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Got grandparents? Four places where you can become a citizen


April 24, 2012

I awoke this morning to an excited email from a longtime friend who wrote,

“Guess who is going to be officially confirmed as a Polish citizen next month? Yours truly! Now, it’s just matter of waiting to be assigned the Polish version of a social security number and pick up the physical passport. ”

No doubt, if you’re part of the lucky bloodline club because your grandparents happen to have been a certain nationality at birth, it’s possible that their citizenship might pass on to you.

This is, by far, the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to obtaining a second citizenship.

Let’s pause for a moment, though, and explore why one would want second citizenship.

When you have all of your eggs in one basket, i.e. you live, work, bank, invest, buy real estate, store your gold, structure your company, operate your business, surf the web, etc. all within the same country of your citizenship, you’re taking on a lot of ‘sovereign’ risk.

If one thing goes wrong in that country, whether you end up on some 3-letter agency’s list, or you get sued because your neighbor’s stupid kid fell in your swimming pool, suddenly all of those assets and interests are at risk.

With the click of a mouse button, a single phone call, or the whisk of a fountain pen, any judge or bureaucrat can shut you out. They can put a lien on your home, freeze your bank account, confiscate your personal property, shut you out of your email, shutter your business, seize your gold, etc.

This is the whole point of international diversification… what I call ‘planting multiple flags’. If you use the system against itself and spread those assets and interests around the globe– banking in Hong Kong, structuring a company in Nevis, basing an email account in Norway, storing gold in Singapore, etc.

With this level of diversification, suddenly those assets no longer fall under the control of a single government.

The ultimate in this international diversification is obtaining second citizenship; aside from being a fantastic insurance policy, it’s a ticket to a whole new world of opportunity and freedom.

To give you an example, buried deep within Senate Bill 1813 are provisions that would allow the US government to rescind the passports of US citizens if they are deemed to be seriously delinquent in their tax obligations.

As tax matters are typically administrative issues, however, there would be no court hearing to see if there has actually been any wrongdoing, no judicial appeal. Just punishment.

Such provisions hardly seem appropriate in the Land of the Free, yet the bill is a testament to how far the basic liberties of the American people have been eroded over the years.

In this capacity, a second passport would provide instant options. For someone who has been wrongfully impugned, a second passport is like a get out of jail free card.

Moreover, it gives you the right to live and work in another country (or perhaps several), increasing your options and potential new experiences around the world. You’ll find that you can do business in more places, travel more freely, and have greater comfort and security in your life.

As I’m fond of saying, nobody ever hijacks an airplane and threatens to kill all the Lithuanians. There are no evil men in caves plotting to blow up buildings in Uruguay. There are no angry crowds in Karachi protesting civilian casualties from Panama’s unmanned drone fleet.

And perhaps most importantly, there are no banks or brokerages around the world closing their doors to Slovenians simply because nobody wants to do business with their government.

Now, there are a number of ways to obtain a second citizenship… but again, the quickest and cheapest route is if you happen to be part of the lucky bloodline club.

Certain countries observe what’s called ‘jus sanguinis‘, or right of blood, which means that citizenship is determined by lineage rather than place of birth. Some countries even extend the right of citizenship to grandchildren of nationals… meaning that if you have a grandparent from one of these countries, you could be entitled to citizenship as well.

Some of these countries are:

1. Poland

The rules for receiving Polish citizenship from a grandparent are a bit convoluted, but if you have Polish ancestors in your bloodline, it may be worth contacting a firm like CK Law Office (cklawoffice.eu) in Warsaw; they’ve helped a number of Sovereign Man readers obtain Polish passports.

2. Italy

Not quite as complicated as the Polish nationality law, Italy also confers citizenship to descendants of certain Italian nationals going back two generations. You can find out more at MyItalianCitizenship.com

3. Ireland

As we have discussed before, Ireland has perhaps the most clear laws in conferring citizenship to descendants of Irish nationals. You have to do the legwork in finding the right documents, check out www.AnClanGael.com for assistance.

4. Germany

It’s not exactly a cheery subject, but Germany confers citizenship for children and grandchildren of former Germans who were deprived of their citizenship status between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945 on racial, political, or ethnic grounds. You can read more about it here.

5. India

While not quite full citizenship, individuals with Indian ancestors as far as three generations back (great grandparents) can apply for a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card. A PIO Card entitles the holder to live, work, attend school, own property, etc. on parity with an Indian citizen. The only restrictions are voting or holding public office.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ben.dunphy Ben Dunphy

    jus sanguinis country is Canada. And although they’re not far behind USSA re: terror threats etc (even though no one really wants to attack them…yet), their govt at least had the decency to admit its wrongdoing in wrongly sending one of their citizens, Maher Arar, to the US govt, where he was then tortured and sent to Syria and tortured some more for a year until they realized that, hey, he’s not a terrorist after all. They also gave him 9 million bucks. Greenwald has a good overview of this case: 

    • semsem5

      Greenwald is a leftist hateful anti American and antisemite.

      • kender

        @semsem…you are a little off-kilter to be calling anyone anti-semite. I bet you are khazarian, and not of hebrew descent. Do you read the talmud? Yeah, right I bet you “don’t know vhat I’m taaking aboot” When the so-called jews whose ancestors never set foot in israel, and started killing off the original inhabitants, when we can have a “real” convo about WHY israeli’s act like the nazi’s towards the Palestinians, fine. Until then go read the Balfour Declaration

      • semsem5

        I am Egyptian of Iraqi Jewish decent YOU IDIOT.

        You are a stupid ignorant antisemitic primitive Antisemite.

        The Roman historian Joseph Flavius clearly writes about the Jews of Rome and the Roman Empire who arrived in France, Spain and Germany with the Roman Legions.

        We Iraqi Jews are called Babylonian Jews exiled in the firstr Exile in 560 BC.

        The Jews of Europe were exiled in the 2nd exile in 70 AD.

        As to acting like Nazis I suggest you read a good book before blood libeling Jews like in the Middle Ages.

        It was in fact the Palestinian Mufti who caused the famous Baghdad Pogrom in 1941 who was a Nazi and fled to Berlin where he lived during the war.

        And even if my famiily came from the MOOOOON I don’t care a damn.

        And what you think makes no difference.

        It’s what we Jews think that matters.


      • ricter

        Nailed it bro. Brilliant response

      • Karen Jane

        Any wonder the rest of the world hates these creeps.

        Your day will come, Armageddon is a hill in Israel.

      • englishvinal

        And “those who fail to learn from history, are DOOMED to repeat it”…..
        So true.

      • englishvinal

        Arrogant butt wiper… living in LaaLaa-Land of superiority ….
        Read history… and find out where you ignorant arrogance gets you ….. about every 5 decades….

        YOU are the problem for any jewish people who tend to their own business and MIND their own business.. if there are any.

  • Happinessa

    It is sooo funny. I am Polish. 12 years ago I went to the US to give birth to my daughter just to give her American passport. Nothing specific in mind, just in case. 
    And now Americans want Polish passports … it is funny. And it is tragic, in a way. 

  • Gues1969

    What if u have no ties with any of those countries listed above?  Just a pure bred African American…what options are available to blacks who want a second citizenship, but no lineage outside of America or Africa?

    • Crooklyncat619

      You’re screwed, unless you do what Simon is suggesting. Better get to working in another country. Or have a butt load of cash to “invest” in a country that allows citizenship in return for you bringing revenue to their country. Other than that U B FOOKED…..

      • Gues1969

        LOL…@Crooklyn.  I guess ur right.  Thanks.  I do appreciate UR response

      • 1voluntaryist

        You are only limited by your imagination. If you don’t move from country to country frequently or need a bank account in a foreign country where you have moved, you might not need a second passport. Getting out of the U.S. is as easy as slipping across the many unguarded roads into Canada. Once there, your US passport should work. Or you could get a forged Canadian one. 

      • Nick

        How is that possible? Unguarded?

      • none of your business

        it would be pretty hard for an American with no criminal contacts in Canada to get a forged passport. I don’t think the forged passports work anymore. I think the numbers of all legitimate passports are on an international database that all customs and immigration people in every country have. So if you fly in customs not only looks at your forged passport but types it in the computer and nothing comes up.

        So you are in trouble.

    • Peter

      I think that Liberia might offer citizenship for anyone who can prove Sub-Saharan descent, maybe give that a try?

  • Biggi Fraley

    If you have citizenship in a county other than the US already, would you recommend getting the US citizenship as your second citizenship (assuming one qualifies, of course)? At the moment there seem to be so many disadvantages to being an American. What would be some of the advantages of US citizenship, other than the general diversification described in this article? Thanks!

    • englishvinal

      No!….. unless you want to volunteer to be a “human resource” for the rest of your life.
      Are you mad?

  • Guest

    Why do keep talking about these bloodline citizenships when so few of us have that opportunity?

    When I saw the topic, I expected some useful information, but no, that’s safely tucked away behind your pay-wall..

    • dbvanhorn

      then why don’t you ‘pay’? why should a guy do all the research and give it all away for ‘free’? Stop whining and drag out some dough, or go spend your own time finding the answer your cheap self. Seriously people.

  • Nate

    Very insightful post. I never have trusted the government, but this really shows you why you should not. When the boot is on your neck, it doesn’t matter if it’s the left or right one. International diversification gets rid of the US Government’s monopoly on you and yours. 


    Simon, I am a U.S. citizen by birth but I have inherited Swiss citizenship through my father who emigrated to the U.S. in his 20’s. My mothers family however is Romanian, (my great-grandmother emigrated here from Romania). I was wondering if you could shed some light on Romanian citizenship and if at all possible, direct me where to go to see if I qualify. Thanks in advance and thank you for all the information you provide us every day.

    • Kindn3ss

      Hey, What will be the reason you will want to gain Romanian citizenship. I’m both Romanian and American citizen (native Romanian), and my wife’s looking to emigrate from USA. We’re digging now to see what our best option is, but at this moment with the politics that are not stable at all, Romania is my last resort). We were even thinking at one point to go there, buy a house and live there for good, but… not for now. I hope Romania will become what once used to be “the grain exporter in the whole Europe”. kindn3ss at yahoo dot com is my c0nt4ct. :)

  • Crooklyncat619

    I put in for my Chilean citizenship in January and am awaiting paperwork. The gentleman who processed my paperwork stated that the turnaround time is in the 6 month range. Thank god I came across you site because I had no idea I was privileged to dual citizenship on the account of my mothers’ nationality!! I have NO problem leaving the US when, not if, BUT WHEN things get too RIDICULOUS! I’m a veteran and am so ashamed of how STUPID most of the people in America have become.

    Everywhere I go, most people here think America is getting better????? They sound like the MSM when I talk to them about the crazy things going down as we speak! ” Things are getting better”, ” Oblahma has done AWESOME”, ” We SHOULD have checkpoints everywhere”…. IM LIKE, SERIUOSLY?? Are you people THAT stupid? And of course the answer is YES.

    I always wondered how the German people could let it get that bad, NOW I KNOW HOW! I’m SO GLAD that I will have the opportunity to leave this police state when the time is right. Good luck to all who are awake and not as fortunate as us “bloodline babies”.

    • Steve Kraemer

      I hate to burst your rant bubble against Obama… However, the “US Police State” actually began under the Bush administration in September 2001 after the WTC attacks. Obama’s basically under tons of pressure by Republican members of Congress to implement all kinds of “paranoia”. When he leaves office, the “Bush-era” tactics will be back in place (and stiffer than ever), if a Democrat isn’t elected to Presidency in 2016.

      • Lucas Petrykowski

        9/11 was a false flag attack allowed by our own government. Yes, Bush started the police state but Obama has sent it over the edge. Saying that Obama inherited this mess is like saying that firefighters inherit a fire, true! They don’t go around spraying gasoline on it though!!!

      • hh1034

        It started in 1917 under Woodrow Wilson. Democrats and Republicans are both to blame.

      • englishvinal

        Thank you hh1034….
        The frog has indeed been “in the kettle” and the water has been slowly heating up up up .. since 1913 when the people were betrayed by the traitors in congress.. meeting on Christmas eve and voting to hand over the control of our currency to a PRIVATELY owned bank consortium called “the federal reserve bank corporation”…..
        We is just about cooked!

      • semsem5

        Thanks to the “paranoia” as you call it the US thank goodness has not had a major attack on its soil since 13 years.

      • michelle Ortiz

        You are so full of it man.. This country is in a huge mess Bush has been gone for years…Get over it and place blame where it needs to be placed right on the OBUMMER administration.

      • englishvinal

        Yep….. right. All true……….
        And O-Droner put that all right too …. didn’t he?

        No, O-Droner Dummy Steve…. this rabid reptile took hybrid Bush’s criminal impositions, and used them as his “platform” to make the US the most hated country in the world….
        THINK DRONES?… Think all the IRS and TSA and FBI and CIA… activities that O-Droner has facilitated and enhanced???

        One more mindless propagandized “true believer” shot down with a “drone of FACT”….. bah~!

  • Christina

    Simon, are you at all worried that citizenship with a European nation could soon become as burdensome as being a U.S. citizen, in terms of making you less able to open a bank account, etc?  For example the Greek government may start to really crack down on offshore bank accounts of Greek citizens. So are you worried that having that Greek citizenship, Spanish citizenship, French citizenship (just look at Francois Hollande), or citizenship from most countries in Europe, may hinder one’s lifestyle instead of giving one freedom?  I guess you’re answer may be that you could always renounce it if becomes a problem.  However, given where Europe is headed, do you think it’s worth the time and effort?  Bureaucracy in Europe is pretty bad so getting citizenship is not easy.  I’d love your input.

    • elorac

      F Hollande has plans to tax french citizens living in other countries, starting with belgium Switzerland and Liechstenstein .the rest to follow… there is a talk of taxing retrospectively french living abroad . if we do not comply the threat is we will loose our french citizenship.(this has to become law) and is against the french constitution. the other is if one lives abroad we might have to fill tax return to the french and be tax (on top of what we already pay). they decide how much!

  • Nyjetswin2005

    You forgot to mention Israel. The Jewish state grants all Jews and any person who can prove Jewish decent Israeli citizenship when they immgrate to Israel.

    • Lucas Petrykowski

      However, if you’re Palestinian, you better move out of the way of that bulldozer coming to raze your home.

      • semsem5

        If you are an Egyptian Jew, you lose your Egyptian citizenship which happened to me and 80,000 other Egyptian Jews.

        However if you are one of the 1 million Arabs living in Israel you obtain Israeli citizenship with full rights; free healthcare, education etc.

        Being Polish sir, a country famous for it’s rampant Antisemitism, I am not at all surprised by your one sided bigoted comment attacking Jews and Israel.

      • englishvinal

        There are a LOT of people “attacking Jews and Israel” currently, and there are lots more coming on board for good reasons.
        The pendulum swings… read your history semsem5…. there have been several dozen social uprisings (holocausts) relative to Jews…. and it appears that another in in progress.

        Think the pre-WWII treatment being heaped on the Palestinians by Israel ??? The world generally is waking up and seeing that genocide is not “cool”…..

      • semsem5

        By comparing treatment of Palestinians to a Holocaust you prove you are an Antisemitic medieval blood libeler.

        Demonising Jews and lying about facts is exactly what the Nazis did.

        I suggest you go read a History book about Nazi Germany. As my mother lived there I know the facts.

        1 million Palestinians who live in Israel and did not leave in 1948 have Israeli citizenship. They can travel, own real estate, get free healthcare and free university education.

        It just drives you Antisemites insane that Jews can finally after 2,000 years in Exile finally defend ourselves.

      • Coenraad Nel

        Give it up, not all of us goyims are as clueless as you think. We know who is responsible for the death of 66 million civilians (mostly Christians) in the former USSR. We also know exactly what your Talmud teaches. We also know that most of you (ashkenazic khazars) are not true Jews. We also know all about the luciferian plans to rule the earth and to exterminate most of it’s citizens. We also know who is responsible for the death of an estimated 135 million people world wide. Also who is responsible for most wars including WW1 & WW2. Yes the truth can not stay hidden for much longer.

      • gs07aaa

        Please note: we don’t have plans to rule the world; we rule it already! Where do you think all your ideas come from? It’s us of course. And by the way it’s not 135 million people whose deaths can be laid at our door, but 136. Finally, how dare you suggest we’re only responsible for most wars; we’re responsible for all of them. Name me one war – just one – that we weren’t responsible for.

      • Coenraad Nel

        Well enjoy the “high” while it lasts, as for me, I will stick with Jesus.

      • gs07aaa

        And he was one of ours an all! Can’t you goyim do anything? – except drink!

      • Coenraad Nel

        OK Buddy I know you’re yanking my chain, but I leave you with this:
        For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? Matthew 16:26

      • englishvinal

        What an arrogant JERK…..

        Well, “it” is the blueprint for all Jews… they all actually BELIEVE that somehow they are the “Master Race” superior to everybody else.. We are “nothing but cattle to their minds… and we thought Hitler was dangerous ~~~!!!

      • gs07aaa

        I couldn’t put it better myself. The only thing you people can do is drink – and don’t forget who owns all the breweries.

      • englishvinal

        I suggest that YOU read history that YOU DO NOT LIKE…
        Instead of reading ONLY those things that you can find that support your bias…
        History is un biased.
        And define the term “semitic” while you are at it.

      • semsem5

        Typical antisemitic comment. Coming from a Pole I am not surprised.

      • gs07aaa

        Quite right. Israel, in common with so many other countries, knows how to deal with terrorists.

      • englishvinal

        BS… murdering innocent people is not “dealing with anything”… it is unmitigated GREED for the valuable land.
        Can we say “Genghis Khan” wearing a 6 pointed star?

      • gs07aaa

        You can say whatever you like mate. But should Hamas or any other of your “innocent” friends chance their arm again they’ll regret it – big time. That’s your first warning and your last.

    • none of your business

      But Israel is very picky about what Jews they allow to immigrate. young, fertile and talented is what they want. They really want people with plenty of money to start a business. Poor and over 50 with no special skills or skills not needed in Israel they don’t want them

      • gs07aaa

        In common with so many people who comment on Israel, you’re talking utter nonsense. Where do you get your “facts” from?

      • englishvinal

        Go to the internet….. bring up “search engines”…. and do some research……….
        Then criticize other people’s observation…

      • gs07aaa

        No need to go via the internet mate. Friends of mine who ticked all the wrong boxes according to “None of your business” were welcomed with open arms when they made aliyah.

      • Guest

        WHAT???? That is completely and utterly FALSE. Anyone of any age and financial status who has a Jewish grandparent can immigrate there. Also, even if you don’t have any Jewish heritage at all, but you converted to the religion, you are good to go. I know MANY people, in fact MOST of the people I know who have immigrated to Israel are retirement age and/or poor or simply middle class. No problem. Israel wants you.

      • englishvinal

        Better check out what is waiting for immigrants to Israel…..
        There are some absolute horror stories out there for you to absorb.
        I wouldn’t TOUCH the place with somebody else’s 40 foot pole!

    • yidaki_mark

      I am Jewish but an Israel passport is one of the most dangerous passports to own. Why? Think about it.

  • Hiday_happy

    one day i ask them they said my neighboor hate me…i read their’s diaries

  • Luke_Cane

    To my understanding, people who are Chinese by bloodline but not Chinese by citizenship are able to easily gain PRC citizenship and a passport if they choose to return to China.  Becoming a PRC citizen might not be the most liberating passport out there, nor is being under supervision of the communist party, but it does allow a pathway towards Hong Kong citizenship and a Hong Kong passport (cannot obtain a HK passport without PRC citizenship).

    At least that is my understanding of the situation – can anyone verify?

  • P Titanic

    Hungary also passed a law in 2011 on ‘Ethnic Citizenship’, which is what I am going after. All you have to do is to show the possibility of Hungarian ethnicity (citizenship certificates, id cards, etc, whereas birth certificates are more scrutinized); have a basic knowledge of the language (there is no benchmark), and have a clean criminal check (usually through your local police). There is also the “economic citizenship” where you are granted citizenship if you invest a certain amount of money into a certain country (these are usually smaller, dilapidated countries). The final one is based on services to a country. In France, if you join the French Foreign Legion for a set perio of years or are injured while on duty, you earn French citizenship. The French also give citizenship if you provide ‘honorable and exemplary services to the French nation’ (I am not sure what thise means, but I would assume providing some form of national help).

    That’s My 2-cents!

    • yidaki_mark

      Same with me. My grandfather was born in Hungary. A friend of mine got screwed by one of the embassies though. She took her grandmother’s passport to the office and they didn’t make a copy of the passport. They collected it. So, I recommend to anyone that they get a notarized copy of a birth certificate. We have notaries in the U.S. and it’s very easy for them to notarize. Something cool that the Hungary does that no other country does is this. They will create a new birth certificate for you showing Hungary as your place of birth. They will also do this for any spouse and/or birth or adopted children. Then, when you go to enter another country the place of birth is listed as Hungary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Burk.Elder.Hale.III Burk Elder Hale
  • http://www.facebook.com/stmartinez1 S Thania Martinez

    Simon, while 2nd passports are a good idea for US citizens, they are not the “silver bullet” many present them as. For example your 2nd passport will still have your place of birth as the United States and most offshore banking countries like Switzerland that prohibit US citizens will not allow you to open a bank account if you where born in the US unless you have successfully renounced your US citizenship and can prove it. Those who only relinquish their US citizenship in favor of a new passport and citizenship will find that OFACT’s new regulation regarding the reporting of US citizens by foreign financial institutions will still apply to them. The result is the IRS will come knocking on your door if you do not report your offshore account and pay the appropriate taxes, if they simply do not charge you with tax evasion and have your extradited back to the US. The only real solutions is to fully renouncing your US citizenship and pay the wealth tax if it applies. Most second citizenship programs never discuss this important topic.

    • 1voluntaryist

      The victim must be “ratted out” by the bank. The solution is simple. Get a forged passport. Banks are not interested in investigation. They want business. I would bet this is cheaper and quicker. 

      • englishvinal

        Just don’t try to cross international border(s) using it.

    • Jody Johnsen

      This isn’t about hiding money – any idiot can do that – citizenship notwithstanding. This is about breaking the US umbilical cord for future flexibility. Also, you need to update your tax information. You are not up to date. Expats are not fully taxed, having money offshore is not a crime and there is no requirement to renounce US citizenship.

  • Gues1969

    Sovereign Man, I am curious as to your response for African Americans with other national descent…what are their options?  Or is claiming second citizenship only available to those NOT born in Africa?  Thanks!

    • Luis Reyes

      Look into Ghana… they allow this!

  • Rmi016

    When in some cases it takes 2 yrs to obtain that second passport, things could have gotten pretty nasty, be it in the US or elsewhere. The world is at a point where timing is of the essence.

    Perhaps, if some of us get together, form a sovereign country and offer citizenships within a month of applying, or less, we would have a viable solution and then some.


  • Delia Lopez ForCongress

    If you have a passport you can get a tourist visa good for 6 months to visit Mexico, speak English? You can apply for a work permit to teach it, apply for temporary residence then citizenship.  

    • sangramjit singh

      heloo mam…im from Indian,,mam,,im belong to poor family but educated family,,,i want work here,,,,is it possible for me to get free visa from ur country..can u help me mam..i never forget ur help…hope u understand me..and my poverty…plzzz help me mam..my contact no is,,,+919988037408..God bless u always ,,

      • suhurley

        Request denied.

      • Pastor Jack

        I can’t breath too funny

  • Zenith Ma

    OMG!What a stupid article!

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  • Pastor Jack

    If you had two passports, you could travel to off limits countries like Cuba. Fly out somewhere on your US passport, then fly from there to Cuba on your, Say, Swedish Passport. When you fly back home to US, show your US passport which was stamped in some country other than Cuba.
    God help you if you are caught though.

    • englishvinal

      You can use your US passport if that is all you have available.
      Fly out of Mexico City or Costa Rica or Nicaragua…. or just about anywhere and ask the customs personnel in Cuba NOT to stamp the passport page.
      …. It is done every day….

  • colleged

    I have Polish grandparents but don’t qualify. There is a time limit as to how recently they came to the U.S. The information posted here was not useful for me.

    • aw

      Would you tell me what the limit is? Thanks in advance.

  • masker

    Italy is actually farther–we did our citizenship through a great grandfather.

  • http://www.godsdesertrose.org Carolyn Hodnett Shelton

    What good is a Certificate of Irish Heritage as far as a passport is concerned?

  • Karen Jane

    My mother’s parents were Russian nationals of German blood born in the Ukraine and my mother was born in Romania after they fled the Bolsheviks. I’m a Canadian born in BC and the Supreme Court is in the process of turning the Crown land (90% if the land base) in the province over to the Indians who are cutely called First Nations here.

    On my father’s side, my grandparents were both born in Missouri and emigrated to Alberta where my father was born after the Civil War when the Canadian government offered generous land grants to displaced Southern farmers in order to open up the Canadian west. The family trace back to Lord Baltimore’s original colony in Maryland but there is evidence from our Portuguese Sephardic Jewish surname that their occupation of the territory predates any other known European settlement due to the close association of it with an unusual group of people known as the Melungeons who are said to be descendants of Spanish galley slaves marooned off of the Carolina Coast on Roanoke Island by Sir Francis Drake where they intermarried with native Indian ladies and survived.

    I don’t want to be a second-class citizen in my own home and native land (a globalist strategy that has nothing to do with “native rights” and everything to do with disenfranchising 95% of the population of the so-callled “best place on Earth”) so any suggestions as to where to next?

    • http://enria.org/ Freemon Sandlewould

      Yeah …BC has conservatives so Central Command figures they’ll just give the place away.

      This sort of thing causes wars.

      • Karen Jane

        Expect new rights and privileges for the “indigenous” worldwide in the wake of various UN declarations and for sock puppetry purposes in the bogus climate change world taxation scheme while meanwhile the Chiefs are always willing to sign on the bottom line for cut in resource development profits.

        They are the perfect stepping stone to the confiscation much like the “bourgeoise” were enslaved, murdered and looted in the name of the “proletariat” in 1917.

        And thirteen British colonies did revolt against the Crown i 1776 when limits were put on the westward expansion of European settlement in order to protect the lucrative fur trade though a similar document called the Royal Proclamation.

    • none of your business

      Extensive DNA testing has proved that the Melungeons are the descendants of black men(slaves) and White women (indentured servants slaves) who ran away to the mountains.

    • Prodigenous

      “…..in the process of turning the Crown land…”. Surely you mean “cutely called” crown land.

      • Karen Jane

        Yes despite its problems, BC is still the best looking piece of real estate on earth.

        But despite your illusions as evident in your user name, the only definition of “indigenous” in Canada is the status number that has nothing to do with actual bloodlines, history or ethnicity. Anyone can come from anywhere, marry a status number holder et voila, they are now “indigenous.”

        Even by the the turn of the 20th century, “half-bloods are more common than full on the coast (of BC)” according to visiting anthropologists and it’s been a interracial breed-a-thon ever since.

        Meanwhile “the Chiefs” many of whom are more Caucasian or Chinese or Whatever by blood than anything else are so blinded by greed and ego that they turn their butts up to any money-grubbing corporate dildo that comes along.

        If anyone is seriously interested in saving the Earth, it’s not going to come as the result of corporate-“indigenous” alliances.

    • Prodigenous

      Stay where you are. It’s one of the truly great places on the planet.

      • englishvinal

        You FOOL!…..
        I suggest that YOU stay where you and and not contaminate another country that is on the UPswing with your economic and psychological myopia~!

  • HenryR

    Poland has already done its version of “bail-ins.” Italy is a place where the government gleefully places anyone it has accused of a crime in double jeopardy. Ireland you can’t blend in no matter how hard you try, you’ll always be a foreigner there and worse, it’s as broke as Greece is with no reliable place to put your money.. India, you had best go to an Indian restaurant and try the food before you consider moving. The taste of it may well give you second and third thoughts.And, be advised, that India is one of the more corrupt nations on Earth. Germany is a very socialistic nation and always has been and has become even more socialist since it absorbed East Germany. Also, it is a part of the EU which is a budding tyranny if I have ever seen one.

    • http://enria.org/ Freemon Sandlewould

      I second the tyranny comment. What Hitler could not do with force Germany has accomplished with money.

      Well I guess that is an improvement of sorts. I still think the whole thing ends up in war again for the same reasons…….an economic depression.

  • none of your business

    There has been no expansion of any sewer line in India since 1946 when the English got ready to leave. There is human waste all over the place. If you want to lose 60 pounds in a month however, eat a lot of the food.
    I’ve lived in Germany. I thought it was great. So did all the British expats I knew.

  • Aiala Stone

    The Polish passport is not so easy. If emigrating before a certain year and having gotten a new citizenship, your grandparent lost all rights to being Polish again.
    In the case of Germany, up to the 70s, nationality was only conferred through mail lines so you need to have a polish paternal grandfather to have any chance

  • Chrisley Labuschagne

    Does anyone know about France?

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