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September 28, 2012
Santiago, Chile

Well I can say one thing for sure– Sovereign Man readers are really extraordinary people.

A few days ago in an email to you, I wrote about all the incredible opportunities I’m seeing on the ground here in Chile, and then mentioned my upcoming plans to open an office and hire a small handful of “A” players.

The response we received from readers interested in joining the team here in Chile was really phenomenal. In fact it took me three days to read through the letters (I read every single one of them myself).

We received emails from all over the world, people from all walks of life– university students, retirees, carpenters, musicians, farmers, entrepreneurs, surgeons, professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, university professors, former Navy SEALs, ministers, outlaws, freedom fighters, and a host of energetic people who simply love liberty.

It was really great reading so many personal stories and getting to know so many readers. And I was blown away by the vitality and talent level within this group.

So, as promised, let me just tell you a little bit about my plans and philosophy.

First, the idea of a big corporate bureaucracy is about as close to hell as I can imagine. All the businesses I’ve ever built, both the successful ones and the cataclysmic failures, have always been lean, entrepreneurial ecosystems with small teams of close-knit, energetic “A” players.

I have no interest in building a huge organization with TPS Report cover sheets (watch Office Space if you don’t catch the reference). Rather, my M.O. has always been to create value in the world… and to do so with a team of really great people.

Looking out over the horizon, there are some phenomenal opportunities out there. I’ve written before that I’m heavily invested in agriculture here in Chile. I plan on expanding substantially, not only in Chile, but across other countries I’ve identified as having the most compelling fundamentals to achieve significant economy of scale.

Moreover, Chile is a thriving economy with one of the most well-developed middle classes in all of Latin America. And there are a lot of no-brainer business opportunities in finance, retail, real estate, international trade, technology, consulting, insurance, etc.

Now, as my friend Doug Casey often says, ‘you can’t kiss all the girls.’ And he’s right. There’s no chance we’ll be able to attack all of these opportunities. Nor should we. But having the right team in place will help determine which direction to go.

Lastly, I also want to add a few more people to our team at Sovereign Man to help spread the message of freedom; this is by far the most important and fulfilling part of what we do.

In that respect, I’d like to find someone with online CRM database administration and PHP programming skills. And we’re also looking for cheerful, optimistic problem solvers to join our customer service team… plus a financially-savvy research assistant.

Age, background, etc. are irrelevant. I don’t particularly care about academic credentials either. Relocation to Chile is a requirement. Don’t worry about immigration issues, Chile is about the easiest country in the world for a foreigner to receive a work permit. We’ll handle that part.

So if any of the above sounds interesting and you’re up for an adventure, send us a note to jobs@sovereignman.com. Please don’t just send a resume (if at all). Tell us about yourself, your skills, and how you’d like to ideally be spending your time. And if you already sent us an email this week, no need to send a second time.

I look forward to your response.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • John Pitt-Rivers

    If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys…

  • xekzno

    I need a job

  • li_bri

    I actually watched Office Space last night. LOL.

  • http://aeonpi.com aeonpi


  • marysaunders

    My name is Mary, and I am an avid on-line researcher regarding permaculture pilot projects around the world and regarding health and wellness.

    I have been giving them what-for on a UN thread on Linked In, for not supporting SOIL Haiti and Earthships Haiti more. Sasha Kramer, who speaks for SOIL (gorgeous blond) just got some air time at the Clinton Global Initiative, which to my cynical self does not necessarily mean she will get resources from them to turn up her humanure operations, but miracles happen.

    I have been researching where to relocate to for some time, alternating between Belize and Ecuador mostly, because I am not as wealthy as those who search Panama and Brazil.

    I love raising my own food plants in Oregon, including citrus trees that I bring in and out. I know about some dynamite grape varieties as well, from Connie Van Dyke, whose Tabor Tilth permaculture urban farm is easy to find on the net, even translated into Arabic. Hers is one of the pilot projects I cite all over the net, wherever I go. Connie has a pet blue jay who takes treats our of her hand.

    I have grapefruit, which I grow mostly for flowers, Mandarins so good I eat the whole fruit like an apricot, and limes. I have a red banana also, but I haven’t yet gotten fruit from it.

    I like to balance research with activity.

    I teach water aerobics. I love it when my participants reach goals, bringing down blood pressure and weight and fitting into smaller clothes. I am Zumba-qualified for Aqua, Basic, and Gold. I have had AEA certification for a number of years. I teach at an inner-city facility, near the hospital sometimes known as having the gun-and-knife ward, even though it is largely gentrified near it now.

    I am intensely interested in independent-science regarding health.

    My son is close to his Ph.D. from MIT. He is really good at coding Matlab stuff (I may not have spelled this right). I do not know if I can bait him into a joint venture, but he is good friends with one of his professors, who is a stunningly humble genius who pretends to be a bus driver at bars in Cambridge. It would be a dream come true for me if I could find a place for the two of them to start an honest science institution with zero bureaucratic lying and industrial-apologetic bullshit.

    They are both intensely interested in earth science and might be baited to Chile because of all the earth movement and the need to design for safety against earth change.

    They could team up to do energy efficiency and novel energy-generation work. They are particularly interested in renewable energy, harvesting resources from temperature differences in air in places where there are altitude changes and in geothermal generation.

    I know you will get all kinds of letters, but this was fun to do whether my interests and ambitions are similar to yours, or not.


    Mary Saunders
    aka JadeQueen
    Portland, Oregon

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