Vicious and Voracious Violation of Volition

Please begrudge me the quote from V for Vendetta,  but I'm really starting to worry about what's going on in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday I wrote about the UK's "Interception Modernisation Programme." New rules under the program require wireless companies and internet service providers to archive phone records, web history, and emails for a period of 12 months, and to make that data available to 600+ government agencies without a warrant.

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This country can make you rich

I'll admit, even I was surprised.

When I think about Asia growth and investment opportunities, places like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and even the Philippines come to mind.  But lately, in my regular discussions with key Asia contacts-- brokers, sovereign wealth fund analysts, etc., one place keeps coming up again and again.


Mongolia is one of the largest, most resource rich countries in the world with a population smaller than Panama-- that's[...] Click here to continue reading