The West is in Decline.
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Empires Fall.
But there's always a path to prosperity...

The world always has a dominant superpower. And the cycle is always the same:

Empires rise, they peak, they decline, and they fall.

I’m James Hickman (a.k.a. Simon Black). And as an avid student of history, I can tell you that the story of decline you’re witnessing has happened over and over again.

The Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, British, French, Persian, Spanish, Russian, and Mongolian Empires all followed this trajectory…

And now it’s the West’s turn.

The 20th century was dominated by the rise and peak of the Western World, and especially of the “US Empire”… which is reaching its breaking point, financially and otherwise, as we speak…

I first pointed this out in the pages of Sovereign Man starting in 2009, and then onstage at our first Sovereign Man conference in 2011. And I cautioned the audience that they needed a plan — we’ll call it a Plan B — to fireproof their savings. (More on this topic below.)

Twelve years ago, it was a pretty controversial thing to say that the US was in decline, that the dollar would eventually lose its power on the world stage, and that the next generation would suffer.

Why? Because everything seemed OK on the surface. But societal collapses are like that.

To illustrate my point, I used the concept of logarithmic decay, which I learned as a math major at West Point:

Although we don’t know when it will all come crashing down, we do know that the day after your basement floods is the wrong time to buy insurance.

Ernest Hemingway captured this idea perfectly in his novel, The Sun Also Rises

A character called Mike is asked how he went bankrupt.

“Two ways,” he answers. “Gradually, then suddenly.” 

Gradually, then suddenly plays out in personal  decline. In relationships. And, as it happens, in the decline of empires.

It’s been 12 years since that first Sovereign Man conference in Panama.

And much of what I predicted… has come true:

  • The national debt has skyrocketed from $14 Trillion in 2011 to $31.7 Trillion today, impoverishing generations to come…
  • The US government is borrowing money to pay interest on the money it has borrowed. No longer is it controversial to suggest that the US might someday default on its debt…
  • In 2009, I started suggesting that Social Security would run out of money, and that my generation wouldn’t be able to count on using it. The Treasury Department itself is now preparing people for this reality, stating that it will run out of excesses by 2034…
  • I also railed against excesses in the banking system, and began encouraging people to look for other places to park their money…
  • In 2009, I started writing about the curtailing of American freedoms. We all know what happened a few years ago…

So yes, the headlines are bleak. But there’s good news, too:

The West is in Decline, but You Don't Have to Be...

I started Sovereign Man to help people increase their freedom and opportunities. To help them make more money… and keep more of it.

And thousands of our subscribers have achieved just that.

How? By abandoning their serf mentality. 

Many of us are born and raised in one single country, beholden to one single government. One tax system. One set of rules. We think we have only one set of choices for where and how we live, work, save, invest, study, and retire.

But this isn’t the 14th century, where the typical serf or peasant lived his entire life within about 30 miles of home.

Today, you can use the entire world as your home base… both literally and figuratively.

For some people, that means picking up and moving to another country. Somewhere cheaper. Or more free. Or both.

Some people, like me, move to a different part of the US in order to legally and dramatically lower our tax burdens. Others move to low-tax states.

In that same vein, my team and I have long encouraged people to seek different “neighborhoods” for their money. You might:

  • Park some savings in a safe, well capitalized bank in a safe jurisdiction abroad…
  • Buy a bit of gold, as a hedge, and store it “offline”  — in a safe at home or a secure jurisdiction overseas…
  • Invest a portion of your money in real assets that can often withstand inflation: healthy, well-run private businesses; excellent real estate; the energy sector; and more…

Another critical area where you can really move the needle is with your retirement plan. Social Security is no longer an option for most of us. Fine.

There are other, MUCH better ways to turbocharge your retirement savings. And I’m not talking about that 401(k) you have at work. (We explain this in depth in the pages of Sovereign Man.)

Your time is valuable, so I’ll just mention one other thing:

There is NO better return on your investment… than legally reducing your tax burden.

If you think the government is doing a terrific job with your money, then feel free to skip this part. But if you’d rather not fund a $2.3 million dollar study to inject beagle puppies with cocaine — or worse: $247 billion in payment errors (FY 2022) — then read our reports on how to (sometimes dramatically) reduce your taxable income. (Sign up for our free newsletter, above, for access.)

We are sticklers for following the law and only write about solutions embedded in the tax code itself. The solutions we discuss are 100% legal.

What We Write About at Sovereign Man:

… and much more.

We walk the talk

I started Sovereign Man as my way of documenting the discoveries I was making in my travels to 120 countries around the world. I wrote about business opportunities, investment opportunities, citizenship opportunities, and more.

Over the years, those chronicles morphed into a full-service publication company with a suite of solutions… for YOU.

We have spent more than a million dollars, and thousands of hours, developing our solutions.

The goal: to provide solutions that work, no matter what’s going on in the world. (I’ll never be worse off for owning an organic farm in Chile, for example, or for storing a bit of gold overseas. My children, who were born in Mexico, received immediate Mexican citizenship for that. They’ll never be worse off for having more options.)

Our fully international team is based all around the world; most of us live abroad.

Collectively, we hold (dozens) of extra citizenships and foreign residencies. We safeguard our own savings with the asset protection strategies that we present in our research.

We hold hard assets. Where we do look for stock market opportunities, it’s with an international and/or deep value lens.

We look for legal, government-approved ways to save on taxes. We save thousands on excellent higher education for our children, by taking advantage of international arbitrage.

And every week, we comb through hundreds of pages of new legislation, studying the latest updates on our strategies.

We also spend a great deal of time traveling to the places we write about, in person. We network with connected law firms, realtors, tax specialists, citizenship and residency advisors, gaining first-hand insights into the current situation on the ground.

We hold conferences and workshops, both in the US and across the globe. We teach what isn’t taught – especially when it comes to financial literacy, global opportunities, and seeing the entire world as part of your basket of options.

Here's some of our biggest wins and international successes

  • A decade ago, understanding that a huge financial crisis was looming, we took our money out of the markets. And when the economy did indeed tank, our solutions protected our savings, allowing us to pick up quality assets, dirt-cheap…
  • Five years later, when gold was selling for around $1,100 an ounce, we secured some as part of a strategic ‘insurance’ plan and stored it in a safe, stable jurisdiction overseas. Later, the spot price of gold hit $1,976 an ounce, nearly double what we paid in 2015…
  • In 2017, we were among the first to spot the “opportunity” in the Opportunity Zones (OZs) declaration — comprising just six pages tucked into the enormous Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. By taking advantage of OZs back then, we locked in enormous long-term tax savings on capital gains…
  • A few years ago, after doing their own diligence, some of our clients invested in a private placement opportunity we had researched and presented to them. Later, when the company went public, many of those who had invested became millionaires.
  • Some of us — myself included — have legally paid only 4% in US federal taxes, simply by moving to Puerto Rico to reap the benefits of its very generous tax regime…
  • In 2020, when Europe banned US passport holders from entering the European Union on tourist visas, we were able to waltz right in… because we already had more than one passport.

Our solutions create options. The more effective, powerful and numerous your options, the more control you have.

And more control = more freedom. 

Learn more about them by signing up for our free newsletter:

We specialize in solutions with little or no downsides...

Let’s pretend that tomorrow morning we all wake up in Shangri-La. There are no more socio-economic problems. No more threat of global conflict. Society is at peace everywhere. Everybody gets along.

These solutions still work.

You will:

  • Never be worse off for having a second residency or passport: These can open up an entire new set of opportunities for living, working, studying and even retiring.
  • Never be worse off for diversifying where your investments are held. We live in an increasingly litigious society. It makes sense to use internationalization techniques to put your money out of harm’s reach. Additionally, this opens up opportunities to invest internationally.
  • Never be worse off for investing in a retirement plan that allows participants to sock away tens of thousands of dollars more per year than vanilla IRAs and 401(k) plans do.

Our solutions work in crises… and in good times.

Perhaps it’s offshore gold storage, second passports, frontier investing, or creating and investing in self-directed IRAs. Whatever the solution, we teach clients how to secure their liberty and prosperity with a rational, intelligent plan.

It’s doubtful we’ll wake up in utopia anytime soon, which makes crafting a solid, actionable Plan B essential.

In fact, if there’s anything we learned from 2020, it’s that Plan B is now Plan A.

Today is the moment to start implementing these powerful solutions.

And by joining Sovereign Man, you can, too.

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