easy second passport

Why you need a second passport

September 9, 2011
London, England

I wanted to dedicate today's Q&A to a topic that we have been receiving a huge volume of questions about lately: passports. This subject is becoming quite popular as the developed world continues to deteriorate, and I wanted to shed some light on the issue based on my own extensive personal experiences:

First, Phillip asks, "Simon, what is the point of having a second passport? There are a[...] Click here to continue reading

The best second passports if you’re interested in Asia

March 25, 2010
Tokyo, Japan

About 20-years ago, many of the world's sovereign nations started down an interesting path.  Region by region, governments formed supranational free trade blocs in order to facilitate economic growth.

Supranational organizations were nothing new... from the failed League of Nations after the Great War to the UN and NATO, large multi-country blocs had been formed in the past, but usually for political purposes or military alliances.

Conceived[...] Click here to continue reading