What are we about? Eight Little Words...

“Living a life you value - on your terms.

Concerned about where the world is headed right now?

Do you feel free right now?

Can you pursue your own happiness — your potential, your dreams, your own way — without some idiotic bureaucrat, an infuriating new ‘pandemic’ rule, or the Thought Police ordering you back into your corner?

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can take back your liberty. You can increase your prosperity. You can protect your savings.

The desire to feel free is embedded in each of us: That’s why we call this community Sovereign Man.

At Sovereign Man, we want you to be free and prosperous, so we’ve created actionable solutions to help you become just that.

Our founder, James Hickman (aka Simon Black), is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the US Army as an intelligence officer during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He has traveled to more than 120 countries and has started multiple businesses all over the world, including one of the largest agricultural businesses in its industry, as well as a private bank.

His mother came to the United States seeking a free society. His paternal grandfather grew food for the Allies during World War II. His family cherishes liberty.

Additionally, several members of the Sovereign Man team hail from countries that gravely suffered under socialism or communism. More than one saw their parents’ or grandparents’ life savings disappear overnight.

We at Sovereign Man know the value of freedom. We’ve either fought for it, lived without it, or seen the deterioration that occurs when it is lost.

We also understand the power of financial literacy. When you combine liberty with practical financial strategies, your potential is virtually unlimited.

For more than a decade, we have crafted effective, powerful solutions aimed at safeguarding your liberty, your wealth, and your family… solutions that make sense no matter what happens in the world.

Our solutions give you options. The more effective, powerful and numerous your options, the more control you have. And the more control you have, the more liberty you have. It’s a simple equation.

We have spent many years – and many millions of dollars – identifying and developing the most powerful options out there. Our solutions are designed to increase your freedom, increase your prosperity, and increase your happiness.

And there’s no better time to enact such solutions than RIGHT NOW.

2020 was just the beginning...

Political ‘leaders’, unelected health officials and even the mainstream news media have all decided that they know best. 

They think they’re smarter than you. Better than you. And in control of you.

They now tell you:

In their minds, you are now a housecat, Soviet-style.

On top of that, they are destroying the economy. Your children will have to work much harder – for much less – than your parents did.

For example:

The macro economic factors look grim.

The assaults on your personal liberty are on the upswing.

However — it’s not all doom and gloom. 

You actually can take back your freedom and prosperity.

We know… because we’ve done exactly that. 

Like us, you can break free, find liberty again, grow your wealth, keep more of it, and protect yourself from out-of-control governments and crazy, “mostly peaceful” activist groups.

How we gauge what could happen next…

We are avid students of history.

To gain the fullest benefit from our solutions, you must understand what you’re up against.

None of us have a crystal ball, but the problems we’re experiencing right now are not new. 

Pandemics are not new. Power-hungry politicians, social chaos, wars, famines, economic collapses… none are new.

That’s why, at Sovereign Man, we routinely draw from the lessons of the past.

Does this sound familiar?

Throughout the 18th century, for example, France was a superpower.

But the French aristocracy became complacent and fiscally irresponsible, creating substantial welfare programs, free hospitals, and grand monuments.

They held vast territories overseas, engaged in constant warfare, and even employed their own intrusive intelligence service that spied on King and subject alike.

Of course, they couldn’t PAY for any of this.

French budget deficits were out of control, and they resorted to going heavily into debt and rapidly debasing their currency. Meanwhile, society started becoming unglued, with an angry populace turning violent.

The French economy ultimately failed, bringing with it a 26-year period of hyperinflation, civil war, military conquest, and genocide.

Look, history is full of examples, from ancient Mesopotamia to the Soviet Union, demonstrating that whenever societies reach unsustainable levels of resource consumption and allocation, they collapse.

What goes up...

The world always has a dominant superpower.

And the cycle is always the same:

Empires rise, they peak, they decline, and they fall.

This is what happened to the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, British, Persian, Spanish, Russian, and Mongol Empires…and so on…

The 20th century was dominated by the rise and peak of the “US Empire”… which is reaching its breaking point, financially and otherwise.

Here’s why this is so important, at this very moment:

The day after your basement floods is the wrong time to get insurance.
Because we don't know how far we are from the precipice, NOW is the time to secure your Plan B...

Although we don’t know when it all comes crashing down, we do know that the day after your basement floods is the wrong time to buy insurance.

NOW is the time to secure your Plan B

Whenever it happens, however it happens — Kinetic war with China? Civil war? Economic collapse? — we do know this is not a consequence-free environment.

You’vre heard the phrase, “If you fail to prepare… prepare to fail.”

If you’re aware… then you can prepare.

And if you connect the dots, you can call your own shots.

“To hell with circumstances: I create opportunities.”
— Bruce Lee

Those are the other seven words we’re about. (James is a huge Bruce Lee fan.)

Look — human beings are fundamentally tool creators.

Those with vision take problems and turn them into opportunities.

We find solutions.

We adapt and overcome.

Sovereign Man aims to paint the Big Picture for you.

We tell you what you’re up against… and how you can plan around it.

We show you where the opportunities are, even amid the tumult. (And yes, there are always opportunities. You just have to know where to look.)

Our MISSION is to help you not just to survive the chaos, but to THRIVE, no matter what happens…

Our solutions make sense no matter what:

Let’s pretend that tomorrow morning we all wake up to Shangri-La. There are no more socio-economic problems. No more threat of global conflict. Society is at peace everywhere around you. Everybody gets along.

These solutions still work.

And you’re never going to be worse off by investing in a retirement plan that allows you to sock away tens of thousands of dollars more per year than ones you may be familiar with.

You see where we’re going here: the solutions we promote work in crises and in good times. 

Whether it’s offshore gold storage, second passports, frontier investing, or creating and investing in self-directed IRAs, we’ll show you how to secure your liberty and prosperity with a rational, intelligent plan.

Unfortunately, it’s doubtful we’ll wake up to utopia anytime soon, which makes crafting a solid, actionable Plan B essential.

In fact, if there’s anything we learned from 2020, it’s that Plan B is now Plan A. Today is the moment to start implementing these powerful solutions.

The world is not coming to an end. But it is changing, and rapidly so.

Stay Informed, Be Prepared.

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