Ready to hit the eject button? Here are five places to start looking

November 7, 2014
Santiago, Chile

As we talked about yesterday, moving abroad isn’t as difficult as you think.

Sure, it’s not always cookies and cupcakes, but the benefits and opportunities of living abroad are often unparalleled.

Only by moving abroad can you truly curtail how much you contribute to your corrupt, bankrupt home government.

And you just might find that in many cases you can live better, cheaper, and enjoy a[...] Click here to continue reading

Questions: The job postings, tax implications, Asian banking, Switzerland, Belize

April 30, 2010
Las Vegas, NV

It's chilly in Las Vegas, but I'm having a great time meeting so many subscribers here at the Casey conference; I'm pleased at how many have turned up for the event, and I'm always humbled by the exceptional people we have in our community.

My only regret is that the conference organizers could not allocate more space for Sovereign Man readers, and I will personally ensure this[...] Click here to continue reading

Answering your questions about Ecuador

April 23, 2010
Quito, Ecuador

It has been a whirlwind week this time around in Ecuador; I've been to just about every corner of the country, inspecting property, making new legal, banking, and real estate contacts, and cementing old ones.

In short, it's been an incredibly productive trip. Most importantly, I picked up on some really valuable immigration leads that I plan on sharing with you soon once I test it out myself...[...] Click here to continue reading

Selling snake oil in the Valley of Longevity

April 22, 2010
Vilcabamba, Ecuador

There must be something in the water down here.  They call this place the "Valley of Longevity" because it's not uncommon for people to live well past the century mark... and it's true.

Driving around the town last night and this morning, I couldn't help but notice so many elders going on about their business. Mind you, I didn't exactly card anyone (record keeping here is quite poor),[...] Click here to continue reading

Pricing in Ecuador

April 21, 2010
Cuenca, Ecuador

Last night I ate at one of the fanciest restaurants in Cuenca.  Everything except for the Chilean wine was locally grown and absolutely delicious, right down to the banana flan for dessert.

The total bill for my beautiful companion and I rang in at $40.02, including 3 courses with wine.

For lunch, I ate at a local cafe-- another 3-course meal with a chicken soup to start[...] Click here to continue reading

Six reasons to consider Ecuador

April 20, 2010
Cuenca, Ecuador

Ecuador is not one of those places on everyone's radar. In fact, when I recently announced that I would be returning to Ecuador, I received a handful of subscriber emails like this one:

"Why are you wasting your time in that communist money pit? [SB: strange choice of words...]"

Clearly, Ecuador suffers from a similar reputational stigma as Colombia, and this keeps that majority of gringos away.[...] Click here to continue reading

Questions: H.I.R.E. Hoopla, Panama without the Canal, cheap retirement, more

April 2, 2010
Panama City, Panama

It's been a great week so far in Panama. Each time I come back to this country I become even more sure in my conviction that Panama has a bright future.

For the next few days, though, I am going to set aside market forecasts and expatriation strategies... you see, my friends from the Atlas 400 club are starting to arrive, and I'm looking forward to a[...] Click here to continue reading