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Here’s what a few people did the last time the system was rigged against them…

November 6, 2014
Santiago, Chile

For most it was their first time on a ship. And now they were trapped on board for weeks to endure storms and seasickness on the high seas.

Packed together like sardines in tiny, rat-infested cargo holds with unappetizing provisions and a constant stench of human waste, early settlers (expatriates) had every reason to not be on those ships.

But there was something far more important than[...] Click here to continue reading

Do you plan to ‘stay and fight’? Here’s a better solution.

November 5, 2014 (Remember, Remember)
Santiago, Chile

Long ago when I was a fresh young Army lieutenant straight out of the academy, I spent six months at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, learning how to be an intelligence officer.

Fort Huachuca (pronounced wah-CHOO-kuh) is nestled snugly on the Mexican border, so there were a lot of other government outfits in the area like US border patrol and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Military intelligence officers[...] Click here to continue reading

WARNING: Avoid this corrupt, third-world country at all costs

United States Corruption Decline
October 31, 2014
Santiago, Chile

John Anderson, an American tourist from San Clemente, California, was driving down a poorly-maintained highway when he saw flashing lights in his rearview mirror.

After a brief exchange with the local police officer, Anderson was shocked when the cop started searching his vehicle.

Anderson had $25,180 in US dollar cash in the car, which by the way was not a crime according to the local laws.

[...] Click here to continue reading

This seems to be going well (chart)

September 15, 2014
Santiago, Chile

Gallup released a new poll late last week showing how many (or few, as it were) Americans are 'satisfied' with the direction of the country. 23%. That's it. 76% are NOT satisfied. Only 1% aren't sure.

The chart below shows the astounding, long-term decline since 2000.

Note, this is a trend that has outlasted three Presidents and six Congresses. It's not about a[...] Click here to continue reading

This is how you beat Obamacare

High quality, low cost, no hassle medical care in ThailandAugust 27, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

I'm still a little bit stunned by what just happened.

30 minutes and $73 later, I just walked out of what was -technically- a hospital, but was much closer to an upscale business lounge at a modern airport.

I had a quick procedure done to fix up a nagging issue sustained in my military days (seemingly a lifetime[...] Click here to continue reading

In some parts of Europe, they are literally giving away land…

Cheap Property
July 30, 2014
En route to Estonia

The last few years have not been kind to European property markets, to put it mildly.

Ireland, Spain, and Portugal, for example, experienced property bubbles and collapses even more severe than what happened in the US. It was gruesome.

But while some areas have recovered, others are still barely limping along 6+ years later.

Before reviewing the places in Europe that are cheap at[...] Click here to continue reading

AUDIO: The last ‘dependence day’ with the US as the world’s #1 economy

July 4, 2014
Kiev, Ukraine

In one of the most ill-timed columns ever written, Fortune Magazine published an article entitled "10 stocks to last the decade" on August 14, 2000.

The NASDAQ Composite Index was at 3849.69... and within days of the article being published, the index would begin a ruthless decline, taking a whopping 13 years to return to that level.

And as for the 10 stocks which were supposed to[...] Click here to continue reading

Why the St. Kitts economic citizenship program’s days may be numbered

St Kitts
June 20, 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

What do you get when you mix Bitcoin Jesus, Marriott, St. Kitts, and terrorists?

I'm afraid we'll all find out soon.

It wasn't but a month ago that I told you about the US government's opening salvo against the St. Kitts economic citizenship program.

They're trying to patch up a small scratch that's turning into a sucking chest wound; thousands of Americans are now renouncing their[...] Click here to continue reading

This pretty much sums it up…

June 16, 2014
Shanghai, China

According to a new Gallup pole, a record amount of Americans now disapprove of President Obama.

Now, this is nothing new. Presidential approval ratings go up and down, and Mr. Obama has had a long-term slide thanks to... oh, I don't know... a total avalanche of foul-ups ranging from the Obamacare fiasco to the IRS targeting his enemies to the VA scandal to the intelligence community's surveillance[...] Click here to continue reading

You might qualify for this. And it could be life-changing.

June 13, 2014

One of the things I've concluded from traveling to over 100 countries is that human beings are largely the same everywhere in the world.

Obviously, cultural differences abound. But from Saudi Arabia to Tanzania to Palau to Venezuela to Bangladesh, people everywhere love their children. They strive for happiness. They work at jobs they don't like for asshole bosses they hate for a wage that doesn't go as far[...] Click here to continue reading

Guess which empire came to an end today?

Spanish Hapsburgs
May 19, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

In the early 16th century, a priest by the name of Fray Francisco de Ugalde remarked to his king that Spain was "el imperio en el que nunca se pone el sol".

In other words, the sun never set on the Spanish Empire.

And by the 1500s with its vast lands across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and even the South Pacific, Spain (technically the[...] Click here to continue reading

He bought a panic alarm just to visit this city

[Editor's Note: Martyn Anstey is the founder of Invest Colombia]

April 27, 2014
Medellín, Colombia

$1 trillion a year.

That's the cost of damage, which will be caused by coastal flooding by 2050 according to the United Nations.

The problem isn’t reserved only for far away tropical islands.

In the US, 23 of the 25 most densely populated cities are on the coast.

With the phenomenal shift towards urbanization[...] Click here to continue reading

Here’s how you get a free passport

April 17, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Today is a pretty great day for Team Sovereign Man.

As I've mentioned before, we've got a very close-knit team down here in Chile-- people from all over the world. They hail from places like Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, New Zealand, Argentina, Thailand, etc.

Now as we've discussed so many times in the past, we are not defined by our nationality. The color of one's passport[...] Click here to continue reading

Check out this “undiscovered gem”, a city known for all the wrong reasons

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia: Because of a $47 dispute the whole world got to know about Cartagena, a city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. For all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

Two years ago Cartagena hosted the Summit of the Americas, a get-together of all heads of state for countries from North, Central, and South America, bar Cuba.

Before Barack Obama got there a group of Secret Service agents that descended on Cartagena decided to have[...] Click here to continue reading

“I haven’t seen anyone from the government in eight years…”

February 28, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

"Hey I just wanted to let you know, a guy from the local government was here today..."

That was one of the first phone calls I received from the manager of this place just a few days after I had taken over this farm a couple of years ago.

A visit from the government seemed harmless enough. My friends back in the US who were[...] Click here to continue reading

This city should definitely be on your radar

This city should be on your radar
February 27, 2014
Medellin, Colombia

$1 billion.

That’s how much the old Medellin drug cartel under Pablo Escobar used to lose annually to rats that would eat the currency stored in their warehouses.

At its height, the cartel was smuggling 15 tons of cocaine per year into the US. And its leader Pablo Escobar was one of the richest men in the world… so rich, in fact, he offered at one point[...] Click here to continue reading

Americans who abandoned citizenship jumped 1,402% last quarter

February 10, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

631 people renounced their US citizenship in the 4th quarter of 2013.

This is an entire order of magnitude higher than the 45 people who renounced in 4Q/2012. And in total, 3,000 Americans renounced their citizenship in 2013-- another record high.

The previous record (1,777) was set in 2011, which shattered the previous record before that (1,534) which was set in 2010, which was more[...] Click here to continue reading

This place is a Europe lover’s paradise in the middle of South America

February 4, 2014
Pucon, Chile

In my travels to 100+ countries over the years, I've discovered that there is an indubitable abundance of great places to be.

There are rapidly developing countries in Asia right now on the cusp of massive social and economic transformations, replete with huge opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

Many of Europe's most splendid destinations are on sale. They're practically giving away property in Greece, Italy, and the[...] Click here to continue reading

The easiest place in the world to establish second residency

December 30, 2013
Santiago, Chile

Recently, we’ve discussed several different economic citizenship programs around the world. And while these programs are not for everyone due to their higher costs, they have all surfaced at the same time, and I would be derelict in my duties to not to inform you about these options.

Bottom line—it’s all good news. The supply of potential second citizenships is increasing. And I’m certain it’s going to continue[...] Click here to continue reading

The case for owning farmland in one simple statistic

Chile Farmland
December 20, 2013
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

In investing, it's often said that nothing goes up or down in a straight line.

Stocks, bonds, commodities... they all go through periods of growth, correction, collapse, mania, etc.

We're seeing this right now with respect to a substantial decline in the nominal gold price after more than 12 straight years of gains.

But I've just recently come across an investment trend that has[...] Click here to continue reading

Perfect storm sending the A$ below 85c

Australian dollar
December 18, 2013
Hong Kong


[Editor’s Note: Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man’s Chief Investment Strategist, is filling in today while Simon is scouting new agricultural properties.]

Earlier this year I ate a $36 hamburger in Sydney.

And after the sticker shock wore off, I wrote about the Australian dollar’s massive, obvious overvaluation.

When the Aussie dollar passed A$1.04 per US dollar, I advised readers of my premium investment newsletter to[...] Click here to continue reading

No inflation to see here….

November 15, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

One of the biggest lies in finance is this perpetual deception that inflation is good.

Ben Bernanke, the current high priest of US monetary policy, recently remarked that it's "important to prevent US inflation from falling too low."

Well of course, we wouldn't want that, would we? Just imagine the chaos and devastation that would ensue if the cost of living actually remained... you know... the same.
[...] Click here to continue reading

This one chart shows you who’s really in control

November 7, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Check out this chart below. It's a graph of total US tax revenue as a percentage of the money supply, since 1900.

For example, in 1928, at the peak of the Roaring 20s, US money supply (M2) was $46.4 billion. That same year, the US government took in $3.9 billion in tax revenue.

So in 1928, tax revenue was 8.4% of the money supply.

In contrast,[...] Click here to continue reading

How much do you think this ocean view cost me?

October 30, 2013

Santiago, Chile

[Editor’s note: Darren Kaiser, author of Sovereign Man's Chile Property Investment Black Paper, is filling in today while Simon is en route to Asia.]

Look around the world from an investment perspective these days, nothing seems particularly cheap. And finding safe places to park capital is a little like trying to find your way through a mine field.

At first glance things might look fine, but[...] Click here to continue reading

Treasury’s deceit exposed by this ballsy government official

Caught With Pants Down
October 29, 2013
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Do you remember the $700 billion bailout of the financial system in 2008?

It seems these days that most investors do not. People are partying like it's 1929... as if all the issues and challenges that plagued the banking sector just a few years ago have miraculously vanished.

This thinking is absurd, and even a casual glance at the balance sheets of so many banks[...] Click here to continue reading

At least now it’s obvious who’s really in charge

October 8, 2013
Sovereign Valley Farm, Pencahue, Chile

It's clear to everyone by now that the government of the largest country in the world is careening towards default in just over 200 hours.

Yet curiously, even though the US government's completely ridiculous, untenable fiscal situation is a front page embarrassment for the entire world to see, markets have barely budged.

A few very short-term rates have shot up, but for the[...] Click here to continue reading

This place is like California in the 50s (PHOTOS)

September 27, 2013
San Antonio, Chile

"It's like the 1950s back in the US, but without the Soviets, McCarthyism, or the blatant racism."

That's how an older gringo friend of mine once described his experiences and lifestyle in Chile. I think he's spot on.

For many westerners, it can really take some getting used to-- seeing children out riding their bicycles <gasp> without  helmets, young ladies hitchhiking by themselves, the total lack[...] Click here to continue reading

Local doctor: “I’m not a slave to insurance companies or regulations…”

Thai doctor
September 10, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

It's a weird indicator, but I sometimes measure the strength of the US economy by the weight of my carry-on bag.

You see, friends of mine who don't have medical insurance (most of them in the US) often ask if I can bring them discounted pharmaceuticals from Thailand.

The price difference is staggering, whether you're talking about common prescription medications like Lipitor, Cialis, and Hydrocodone (which can[...] Click here to continue reading

2,400 year old wisdom on the NSA, Edward Snowden, and gun control

August 27, 2013
Spoleto, Italy

Nearly 2,400 years ago, Aristotle wrote one of the defining works of political philosophy in a book entitled Politics.

It's still incredibly relevant today, particularly what he writes about tyranny.

The ancient Greeks used the word 'turannos', which referred to an illegitimate ruler who governs without regard for the law or interests of the people, often through violent and coercive means.

Aristotle attacks tyrants mercilessly in[...] Click here to continue reading

Is this the best safe haven for you and your family?

[Editor’s note: Darren Kaiser, author of Sovereign Man’s Chile Property Investment Black Paper, is filling in for Simon today from Santiago, Chile.]

Chile has been a pretty nice place to be over the last few years, not just to live but also as an investment destination.

Anyone involved in startup businesses or real estate just about anywhere in the country over the last 3, 5, 10, even 20 years, has done quite well.
[...] Click here to continue reading

What will future historians think of our time?

[Editor's note: While Simon is tied up for the next few days, we're sending out some of the most popular archives from the past four years of Sovereign Man. This column was originally published in 2012.]

It wasn’t too long ago that renowned scholars invested their entire professional lives studying the “ethnic sciences”.

They’d take cranial measurements of various peoples and pen textbooks to suggest that one race was superior or inferior to[...] Click here to continue reading

MASSIVE jump in people who renounced US citizenship last quarter

August 8, 2013
Makarska, Croatia

A massive 1,131 individuals renounced their US citizenship last quarter, according to data that has yet to be officially released (though I was able to procure an advanced copy).

This is a HUGE jump.

Compared to the same quarter last year in which 188 people renounced their US citizenship, this year's number is over SIX TIMES higher.

Not to mention, it's 66.5% higher than last quarter's[...] Click here to continue reading

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

August 6, 2013
Makarska, Croatia

One of the great privileges I’ve had each year for the last several years is hosting several dozen energetic young minds in the Lithuanian countryside for our annual Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp.

This year’s camp just finished yesterday, and it was an amazing experience… the best one we’ve ever had.

We had students from 31 different countries represented… from Australia to Zimbabwe, Iran to Mongolia, Canada to[...] Click here to continue reading

Why you want to have a second residency… and four ways to do it

July 24, 2013
Dublin, Ireland

We received a lot of questions from an article last week about obtaining residency from Portugal's housing market. Let's explore a bit further--

If you have the means, having a second residency makes a world of sense.

For one, if your home country goes down the tubes quickly, having a bolt hole abroad is a fantastic insurance policy. You'll never have to worry because you already have[...] Click here to continue reading

How to ensure you don’t end up like Edward Snowden

Lisbon Portugal
July 17, 2013
Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is often overlooked as a tourist destination for more famous venues like Spain, France, and England. But if you've never been before, I highly recommend it.

This has long been one of my favorite places to be in Europe. There's such an incredible amount of history here; despite its diminutive size, Portugal was once the most powerful empire in the world... and they have the architecture and[...] Click here to continue reading