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Does the US government want to prevent you from leaving?

July 11, 2011
Pristina, Kosovo

krakow 150x150 Does the US government want to prevent you from leaving?Can you imagine being trapped inside your home country, unable to leave? It may be closer to a reality than you realize. I’ll tell you a quick story to explain.

This weekend I rented a car in Bulgaria with the aim of driving through Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and eventually into Greece. Now, I’m no virgin to land border crossings in the developing world and understand the corruption and incompetence that typifies customs checkpoints. But this weekend’s experience was much more.

With documents in hand, I drove to my first border crossing in Strezimirovci, Bulgaria. After clearing customs on the Bulgarian side, the Serbian officers decided that they would not allow me to enter with the normal papers, and instead required that I obtain another customs form to proceed.

Unfortunately, they had no such customs form at their station, so they turned me around and sent me to another border check point in Kalotina, over an hour away.

The road from Strezimirovci to Kalotina skirts the Serbian border for a large part of the drive– quite literally, on one side of the road is Serbia, and on the other is Bulgaria. It’s all part of the same landscape with no discernable difference… these are just invisible lines guarded by gun-toting monkeys.

When I arrived to Kalotina, I found the ‘office’ where I was supposed to obtain the new document– just a simple, roadside concession stand. The ‘agent’ was the shop’s proprietor, a chain-smoking Serbian woman with rather mannish features.

Once I paid the appropriate fee, she spent the next 10 minutes hacking at her keyboard to produce an official looking Cyrillic document with lots of stamps and seals.

While I was waiting for her to finish, four different customers came into the shop to stock up on snacks and drinks. All they wanted was a cold one for the road, but they eventually got tired of waiting and left.

These four customers represented potential transactions that could have contributed something to the economy. Instead, though, they were preempted by an unnecessary bureaucracy that adds absolutely no value whatsoever.

As expected, the Serbian customs agent barely glanced at the form when I crossed the border this time. Finally on Serbian soil, I pointed my car towards Pristina.

Now, Serbia still pretends like Kosovo is part of its sovereign territory, and Serbian police are under strict instructions to make the immigration checkpoint on the Kosovo border as painful as possible.

The vehicle line at the checkpoint was backed up so much that it took several hours to pass. All along the way, there was not a single bathroom, vending machine, fuel station, or even street light. It’s obvious that they want to incovenience travelers to the point that people will think twice before visiting Kosovo again.

When it was finally my turn, I drove up to the policeman and handed him all of my papers. He slowly went through every single detail, looking for any technicality he could find to prevent me from crossing.

The rest the station was staffed with 10 other agents.  All brandished automatic weapons slung over their backs, yet each stood around doing absolutely nothing. One person was “working,” and the other ten were smoking, eating, drinking, and shooting the breeze.

Frankly, I pity all of these border agents whose only function is to deny, obstruct, or otherwise frustrate the forward progress of other human beings.  These people will go their entire careers contributing nothing of value to the world, and destroying what others are trying to create. It’s truly a pitiful existence.

This weekend’s affair was a clear example of what happens when a government imposes mind-numbing bureacracy to prevent freedom of movement. And if you think it can’t happen where you live, think again.

In the US, the government now requires all citizens to have a passport in order to pass the border, even when driving into Mexico or Canada. Obtaining a passport, however, is neither free nor guaranteed.  You must apply, pay an ever-increasing fee, and wait for weeks to be approved and receive it.

Recently, the State Department quietly proposed a new ‘biographical questionnaire’ in lieu of the traditional passport application. The new form requires you to provide things like:

- names, birth places, and birth dates of your extended family members
- your mother’s place of employment at the time of your birth
- whether or not your mother received pre-natal or post natal care
- the address of your mother’s physician and dates of appointments
- the address of every place you have ever lived in your entire life
- the name and address of every school you have ever attended

Most people would find it impossible to provide such information, yet the form requires that the responses ‘are true and correct’ under penalty of imprisonment.

Naturally, the privacy statement on the application also acknowledges that the responses can be shared with other departments in the government, including Homeland Security.

If this proposal passes, then US citizens will have a nearly insurmountable hurdle to obtain a passport and be able to leave the country at will. Even if it doesn’t pass, it’s a clear demonstration of what the people who run the country are thinking.

Have you reached your breaking point yet, comrades? Let me know what you think.

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Aleks TO

    Good to see that now you have cars in Bulgaria. I remember days when you would cross into Serbia on your horse carriges to buy a tothpaste. You guys have come a long way

  • Edward

    For anyone interested in discovering just how deep the rabbit hole goes, I can recommend This fellow has been doing his homework for a very long time. But be prepared for an eye-opener

    • dudicaldude

      Isnt he the one who believes that reptiles are the illuminati or some such nonsense?  George Bush blinks like a reptile!  hahahah.  I find some of these conspiracy theories to be borderline lunacy!

      • kirkmcloren

        actually such behavior can be a hallucination the projection being the essence of how the viewer feels about what he is seeing. It is arguable many of the ruling class are reptiles in their hearts. An educated man may refer to them as sociopaths. I like the lizard simile

      • Maggie-allen

        maybe you do….but its not so far fetched…..people all  over the world talk about reptile like people coming from the skies…..dont rule it out!

  • Terry

    I have a friend living in the Reno NV area that is coming into a very very sizeable amount of capital and was wondering if you could recommend a good financial advisor or ant other advice. I do plan on having her join your club as soon as things get settled because I know that she will be able to put to good use the advice you and your associates have provided.

    • Bildo

      buy physical silver

  • Sympathy Guy

    Yet Mexicans are able to walk right across the border without any paperwork whatsoever.  The secret?  They don’t take our government seriously.  

  • John

    It is time for revolution. Our government no longer belongs to the citizens. Citizens belong to the government and are officially slaves. We produce wealth for our government, that is our sole function. Minorities are paid by the government to do nothing or they hold government jobs where they produce nothing, and are brainwashed into hating Whites. Whites are too busy pulling the wagon upon which the minorities ride to oppose their slavery.

    • Cab498

      As I’ve often said, a border strong enough to keep ” them” out is strong enough to keep YOU in.

    • David

      Good post John………..where do I sign up?

    • Radicalsam

      John ,and whats your full name so I can put it on our “Passport Denial List” Please. (just joking)….

  • liberty4u2

    Breaking point? That’s exactly what they want. And as long as we “reach our breaking point” individually we are following their plan. The only way to regain our freedom is for everyone, or at least a huge majority of Americans to reach the breaking point at the same time in the same place(washington dc). Until then, find peace where you can, watch, wait.

  • DayOwl

    If you want to create really good outrage, don’t provide a link to the actual document so your claims can be easily refuted.

    This is a conditional set of questions that only apply in certain situations. You must supply the extra information if your birth certificate was registered more than a year after your birth or if you were not born in a medical facility. Most applicants will not have to worry about that section.

    From form DS-5513:

    If you were not born in the United States skip Items 5-12 and continue to Section D. If you were born in the United States, you must complete Items 5-12 if you answer “No” to either of the questions below.

    Was your birth recorded within one year of the date your birth occurred?

    Were you born in a medical facility?

    • Doc Loch

      And so all of my Six children born at home have to find answers to questions like that that do not have answers.  My Wife never saw a Dr.  If you think this extra security is protecting us, YOU are the un-informed one here.  People are leaving this God-forsaken country not because of these forms or their *&#@ questions, but rather the loss of freedom they represent and the already well documented “conspiracy” behind them.  Keep on being a schill.  Even Hitler’s minions ended up the same as the rest!

    • Good1roo

      Are these questions for Obama too ?

  • MelanieB

    I left the USA over 40 years ago and renounced my citizenship, one reason why was that I didn’t want the US government poking into my affairs.  I sincerely hope and pray that they don’t come after us former citizens, but that would happen only as a last resort after they’ve ravished pensions and bank accounts of US citizens.  What a mess in my former country, I cannot imagine living there now.

    • GOTCHA

      Your IP address shows your not out of the country at all dildo.  Your BUSTED!

  • NWO

    I live in a small town of 8500 people. There are at least three HOMELAND SECURITY vehicles -all SUV’s- running around the area. With the ” Homeland Security” logo prominent on the side of the vehicles, the only thing missing is the swastika in the feet of the eagle. “Preserving our Freedoms” never sounded so scary.

  • u r emortil

    nice to see the truth in print

  • John

    I agree we have a problem. But, who’s fault is it? I mean, let’s face it: the government didn’t take power by coup or by accident. The pepole in power got voted in. People vote these creeps in, then complain about their politicians once they start doing exactly what we all knew they’d be doing.

    I read that Obama’s floating a bill to raise taxes by $1 trillion. After all the money he and his liberal cronies spent, he’s got the colossal gall to tell us to tighten our belts. And, is this a surprise? Didn’t every conservative in this country, me included, say, “Don’t vote for this guy, he’ll wreck us, he’s a bag of hot air, he’s a foreign muslim who wants to take us down from the inside.” Yes, we did say that. Did you still vote for him, people?

    So, don’t blame anyone but the voters for the messes we’re in. Somebody puts those creeps in office. They’re not forced on us.

    I have only one thing to say to the American citizenry: next time you go into the voting booth, remember that it’s YOUR fault we’re in this predicament. YOU voted for these bastards. Now, take your medicine and shut up. Or, try ever so hard to make the right choice next time. If you don’t want to do that, by all means vote Obama back into office in 2012. Then, you can keep whining, “It’s not my fault.” That should keep you from having to grow up.

    • Hater of Nazis

      Read the “act of 1871″. There was a coup, it just happened long before you were born. Also 1913, and 1933 are pivotal years. There are two forms of Government in the US. The organic Constitution, and the USA incorporation created in 1871, by DC creating its own Government. Now, all of us are bound to the proxy by Maritime Admiralty Law of Statues and codes, instead of Common Law. We enter into these contracts Voluntarily by all the signatures of “acceptance” we sign for things like DLs, SS, etc.


      • Bildo

        Wow, Someone else finally shows that I’m not the only one that knows the true history.

      • Rodney Hilzendeger

        Agreed we voluntarily gave the signatures, but they did not disclose the results of doing so. There are disclosure ordinances or statutes, that unbind us from these codes and subject to the rule of congress. I think the problem is most American people, can’t name the three branches of government, don’t have any idea what you and I are talking about, and are completely oblivious of what Liberty really is. Lack of education and involvement in politics has led us to this point of massive corruption and destruction of a once great nation. It’s the peoples fault. Their too busy watching American Idol,  Dancing with the stars, and all the other mindless bullshit that is on the propaganda machine.
          We have strayed from Constitutional Law, Liberty, and Ethics. As John Cougar said “You have to stand for something, or you are going to fall for anything). I stand for LIBERTY!

    • Jim

      You actually believe we elect the “officials” that are conditioned aforehand to hold these positions?  Sorry to break it to you my friend but, the voting process has become nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Think about it!  Unless you lived in Illinois or just didn’t have a life and kept up with every little aspect of poltics, when did you hear the name Obama before the campaign process?  


    Only part of the reason I got out of that cesspool back in 2007. “America” as it was is gone. Never to return. 

  • Wildflower_bb

    thousands of americans are leaving every year.This means almost all have sold their homes and transfered their assets to a foreign bank. the empire will not tolarate this financial drain.I left that police state 6 years ago,transfered all my assets to switzerland,bought real estate(rental incomes in italy).I live a great life in europe with no fear of the irs,secret police etc.I have dual citizenship and pay my taxes to the italian gov’t,for which I receive health care,cultural events,help for the elderly etc.My taxes go to the right thing,not usa murder inc.My advice,get out if you can from the US of paranoia if you can,tranfer your assets,put it all in real estate in the country you choose.I would like to see that crimminal irs confiscate your farmhouse in germany,not a chance.The happy expat!

  • Truthseekerharrison

    America, controlled by the ‘chosen ones’ for the benefit of all. Wake up dumb cattle and take back your nation, worship your God and raise your own kids then grow your own food!

  • Vonciadavis

    The only way to reverse things is to kill all the politicians. You can’t blame ignorant soldiers. You can’t blame people. If all the politicians got together they could stop this. Millions of citizens will die and tens of thousands of ignorant Cops. Itmust happen in America. When they set up checkpoints and harass people. There must be some going through the woods and blast the checkpoint with double “0″ Buck shot. The other side must sustain heavy loses. But maybe the thing to do is just leave this country like many did after 9/11.
         But really we are screwed, because if a Lone Wolf targeted one scumbag politician we might realize martial law sooner than they have it planned for us.

    • Diogenese_

       Murder is always wrong and will always makes things worse. Think Gandhi, not Rambo. The government wants you to do something foolish to help it declare and maintain martial law.

      • Jehopper09

        ghandi gave the world pakistan

  • Vagn sorensen

    While the billionaires made their billions we and our children have all been dumbed down by the schools system, so using false flags (911 ect.) it was easy to gain full control.
    Now that the billionaire  elites no longer need the constitution to further their personal power, they want to kill the golden goose and you to be their slaves.
    It’s really quite simple……. it’s all about greed!

    • Diogenese_

       It’s not the billionaires, it’s the politicians and government employees, none of whom are literal billionaires, although Al Gore must be over 100 million by now. What drives them is envy, not greed.

  • JJ

    Somewhat related: There are guillotines in America.

    (Warning, contents may not be safe for atheists)

    The reason is that they want to kill the people and harvest their organs, but methods such as firing squad, poison and electrocution will damage those valuable biological assets in a human body.

    They won’t allow you to leave, then they won’t allow you to live.

    • Eric

       We’re all just soylent green now!

  • A00102

    I have reached the breaking point, and Im sure some agency will find my post here, and I dont give a shit. I am ready for War. In fact, I see that as the only solution to the problem. All that say that this is what the Government wants are idiots. That is not what the government wants, and proof of this is all the new legislation enacted to monitor People, and the forms of behavior modification they are thinking about, and have implemented into Society.

    For what purpose? Only so that People dont revolt.

    The United States Government is worse than the Nazi regime. Much worse. But yet, People still say to vote, write you congressmen, and protest. Bah! All the avenues of redress are corrupt, and have failed.

    The US is filled with wimps. Wimps intellectually and physically.

    Cowards. Slaves. People here love their bondage because they are willing to let it continue. They say the Government is to big to take on, though the US Military cant even hold Iraq.

    Cowards. That is all that is left in the United States. Cowardly girly Men without any balls.

    • Gainsmore

      Well said….. and more needs to be stated along these lines. People in the US don’t even know what freedom or integrity mean- much less be willing or able to stand up when it’s time- like now. It appears this country has to totally flounder and fall in order for those in denial to get it. The saving grace in all of this is that freedom and sovereignty are not geographically dependent- in that these truly human traits will eventually rise somewhere else in the world. Which makes this situation even more depressing – that these assholes must continue their world wide oppression under any country flag so that a few elites can have drinks in private on a sandy beach- inbred fucking jerks……these people( and I mean that term loosely) are not human- they have lost their ability to feel and create connections with the wider true human family…hence their narcissistic preoccupations of control and dominance…
      God help us……or maybe you already are…. we are just not ready to do what is necessary.

      • Good1roo

        To Gainsmore;
        You are absolutely right.These so callad people are not humans.As Emanuel Kant ,the greatest philosopher of the twentieth centuries stated.-On this planet two types of humans exist.One is the real the other is the copy.The real human being is born with morality “categoricus imperativus”.-The copy has to be educated about morality, because he can’t see right from wrong.But this education is good only in a well functioning
        society.The non-human quality comes out in the first emergency situation.

    • Jim

      It’s in our medications and Frankenfoods.  Do you think the rich take generic drugs or eat GMOs?

  • Vze3ycx6

    I for one, and only one, have no intention of running for another country.  I mean My GOD!  ”My” people were here before the Mayflower arrived.  down south on Manhattan.  the Dutch.  we have been getting along here for quite some time.  and if I am murdered by a psychotic government out of control and run by monkeys, then so be it.

    I read some time ago the following, if I am hung, may the rope break, if I am knifed, may the blade rust,  if I am shot, then may at least ONE gun explode with killing or at lest injuring the shooter.

    it aint about whether you live or die but it IS about HOW you live then die.

    people in AMerica used to know that, maybe the TV has turned their collective brains into jelly. don’t know and care even less.

    • Jim


  • Vincent Palmeri

    I can see the day when Americans begin sneaking over the border to Mexico

    • Jim

      They’re not already?

    • Arthur T Williams IV

      I agree.

  • haroldcrews

    People who own sailboats or similar sized craft along the Gulf Coast and up the eastern seaboard will be sitting pretty.  They’ll be in a good position to smuggle people out of Amerika.  Perhaps I need to start making contacts.

    • Nickelthrower


      My wife and I sold everything we had and moved on to a sailboat.  I can let the wind take me anyplace I need to go.  The boat functions 100% just fine off the grid and my neighbors and myself are all well equipped with solar and wind power, water makers, tools, radios, safety equipment, etc.  We can harvest food from the ocean and continue to move about should OPEC ever choose to stop taking dollars – something that the rest of the country will not be able to do.

      • David

        If I sold everything I had it would not yield the funds to buy a sailboat big enough to live on; and, I guess we could pull our 10 year old son in a dingy. In my opinion what needs to happen is that the people of the world, in my case the USA, stand for something under God. When everyone starts doing what is wright instead of what is convenient and profitable for them personally then you become a force of multitudes, not some hiding insect traveling from one place to another hoping no one sees you and takes your money. Really smart Guy! Wimps,  hiding people will not win.

    • GJg

      Provided mind you…the Coast Guard, or Navy do not intercept.

    • Jim

      SIGN ME UP!!! 

  • Mtr56

    America is the Evil Empire. you only have to open your eyes to see it. You have to prepare today for survival and exit. The system has always been rotten and corrupt as decaying flesh. Your Reps in the Congress and the Senate only care about their $200,000 a year salaries and perks, and the contacts they make for future Lobbyist jobs. They don’t give a rats ass about you or me. The party is over folks. Has been for a long time now. If you don’t prepare now you’re going to do hard labor at a re-education Gulag. Prepare to survive and exit now.

    • JIm

      Right on Mtr56!  It’s becoming obvious the American people will never wake up until it’s too late.  As long as AIPAC exists we are bound for enslavemant to thier cause.  I find it hard to believe people think this is still the best place (America) to live.

    • Good1roo

      I want to exit.I need another planet.

  • Fifty

    Shit! I’ve lived in so many places the past 20 years, I dont even remember the addresses to all of them. I guess I would just put 2-3 places down and say fuck it. Why would they want to know about pre and post natal care? Maybe cuz too many Mexicans are dropping anchor babies in the Empire? 

  • Hollyrose

    I see no issue with the new form for it is very comprehensive,  complete and necessary. This should apply for every soldier, sailor, airman and marine that is deployed for action overseas as well.

    • Charlie63Schultz

      Hollyrose, You must still be in the US living in the same house you where born in. I have lived places that have NO address. I have to fill this type of form out for new employer I drive for and every time I renew my CDL. IT IS A BIG ISSUE! I could be sent to prison if someone in the government does not like the answer.  

    • Tedplottner2

      my  friend and his  wife have filled out  every one  of the ridiculous questions   and they still  cannot get a passport   or……..get an explanation  as  to why not?????????????These  questions  are  designed for one  purpose……..they  are  lying as  to  what is the  real  purpose——-denying  ones rights and  freedom  without  any  explanation is  pure  and  simple  facism………it  is  a scary thing……….what  is happening…………….Hollyrose speaks and  lives  on  another  planet………without  knowledge  of the past  civilizations……..another  scary thing….

  • USKiwi

    I like a number of people on here say the writing on the wall and let the US a few years back and moved to NZ as permanent residents and will become citizens in a couple of years when eligible.  Luckily our US passports will not expire until well after that date.

    Best decision we ever made as we now live in a beautiful, peaceful, country that is not on the track to become a police state.  Looking from the outside-looking-in, the changes going on in America are very apparent and terrifying.  My advise is to get out while you still can.  Immigrating to another country is not just for the rich.  We are just regular middle-class types of people who decided to demand something better for our lives.  The process to move to NZ, while not easy, was not nearly as hard or exclusive as most people’s ideas on the topic. 

    • Canterburyhamburg

      New Zealand is for sure not a panacea.  It is a very small, provincial country which is based on people watching each other, not unlike the old DDR.  You evidently haven’t been in NZ long enough.  In time you will discover what it really is about.  Good ole USA is not all that bad. NZ has slipped into a next to 3rd world status economically and cost of lving for the basics is astronomically high.  We have been here 11 years and know all of this all too well.  Don’t be fooled.

  • Waynepacific

    Its time for the revolution. I will join in.

  • De

    I dont want to leave America.  I want the criminals and traitors of the Government to leave.  Either way! 

  • ladysb

    To THEFARLEYMAN :Are you forgetting that GW Bush started the war in Iraq which is the main reason USA is now in a big financial crisis ?I have a theory that the Republicans deliberately lost the last election so they wouldnt have to clean up the mess made by GWB  

    • Dirtydon

       The war is NOT the cause of the financial crisis.  The military is generally speaking a very large social program in that the largest expense is feeding housing and medicating the troops, so please spare me, the cut the military crap.  the only added expense is the bombs and we aren’t allowed to drop those anymore.

      • Tedplottner2

        your  full of it…what planet  have  you been  living  on—the  military expenditures are double[maybe  more?] what the official military bu/dget  shows—-The military spending is  much,much  more than  official  figures——-Such  secrecy  is not  compatible  with  a  free nation.

  • Yakov Butterfield

    Our family moved from Los Angeles to Jerusalem Israel last September. It was the best move we ever made. Our teen age daughters are now in High School here speaking fluent Hebrew with friends from all over the world here. They are free to go anywhere any time on the Bus (which is very frequent, safe and cheap). They have far more freedom here then in Los Angeles. They just had a friend over and took them out to the Western Wall and to a few malls. I just said “Take your cell phone and purse and have fun.” I could never say that in Los Angeles given the crime and perverts. I know that moving here means that our children will grow up safe, secure and proud.

    • Jim

      Please encourage all your friends and relatives to follow your lead.

    • Rudolph

      In all sincerity, nice to hear you’ve had a positive experience…but you’ve likely moved from one country led by psychopaths to another.  The King David Hotel, the Lavon affair, USS Liberty are just a few biggies, Sept. 11th being the biggest most recent event in which your new homeland’s interests have been advanced through deception, terrorism, lies and cover-ups…and the direct involvement of inteligence operatives and support of leadership.  No doubt feeling safe in the streets is huge, but how safe does a journalist there feel who tries to tell truths about corruption or events like those I just mentioned?  Not to mention their inhuman treatment of the Palestinians for the last 40+ yrs.  I believe they want to pass a law requiring Palestians to pay for the destruction costs of their own homes after they’re kicked out of them.  Just stuff to think about…cheers.   

      • Halingei

        Mostly I agree but I would leave the ‘USS Liberty’ affair out!

  • SeekingUnderstanding

    Questions 9, 11 & 12 on the passport questionaire are designed to trip people up for information accuracy requirements subject to Federal laws.  

  • KR

    If nobody’s said it yet, the new questions are only for foreigners coming in, not for US Citizens already.

    • Guest


    • Sweet Heart

      @KRThat is a blatant lie or pure ignorance on your part. I am a Amercian born women who grew up in grouphomes. I have been out of grouphomes for 8 years. I have been forced to fill this out to further “prove my identity” beyond having already given them my birth certificate and recent photo ID. They are trying to stop us from leaving the country. They want more workhorses at the reeducation/death camps. I am still waiting to hear back from them if I will be allowed to have a passport even though I am a American born women who was taken care of by the state. How can they not confirm this. The government feed, clothed shelter me for almost 18 years.There is something else going on, something sinister.

  • ladyoutlaw

    OMG!!!  My mind just explodes at the thought of how to fight this kind of insanity.  How to get people to see the whole picture, vote with the entire picture in mind?  I don’t understand how we let it happen.

  • csp

    What a manipulative, crap article. You left out critical information which is that these proposed requirements are for those who CANNOT SUPPLY A BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Makes perfect sense. They need the additional information to help verify where a person is born and thus whether they might qualify for a US passport or not. You are lying to your readers through omission.

    • Kreditanstalt

      BIGGER question is – why should I have to “prove who I am” to anyone, anyway?  Only because they have more guns? 

      I am ME.

      • Technomancer Morhion

        People lie all the time.  Why should anyone accept your claim as to who you are without proof?
        ‘ME’ is not a valid identification.  Everyone is ‘me’ when referring to themselves.

      • Kreditanstalt

        Ridiculous.  “My word is my bond”: why do I have to have paper I.D.?  What’s wrong with verbally giving my name?

        You miss the point, which is that no one should be able to FORCE people to identif themselves via their own-issue paper I.D.

        We’re all sovereign individuals, not subjects of a government…

  • AG

    I don’t see
    how the story about Serbian border crossing is a good example here. If you’re
    not familiar with the events happened in 1999 in Serbia then you’ll never
    understand why every American pass is a reason for irritation & even hate
    rid. It wasn’t as much about papers as something else. Besides almost every
    European citizen could travel across the borders to neighboring country without
    any visas or filled in declarations. So, you were a “special case”. I
    personally never heard of any of those problems from anyone here in Europe like
    you’ve described in your article.

    crossing into US is the most humiliating act I’ve ever experienced. Did Serbian
    custom fingerprinted you or sexually harassed you? I don’t think so.

    Get real & be smart when you write another
    article like this…      

  • Sharron

    I am totally disgusted with the way our “elected” officials, “who swore to protect this country” are ruining our freedoms. They are smearing their dirty “feet” on our constitution! I pray that our Lord comes quickly to take us home!

  • Arthur T Williams IV

    Hi Simon:

    I’m sure I read this article when you posted it originally but I just saw your republishing of it tonight and you your request to let you know what I think.

    I think this new passport application is a crock of 100 proof horseshit.  I’m so f—— glad I’m not in Amerika anymore.  I’m here in a foreign country (where Tim is) and people ask me sometime, “When are you going back to America?”

    I tell’em flat out, “Never…unless it’s after the revolution.”

    I tell’em I have no desire to go back to that f—— police state.  First of all… way in hell I could get a job (I’m 60+.  I don’t have any money saved so…what the hell would I do?  Live in a tent city probably and eventually become part of the ‘loyal resistance’ probably.

    I hope Ron Paul wins the election even though I know it’s a long shot.  I cannot for the life of me understand why real patriots haven’t been out in the street and throwing chairs through windows yet.  I still expect to see it any day now.  I subscribe to what Gerald Celente says, “When people lose it all….they lose.”

    There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t check the Drudge Report at least 3 times a day.  I’m lucky to have an ‘arrangement’ here that gets me by even though there are some places I’d probably rather be.

    I think what’s going on in Amerika is just a crying shame.  Kinda reminds me of backgammon (one of my favorite games).  Who ever woulda guessed what was going to happen in Amerika.  Kinda like backgammon….the game can change on one throw of the dice.


  • Novatimo

    Question 12 is a ridiculous invasion of privacy. Baptismal certificate? So the government can collect one more piece of demographic data to possibly use against you one day? Circumcision certificate? Perhaps for Orthodox Jews, but most secular Jews and none of us non-Jews have that. A better use for the certificate would be to sue the doctor who violated your human right to bodily integrity and choice in such a private matter. Maybe it’s the ultimate in the government’s effort to collect biometric data? Border guard: “Excuse me sir, please drop your pants so we can make sure your passport details match your genital anatomy.”  In the name of gender equality, will they require the same details of circumcised women from Africa?

  • Bud Wood

    What most “western” countries need are really extensive depressions because, frankly, the abundance which have been built-up over the past centuries are being eaten-up by populations which have too much time on their hands.  And, most will get good, old style depressions.

  • Karl


    I have been trying to get more detailed information about your Chilean project … where and how? Want to see it! 

    Seems like an eastern Europen border crossing! Don’t lose your sense of humour!

    Tell me where and how to Chile please? Can we golf and fly small planes?

    Do you have other ‘Westrn Hemisphere’ safe haven places in mind? Canada included? Very socialized but seems on a better footing then the USA? Has cash-flow but is also broke!

    Best wishes,

  • saveyerpennies

    This is an opening for another entrepreneurial group.  Learn how to make passports.

  • Arnold thomas

    At present I do not wish to leave the United States, however, if I do in the future I would like to have the address of the place you are putting into effect in Chili as I might want to go there.

  • disqus_TLcMqwnySr

    Revisiting this article, we now see Britain preparing to close its borders in the event of financial collapse in Europe. Even if that doesn’t happen, what other crisis will be immediately acted upon with an effective shut-in?

    Britain’s borders to close if euro collapses

  • dontpanic

    My question is how do people with no resources move offshore? Some of us believe in what you say, Simon, but don’t even have the money to get to the border, let alone cross it. Are we SOL? 

    • paladino444


      • davidpdq

        Absolutly not!!!

  • Jp1llh

    Okay, I’m officially stupefied.

  • Wim

    Terrible,it makes me mad to see that all this behavior of people being paid by us should be delivering valuable services for our money.

  • Tedplottner

    It   is  very   obvious  that the  government wants  to  control  the  peons money  leaving the  country….the  big corporations and  banks  etc  will  keep there  economic and  travel privledges  but  the  ordinary  citizens will  not—They  will  use this  terrorist  thing as  an  excuse—In the  end  when  all  my  Gov.  retirement check  goes  for  only  paying my  medical  insurance  and  the  system is  sucking  the  peole dry…..there  will  be  full  scale fighting  in the  streets——The gov.  will  call out the military  against  its  own  citizens,,,,all  the while  condemning  other  nations doing  the same………In  the end  the people  that  got money will  side with  the Gov,and  the poor will battle  the  system  that has  taken thier……and   lives

    • Jimwrkdiver

      More guns were sold on Black Friday this year than any one day in U.S. history, and the record was surpassed the day after Christmas.

  • Trader

    It’s just a matter of time and time isn’t on our side!

  • Hall Mike115

    Da! Your Papers Please!  i love being free inside a cage and as for my bravery…i fear those who can steal my freedom….my elected employees who work for us!!!F** america,it is the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism in the world yesterday,today tomorrow, and the sooner all the other nations unite,confront,disarm,and occupy the usa….the better all of humanity will be for it…let us work for that day…i do and i’m on overtime…

    • wrkdiver

      Hi there MORON!
      Looked at any of those lovely countries in Africa lately? How many Thousands have they killed in “ethnic cleansings” Or the Mexican cartels – how many killed in border towns alone? Ever read “The Killing Fields”? Nah, you probably can’t read! Besides, LOTS of other nations have tried to unite, confront, disarm and occupy the US – Germany, Japan, Russia.
      I’m surprised they let your idiotic post stand!
      As for our(assuming you’re a US citizen) elected employees, it sure as HELL is time  to un-elect a whole lot of them! 

  • Edstrees

    It’s a travesty that our government is so stupid that they will beat a dead horse just to kill all the maggots. Sorry those of you who support the government, you are the maggots.

  • c

    Stand United!

  • Guest

    As with any socialist government, the US is moving strongly to control its population, not only at the border, but currency, medical treatment, income… etc.  total control.  Nothing surprising, especially from this administration.

  • George

    Hi Simon,

    I have a question about obtaining a second passport. Now my situation is the opposite to most of your audience – I am Bulgarian who lives in the USA. I only have a Bulgarian passport. And in less than a year I can apply for US citizenship. Now given what is happening, do you think I should go ahead and get the US passport after all these years of working towards it, or should I stay with my green-card status.


  • Psd96

    My son works as a CAD designer for a company that makes vehicle scanners (x-ray machines basically).  They have been buying various sized of gold bars.  They are designing a machine specifically to detect gold and are testing it now my hiding the gold in different materials.  The big point is, this machine is to be used on vehicles leaving the states, not entering. 

  • Tojoflaherty

    Simon, Thanks for this report. I was in Bulgaria and Macedonia this summer because I am scoping out business opportunities and potential flags overseas. When I crossed their border it was primitive and very slow, but not as bad as your experience. Note that it’s “security” that is used as the rationale for the police state, as in Kosovo today, so in USA tomorrow. The unemployment is very bad in Macedonia and able bodied adults sit and talk at the cafes all day. Educated folks have it bad because the jobs they can get are grossly underpaid, “not worth working.” I see this as opportunity for capitalism and free enterprise. Also, the inevitable collapse in Europe and America will not cause the same social chaos and civil unrest in these struggling, third world economies as here because the people there are used to hardship whereas we are fat, soft, and passive. I am planning to locate business in Macedonia in the Balkans.

  • electronic cigarette

    Informative post. You have managed to compile really a unique & real information. Its really very helpful for us.You’ve made some great points and it’s written really well

  • Robert Gillies

    I have lived in Panama for the past 14 years and have never had any problem leaving or entering the USA. Maybe some day it will happen but I doubt it. I applied for Panamanian nationality about 5 years ago but they never gave it to me in spite of having a Panamanian wife and child. To my great surprise they called me a few weeks ago and now they are going to give it to me. When I get it I am not going to give up my US citizenship like some people do. I suppose it might be an advantage for some very wealthy people but I don’t have that much income. Besides I was raised an American and think like an American so I am not going to renounce it. Anyhow I can use my Panamanian passport to travel in Latin America and my US passport when I visit the USA. I moved to Panama because I am retired and don’t like cold winters, It is cheaper to live if you have a low income. I married a younger women and have a nice little 8 year old girl. Not bad for a 72 year old retiree. Now I will be a dual national and so is my daughter. One problem here in Panama is that we use the US dollar so if there is a problem with the dollar it will be bad for Panama. However so far we have done better than many other Latin American countries.

  • Don Cossack

    Damn, I, a Russian citizen, am just sitting here thinking “Good thing that I don’t have a US citizenship.”

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