Mailbag: Answering your questions

Greetings-- lots of questions this week so I'm going to jump right into it:

Thanks for the emails and comments from yesterday's Nestmann interview, I'll try to do more things like this... and thanks to Matt for doing such a great job on the interview. The most common question was whether there is a great book like Nestmann's Lifeboat Strategy specifically for Canadians.

We asked Mark, and he said[...] Click here to continue reading

Profit From Panama Canal Expansion

Earlier today, amid much pomp and fanfare, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) opened the sealed bids for the canal expansion project. Audience members looked on eagerly like it was the Academy Award for best picture...  The lowest bidder? A consortium led by Italy's Impregilo, ringing in for a cool $3.12 billion.

Wait, wait, not so fast.  The contract has yet to be awarded and the ACP has a point system that factors both price[...] Click here to continue reading

Low hanging fruit investment opportunities

Making money is large part of achieving independence and living free.

In my own life, I focus on select entrepreneurial ventures to generate capital, and specific investments which subsequently grow that capital. My investment habits might be best described as 'peculiar,' because, believe it or not, I do not have a strong risk tolerance when it comes to my money:

- I only invest in instruments that I fully understand (or someone I[...] Click here to continue reading

Six “Must Do’s” to Maximize Your Freedom

I'll tell you why Honduras is really starting to trouble me... I have a few friends left at Joint Task Force- Bravo stationed at Soto Cano Air Base about 50 miles from the capital city of Tegucigalpa, and the situation appears quite tense.

Officially the 500+ US military forces on the ground have been ordered back onto the base and to stay out of sight for the time being... SOUTHCOM, the military command that[...] Click here to continue reading

Mailbag: Answering your questions

Today I wanted to get down to the business of answering some of your questions from earlier this week:

First of all, I apologize if I failed to make things clear when I started this letter: I am no longer part of Without Borders; Notes from the Field is not affiliated with Casey Research or Without Borders.  Furthermore, Notes is free and not tied to any other subscription that you might have.

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Lithuania: There will be blood

Yesterday I wrote to you about Lithuania and all the great things it has to offer-- it's inexpensive, has second citizenship, a low flat tax, and beautiful women.  These are all great reasons to visit from time to time (and obtain a passport if you are so fortunate), but today I want to tell you why you should not invest any money here, at least not for now.

I don't trust Russia.

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Lithuania: the good

About a month ago I was attending a private, invitation-only meeting with some of the finest unconventional minds in finance. We gathered for three days at a luxurious oceanside resort on the Maryland coast to have an open exchange of ideas, debate our philosophies, and play poker 'til dawn.  Lobo Tigre, editor of the International Speculator and my former colleague at Casey Research, approached me with an interesting proposition on the last day.

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Argentina is still doomed

Argentina is still doomed.

If you don't know Argentine politics well, I'll give you a quick history: the country has vast natural resource wealth and was once one of the richest in the world. It has been serially run by a group of incompetents ever since the Perons first came to power after World War II.  After years of military dictatorship, several revolutions,  and a crippling financial crisis, Argentina has never regained its status[...] Click here to continue reading

Anarchists in Helsinki

This always happens to me.

Whether in Buenos Aires, Beirut, Rome, Bangkok, Zurich, or now Helsinki, I always seem to get caught up in some sort of protest.  To be honest, I love protests... I think it's great when people finally have enough of the system and demonstrate their unwillingness to continue going along with government policies. This happens frequently in other parts of the world, and the less developed the country, the more[...] Click here to continue reading

Today I confessed my sins to Uncle Sam

Today I confessed my sins to Uncle Sam.

No, I'm not talking about anything sinister. But in a mad dash through a US stopover today, I dropped US Treasury form TDF-90 in the mail:  "Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts."

It went something like this:

"Forgive me uncle for I have sinned. May last confession was April 15th. Here is all the information on my foreign bank accounts, including those for[...] Click here to continue reading

Panama’s Achilles Heel

We have a really intelligent group here.

All the comments from yesterday, plus the dozens of private emails I received, underscore one of the big reasons why I do this in the first place-- to build a community for like-minded, sharp, successful people who are lions instead of sheep... bold winners who think outside the box and take action instead of find excuses.

The comments were spot-on, even the one about the massage[...] Click here to continue reading

More from Panama

I've always loved the women here.

There I said it. I'm only human.

To be honest, this is one of the great things about living free overseas, and I don't just mean romance; when I'm outside of the United States, I have access to a completely different caliber of people-- both expats and locals.

The expats that I come across on my travels have all been exceptional individuals who share a common[...] Click here to continue reading

Interesting opportunities in Panama

I'm back in Panama today... I've never been so happy to see Panamanian soil before; the trip to Cuba, which I reported on yesterday, was fantastic-- but the lack of reliable phone and internet connectivity was problematic now that I have a daily deadline to meet.

I spend a lot of time in Panama, and yet every time I fly in, I am continually amazed at how quickly it seems to be changing. I[...] Click here to continue reading

Cuba Part 1

"NO Viet Cong ever called me nigger."

Mohammed Ali's controversial words succinctly expressed his conscientious objection to the Vietnam War. More importantly, though, his words underscored a critical point-- the free-thinking individual does not necessarily share the same enemies as his government.

To this day, I cannot recall a single Cuban who has volleyed harsh word or deed against me… so despite the US government’s nonsensical, ongoing diplomatic war against its island neighbor,[...] Click here to continue reading

An International Man’s View of Finance

Money is a tool that can provide tremendous personal freedom; consequently, the acquisition of wealth is a worthy and noble endeavor.  As global investors and entrepreneurs, we are constantly finding compelling business and investment opportunities that are based upon boots on the ground intelligence coupled with a solid assessment of macro trends.

We make investment decisions not by looking at technical charts from the comfort of an air conditioned office, but with beads of[...] Click here to continue reading

This Trillionaire is FLAT Broke…

William “Bud” Post is flat broke.

He has dealt with lawsuits, jail time, bankruptcy, and now lives on food stamps. It seems strange to think that he used to be a multi-millionaire… but it’s true. In 1988 he won $16.2 million from the Pennsylvania lottery (valued at $30 million in today’s increasingly worthless money), and Bud became drunk on his own wealth.

You’ve probably heard similar stories—the struggling, working class lottery hopeful hits[...] Click here to continue reading