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Getting Romanian Citizenship by Ancestry in 2022

As the past few weeks have shown, you never know when you may need a second passport. If you’ve got Romanian heritage – and over 1 million Americans do – an alternative passport could be within easy reach in 2022. Here’s how… Situated in East Central Europe and bordering on the Black Sea,

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Malta Golden Visa 2022

Malta’s Golden Visa – Why time is of the essence to apply in 2022

How does Mediterranean island living sound as a Plan B option? Boasting a laid-back atmosphere, low taxes, and an exceptionally affordable Golden Visa, Malta ticks many of the boxes. But with Brussels now going after Golden Visas in a big way, this opportunity could disappear overnight in 2022… Malta: A VERY affordable Golden

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Italy’s Golden Visa: A closer look at the new and improved program

Looking at EU Golden Visas, but not keen on investing in real estate? Thanks to recent advantageous program changes, the Italian Golden Visa now offers a highly compelling alternative to RE based programs elsewhere on the continent. Let’s get into the details below… Italy: The Golden Visa country you’ve never heard of. Italy

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Four Island Nations Offering Digital Nomad Visas in 2022

Fancy an extended beach break in tropical paradise? In today’s episode, we unpack four island-based Digital Nomad Visa Programs that can help make your bucket list dreams a reality in 2022… Four Island-Based Digital Nomad Visa Programs For 2022 Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has been opening up to digital

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Sweden: One of the Freest Countries In The World During Covid

For countless people, the pandemic has been the kick up the rear they needed to move abroad or start developing a robust Plan B. And one of the biggest questions playing in their minds is:  What are the freest places in the world…? What emerged as THE biggest threat to people’s freedoms during

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Malta Nomad Residence Permit 2022

Malta Nomad Residency Permit 2022

During the past 18 months, digital nomad visas have taken off in a big way around the globe. In today’s episode, we highlight one of the latest nomad visa programs to launch in the EU: The Malta Nomad Residence Permit. Let’s get into the details below… Malta’s Nomad Residency: Putting island living within

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Malta Global Residency Program 2022

Malta Global Residency Program For Non-Retirees 2022

During a recent episode of the Knowledge Series we unpacked Malta’s residency program for pensioners. Today, we look at how you can enjoy Mediterranean island living — along with attractive tax benefits — as a non-retiree. Let’s get into the details below… Malta: Far more than just a retirement destination Renowned for its

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Malta: Affordable Residency Program for Retirees

Malta is the smallest of all the EU countries, with a population of only around 500,000 people. But that doesn’t mean you should overlook it as a potential retirement or overseas living destination. Find out why below… An Affordable Maltese Residency Program For Retirees Malta is a go-to destination for retirees, gambling operators

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Why a move to Dubai might be just the thing for you in 2021…

Situated in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has a LOT more to offer than just awe-inspiring architecture and a wealth of shopping opportunities. In today’s episode, we unpack why a move to Dubai might make a lot of sense for sovereign minded folks seeking to increase their quality of life while decreasing their

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How to gain permanent residency in Mexico without leaving home in 2021

Looking to gain permanent residency in Mexico without leaving home? Whether you are retired or not, you can gain residency in Mexico with ease in 2021. Discover how below… As a world traveler and investor, I always try to find markets where there’s a huge difference between the ACTUAL risk and the PERCEIVED

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Second Citizenship Passport

6 Best Places For Second Residency and Overseas Retirement 2021

April 20, 2021 Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile Looking for the best second residency countries for retirement or as a Plan B destination? Below we cover six of the best places to retire or move to in 2021. In the aftermath of the recent wave of terror attacks in France a number of voices

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Three of my favorite low-tax places to retire

strong>“Looking for the best low-tax retirement destinations in 2021? Discover 3 awesome low-tax retirement countries below. If you’re thinking about retiring to Florida for the warm weather, lack of state income tax, and plentiful medical care facilities, you might want to reconsider. A 68-year old Florida retiree recently filed a lawsuit against Orlando-based

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