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12 things the ultra-productive do with their mornings

Relatively speaking, night owls are a fairly new concept because before advent of the light bulb, nighttime productivity was nearly impossible. Many people today either categorize themselves as early birds or night owls but in a recent study, researchers discovered the powerful advantages of being early to rise. US News reports on how early birds tend to be happier than night owls and the 12 things most ultra-productive people do with their mornings:
A recent study published in an[...] Click here to continue reading

Economist won £250,000 for THIS proposal to exit the Eurozone

As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues without any clear sign of recovery, the fear of a Eurozone breakup is on everyones mind. People fear that if any country were to leave the Euro, further economic chaos would ensue. Economist Roger Bootle however, believes that despite a short term depression, a breakup would provide significant long term growth opportunities. RT News reveals their interview with Bootle and how he won the £250,000 Wolfson Prize for his[...] Click here to continue reading

Even the Canadian government is violating their citizens’ rights

The surpression of human rights is not a new concept and is taking place at an increasing rate worldwide. When people think about oppressive governments, Canada is definitely not the first that comes to mind. Recent student protests however, have lead the Canadian government to take a more tyrannical approach to maintaining order. CBC News reports on Canada's Bill 78 and its explicit violation of citizens' freedom of speech and right to protest:

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Police arrest Olympic spectator for ‘not smiling’

As the world shifts toward an ever growing police state, law enforcers are looking for almost any excuse to arrest someone. Just like our warfare, police are preemptively detaining citizens who look even remotely suspicious. The latest example of this occurred during the London Olympics where a man was taken to the police station because he was simply 'not smiling'.  The Guardian reports on the ridiculous reasoning behind this man's arrest:
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China is building a rare-earth monopoly

Rare-earth minerals are in increasing demand as their need continues to grow in hardware manufacturing. In order to capitalize on the demand, China has been striking deals with big REM suppliers like Mongolia, North Korea and several African countries. Now that China has secured a foothold on most major producers of rare-earth minerals, it appears they are aiming to drive up the commodity prices by reducing the global supply. CNN reports on China's attempt to form a[...] Click here to continue reading

France is about to experience a mass exodus of wealthy elite

European countries are currently looking for any opportunity to increase government revenues in order to alleviate the growing sovereign debt crises. The French government is going so far as to increase the top tier tax percentage to a ridiculous 75%. This has caused quite a stir among the French elite and many are contemplating their options to even evacuate the country. The New York Times reports on the country's rising taxes and a candid interview from a French tax advisor:
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Entrepreneurial opportunities leave Afghanistan along with the expats

Afghanistan has certainly had a history of ups and downs. From being occupied by the USSR to being occupied by the United States, over the past three decades the Afghan citizens have had their fair share of foreigners. However, as US expats currently leave the country, they take with them a significant demand for products and services. Reuters reports on how this migration of foreigners is affecting the Afghan economy:
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How to make sure your Gmail account is completely secure

Password theft is one of the most common cyber-security threats in our current digital age. Both Yahoo! and LinkedIn have experienced mass security breaches recently which led to hundreds of thousands of user accounts being compromised. Google however has a convenient security feature that you can enable on your account to ensure that if thieves obtain your password, they still can't access your sensitive information. Bussiness Insider provides a handy tutorial showing users how to enable[...] Click here to continue reading

New report says Obama and Holder are prime examples of cronyism

President Obama
Cronyism is not a new concept in Washington, DC. Mark Twain famously wrote about it in his novel, The Gilded Age, which parodied the the contrast between the massive wealth being made post-Civil War and the severe political corruption that helped fuel it. Today we still have much cronyism within our political system and a recent report from the Government Accountability Institute makes it even more apparent. The Daily Caller reveals:
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‘North Korea is sitting on the goldmine’

North Korea has had a long history of isolationism and financial struggles. The recent rise in food prices had caused large shortages in the country, however, many people have noticed a surprising increase in North Korea's capital. What most people don't realize is that the country is actually extremely rich in natural resources, especially rare earth metals. The Asia Times reports on the potential economic rise of North Korea:
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India seeks tax reform to boost economic growth

Tax codes can be one of the most confusing areas of financial study, which is a big reason why CPAs get paid so well. However, when governments simplify their tax policies, it allows people to start and grow small business more rapidly. This is exactly why India's new finance minister is working to add much needed clarity to their tax codes. BBC News reports on the recent change in policy:
India's new finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, has pledged[...] Click here to continue reading

The ‘slow death’ of the Swiss bank account

As a growing number of countries stand on the brink of bankruptcy, desperation sets in to acquire as much tax revenue as possible. In doing so, many countries are going after renowned tax havens and are destroying all the privacy of offshore banking. Swiss bank accounts were some of the most prestigeous in the word but now that they don't provide their former security, many account holders are quickly withdrawing their assets. Bloomberg reports on the resulting decline of[...] Click here to continue reading

How to erase your personal information from the Internet

In today's digital age, personal information is made easily accessible because of the internet. By searching for someone's name on Google, you can discover almost all of their personal data like age, phone number, address and even their family's information. Fortunately, there is a new service that allows users to erase all of their personal data from the net and take their privcy back. Business Insider explains:
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The NYPD is better at abusing your rights than protecting them

The recent Occupy Wall Street movement may have some misdirections, but like all groups in the US, they have the constitutional right to protest. While it may be written into law, police officers have repeatedly ignored these rights in favor of abusing disgruntled citizens, especially in New York City. Reason expands on a recent report detailing the excessive use of force by the NYPD and their blatant abuse of power:
The exhaustive report (which I was also interviewed for, having[...] Click here to continue reading

Too much secrecy is the problem, not the leaks

Washington D.C. has always been shrouded in secrecy, corruption and scandal. Law makers and politicians often use their authority to safeguard information detrimental to the security of the nation but the vast majority of the time, they use their power to simply cover-up incriminating evidence. CNN reports on Washington's culture of secrecy and the major problems with over-classification:
At the end of July, the Senate intelligence committee marked up legislation drafted in response to recent high-profile leaks[...] Click here to continue reading

Taiwan is now exporting THIS commodity at record highs

When people think 'Made in Taiwan' they typically envision Taiwan's electronics industry and  manufactured exports. This however is rapidly changing as Taiwan's rice exports have been making a significant resurgence in both the Japanese and mainland Chinese markets. The Asia Times reports on this economic shift in commodities and the causes behind it:
The door to both the mainland Chinese and Japanese market have been cracked open recently for Taiwan's rice farmers. In Japan, fears over radiation contamination are making[...] Click here to continue reading

Germany jumps on the drone bandwagon

The use of drones for both surveillance and assassination has been an extremely controversial issue with people evenly on both sides. The Obama presidency has been marred with the prolific use of drones both foreign and domestically, however it appears now that the German defense minister wants to follow in is footsteps. Reuters reports on the German support for using unmanned drones:

Germany, which used unmanned aircraft in warfare during World War Two, should deploy armed drones in its military, its[...] Click here to continue reading

This is the dot-com bubble 2.0

In 2000 the NASDAQ crashed as a result of a massive bubble caused by speculation in pioneer internet companies, most notably Pets.com. Many people lost their jobs and investments because of the gross over-speculation. Unfortunately we are currently experiencing a similar bubble in the valuation of I.P.O.'s. The New York Times reports on this phenomenon and what it means for investors:
A decade after the last technology bubble burst, the signs are everywhere that it is happening again.

Look[...] Click here to continue reading

Regulations don’t work when the regulators are corrupt too

John Adams once famously wrote "If men were angels, no government would be necessary." In this vein it is logical to conclude that since no man is an angel, it is extremely important to prevent mass power being given to sole individuals. This is especially true in banking. The recent scandal of Barclay's manipulation of the LIBOR rate has sparked global controversy over the corruption in central banking and that vast opportunities for rate-fixing. The New York Times reports[...] Click here to continue reading

Hong Kong’s not-so-free market

Investment bankers, Wall Street traders and international entrepreneurs alike view Hong Kong as an oasis of free markets and laissez faire government. This may be true to some extent if you're setting up business that targets markets outside of Hong Kong, but if you're looking a capitalize on domestic demand, sucess is almost impossible because of the staunch oligopolies and monopolies. The Asia Times reports on Hong Kong's ironic 'free market':
In what is routinely considered the "freest"[...] Click here to continue reading

More people drop-out of the workforce than find jobs in July

When President Obama first proposed his job stimulus bill, he predicted that by this time unemployment would be below 6% and the economy would make a significant recovery. That recovery is still a fantasy as for another month unemployment rose despite large numbers of people leaving the workforce all together. CNS News reports on the latest data from the Bureau of Labor statistics:
There were 195,000 fewer people employed in the United States in July than[...] Click here to continue reading

Bad economy forces people to become entrepreneurs

Everyone world wide is aware that we are currently experiencing a global depression. Europe is in shambles because of multiple sovereign debt crises and the US debt is increasing at record rates. Many people view this trend as a severe negative but the current situation has also allowed for many positives and hidden opportunities. Personal Liberty reports on a recent study indicating a rise in entrepreneurship as a result of the current economic crisis:
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Myanmar’s development is being held back by US congress

Investors are always looking for the next region to emerge as an economic contender in order to get in at basement prices. Many analysts believe that the improving condition in Myanmar make it rich with opportunity for development.  The United States however still holds restrictions and bans over the country and it appears it will take longer than expected to remove those barriers. Reuters reports on Congress's decision to extend its ban on imports from Myanmar:
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This is what’s driving the startup bubble

In the late 90's, investors were riding high on a .com bubble that no one thought would ever pop. Hindsight is 20-20 however and we now realize the folly of our speculation. We are now witnessing another similar bubble as startups have been able to receive record amounts of money in an environment where there's a lot of hungry capital. Business Insider reports on how startup accelerators are a key contributor to this current speculation:
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Democrats surprise by drafting a drone privacy bill

Under the democrat Obama administration, the use of drones both abroad and domestically has skyrocketed. The FAA has already approved thousands of requests for drone licenses and soon there will be no more privacy in the US. However in the wake of this shift, even democrats have had growing concerns over the abuse of such technology. The Hill reports on a recent draft bill that would work to emplace privacy measures for drone use:
Rep. Edward Markey[...] Click here to continue reading

Google stands up to Texas Attorney General

Private corporations and governments alike have been making repeated requests for communication records and user data from big media entities like Twitter, Facebook and especially Google. Each company has had different policies for compliance and as requests for information increase in frequency, these policies have either become more or less permissive. All Things Digital reports on Google's recent standoff with the Texas Attorney General and his demands for more information:
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Putin brings back KGB style tyranny

Tyrannical regimes have been nothing new in our global history but for some countries, government suppression is more of a motif than others. When Cold War ended in 1989, many people saw it as an opportunity to westernize Russia and bring civil rights reforms to a historically oppressive society. Unfortunately, under Vladimir Putin's return to power, KGB like policies and tyranny have come back as well. The Telegraph reports on the decline Russian civil liberties:
Apologists for the[...] Click here to continue reading

The new app that fights against police brutality

Police brutality and their persistent violation of citizens' constitutional rights are not a new issue. However as technology advances, Big Brother now has more resources than ever to spy on us and invade our privacy. Many misconduct cases against police go no where because citizens rarely have the evidence for a conviction and it's often their words versus an officer's. World Net Weekly reports on a new Smart Phone application that will solve this problem by allowing[...] Click here to continue reading

US taxes Olympians on their gold medals

The Olympics is a time honored event that celebrates diversity, nationalism and international competition. However, when it comes to the US tax code, Olympians are well aware of how uncompetitive it is internationally. The United States will be one of the only countries to tax their champions on their Olympic winnings and even the medals themselves. Americans for Tax Reform report on this absurdity:
American medalists face a top income tax rate of 35 percent. Under U.S. tax law,[...] Click here to continue reading

This Latin American country has vast potential

Many Latin American countries are on the brink of economic prevalence as many have been pushing for financial reforms. With Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Panama all making economic strides, investors are always wondering which Latin American country has the potential to be the next major global player. CNN reports on Nicaragua's growing tourism industry along with their roadblocks to true economic reform:
Nicaragua has always had huge potential. Known as the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes," it has immense[...] Click here to continue reading

This is why you shouldn’t be expecting a recovery anytime soon

Many economists, politicians, and average citizens believe that the financial crash of '07-'08 is over and we are just taking a little longer than expected to make a full recovery. This doesn't seam to be the case however as the mistakes made five years ago haven't been corrected and many financial institutions are still holding on to extremely risky investments. The Asia Times reports on the current lack of recovery and the upcoming economic forecast:
We are[...] Click here to continue reading

The major factor that could hinder Africa’s steady growth

Recent economic reforms in Africa along with deals given to China over resource rights have allowed the continent to experience gradual growth despite the global decline. The current North American drought however has caused food prices around the world to skyrocket and this trend poses a threat to all of the development Africa has made. Reuters reports on Africa's current economic situation and the effects of a possible food shortage:
Rising food prices could hit commodity producers[...] Click here to continue reading

We should still be listening to Milton Friedman’s economic advice

100 years ago today, one of the most influential economist of the 20th century was born. Milton Friedman was a renowned scholar who ripped holes in the economic theories of John Maynard Keynes and other progressives while also serving as economic advisor to such leaders as Ronald Reagan. Business Insider relives one of his most famous interviews discussing capitalism and its relationship to greed:
In 1979, a young Phil Donahue challenged legendary economist Milton Friedman on the principles[...] Click here to continue reading

Former classification czar believes too much is classified

Classified documents and national secrets have been around for hundreds of years. However a growing trend of over-classification is occurring in the US as almost every government document now has some type of classified status. The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports on recently unclassified documents and the absurd lack of reasons for their classification in the first place:
The US classification system is “dysfunctional” and “clearly lacks the ability to differentiate between trivial information and that which can truly damage our nation’s[...] Click here to continue reading

Big changes to Taiwan’s 2012 growth forecast

The global recession has caused a sharp decrease in demand for products worldwide. Big manufacturers like China and Japan have all revised this year's growth forecasts. Despite the depression taking place mainly in Europe, large and small asian countries alike have felt the macroeconomic impact of the sovereign debt crisis. BBC News reports on Taiwans current contraction and the revisions made to their prospective growth:

Taiwan's economy contracted in the three months to the end[...] Click here to continue reading