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Whiskey Rebellion Tax
Episode #25:

Taxes are about violence

More than two centuries ago, the brand new US government was deeply in debt and starved of revenue sources to pay back their bondholders. So they did what all governments do in that position: they created a new tax.

They targeted whiskey simply because it was far and away the most popular drink in[...]

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Episode #24:

No, taxes are not what we pay for civilized society…

“Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.”

The famous quote by US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. is inscribed above the entrance to the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service.

Most people don’t have a clue what he meant, or in what context the statement was made. They simply parrot[...]

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Episode #22:

These investments should do well no matter what happens in the global economy

October 30, 2014
Santiago, Chile

Do you remember all the great economic forecasts that ever came out of the Fed? I don’t either.

My favorite one was when 9 months before the Great Recession kicked off, the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, remarked: “The Federal Reserve is currently not forecasting a recession.”


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Episode #21:

All the resources already exist for you to take back your freedom

For every crisis that strikes, the government springs up to "save" us.

Introducing new bureaucratic agencies or an "Ebola Tsar" as Obama has just done, they are constantly adding to the already over-bloated expanse of government today.

But when a real danger happens, they completely fail. Repeatedly.

The reality is, we don’t[...]

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Episode #20:

The light of liberty is going out all over the world. But we shall see it lit again soon.

People around the world are now being sparked into action, sick and tired of limitations on their freedoms.

We have a number of members from our team with boots on the ground in Hong Kong, where people are politely, but fiercely protesting the state. They are not alone.

Globally, the system has to[...]

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Episode #19:

Scottish independence they love democracy so much they’re trying to subvert it

The polls in Scotland will close this week on one of the more important elections in recent history... perhaps one of the only elections that actually matters.

Rather than a typical vote to see who the captain of the Titanic will be, Scots are deciding whether they want to be free and independent from[...]

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Episode #18:

The Petrodollar is collapsing, and it’s one of the biggest opportunities in the world right now…

Back in 1971, President Nixon made a decision which turned into one of the biggest scams in the world: he cut the last link the US dollar had to gold and the dollar became just another fiat currency.

Although this was over 40 years ago, it’s had a ripple effect that’s changed the worldwide[...]

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How Hitler Screwed Me
Episode #17:

How Adolf Hitler screwed me

True story: On my way to Ethiopia the vestiges of Adolf Hitler screwed me over and caused me to miss two full days of meetings.

There's a really important message that comes out of this in today's podcast:

Little things from hundreds of years ago still impact us today. Decisions made by people[...]

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Podcast #16
Episode #16:

Tim Price on gold, value, and the danger of complacency

As I travel around the world, I’ve had the great fortune to meet some truly outstanding people.

And of all the amazing people I’ve met, one of the most important to me has been Tim Price.

When Tim talks about investing, I listen. He was first described to me as “one of the[...]

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Episode #15:

Prepare to be inspired

If you’re a long term reader of Sovereign Man, you’ll know that my favorite thing each year is our Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp in Lithuania.

For 5 days we bring together 50 up and coming entrepreneurs from all over the world, along with some of the most successful and smartest guys I know. We[...]

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