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Prepare to be Inspired

August 12, 2014 Spoleto, Italy If you’ve been a reader of Sovereign Man for any length of time you’ve probably read about our annual youth camp. Each summer, we bring students from all over the world to a beautiful lakeside resort in Lithuania where my colleagues and I coach them about liberty, investing,

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009: A conversation about entrepreneurship and US real estate

This podcast features a very special guest. A close friend. One of the most talented real estate investors I know. And someone who I respect beyond measure. J Massey. For the last two years, I brought J to Lithuania to our annual Liberty & Entrepreneurship camp where we teach up and coming entrepreneurs

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This is why I am so optimistic about the future

February 14, 2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina It’s clear that in today’s world, young people are constantly getting the shaft. Everyone is, really. But in many ways, young people have it the worst. Youth unemployment rates in ‘rich’ countries are shocking. Abysmal. Young people are the last to be hired and the first to

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How a 17-year old made a fortune in Chile

January 15, 2014 Santiago, Chile In 1892, 17 year old Pascual Baburizza stepped off the boat in what looked like an unwelcoming, arid landscape in the north of Chile. Baburizza had just spent several weeks on a boat travelling from his home island of Koločep, Croatia, which was then part of the dying

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If you have children, you need to see these numbers

December 17, 2013 Santiago, Chile According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, just 33% of Americans think their children will have a better life than they did. On the other hand, 62% believe their children will be worse off. They’re likely to be right.  The typical American family has seen

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Yesterday I learned about this great residency loophole

Yesterday I had the opportunity to break bread with a good friend of mine who is an alumnus of the Startup Chile entrepreneurship program. This is a really unique program that the government launched in 2010 at the behest of one of Chile’s leading entrepreneurs. In its first few months, Startup Chile brought

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The easiest place to be an entrepreneur

November 15, 2010 Singapore I’ve long argued that the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur lies in finding ways to create value– solving problems. The larger the problem, or the more people affected by the problem, then the more value is created… and hence, the greater the reward for the entrepreneur. It takes

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