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North and South America
Capital City

Largest City
Chilean peso

19.7 million

Life Expectancy
79.8 years
GDP (nominal)
$310.9 billion

Cost of Living
English Proficiency
Inexpensive (3/7)
Comfortable (2/5)
Safe (3/7)
Polluted (4/5)
Low (4/5)

Taxation Type: Residence-based

New residents' worldwide income remains tax-free for the first 3 years of residency. Only Chilean income is taxed. After three years, worldwide taxation starts to apply.

Sovereign Research's take:

Chile is part of the Mercosur, allowing its citizens to obtain residency in any other Mercosur country using a simplified procedure.
Chile boasts the highest GDP per capita in South America (rivaled only by Panama). It is stunningly beautiful, has highly fertile agricultural land, and boasts incredible weather.

It’s Colorado or Montana on steroids, with a mix of amazing desert vistas thrown in.

And traditionally, the country has been very pro-business.

Corruption is low there, so you should never attempt to bribe a policeman or a government official there (or anywhere, for that matter). 

Santiago, the capital, is a very modern city… in fact, it is the most modern city in all of Latin America. The business district of Las Condes in northeast Santiago is quite remarkable.

If you’ve read Sovereign Research for a while, you know that we have many connections to Chile.

One of the Sovereign Research offices used to be in Chile, and some of our teammates are still based there.

At the same time, Chile has not been without its fair share of issues and challenges, especially lately.

The mass protests of 2019 against “income inequality” have led to the election of a far-left government. (We hope the amount of damage the new president will be able to do is going to be limited. At least some of his ministers hail from the center-right.)

And the country’s Covid-related restrictions were some of the harshest in the world.

But Chile can still be an excellent place to check some of your Plan B boxes. 

The Chilean passport is the best travel document on the continent, coming in ahead of both the US and Canada’s travel documents.

And since Chile practices jus soli, or “the right of soil”, it can be an excellent place to have a baby.

Not only will your child become a Chilean citizen automatically, but as their parent, you will also be able to claim permanent residency in the country as a result. In fact, one of the Sovereign Research team members did just that quite recently. (We have written about it in our new book, The Ultimate Plan B Guide.)

And numerous people we know have obtained Chilean passports after living in the country for 5+ years. Caveat – it is not a slam dunk process. The process is quite bureaucratic and takes at least two years to complete – and often longer..

Service Providers available in Chile in Sovereign Research's Rolodex:

  • Immigration (residency, citizenship)
  • Tax advice (attorneys and/or accountants)
  • Asset protection (specialized LLCs, trusts, etc)
  • Corporate services (company formation, etc.)
  • Natal services (for jus soli countries)
  • Private medical insurance broker
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