What People Say About Sovereign Man

Ben Richardson, CEO, PujBaby.com: “Just wanted to close the loop and say thanks. I went with ******** bank. All that was needed was passport and proof of address and to fund the account, of course. My driver’s license worked for me. It was very easy. . . I was in and out in 30 minutes.”

Drew, New York City: “I wanted to say a couple things. First, thank you. Sovereign Man: Confidential has been a great resource for me. I was already “on board” with most of your philosophy– I was in Chile before I even heard of SMC, I run a resilient community and health Meetup here in NYC, and I have been in gold for years — but your product has put some real structure around my thinking, improved my investing, and given me some more actionable steps to take. It’s an amazing resource, and me and my wife owe you big time for it.”

Patricia and Darren: “Thanks loads for all and nice work. You have no idea of the laundry list of accomplishments you have helped us complete.”

Reynaldo: “I’d like to say, thank you for all you do for us (information etc.) joining Sovereign Man: Confidential is one of the best investment I have ever made.”

“Everything I have left I owe to your guidence.”
– Frank J.

Stan: “If every company’s customer service were as friendly and fast and fair as Sovereign Man’s, the world would be a better place :-) Great job!”

Greg: “Dear Simon- Really appreciate your service and having just renewed (Sovereign Man: Confidential), look forward to another year. I just finished opening an account in Hong Kong, based on information from your newsletters and from other members.”

B. Lanier: “I have been researching the expat life for many years and I have found your information to be the most down to earth. I trust your site enough to recommend it to my mother.”

D.B.: “The information you provide is fantastic, information that I could not possibly obtain on my own.”

“…there isn’t anyone else who’s going to tell us this stuff.”
– Gary B.