Saint Lucia Country Profile

Passport Ranking
Passport Score
Visa-free Countries
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North and South America
Capital City

Largest City
Eastern Caribbean dollar

178.7 thousand

Life Expectancy
79 years
GDP (nominal)
$2 billion

Cost of Living
English Proficiency
Moderate (4/7)
Average (3/5)
Dangerous (5/7)
Clean (2/5)

Taxation Type: Territorial

Sovereign Research's take:

Saint Lucia is part of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), allowing its citizens to live and work in any other OECS country.
Saint Lucia is yet another tropical paradise in the Caribbean, boasting stunning beaches and beautiful varied topography (just google “The Pitons mountains” to get a sense).

But the main reason why we are taking time to write about the country is its Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program, which we rather like. Through it, you can become a Saint Lucian citizen in a few short months – and without leaving your living room. 

The country’s CBI program is one of the best deals out there for single applicants. The country’s passport is reasonably decent, too, earning a “B- Grade” in the Sovereign Research Passport Ranking Index. 

The country employs a territorial taxation system, which means that if you ever become a tax resident there (by living there full time), any of your non-St Lucian income will remain tax-free.

(Most people who become Saint Lucian citizens through the CBI program chose to not live in the country, however.)

Several of our subscribers have become dual citizens by participating in the country’s CBI program. And we are happy to report that they became St Lucians cheaper than anyone else in the world, thanks to the deep supplier discounts we’ve negotiated for our Total Access members.

If you are considering Saint Lucia’s (or any other) CBI program, you will definitely do yourself a favor by joining Total Access. The discount you will receive will either match or exceed the price you’ll pay for the membership. 

(See all the applicable CBI prices and available discounts in our interactive CBI calculator.).

Service Providers available in Saint Lucia in Sovereign Research's Rolodex:

  • Tax advice (attorneys and/or accountants)
  • Corporate services (company formation, etc.)
  • Citizenship by Investment
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