UK begins enforcing anti-cookie legislation

Digital privacy is something that is highly valued in the Sovereign Man community and now the UK is taking further action to protect the unsuspecting public from intrusive websites. UK citizens will have a choice on whether or not they want websites to know their past browsing activity. Yahoo UK reports:

“A new law comes into force this weekend requiring all websites to ask permission from users before using ‘cookies’ – data files that remember computer logins, email addresses and previous internet activity.

The new rules, contained in an EU directive, mean UK websites must be upfront with visitors about the tracking tools they use, including providing sufficient information for users to say whether or not they consent to their cookies.

The Information Commissioner’s Office ( ICO ), the body responsible for regulating the new law, said the changes would address consumer concerns over privacy.

David Evans, ICO group manager told Sky News: ‘Whilst lots of cookies are perfectly harmless, in some areas these cookies were being used to do things which might be seen as intrusive. It was enabling organisations who you had never heard of to make profiles about your activity, make decisions about you.’”

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