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Hailing from a small town in Lithuania, Viktorija became a globetrotting entrepreneur and executive. She travels to over 30 countries per year, exploring emerging markets and searching for new opportunities. Viktorija frequently writes as ‘the Sovereign Woman’ and is the co-founder of the Sovereign Academy.

Sovereign Man CEO

Why book Viktorija as a speaker for your event or platform?

  • Personal back-story:A compelling first-hand account of growing up in the former USSR… with many parallels to modern life in the USA.
  • Journey to success as an entrepreneur:
    An inspiring tale of one woman’s determination to beat the odds no matter what.
  • Life as the CEO of a fully-remote organization:
    Discover how Viktorija and James built a fully-remote company -- years before Covid and WFH even existed...
  • Offshore strategy expertise:Going from small-town Lithuania to the world at large -- discover the steps Viktorija has taken to thrive in a global context.
  • Advocate for freedom:Freedom is something most people take for granted -- until it is gone completely. Looking at historical trends, Viktorija highlights the risks our society faces today, along with strategies for surviving and thriving despite the chaos around us…
  • Krav Maga student: Self-defense should be part of everyone’s Plan B strategy. Discover how martial arts inform Viktorija’s thinking and philosophy...

Key areas of expertise:

Second Residency & Citizenship

Alternative Investing & Wealth Preservation

Proven Expat Lifestyle Strategies

Top Retirement Destinations For Americans

Legal Tax Reduction

Give your audience
a taste of the Sovereign Life.

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