paraguay second passport

Inexpensive second passport in Paraguay

March 18, 2011
Denver, Colorado, USA

There are a few rules that I rarely break.

One rule is that once I travel to the United States and go through the pain and scare tactics of US Border Protection, I stick around for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends in order to maximize my return on that hassle.

I'm skiing in Colorado now (I think I left half of my patella[...] Click here to continue reading

Getting scammed on a second passport

April 27, 2010
St. Michaels, Maryland, USA

Yesterday I told you about the official way to go about obtaining residency and citizenship in the Dominican Republic-- essentially, it takes about four years from start to finish until you receive your passport, though you may be expedited for investing $200,000 in the local economy.

As I mentioned, though, the country is [in]famous for shady practices like issuing passports that do not conform to official[...] Click here to continue reading