The Sovereign Man Podcast

Episode #18:

The Petrodollar is collapsing, and it’s one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now…

Back in 1971, President Nixon made a decision which turned into one of the biggest scams in the world: he cut the last link the US dollar had to gold and the dollar became just another fiat currency.

Although this was over 40 years ago, it’s had a ripple effect that’s changed the worldwide[...]

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How Hitler Screwed Me
Episode #17:

How Adolf Hitler screwed me

True story: On my way to Ethiopia the vestiges of Adolf Hitler screwed me over and caused me to miss two full days of meetings.

There's a really important message that comes out of this in today's podcast:

Little things from hundreds of years ago still impact us today. Decisions made by people[...]

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Podcast #16
Episode #16:

Tim Price on gold, value, and the danger of complacency

As I travel around the world, I’ve had the great fortune to meet some truly outstanding people.

And of all the amazing people I’ve met, one of the most important to me has been Tim Price.

When Tim talks about investing, I listen. He was first described to me as “one of the[...]

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Episode #15:

Prepare to be inspired

If you’re a long term reader of Sovereign Man, you’ll know that my favorite thing each year is our Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp in Lithuania.

For 5 days we bring together 50 up and coming entrepreneurs from all over the world, along with some of the most successful and smartest guys I know. We[...]

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The Old Lie
Episode #14:

Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori

Ukraine: I can already see it on the street; so many businesses have closed. Hopeless unemployed youths are now roaming the city or joining the war effort.

And the entire populace has been mobilized to support the fight.

Of course, it’s pretty damn easy to cheer on the bloodshed when it’s not your[...]

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Making sense of Ukraine
Episode #13:

Making sense of Ukraine – Boots-on-the-Ground Report

Looking back over the past ten years, I can’t even begin to describe all the experiences I’ve had in Ukraine.

For a while, I actually owned a business based here. I’ve been travelling here frequently for years. I still have many friends here. Some of our employees are based here. And Kiev is one[...]

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Episode #12:

Echoes of 1914

Russians aren't exactly known for having a great sense of humor. But the language is full of bizarre, often hilarious expressions like "perebrasyvanie kakashkami".

Literally translated this means "throwing shit". And it applies right about now—when a bunch of people is standing around blaming one another for something that has gone heinously wrong.


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Herd mentality
Episode #11:

Herd mentality

China is set to surpass the US in a matter of months. And this shift of wealth and power is, by far, the biggest story of our time.

Let’s explore this together in today’s Podcast episode. We’ll go back in time and talk about ancient cities, kings and queens, grand palaces, epic battles, and major[...]

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Episode #10:

How the Fed Works (and its massive conflict of interest)

Henry Ford once said, "It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

He was right about at least one thing-- it's true that hardly anyone on the planet really understands the[...]

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Episode #9:

A conversation about entrepreneurship and US real estate

This podcast features a very special guest. A close friend. One of the most talented real estate investors I know. And someone who I respect beyond measure.

J Massey.

For the last two years, I brought J to Lithuania to our annual Liberty & Entrepreneurship camp where we teach up and coming entrepreneurs[...]

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