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Debt ceiling

Why would you hit your head on the ceiling intentionally?

If someone told you that they would intentionally smack their head on the ceiling, you would probably think they needed professional help. But that’s exactly what the U.S. government does when they voraciously spend until they reach their mildly imposed debt ceiling. Last year when the debt ceiling was raised, S&P lowered the

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Hong Kong China

Love or hate? What to expect as a foreigner in China

As a result of China’s strides to become the next global superpower, an influx of foreigners are traveling there to seek employment and new opportunities. China has a deep history of isolationism as well as hostilities to foreigners (i.e., Boxer Rebellion.) Now foreigners in China are very polarizing figures were some are met

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You’re getting spied on at your local bar and you don’t even know it

In today’s digital age, threats to our personal privacy are more apparent than ever and barrage us on all fronts. The dismantling of Americans’ right to privacy continued with Obama’s renewal of the Patriot Act and now even Facebook and Google are selling customers’ personal information to third-party sources including the U.S. government.

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