The Sovereign Man Podcast

Episode #35:

Converging trends are providing the opportunities of a lifetime

Our mission at Sovereign Man is to show you how to seize the opportunities that are available around the world, so that you can grow and protect your wealth and freedom.

In this podcast, we’re going to dive deep into the opportunities that are currently available.

Some of these I’ve talked about before.[...]

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Episode #34:

Here's exactly how you can profit from China's short-term unwinding

Everyone loves to talk about the stock market.

However, the currency market is something I find much more fascinating.

The global currency market is 200-times larger than the world's stock markets combined. A small change in the stock market will hardly be noticed, but a small change in the currency market has huge[...]

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Episode #33:

This is exactly how the banking system will collapse

The modern banking industry is a scam.

By making a deposit you are loaning your hard-earned savings to a bank, for which they pay you a whopping 0.1% interest (maybe).

In some parts of the world they now even charge you interest for the privilege of loaning them your money.

Banks then[...]

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Episode #32:

Here’s a startling fact about Mr. Obama’s new budget

Children that won’t even be born for decades will inherit enormous debts that have been racked up today on drones, bombs, and wars that were waged in our era.

President Obama’s most recent budget makes this abundantly clear.

The new budget projects spending $2.548 TRILLION just on MANDATORY programs like Social Security and[...]

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Episode #31:

Another step down the long, slow road to IRA nationalization

Today’s podcast talks about the obvious, looming threats to your retirement security, and the structures you can build to do something about it.

I’ve also put together a free report about safeguarding your IRA; it’s a scaled down version of a premium report that I sent to our Sovereign Man: Confidential members recently, but[...]

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Episode #30:

Conversation with Jim Rickards The economy is on a knife’s edge

January 22, 2015
Santiago, Chile

You probably know Jim Rickards as the author of two incredibly insightful books on finance and global geopolitics: Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

Jim worked on Wall Street for 35 years and has an intimate understanding of how global finance and the monetary system work. He[...]

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Episode #29:

The one word that was conspicuously absent from last night’s State of the Union address…

Last night’s State of the Union address had one conspicuous omission, and it’s huge.

It’s bigger than all the wars, it’s bigger than the stock market, it’s bigger than the government, it’s bigger than the wages of all the people in America, it’s bigger than the economy.

It’s bigger than America itself.


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Episode #28:

Family counts more than anything else

Family is the most natural thing in the universe. And it's literally why (and how) we're all here.

As we're closing out the end of the year, I wanted to take some time to talk about this in today's podcast... probably the most gut-wrenching I've done so far.

There are a lot of[...]

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Offshore Bank Security
Episode #27:

How to evaluate if your bank is safe, and what to do if it’s not

In more than a century, there has been practically ZERO evolution in banking. It’s the same con game, the same trickery as it’s always been.

Few people actually realize this. The banking propaganda is so deep that no one ever questions the financial sanctity of his/her bank.

We walk into these ornate buildings[...]

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Episode #26:

Can the US ever pay off its debt?

In 1913, the US was the largest creditor in the world.

One century later and the US is in so much debt that there is only one way out: default.

Join me in today's video podcast as we examine the US government's own data, and come to a sobering realization.

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