Why I decided to show my face after all these years

P.S. Don’t worry about the black video, good things come to those who wait….

  • 00:37-00:44: On how everything that Sovereign Man has been talking about for several years is not theory anymore. It’s really happening.
  • 00:47-01:02: About Cyprus and how they will stop at absolutely nothing to confiscate everything.
  • 01:02-02:07: How this has been playing out like a textbook, and what’s next in the government playbook.
  • 02:56-03:56: There are always people who see the writing on the wall, and here’s what they are doing now.
  • 04:04-04:18: Why you’re not going to be worse off for having a bank account overseas.
  • 05:48-05:55: Simon shares his personal mission with Sovereign Man that he has pursued for years.
  • 07:18-08:32: What separates what we do from everyone else out there.
  • 08:55-09:17: Why committing to your future now is critical.
  • 09:27-09:50: These are the solutions.
  • 11:50-14:15: The last thing Simon wants to say to you.
  • 14:30: You don’t want to miss this.

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