Your constitutional right to get naked in an airport

Anyone who has been to an airport after September 11, 2001 is well aware of the invasive policies the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has emplaced to ‘protect’ travelers at the expense of their dignity. Youtube videos displaying TSAs excessively searching individuals have become common and even celebrities like Rihanna and Senator Rand Paul have complained about TSAs procedures. Business Insider reports on the latest TSA incident and the recent precedent that a judge set:

An Oregon man who tore off his clothes to protest airport security was just exercising his free speech rights, a judge has ruled.

Judge David Rees ruled John Brennan’s spontaneous strip-down was not indecent exposure because it was an act of protest, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

On the day he bared everything, Brennan declined to enter an airport body scanner and opted for a pat-down instead.

After the pat-down, a security officer claimed he detected a potentially explosive chemical called nitrates on Brennan, the AP reported. That was the last straw for Brennan, who thought the officer was implying he was a terrorist.

So he got naked.

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