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About Sovereign Man

There is something messed up with the world we’re living in.

Personal liberty is deteriorating, the economy is on life support and can flat line any day now, governments around the world are getting crushed by debt, and it’s all getting worse at an exponential rate.

Out of these circumstances Sovereign Man was born, and since 2009 we’ve scoured the globe for information, solutions and contacts that help individuals and companies rise above the problematic politics of bankrupt nation states and the fraudulent and fragile financial system.

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But what exactly is messed up with the world today?

Let’s take a hard look at the facts, the State of the World, and it will all become clear:

There are a lot of fundamental forces at work:

  • “Rich countries” are all heavily in debt, losing money, and technically insolvent, which makes them incredibly dangerous and hungry to plunder the wealth, savings, and productivity of their citizens.

  • We have entrusted central bankers with total control of the money supply. And they have abused that trust by printing trillions of dollars, euros, pounds, etc. out of thin air.

  • The amount of law, code, and regulations has increased at an unprecedented pace and governments tell us everything from what we can and cannot put in our bodies to whether we can collect rainwater that falls on our own properties.

  • Most commercial banks in the ‘rich’ countries are borderline insolvent and highly illiquid, and if you think your bank actually has your money on deposit, you’re wrong.

  • Police states have arisen everywhere and we are now indoctrinated from a young age to fear the state. You cannot even apply for a passport anymore in the Land of the Free without being threatened with fines and imprisonment.

Each of these facts is incredibly detrimental to economic growth and our personal well being and liberty.

The trend is getting worse

History is generous with examples showing that this time is no different from other times in the past when governments have gone through the same cycle where they rise, they peak, they fall, and finally crumble. For example:

  • the Roman Empire

  • the Empire of the Great Ming

  • the French-Bourbon Monarchy

  • the Ottoman Empire

  • the Soviet Union

  • the British Empire

All of these empires from the dustbin of history had more than one thing in common with each other:

  1. Unsustainable finances

  2. Debasement of currency

  3. Expansion of the state

  4. Overregulation

  5. Military fatigue

  6. Erosion of freedom

  7. And finally… collapse (over night, or over many years)

And the truth is that the American empire and its financial system that spans the globe is no different. It’s due for a system reset.

Wealth and power is always shifting and the cycle has once again reached this stage.

The solutions (yes there is a way out)

The problem we’re facing is the fragility and danger that comes from massive centralization of economic and political power.

The solution then, is to decentralize.

All of the empires above crumbled, but they did not crumble all at once or in the same place.

Six centuries ago London and Paris were irrelevant, plague-infested backwaters, and New York City wasn’t even on the map, yet there were still places in the world where people were thriving. The greatest city in the world was Nanjing– the capital of the Great Ming Empire.

Over the next several hundred years, the tide shifted. The Ming Dynasty fell, and power was transferred further west to the Ottoman Empire, and eventually to Europe which had finally emerged from the Dark Ages as the most advanced civilization on Earth.

Pointless crusades and inquisitions gave way to a surge in medical, technological, and scientific breakthroughs. By the late 17th century, Western civilization had asserted its primacy in the global pecking order.

Now the tide has shifted again.

And in this we find the solution: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Don’t bet your whole life and future on one single country.

You don’t have to live, work, bank, invest, save for retirement, own real estate, store gold, operate a business, etc., all in the same country of your citizenship.

The world is a big place, and frankly there are a lot better and safer places to store your savings than in an insolvent Western bank.

This strategy of diversifying aspects of your life across the globe is called internationalization, and that’s what Sovereign Man is about.

The six pillars of self-reliance
Financial sovereignty in the 21st century

1. Move your money to safety - Foreign banking

We grow up thinking banks are the bastions of safety and security. It must be safe, after all, it’s a bank!

But with the multitude of bank crises and panics throughout history and just in the past few years it’s clear that this trust is deeply unfounded.

Not only are many Western banks in the US and Europe borderline insolvent, but there are also multitudes of government bureaucrats with the power to freeze your bank account with the push of a button.

You don’t even have to do anything wrong, because with the thousands of laws and regulations that exist today practically everyone is a criminal.

There are many better and far safer places to store your life savings and retirement than in Western banks loaded with toxic debt.

Moving your money to a bank with healthy balance sheets in a strong banking jurisdiction is a key step to secure your financial future.

Singapore. Hong Kong. Norway. There are good options out there that suit everyone, and today it’s totally possible to open a foreign bank account and move your money overseas straight from your living room.

Foreign banking is no longer just for the mega rich.

2. Establish new roots abroad - Second residence and second passport

We’d like to live in a world where no passports are required, but we don’t live in that world. We live in a world of bureaucracy, red tape, and arbitrary distinctions between countries.

Therefore, it’s necessary to work within the system and make preparations so that you’re not chained to any one piece of land – this means establishing residency and/or acquiring a second passport.

Now, there’s a lot of benefits to expatriating. Better lifestyle and career opportunities, lower cost of living, lower taxes, better climate. But even if you have no plans of leaving your country of birth behind it’s still fully possible to establish a “residency flag” abroad.


Because a second passport is a really useful insurance policy in the event of things like social unrest, political turmoil, major lawsuit, economic collapse, etc.

Problem is, there is little accurate information out there about how to actually obtain a second passport or establish residency, and that’s why thousands of people find our information so valuable.

3. Don’t bet your life on a single currency - Alternative stores of value

We may be able to agree that major fiat currencies like the dollar, pound, euro, and yen are all ‘headed to zero.’

In fact, the US dollar is well on its way to zero having lost 96% of its value since 1913.
Much is written in the financial blogosphere about the fundamental weaknesses of these currencies, and of the massive, untenable debts that their governments have assumed.

But what does it actually mean when a major currency ‘goes to zero’? How will the world function afterward? How will we know when it’s happening? And most importantly, how can you protect yourself?

At Sovereign Man we strongly believe in alternative currencies and stores of value such as physical gold and silver (preferably stored safely offshore), fertile farmland, real estate, profitable businesses, etc.

But alternative currencies and stores of value are not enough…

4. Rely on yourself - Personal resilience in a fragile world

Let’s be realistic. If the worst would happen where you live, if “shit hits the fan” so to speak, then neither your paper money nor gold or silver coins might not be of much help initially.

Truth is, you might have a hard time putting food on the table during a crisis, considering supermarket shelves are emptied within hours, and you certainly can’t eat gold.

Now, resilience is the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

And it’s easier to adjust to misfortune or change if you don’t have all your eggs in the same basket. This applies to investing, where you keep your savings, and where you get your food and water.

Having a back up plan for a sustainable food and water source makes all the sense in the world considering how centralized and fragile the production and distribution systems are today.

5. Grow your wealth - Entrepreneurship and private investments

We believe that in order to achieve true freedom, you have to be able to make money

We also believe you have to be able to control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government that is bent on degrading your personal liberty.

  • You don’t have to be a slave to geography anymore; live where you want, how you want.
  • You can take control of your time and spend it how you want, not how others tell you
  • You can live a luxurious and worry-free lifestyle overseas that would be unaffordable elsewhere
  • You can make money anywhere, whether it’s China, Panama, New Zealand, or online
  • You can mix and mingle with the absolute elite

6. Protect what you hold dear - Asset protection and privacy

We all know that your government is spying on you, and considering they are near bankruptcy you can also be fairly certain that they have their eyes on your money.

Now, whether they come after your savings or your retirement account or a bigger chunk of your pay-check we can’t know, but we can be sure that someone will have to pay for the fiscal irresponsibility of your government, and it sure won’t be the politicians or the financial elite that sponsor their campaigns.

Here’s the good news thought:

By diversifying your life and assets properly, on a global scale, you’ll be safer and better off than 99% of your fellow citizens, no matter what happens.

By being proactive instead of reactive to what politicians and central bankers do, you effectively take back control over your life.

And by taking a few easy steps to protect your offline and online privacy you’ll also have higher privacy than 99% of the population. True privacy is precious these days and can even be a life saver.

5,000+ premium members and counting, here’s what Sovereign Man: Confidential is

5 years after Sovereign Man’s inception we’ve got 100,000+ readers, 5,000+ premium members, and we’ve got more exciting projects in the pipeline than ever before.

But it all started with Sovereign Man: Confidential.

Everything you’ve read so far about how to reclaim your financial sovereignty, how to become more self-reliant, how to make sure you come out on top no matter what your government or central bank does, these are all questions that we answer and provide solutions for in our premium service.

Sovereign Man: Confidential is an intelligence service, and we provide people like you with the resources and contacts they need to be able to make the right decisions regarding their life and their assets.

Your government spends billions every year (out of your pocket) on building up a police and surveillance state that gathers intelligence about you and takes away your freedoms.

We’re the only intelligence service that works for you with the sole goal of increasing your freedom.

Rational solutions is what we’re about, solutions that make sense no matter what, and we scour the globe going from country to country to dig up the best solutions for securing your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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There’s more to Sovereign Man than our intelligence service…

Agricultural Land Corporation (ALC)

alc About Sovereign Man

Sovereign Man has launched a rather substantial agricultural start up in Chile, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in raised funds.

This business will acquire, develop and operate very high quality and productive agricultural property, and is something we’re all very excited about. Because as Sovereign Man founder Simon Black has written previously, agriculture might very well be the smartest investment of the decade.

Sovereign Valley
Our Resilient Community in Chile

sovereignvalley About Sovereign Man

The first and original resilient community in Chile, Sovereign Valley is composed of productive, profitable, resilient farmland in central Chile.

This project is on hold until further notice because of all the other exciting things that Sovereign Man has in the pipeline.

Sovereign Academy
How we give back

blacksmithcamp About Sovereign Man

For five years in a row, Simon Black and Sovereign Man have been sponsoring the non-profit Blacksmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp.

In these workshops, a carefully selected group of 50 young students from all over the world learns how to make money, control their time, and become truly free… guided by successful entrepreneurs and investors who have actually done it.

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