The Price Of Bitcoin DOESN’T MATTER. Here’s What Does ...
A global investor, traveler and entrepreneur’s different perspective on cryptocurrency…
Bitcoin just blew through $15,000 a coin…

And everyone’s focus is on Bitcoin’s price. But, the price is not what matters.

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has transformed from its original intent.
In 2008, Bitcoin developers designed the cryptocurrency to be a digital medium of exchange.

Meaning: Send money. Receive money. Buy things online. E-commerce.
But, something else happened over the last decade. And something else is happening now…
I’m Simon Black and I want to share you my unique perspective on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But first, a little about myself... After a stint in the US Army as an intelligence officer, I left the US to become truly free and independent of the system. 

In the past decade, I’ve traveled to over 120 countries doing business and investing in frontier markets. I’ve founded one of the largest agricultural companies of its kind in the world and to give back, I've started an annual youth entrepreneurship camp.

But most importantly of all, I am highly experienced international investor. In fact, I recently started my own private bank that focuses on generating exceptional returns while taking minimal risk.

I share everything I learn through my experiences and travel with over 100,000 readers of my website, 

My globally-based team and I help individuals find international solutions that make sense for them – foreign residencies and investments, second passports, global banking, etc. No media bias or filter, just factual reporting. 

It’s obvious the world is changing. Some of it is for the worse, but there’s also tremendous opportunity in the world… if you know where to look, do your homework and carefully consider the available data.  

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are wonderful examples of such opportunity for well-informed individuals. 

More and more people want to dive into crypto currencies, but I see many make the same wrong assumptions and mistakes that could be fatal to their capital.

That’s why my team and I have written this special report where I share a different perspective on cryptocurrencies. 

Reading this report will ensure you are an astute crypto currency speculator who knows that it’s not the price that matters.
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A Different Perspective On Cryptocurrencies
  • The metric I use to determine Bitcoin’s value (And it's not the price)
  • Why Bitcoin is a form of money the world has never seen before (and how you can capitalize). 
  • How to evade scammers and thieves when buying and storing Bitcoin.
  • Why Bitcoin is NOT an investment, but instead a speculation.
  • Why this technology known as the blockchain will revolutionize our world in the coming years.
  • And much more…
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