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The world is becoming a very uncertain place. Governments are printing money like there’s no tomorrow. Socialist forces are on the rise. Being successful is becoming a crime.

You might not recognize or like the world around you. But those rational enough to face the facts can still protect their liberty, prosperity… and dignity.

Packed with news, analysis and step-by-step intelligence, Sovereign Man empowers our readers and members with everything they need to craft their own solid Plan B.

You are those people. We are those people.
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Your Proven Guide To Second Residency, Citizenship, Retirement Planning and Alternative Investing

Sovereign Man’s mission is to equip you with the knowledge to maximize your liberty and freedom, no matter what happens next.

Covering every aspect of a solid Plan B, Sovereign Man produces top-quality intelligence on topics ranging from second residencies, Golden Visas and easy alternative citizenship to tax reduction, alternative investing, estate planning and low cost retirement destinations.

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Today, pretty much nothing is certain about the world’s future. America is in decline. The EU is in turmoil. In Asia and elsewhere, governments crack down on protests and curtail freedom.

The time for putting all of your eggs in a single geographical basket has long come and gone. 

The team at Sovereign Man have been developing strategies for growing your wealth and protecting your own personal freedom and financial liberty for more than 12 years.

We have spent thousands of hours – and more than a million dollars – traveling the world, meeting with on-the-ground experts, and honing solid, actionable solutions that we call a Plan B for your freedom.

We’ve scoured the planet to unearth the best investment opportunities for our members, and have helped thousands of investors and families develop a solid Plan B.

By putting boots on the ground for over a decade, we’ve painstakingly created a network money can’t buy.

We only work with the most knowledgeable tax, investment, retirement planning, and immigration experts. And every supplier is rigorously vetted.

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Our flagship international diversification service, including all intelligence housed in Sovereign Man Blueprint.

Gain access to step-by-step instructions for dozens of strategies that can help protect your assets and increase your freedom. Packed with Alerts, Monthly Letters, Black Papers, Case Studies and a monthly Founder Q&A, Sovereign Man Confidential is your passport to more freedom, more opportunity and more prosperity…

The 4th Pillar


Our premium deep-value investment service.

Gain access to some of the most compelling, no-brainer, deep-value investments available anywhere in the world.

Discover profitable companies with absurdly undervalued shares – selling for less than the amount of cash the company has in the bank…

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Our highest-tier, VIP membership service for those seeking to take charge of their future.

Includes complimentary access to ALL of our premium intelligence products, including Sovereign Man Confidential, The 4th Pillar and Sovereign Man Private Investor – a Total Access exclusive service.

Join us for VIP events, enjoy executive face-time, and discover private equity investment opportunities simply not available through other channels – and a whole lot more…

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