, would be able to increase your personal freedom by joining our team. Relocating to Chile will enable you to establish foreign residency and put you on track for a second passport down the line. Additionally, you will gain access to our knowledge on all of the steps necessary for implementing a strong Plan B, as well as investing and growing your wealth.

Apply for this position by emailing us here:

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