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How bankrupt governments will confiscate your gold

About two weeks ago, GoldMoney sent out an apologetic email to all of its Dutch customers. The email explained how the Dutch financial regulator (AFM) considered GoldMoney to be in violation of various licensing rules and compliance requirements.

Among other things, AFM indicated that GoldMoney was selling ‘investment objects’ without a license… something that they consider a heinous breach of their silly bureaucracy.

Now, there are so many technicalities involved here– whether physical metal constitutes ‘investment objects’ anymore than a collection of 80s action figures or a cellar of fine Bordeaux. Then there’s the jurisdictional issue– GoldMoney doesn’t even operate in the Netherlands, nor does the company sell its own inventory. Etc., etc.

None of these points seem to matter; the regulators have spoken, and as a consequence, GoldMoney is now closing the accounts of every customer living in the Netherlands.

It’s always troubling when governments go after firms like GoldMoney. The more signs I see, the more I’m starting to believe that we’re heading down a path where precious metals are once again confiscated, outlawed, or at least severely restricted in many countries.

Let’s start with the why. What possible sense would it make to reduce or restrict gold ownership?

Simple. The modern financial system is a complete joke. Money is conjured from thin air, backed by false promises from bankrupt governments. Then there’s the fractional reserve swindle, centrally planned interest rates, government-produced inflation, manufactured statistics, insane credit and sovereign debt bubbles, etc.

It’s a total fraud… and like any good con, it depends on just that: confidence.

In order for a system based on -nothing- to perpetuate, it’s imperative that it commands the confidence of the people within it. And people in rich western countries have been programmed since birth to believe that the colored pieces of paper circulating around in their economies are intrinsically ‘valuable’.

It’s funny, because developing countries already know it’s a scam. They don’t trust their governments, and they don’t trust those silly pieces of paper either. Out here in Asia is a great example– most of the region is very gold-oriented. They use paper as a medium of exchange, but it’s a cultural norm to save with gold.

In fact, when I walked into an Internet cafe earlier today here in Thailand, I noticed quite a few people at the computers checking out live gold charts (from Kitco).

People in western countries are just starting to get it… and as more people peek behind the curtain to see the true crimes being committed, the system will be finished.

The gold price is a constant reminder that the fiat financial system is a con job. And the higher the gold price becomes, the more people become aware. The political establishment will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo, and it’s possible that precious metals restrictions will become a tactic:

Step 1: Just make gold ‘harder’. To buy. To transport. To own.

Think about the changes we’ve seen over the last two years; government-regulated exchanges are continually hiking their gold margin requirements, increasing investors’ burden to buy.

On the physical side, the US government buried some insane regulations deep within last year’s healthcare bill. The new rules required a mountain of paperwork such that anyone who purchased a single ounce of gold from a coin shop would have to submit a special 1099 form to the IRS.

(The rule was later modified under intense pressure from various lobby groups, but it still gives you a good idea of what these people are thinking…)

Then there’s the new Dodd-Frank legislation that makes it nearly impossible for US citizens to trade securities and commodities from overseas accounts beyond the reach of the federal government.

Then there’s the Liberty Dollar debacle in which the US government used obscure counterfeit laws to seize millions of dollars of silver coins that were owned by the firm’s customers!

Then earlier this year, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued new guidance requiring that US taxpayers who hold gold in certain offshore financial accounts report such holdings on their annual FBAR. Conveniently, this ruling put up a barrier for Americans to use GoldMoney.

GoldMoney’s battle with the Dutch regulators is just another example of governments making gold ownership more cumbersome.

Step 2: Plant seeds of doubt

We’re seeing signs of this as well. “Prominent” economists have been pounding the table against precious metals with vigor, and the propaganda ministry is focusing its efforts on gold’s recent price drop to make people believe that it’s dangerous to buy.

This recent media clip in which a reporter extols the virtues of the US dollar being backed by the federal government says it all. It’s already begun, and we should expect more.

Step 3: Tie gold to terrorism. Plant evidence.

Here are two incontrovertible facts: Westerners are petrified of Arab terrorists. The Arab world is a very gold-oriented society. It wouldn’t take much effort to link the two by suggesting (and planting evidence) that terrorists use gold to move money and finance their operations.

This will be surely be the next step… and if we start seeing this, you can bet your last ounce that restrictive controls are coming.

So what to do…?

If you live in a broke western nation, whatever you do, don’t store your gold in a bank safety deposit box. Bankers are unpaid government spies, so you might as well hang a sign up that says “please seize my assets”.

Ideally you want to move your gold out of the country. We’ve talked about anonymous boxes in Vienna’s Das Safe facility in the past, as well as Hong Kong’s The Storage. Both of these are great options to buy and store gold.

If you really want to take action, moving and storing gold overseas is a frequent topic in Sovereign Man: Confidential. If you subscribe today with a risk-free trial, you’ll get immediate access to our comprehensive ‘offshore gold’ intelligence, including unique solutions and members-only discounts with providers.


Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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Will you be prepared when everything we take for granted changes overnight?

Just think about this for a couple of minutes. What if the U.S. Dollar wasn’t the world’s reserve currency? Ponder that… what if…

Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

Don’t be one of the millions of people who gets their savings, retirement, and investments wiped out.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • http://BuyAndStoreGold.com BuyAndStoreGold

    GoldMoney is certainly a high visibility target. Fortunately, for now at least, one of GM’s competitors might be a more low key solution; as an added benefit, many of the fees are cheaper and it is MUCH easier to open accounts, including LLC’s.

    We have more info at our website

    • Sundance10

      So…what’s your website ?

  • David

    Simon, thanks for the insights. Still waiting to hear more about your sustainable community in Chile. David

  • Alt_shih

    I emailed to The Storage in Hong Kong. After several emails, I finally determined that you MUST be a HK resident to rent one of their safety deposit boxes.

  • MadNumismatist

    It is obvious from my moniker what I do for a living, but let me say, we have never pitched confiscation as a reason to own rare coins. The reasons are self evident for anybody with the sense to look into it.

    The fact is gold ownership is following a clear narrative: drug dealing terrorist tax dodgers that wish t end the fed are the only ones that own gold.

    The attack on Swiss accounts is part of this narrative. Do any of the so, called experts believe that the Swiss will not roll over and give up your gold?

    This is very real risk, probably one of the biggest of gold ownership.

    The only impediment to negative interest rates is the fats the money will be withdrawn and stuck in bullion. That is why it will be “confiscated”.

    As for the pedantic arguments about the word “confiscated” wishful thinking will not change anything.

    It will be as simple as closing the London Bullion Market. How many people will and on to the gold and deal in a Chinese Black market.

    If one had held gold after the 1933 confiscation, how would it have worked out over the past 78 years?

    50% greater return, with 100% less risk


  • EndTheFed


    What is your opinion on Gold Bullion International?

    It has some unique benefits, but I don’t really like the location of their vaults.


  • WG

    Does anyone have a list of alternative bullion storage companies?

    • Popmcdan

      Check out Singapore….!!!

    • http://Carl1.goldfromkb.com Carl F Westminster

      Look at KB-Vision.us.  That’s mine.  No cost for storage when you buy your gold thru them. Very good prices too considering it’s not counterfitable and certified.

  • Freegold
  • Lordbasil1

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Anyone looking at government history knows something like this might happen. Look at the Hunt Family for how it might happen as they found out with silver.
    My own studies indicate it might be better to have your money in tangible goods and warehouses for said goods. Commodities will outlast counterfeit money in the long run.
    You cannot beat the house in any game they play. The real problem is that the government is messing around with a pool of sharks. I speak of the billionaire club. That pool will clash with the IRS and the Federal Government before too long. Then things will really get interesting. I am betting on the sharks myself. Governments come and go.
    Sometimes it is better to do nothing and simply wait things out.
    When the currencies world wide go down the toilet and all these Billionaires suddenly wake up to find they are backing the wrong horse, then things will really get interesting. I suggest that they are really into self-interest in a big time manner.
    I suggest that the governments and the IRS might find themselves in a lot of trouble with their own sponsors.
    Dave Webb

    • DoesNotMatter

      As for buying and hoarding commodities, those storage costs are a killer. I say we still buy gold, don’t tell anybody and keep it in the ground or a safe. Let the govt make it illegal. We’ll just say we don’t have any. Also there will be a thriving black market by the time it comes to that. And no smuggler/black marketeer worth his salt will accept paper money

  • Tgaudin

    You forgot the latest from the new law in France effective september 2011: no gold or silver above $600. can be bought or sold
    via cash only tru credit card and bank wire/cheque. Banks are required to keep transaction records up to seven years.  The invoked premise for this law was not terrorism but increase in precious metal theft due to price increase.So you pick terror or theft..it essentially sends the open precious metal market to the black market and therefore self-defeats itself…that is a sign of desperation and stupidity.Keep in mind at to-day price $600 in Gold prices buys you nothing…

  • Lord, I’m so tired now….

    They got punk’d. Careful what you ask for.

  • Madk99

    After that news clip did she say “Thank you Bridgit” or “Thank you Ijit” ?

  • http://www.cash2work.com David

    Every two months my Thai girlfriend who earns the equivalent of 600 USD a month, takes what’s she has saved and buys gold jewelry – just simple things like rings and necklaces.  A couple of years back, she completely emptied her bank account and bought a field.  Since purchasing the field, the value has gone up 30%.  She ain’t no city girl, but she’s smart!

    • Eric

      She’s better off buying bullion bars or coins as an investment or safe haven for her savings.  Calculate the actual gold content/worth of the jewelry based on karat and weight.  Then compare that to what she paid for it.  How much over gold spot price did she pay?  Several months back I took some old jewelry to a traveling road show promising to pay top dollar, they offered me about 20% of bullion value.  If she wants to unload the jewelry for paper money she will be taken to the cleaners.  Sounds like she has a jewelry fetish and someone is trying to justify it.

      • 555

        Gold sold in Thai jewelry stores is mostly 23k, not the same as the junk that is bought and sold in the states. Thai gold is quickly and easily converted to currency, with low spreads, every day of the week.

      • Dboy

        Your post is quite accurate, and btw, I understand your handle:-)

    • User

      So…she leeches off you so she can one day leave you and live on her new farm.

  • VoxFox

    Please explain how banks can open your safety deposit box without your key.

    • Kpage

      Just like they did in 1933. You cannot open your box without a govermnet official standing next to you. The boxes are officially “frozen” until a gov. official is in the room with you

      • ezsilver

        And that memo has already been received by the banks from Homeland Security.  I have discussed that with some and they corroborated that info.

    • Todd

      They don’t have to open the box, they just won’t let you have access to it.BUY a home safe …..end of story

      • WTF AMERICA???

        Todd, are you crazy??? Besides a house being a liability right now and no where near an asset (it’s not an asset unless it puts money in your pocket, not take money out every month), have you ever heard of “Eminent Domain” ? If not, i suggest you or anyone else reading this right now. Gov’t just walks up ans says “ok, this is ours now. Buh…bye”

      • Dboy

        ^Yup! REALLY REALLY wish I didn’t own the place I have right now. If you don’t own a house…don’t buy, unless its MY place of course; in which case please do!

      • Amximperial

        Yes and camoflauge it so no one knows what it is.  And make sure it’s bolted to the floor from inside the safe.  Also, in regard to home safes, FORGET THE SMALL KEY OPENED SAFES!! Have you seen how easy they are opened on the TV program Storage Wars? A hammer and a big screwdriver works in less than a minute, and if you don’t have those two tools, drop it on the concrete on it’s corner-zip zap it’s open.

    • sez me

      voxfox- Please tell me you’re just kidding! How the hell do you think they open it when you lose your key or the gubmint comes by w/ a court order?? It’s called an electric drill, doofus! Read your rental box agreement. It’ll spell out that you’ll be charged a fee for such service. Do you seriously believe that only you will be able to get into that box? You need some basic larnin’ fast.

      • The Dude

        I used to work for a company that serviced all manner of banking equipment, electronic, mechanical and otherwise. Many of the calls I made were for people who lost their safety deposit box key. It’s very, very easy to drill out, replace and rekey. Minus any professional finese a crowbar works too. 

    • DoesNotMatter

      VoxFox buddy, you are a source of unending entertainment. What Tom friedman does for Bill Bnner, you do for me.

      You mean they don’t have a copy of your key? You mean you actually believe them when they say they don’t have a copy of your key? Granted (by a feat of mind bending…my specialty) they don’t have the key, you really believe they can’t just break it open? Perhaps technology has not progressed to that point. Perhaps we have the technology like an electric drill to break open safety deposit boxes, but the Govt. being the neanderthals they are, are simply unaware that such a technology exists.
               You see! I really wonder how the state of california managed to steal jewelry from safety deposit boxes of bank customers….$32 billion by some estimates. Ofcourse they claimed it was unclaimed money. But still I wonder how they stole it. See, they did not have the customer’s key!! and they are unaware of the electric drill. You think they used Psychics? I thought I was the only one around…..Damn my evil Twin

    • Broylon

      Ummmm… Google British raid on safety deposit boxes. Kind of like that I imagine

    • JackiesPaw

      Read the fine print of your safe deposit box agreement, they will just drill out the lock.  It’s all legal, especailly if no will and the estate needs it opened and get ready for those “Bank Holidays” when the Fed closes the banks during a “financial crisis”.

    • poorhardworker

      You really think they can’t??? Thanks for a good belly laugh this morning!  And so sorry for you….

      • kitedriver

        Too bad, like so many others, you opine from ignorance.  There are two keys required to open a safe deposit box.  Without both, one held by the customer and one held by the bank, the only way to open the box is to drill out the lock set. 

        If you think about it, no bank wants unemcumbered access to a safety deposit box.  It would leave them liable to innumerable claims regarding missing items claimed to have been taken without the depositor’s knowledge or consent.  That is why it is in the bank’s best interest to insure that it cannot open the box without destroying the lock and I will not bore you with the other details regarding the internal controls that are in use to insure that no bank employee has the opportunity to gain the access needed to open a box on their own, with or without a key.

        On the other hand, your imperial government has organized it where, on demand and without notice to the customer, it has the ability to force the bank to open the box, inventory the contents, report the findings and hold whatever the government wants at its command.

        Blame your damn government, not some poor bank clerk who is only trying to make a bare living while not being subjected to a $10,000.00 fine and up to 10 years in jail.

    • Bert

      Have you heard of drills?

    • Casazz

      each bank will have an agent there to accompany customers to their box. they will be authorized to examine contents and confiscate what the gov’t wants. very easy to do with no warning.

    • Guest

      The same way banks open your safe deposit box when you have LOST your key — drill it. 

    • Homeinspector_4u

      Are you for real? If you do not think they can get into your SDB you are part of the problem.

    • Problem Solver

      Under court order, a bank can be forced to open your box.  Also, locks are regularly compromised in situations where people lose keys.  Banks also have master keys for all the boxes.  They won’t admit it, but think about it….Apartment buildings aren’t supposed to access your flat without your permission and you know the landlord has a key, yet in emergency cases, lanlords are regularly requested to access your apartment.  Police can open vault, box or starage facility as long as they have a court order.  Guess who authorizes court orders?

      You got it…..The government! 

      However, no one can actually find your hidden valuables(unless you alert them to your hiding stop.  Sure, some lucky individual can stumble on to it by accident, but the likelihood of this happening (especially if you’ve been methotical about your hiding spot), is so astronomical that the adds are in the hundreds of millions to 1 that a stranger can actually stumble on to it.  Unless you’ve been foolish enough to tell someone and they actuall follow you (without your knowledge) and unearth it for themselves.

      No, the best way in my opinion to hide your gold (for this conversation) is to buy increments of 1 oz. gold neckchains (worth the same intrinsic denomination, less melt value).  If you like buying 1 oz. increments.  I’ve been hearing more and more of gold supplies starting to offer 1 oz. gold chains as an alternative to actual coin or bullion ownership.  A favorate for the claws of the government.  Unless the government is going to ban ownership of gold in any form, concentrating on non-gold coins or bullion would be your best bet.

      I happen to like coins or bars, but for sake of this conversation relative to saftey storage of gold, non-gold coins or bars would be the safeest way to go.

    • Dboy

      VoxFox: All it takes is a drill and the Patriot Act! It’s just that simple.

    • Dland

      How do they open your safe deposit box now if you lose your key?

    • Tbnyc

      a drill

  • samnjoeysgrama

    If your gold is here and in your IRA, it will be even easier.  They will just move to “protect” the masses of ignorant investors who have lost so much in the market crashes and aren’t bright enough to manage their own retirement.   They will then confiscate all IRA and 401Ks, and presto, all assets (including gold) will be theirs.

  • Public_Citizen
  • Noel Falconer

    Governments KNOW gold is a refuge from their pet thieving trick, printing today’s money, that they’ll repay in tomorrow’s inflated, less valuable currency.

    So OF COURSE they’re going to steal it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-F-Hughes/100000524316013 Charles F. Hughes

    Will gold be outlawed again?

    • Jody49erfan

      The law is still on the books. Last year Ron Paul sponsered a bill to rescind it……no one would co sponser it. George

  • Pt

    This was a sensible article until the end when you suggest storin gold abroad.  When the crash comes, you will never be able to travel to go get it.  Far better a hole in the garden and a treasure map, within walking distance. Dissapointed you do not see the full effects of the looming crisis, and are still bothered about making money.

  • Tyson Ruble

    Again, I here “Store your gold off-shore, away from the hands of the US Govt” like some End of the World sandwich board. Yet, How, pray tell, will storing my gold assets oversees benefit me if confisgation were to take place? I will not be abe to retrieve it and repatriot it. I won’t have accss to use as a medium of barter should the SHTF and we have a socio-economic meltdown. And then best yet, how would I know for sure that some nefarious vault keeper in Vienna won’t sell or lease my gold out to some other party while I sit on my rotting sofa at home waiting for delivery of a few ounces so I can purchase food for my family. Storing gold off-shore is the worst thing you can do!

    • Patate

      It depends on whether you ever travel abroad, or not. If you do (travel), it pays to have some emergency assets already “over there”, in case you somehow end up in desperate straits.

    • William wallace spawn


      The reason why simon says to store gold overseas is that if another government demands that their debt be paid off in full, then the govt will most likely confiscate gold and silver to pay off the debt.  Also, if a country gets so bad that you have to leave it, at least you will have something stored overseas that you have access to it.  Also, as the value of currency starts to fall, then crime will increase and their is a good probability that criminals will steal all your gold(happen to a friend of mine).  One final point that Simon is making is don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Store some gold overseas if you can, open a foreign bank account so if the US goes bust then you will have some type of savings.  Study the history of Germany and Argentina to get a better idea of what Simon is talking about. 

    • kitedriver

      And, why, pray tell, do you tolerate a government that makes
      this a problem?  Really, it is one of the
      “mysteries of life” to me why people in the US seem to have the attitude that
      there is nothing they can do when faced with another unauthorized infringement
      of their liberty and rights by a government that is more and more defined by
      its disrespect  for either.

      In the series of soap box, ballot box, jury box and
      cartridge box, you have not even begun to exhaust the first option.  Whatever, in God’s name, will it take to prompt you to avail
      yourselves of all of them?

  • Patate

    One virtually has to have a bit of familiarity with foreign travel, and banks, to figure out how to own anything of value outside the US. It is just about impossible to share any knowlege on the subject, if one communicates over the Internet, because hacking is universal and seems to occur in waves, depending on where it comes from.
       In a closed off room, debugged by a person or firm one “trusts”, one might be able to convey a few trade secrets.  We are already living in 1984.
       An old rule is you meet with someone in a public cafe, outside at a table. You check the area for cameras and “bugs”, even on your table and chair.  I had occasion to do something similar in Paris 40 years ago.

    • Tyson Ruble

      Yeah that will work out great. I can see it now thousands of people traveling abroad to meet someone in a small Paris Cafe. Evryone will be looking under their tables with dark glasses on whispering how to transport their gold/silver in and out of the country. Stick with that plan. I’ll keep mine where I can retreive it quickly. I trust myself 1000 time more than a US banker much less a Foreign banker.

      Why would I even care to travel abroad? The security of having assets in another country has nothing to do with this article.

      You still never addressed how storing it overseas benefits me if I ca not travel, the economy is in shambles and I am trying to survive waiting for my assets to arrive in the US, go through customs and be seize at the port of entry.


      • Dboy

        ^LOL at you, and sad for you, both at the same time. While you are busily plotting out sightlines and killzones on your property in the woods waiting for the feds and/or other criminals, the rest of us will be having a nice civilized breakfast half a world away. I have a pretty good idea where YOUR plan ends!

  • virtualCableTV

    There’s not going to be any way out but feet first like an old cowboy movie. A man is simply going to have to stand his ground and shoot it out until he gets dropped himself.

    Jeremia Johnson comes to mind…

  • Planetnews

    Pizza Man Herman Cain Will Not Deliver!

    Federal Reserve insider unfit to lead economic recovery, charges Revolution PAC.

    his faulty recession predictions in 2008, to his support of TARP to his
    resistance to a Federal Reserve audit, GOP presidential candidate
    Herman Cain is unqualified to shepherd America to honest economic
    recovery, asserts Revolution PAC.

    As conservatives, including Rep. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, rally
    for fiscal transparency, Cain – a former Kansas City Federal Reserve
    chairman – continues to dismiss the push for a thorough audit of the
    public-private agency. While Cain asserts in his new autobiography, “I
    don’t think you’re going to find anything to audit on the Federal
    Reserve,” Paul’s Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee has overseen a
    GAO investigation of the Fed’s crisis response emergency lending that
    uncovered$16 trillion in emergency loans to foreign banks.

    Cain’s pattern of misjudgment and obfuscation is not a recent
    phenomenon. Just one week before the economic collapse and subsequent
    banker bailouts in 2008, he went on the record to defend the strength of
    the financial markets and suggest an “imaginary recession.”

    “He was completely clueless about the condition of the economy right
    up to the moment of collapse,” notes Revolution PAC Chairman Tom Woods.

    proceeded to wholeheartedly back, in big government liberal fashion,
    the controversial Troubled Asset Relief Program, which he deemed a
    “win-win for the taxpayer.” He flippantly argued, “The ownership by the
    taxpayers is going to be relatively small and nowhere near the amount
    needed to be called nationalization. So what’s the problem?”

    “We need sweeping, systemic changes, carried out by a real supporter
    of the free market who sees the whole picture,” Woods urges, “not
    trivial tinkering by Herman Cain or his friend Mitt Romney, whom he
    endorsed in 2008.”

    Woods continues, “Dr. Paul specifically warned in 2001 that Alan
    Greenspan and the Federal Reserve, whose NASDAQ bubble had just burst,
    were in the process of creating a housing bubble. That Ron Paul is the
    candidate best equipped to lead us back to economic prosperity is nearly

    A recent Harris Poll revealed that Ron Paul would prevail over
    Barack Obama 51 percent to 49 percent in a general election race. Paul
    stands at 13 percent in New Hampshire, site of the first-in-the-nation

    Revolution PAC is bolstering Ron Paul’s consistent, constitutional
    message with targeted TV advertising campaigns complemented by
    billboards and radio ads in key primary states. Proceeds will support
    the airing of game-changing commercials, like the game-changing Plastic
    Men” in the months to come. Unlimited donations by individuals,
    businesses and organizations can be made to Revolution PAC.


    Huffington Post Provides Proof That Herman Cain Lied At The GOP Debate


    Cain Also Thinks the Fed Missing $9 Trillion Is Unimportant

    Herman Cain made it clear tonight in his answer to Ron Paul’s question
    about auditing the Federal Reserve that he simply doesn’t think it’s

    In 2009, the Federal Reserve admitted it could not
    account for $9 trillion. This is not a misprint. It wasn’t $9 million.
    Not $9 billion.

    $9 trillion.

    Does it have to get to $999 trillion, Mr. Cain, before you think the Federal Reserve issue is important?

    Cain’s Favorite Fed Chairman: “Print More Money”

    the Bloomberg GOP Debate, Herman Cain said that Alan Greenspan was his
    favorite Federal Reserve Chairman. That the TARP-supporting, financial
    crisis-denying Cain would think Greenspan had a good head for economics
    should be no surprise, since he shows himself to speak like a true
    insider does.


    Comparing the Candidates on TARP

    face it: The Cookie Monster is as good, if not better, than most
    journalists in highlighting this crucially important distinction between
    Ron Paul and Barack Obama, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney concerning TARP:


    ObamaCare Advisers Were Also RomneyCare Advisers

    Writes James Antle at The American Spectator:

    “Records show that
    Mitt Romney aides met a dozen times with the White House to discuss
    health care reform, according to reports that are sure to refocus
    attention on the similarities between Obamacare and Romneycare. The
    Massachusetts health care plan Romney signed into law was an inspiration
    for the federal legislation, signed by Barack Obama, that the
    Republican frontrunner has pledged to have repealed.

    It’s worth noting that at least two of the aides, Jon Gruber and
    John McDonough, are liberal Democrats, the latter a former aide to the
    late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Romney campaign has downplayed Gruber’s role
    in crafting the Massachusetts law. These facts could either be
    mitigating, since it isn’t shocking a Kennedy aide would visit the Obama
    White House, or one could argue it revealed the liberal imprimatur on
    the Massachusetts health care law even during the design phase.”



    Cain/Paul on the Housing Bubble

    Of course, there is no
    comparison. One was absolutely right and the other was absolutely wrong.
    No one is perfect and this is especially true of politicians, but to be
    so horribly wrong–even arrogantly wrong–about one of the worst
    financial crises in American history does not bode well for anyone
    seeking this nation’s highest office.

    Would anyone hire Cain as an economic adviser? If not, then why would anyone hire him for president?

    Video: Cain/Paul Comparison on the Housing Bubble

    again, there is no comparison. Paul saw the crisis coming because he
    understood the economic factors that were creating it, particularly
    Federal Reserve interest rate policy. Cain did not see it coming because
    he still does not understand basic economic truths, hence his notion
    that Fed policy isn’t important or deserving of scrutiny.  (Stunning
    comparison, must view!)



    • souldefender

           If a candidate doesn’t know a nickel from a gold bar I don’t care and you shouldn’t either. There is ONE problem and ONE problem only. “OPEN BORDERS” Everything that will bring this nation down, that is controllable (not the finances), hinges on the invasion from Hamas and the drug cartels in Mexico and South America. Those 2,000 guns were just a drop in the bucket to what is actually being sent to Hamas by Obama and Holder. You fools all sit around worrying about the economy just like they hoped you would. While they arm the invasion force that will split this country in half from Texas to North Dakota. The prisons in California are filled with the leaders of “Aztlan”. The new Mexican territory and government that will rule the western half of what was the United States. Check the illegal immigrant massing locations in this country. They are strategically positioned in mass from north to south. The plans are drawn, Mex Mafia and Nuestra Familia prisoners have them.     Why on earth do you think the Socialista Obama traitors are so vehemently opposed to fences and troops on our borders? Does it make any sense to anyone with a brain to leave these open sores infecting this nation? If you knew 1/100th of what goes on in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas you would be marching on the White House demanding the borders closed militarily. But the complicit media just covers up and does as they are told to stay on the air and make money. How many times have you seen a really damaging news report about the administration air once and disappear? I can name ten in the last two weeks. Find out what really happened in San Antonio Texas with the supposedly just drunk and mischievous Muslim kids (30 year old Iranians), all bullshit all the time.     I COME FROM A BARRIO IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, I know exactly what is happening. I am fluent in Spanish and know of  the very heavy hitters in the movements. I know who the largest drug dealers in Mexico are, (Army Generals). How do you think the cartel leaders stay alive and in control of their turf? Wake up Americans, Iran is supporting this invasion and Obama is waiting to be the Supreme Leader of the New World Order with its headquarters in what was the eastern half of the United States. Sharia Law will be THE LAW. Could they find a more ready made totalitarian religious structure to control the masses?     Virtual Cable TV is only guy that really understands what is going to happen. Date? Election 2012. Without our military on the border and ready they will cut a swath through the middle of this nation in a week. At the same time they will be attacking from the coast inland cutting Oregon and Washington off from the rest of the nation. The south will be the last area to be attacked, knowing the serious loss of life the armed south will inflict on their troops. The pussified unarmed cities in the west will be a cake walk. San Francisco will be the headquarters of the new Aztlan.     If you think I’m a lunatic, that is just what the administration wants you to think. Mark my words, it will prove my validity. “Iran will walk into Iraq without a shot fired and Obama will just talk about the tragedy and move on.” Obama is letting Syria cut down its people fighting for democracy, like so much wheat, with machine guns in the streets. If you think it won’t happen here, you are part of the problem.      Gun and ammunition sales are skyrocketing in this nation as the smart people realize the happenings now are just the precursors to the unavoidable battles coming. Where will you be when the well organized, automatic weapon armed Mexican Militias are marching through your streets, killing your neighbors and family members? What are you doing on your time off now lemming? Watching the shinny metal objects, football, baseball, racing or what for distraction? You should be out practicing your shooting skills and getting your area militias together. Scary isn’t it. Well, sorry its true. The Socialista One World Order doesn’t want you to realize this.    Why do you think they have the news media hamstrung and gagged on all this border murder and mayhem? Do you know that an average of ten Americans a month in the desert southwest are kidnapped and held for ransom with NONE of them ever returning? Do you know that border patrol agents are being killed every month now? Do you know ranchers in three states are being killed on their own land monthly along the border? These are American citizens in our own country being murdered by FOREIGN MILITARY FORCES while our president does nothing except send military weapons to them by back channels. WAKE UP AMERICANS YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED AND KILLED IN YOUR OWN LAND.     God bless us and help us because this once great nations future is in the hands of a complicit media, a socialist Muslim president and complicit elite who doesn’t give a damn about you and yours.      



  • 4thaugust1932

    US companies are evading taxes by opening/operating an office in Ireland.
    But US citizen must pay income tax to US Gov if he is working in Ireland.
    Insider trading is legal to US Congress members.
    And insider trading is illegal to US Citizens.
    How long this hypocrisy will continue?

    • chimi

      sorry may i correct you, US citizen is paying tax to Great Britain, the IRS is not a us company, nor is it part of he government.

  • Boris Badinov

    KITCO is a viable source of gold and silver bullion coins.
    They are located in Canada and do not bother with any 1099 when you sell gold or silver back to them.

  • MadNumismatist

    This came up elsewhere, so I thought I would share it here. When travelling customs can and will hassle you, as below it is the drug dealing, tax dodging, terrorist narrative. If your readers ever get stopped, it will help if you speak their language.

    When shipping internationally we use different tariff codes
    that identify every commodity. Under the unified tariff, acceptable in most countries, these are the codes you need:

    Of numismatic interest: 97050000
    Of 100 years old: 97060060
    Of gold NOT legal tender: 711810910

    Obviously no guarantee’s and definitely not advising you mislead, but being prepared is half the game.

    I hope this helps.

    • MobyJack

      What you can do to get around customs is ship via FedEx, great idea if you want to vacation in Europe for a few weeks, just ship your luggage to the hotel ahead of you. In this way no issues with bringing along the things that will not make it past security. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/earl.conlon Earl Conlon

    The end of this story is the DUMBEST idea ever. if the economy collapses and your gold is stored overseas HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO IT?
    I would rather buy the gold and put it in a mason jar and burry it some where i could sneak back to in the middle of the night and dig it up if the GOV took my property away from me.

    • MobyJack

      The idea is you will leave the USA to be with your gold. 

      • Dboy

        Funny that people have to be told this! Yes, the point is to get your assets out now, continue to work in the US as long as you have to, and then eventually get out while the gettin’s good.

    • Davidus Romanus

      The idea is that the gov’t will confiscate your gold BEFORE the final collapse, while they are still doing everything they can to stay in power. If they confiscate, then you know it’s time to leave and you’ll have something that is beyond their reach.

  • http://Carl1.goldfromkb.com Carl F Westminster

    KB Gold is another example of a system that will allow you to by gold and store it overseas.   The Swiss vaults are the safest, most secure in the world and any efforts by the US to demand accounts from them will just simply be ignored.  The US will try with political posturing or threats to force other nations who hold for our citizens their assets in gold (and anything else) to cough up their accounts so they can reach into our pockets deeper.  KB Gold is one of the most unique methods for storing gold free of charge or having it sent to your door directly from them so long as a single transaction per day is under the US patriot Acts 10K maximum.  This is especially valuable because when the dollar finally dies the death it so richly deserves, you can have your certified Swiss kinebarr grade gold in gram fractions, which is more easily use in transactions as it is presently in Europe.  The US will be forced to accomodate this as currency, as it is now in Utah with thus far 10 other states following Utah lead.  The good old days before gold nationalization will soon be back and money will be money in the truest sense again.

    • Earnie

      I suggest that you do some more research as to the ‘safety’ of
      the Swiss Banking system in so far as it ignoring any pressure
      from your Government.

      • Dboy

        Yup, there are LOTS of reasons why the “old school” Swiss route is dead and gone. They have made bad decisions and are continuing to make them. It will eventually total wreck their safe-haven reputation; those in the know have already moved assets from Swiss banks.

  • Jack Miller

    Its a SAFE deposit box, not a safety deposit box.  Pleeeeeze!!!

  • Noble Owney

    I’ll keep my gold at home, with my guns, under the flag that says, “COME AND TAKE IT”

  • Forest429

    I don’t think I want to store my precious metal overseas. It is not very handy to access and those countries are more vulnerable to downfall then the US at this point.

  • Wally

    Yes,  this is a commercial.  But after reading the article and the the  mostly uninformed comments,  I could not sit idly by and not offer the  most viable option and solution to the “confiscation” dilemma.  For the answer you all are seeking,  I direct you to this website.  The world’s first and only Private Global Currency Exchange System where  Fiat paper currency (paper money) can be exchanged for 999.9 kine-bar quality bullion. http://vur.me/wallyp/yW

  • Rcrickc

    I’m not petrified of Arab terrorists you dumb fuck.  So what are WE who don’t have a stash of gold supposed to use.  Barter?  Wells Fargo doesn’t take chickens.

  • Wtia

    Do you good folks not know the story of the original, e-gold? And do you not know that the Swiss have already surrendered to the U.S. Government? You really should educate yourselves about e-gold, if you do not know that the U.S. Treasury stole all of it, regardless of legitimacy, period. Read up on part of it, NOT all of it, of course, at e-gold.com

    • subee

      What we need to be doing is buying food and water to survive with. Buy items to barter with also, like coffee, beans, etc.

      • Dboy

        Why merely survive in America when you can truly LIVE outside of America?

      • Howard Roark

         Plenty of reasons, like kids, grandkids, great local church, and the GREAT Chicago Bears!

      • Howard Roark

         subee is exactly right.

  • Guest

    Quote: “Ideally you want to move your gold out of the country.”

    Fucking hilarious! I can just envision someone going through U.S. customs with suitcase full of gold bullion. Better yet, taking a crate of gold to UPS shipping office to send to Vienna. 

    Moving gold around the world is for rich and connected. For the rest of us its jewelry hanging around neck. 

    Oh, wait! I can tell anyone how to buy gold at Gazprom Bank in Russia and store it in their safe deposit boxes. No chance that bank ever gets raided by IRS. There’s a chance it can be seized by FSB (former KGB) though.

    • Dboy

      You’re doing it wrong. Security checkpoints at US airports are THE least safe places in America! So you DON’T EVER take your gold through there. You take $9,900 through there (each trip out), store that in your foreign box; every day while over there you pull out the maximum allowed from each US bank account that you own and add that to the pile. Keep doing that during your trip. Then at some point when you have the amount of cash you want finally out, you buy the gold, and store the gold. Then fly back to the prison, er I mean, America, land of of the “free” LOL.  America is SO finished it’s not even funny.


    Hi!, Everyone:
       What part of: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures on Earth where thieves break in and steal” don’t we understand?  How old is thievery and when will it ever end no man knows but it always attempts to prevail doesn’t it?  The more things change the more they remain the same; even if you try to rename it socialism?


  • http://www.ronpaulhemp.com/ Ron Paul Hemp

    Ron Paul – Sound Money in 2012!

  • http://www.PeteSisco.com/ Pete Sisco

    There won’t be any sound money in the EU or the US until after their currencies collapse. Even then they might opt for Fiat 2.0. In the meantime the only thing the ‘little guy’ can do is to hold gold and make a plan for the turmoil.

  • Howard Roark

    Gold is a joke, too, Simon. The price is artificially and arbitrarily set each morning by self-serving idiots in the Bank of England. THAT’s real value? Come on. The only sure thing is agriculturally productive land, assuming that one can adequately preserve ownership of it.

  • Cmsh1950

    Hmmmm….OK, I store my gold at a confidential location.  Things go ‘south’, and I need my gold.  Just how do you propose that I retrieve the assets and get them to my location?  A government actively practicing confiscation will have no problems intercepting our mails, nor will they be averse to stealing anything they wish as it passes through customs.

    • squirrels

      I guess you don’t and you’re stuck. That’s a bummer.

  • justin

    You cant eat gold, or give it to a person with a nasty infection to help them get well, water filters, antibiotics, guns, ammo,( lots and lots of ammo), crossbows , solar panels, rechargeable batteries, night vision goggles, good guard dogs, kevlar vests, quality shoes and boots,
    ( you do realize that ALL shoes and boots come from China now right?)
    etc are gonna be waaay more useful than some shiny metal.

    with gold you are making a rather large assumption that someone will be willing to accept your gold in exchange for whatever it is that you need to stay alive a few more days. And that when you attempt to exchange it, that they will not just steal your gold and give you nothing in return,

    if you have the $$ to buy gold, just go ahead and buy whatever suppplies you would need to survive for at least 12 months,

    And the part about storing gold halfway around the world??


    this article is apparently for billionaires, who just hop in a jet and go anywhere.

    I do remember reading an article about some soviet dissident that managed to get all his money out past the customs agents, by selling everything, buying platinum wire, fashioning the wire into 2 coathangers and leaving with only an extra change of clothes, which they searched several times to be sure he wasnt taking money out of the country.

    • http://oahutrading.blogspot.com/ steveo77

      That would be like $6000, give me a break

    • squirrels

      What is laughable is your ability to move any of the other stuff you mention halfway around the world. I guess it’s a choice of being stuck in one place or being able to move. You choose the former, which is fine, but don’t criticize those who choose the latter.

    • squirrels

      Question: why would anybody steal it if it is worthless?

    • Jeff Cauhape

      Justin, I think the assumption is that if you’re buying gold, you have already bought your necessary survival gear. If and when TSHTF, gold might not be immediately useful, but it will be useful afterwards when things are sorting out and the ‘new normal’ forms. When every empire collapsed, there has always been an “afterwards”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sokoyeocha Samuel Okoyeocha

    it is obvious that gold price will hit $200/ounce within few months, how i wish that gold is easily obtained in my country

    • squirrels


  • EdD

    “Please explain how banks can open your safety deposit box without your key.”

    The bank gives you your key, but they don’t give you their copy of your key. Drilling the box is what they do in movies and TV shows. Actually, the bank official can just unlock your box with their key for the government functionary who comes calling.

    • Jeff Cauhape

      Even if they do have to drill out the lock, it’s not considered a problem for the bank. The simple truth is that you do not control access to the contents of the safety deposit box.

  • andrea

    I am afraid that all this “gold” saving , transporting is just not going to work for anybody, Banks or other ” gold buyers” will just pay you “say $50,00” bux for your 1 oz gold you paid 850 or more for, because you are bringing it to them you will also get arrested for non- compliance of former government issued confiscation or voluntary “hand overs: ,
    Where are you going to get fair market value for your gold? if no one is legally allowed to buy it from you? Besides, what are you going to get back ,? US dollars of $O.OO value? or maybe 1000.00 so you can buy half the goods in a shopping cart? , I say BUY goods NOW for your worthless paper dollars, and build a strong “holding” place . IF you want to you could store gold, and wait out the “gold grabbing” but then if the gold price is again manipulated ( by the big gold owners) what do you buy for it? “Little people” never win, if you truly want to keep your gold and get for it what it is worth on that market day , MOVE OUT OF THE USA!! while you still can , without being “shaken down” for all you got , remember Obummer ( i cannot speak his name) is from CHICAGO , the MOST corrupt and murderous city in the world. you simple cannot get away from murderers and corrupt villains that you voted into office. Pretend you have nothing , and they will not want to talk to you. Of course you cannot move anything either . SO sad, that a great nation like this is falling , by people that did not care and still don’t today , as long as they get their welfare and free phone minute’s they will sell their own Family.

  • william murphy

    The value of gold has not changed in 2000 years. What has changed is the value off fiat money. Every experiment with fiat money has always ended with disaster. Form China’s 700 year run with it to pre WW II Germany.

  • Isabelle Alexander

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