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Imminent Threat

November 16, 2011
Golden, Colorado

Longtime readers know that I don’t spend much time in the United States; I usually swing by for a month or so each year to visit friends and family, and the period in-between visits can often stretch 6-months or more.

This is sufficiently long enough that I notice a lot of changes… some so drastic that they hit me in the head like a baseball bat.

For example, just last week when I was at Los Angeles International Airport, the police set up a checkpoint outside the main entrance as if we were in downtown Baghdad driving into the Green Zone.

And I couldn’t believe my eyes when, driving down Santa Monica Boulevard last Wednesday, I saw a police urban assault vehicle modeled after a US Army mechanized infantry fighting vehicle. It’s designed for one thing: maximum destruction.

It’s truly appalling how police forces across the country have become militarized. The concept of ‘peace officer’ no longer exists. Police are now paramilitary forces who only protect and serve the political class.

Because I’ve been out of the country for so long, I notice these changes more acutely; it’s like diving in head first into ice-cold water as opposed to wading in slowly. And this rise of the police state is accelerating.

Here’s the thing– when you look around the world, you can see a lot of chaos and turmoil. Hardly a day goes by when there’s not multiple riots and protests in the western world being met with overwhelming force from the government.

The government is sending a clear message: “We are in charge.”

It’s no wonder that, according to a recent Gallup poll, a record-high 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being run. On a proportional basis, this is 25% higher than during the Watergate scandal.

What’s even more stark is that, according to the same poll, roughly HALF of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it POSES AN IMMEDIATE THREAT to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.

This certainly explains why the government is increasing its offensive capabilities.

Now, clearly there are a lot of disgruntled Americans. There’s a lot of anger… even class tensions. The OWS movement is emblematic of this sentiment for sure, but in terms of taking action, most people still believe in the political process.

All of their angst and negativity will be taken out in the voting booth. Until then, it’s the calm before the storm. But the unfortunate reality is that no matter which way the 2012 election turns out, chaos will ensue.

If President Obama wins a second term, many conservative Americans will have reached their breaking points. If a republican candidate should win, a huge portion of Americans will feel they have lost their champion.

No matter what, though, people will quickly realize that absolutely nothing has changed.  They’ll recognize that the insolvency of the United States government is a simple arithmetic problem; that social security is bankrupt; that the Treasury Department is a giant Ponzi scheme; and that there is. no. recovery.

For now, Americans are still investing in the political process. Come next year, though, all the hope that’s building up will turn quickly into disappointment… and then anger. Then they’ll take that anger to the streets.

This is what happens when governments go bust. It’s happened numerous times throughout history, and it’s playing out right now from Greece to Argentina.

Social unrest becomes commonplace. Governments engage in financial repression, giving rise to asset seizures, inflation, and capital controls. Militarized police states categorize ordinary citizens into combatants and non-combatants. Collateral damage becomes an acceptable risk. Society turns on itself, and crime rates soar.

Watching the farce of America’s political theater play out, it’s clear that this ticking time bomb will go off after Election Day 2012. As polarized as voters are, and as dismal the federal balance sheet is, there’s little chance of society keeping it together afterwards.

What’s happening right now is merely an overture… and you can mark a date on your calendar for when the real fun begins.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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Just think about this for a couple of minutes. What if the U.S. Dollar wasn’t the world’s reserve currency? Ponder that… what if…

Empires Rise, they peak, they decline, they collapse, this is the cycle of history.

This historical pattern has formed and is already underway in many parts of the world, including the United States.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • http://twitter.com/MichaelPorfirio Michael Mason

    Good post.  I was just having this conversation with a friend over some imported jamon iberico and a glass of red with a couple of smokes thrown in for good measure.

    One thing is for certain:

    It is going to be a long, hot summer.

    – MPM

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KK67EGO63WSCUYRVZ2ESBALGCM Tim

    I remember a time when the police in LA carried 38 revolvers, then they ran up against bandits with AK47s. So now we have militarized police? No, the police have always been militarized, they are just better armed because they need to be.

    • Zeronine

      Huh? How many crimes are committed with AK47s in the US??? Most are done with handguns, some still done with revolvers.

      No, the police are supplied by the military industrial complex because these folks need to increase their sales base at the expense of every single tax paying citizen….

      • Tim

        Zeronine – you are uninformed, you must live a sheltered life.

      • Abbey

        Silly Tim the Troll, is employed by der Vaterland or just loves to feel his ignorance of history and the nature of tyranny somehow makes him cool.

    • Ccuthbert2001

      Yeah, right. They need all those swat teams, tanks and riot gear. Next your going to tell us we are all safer because of it…

      Some people will believe ANYTHING.

    • Jbo

      They have not always been militarized. We have not always had the Dept of Homeland Security bankrolling the police departments and telling them who their enemy is. Before the police answered to the local authorities and usually the local Mayor. We have not had hundreds upon hundreds of ex military goons who have spent several years as “occupiers” in Iraq and Afghanistan who have killed people for looking at them cross eyed and now are local police having the same “occupier” mentality they did as military troops. It is A LOT different.

      • Tim

        The police are a military force, always have been. I do agree that Homeland Security has no business bankrolling local police and thereby buying their loyalty. I am thankful for all the ex-military goons as you call them. I’m wondering what you ever done for your country?

      • methylamine

        Just as I’m wondering what those ex-military have done for the country.  Except:
        Killing people in far-flung lands guaranteeing ongoing enmity against us,
        Supporting our mercantilist empire by deposing uncooperative rulers for puppets of our choosing
        Assisting in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan to enhance bankers’ drug profits

        Don’t believe me on the last one?  Do more research.  It’s right out in the open–ask Pat Tillman…oh wait, never mind.  He was eliminated.

    • ghostsniper

      You are 11 times more likely to be shot by a cop than a citizen.

      • Guest

        Yeah, that’s why they want to disarm us first. 

      • Tyro 1

        I would love to see ANYTHING validating this claim – or “BOB in Boston’s” claim of 7 times more likely to be shot by police.  You guys should get together – maybe averaging it out to 9 times?

  • Ray

    So basically destruction, death, and the end of the world as we know it is inevitable, right?!? Why can’t we just organize and target the elitest behind the destruction and end this geopolitical agenda?

  • Temper Bay

    — a police urban assault vehicle —
    Just Rambo wannabes with their toys.   They’ll roar and beat their chests as long as we allow them.  

  • Pat Chandler

    In November 2012, a Republican candidate will unseat Barack Obama;  the course of this country will be “fundamentally changed” back to it’s former greatness, and the collateral damage done by the present POTUS will be a nightmarish memory, but a memory none the less. We the People are intelligent and civilized, and know how to take down a dictator once recognized!  The elections will bare proof that America is fed up with Obama and his czars, and people on both sides of the aisle will know that there is “life after Obama, and ‘this too shall pass”..God Bless America, the land of the free and the brave!

    • Guest

      I pity your blind belief into either one of the parties. Both, Reps and Dems serve the same Wall Street/Fed master, don’t you see?
      Too bad Ron Paul won’t get nominated by GOP. All others will take YOU to WWIII. 

    • Charles D.

      wow are you dilusional and clueless! where have you been living the last 10 years?! american people are so lazy and uninformed that our countries demise is occuring right before their eyes and yet can’t see the erosion of civil liberties, financial and political corruption. rep. or dems., no change.

  • paulthecabdriver

    Sad really.  Lucky thing I run a taxi company.  All those rioters will be needing a way to get to and from downtown.

  • drs_n0w

    “What’s happening right now is merely an overture… and you can mark a date on your calendar for when the real fun begins.”
    Fun for you, maybe…  You don’t live here.

  • Robar_007

    You can Thank a Muslim an Islam for TSA an the militarization of police in America.

    • contrarian

      First they invent the antidote, then they invent the poison.
      The plans were in place, what was needed was an incident.
      16 of the 18 were Saudis, so we invaded Iraq???
      Those plans were also in place.
      Article sounds like Gerald Celente, Trends Forecast

  • Andymartz08

     …nobody has a right to fly on any airliner. If you don’t like the security measures at LAX, pick another airport. Flying on an airliner is a privilege. I’m appalled that someone would not only be upset at the measures an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT would take for security, but much less right a story about it. Why don’t you try writing a story about what those security measures PREVENT instead of complaining about a Law Enforcement vehicle?

    • Guest

      @2f88b203f523f5a0eb488a4d24269a65:disqus : He was concerned with the armored personnel carrier and security checkpoints outside the airport. I would be too. This is not a good feeling. You should try flying throughout Southern Russia not far from Northern Caucasus and then I’d want your input on those checkpoints that are manned with soldiers with machine guns. That is a sign of war.
      And besides, what is it that you are afraid of if you want so much security for a “privilege” to be groped?

    • http://www.facebook.com/littledog94 Rick Litchard

      If you had the Lord in your heart you would have eyes to see and ears to hear and then you wouldn’t make such an ignorant comment.

    • Bob in Boston

      All that security theater doesn’t prevent anything – its been proven. Statistically you are 7x more likely to be killed by a law enforcement officer than a terrorist – the whole thing is a farce.

    • Concerned in CA

      So you feel it’s okay for the TSA to grope my 75 year old mother.  She can’t hardley walk and they do this to keep us safe, thats a joke.  None of this makes any sense and that is what we should be concerned about.  They are boiling us like the toad….  Very slowly!

    • methylamine

      Travel is a right, not a privilege–as has been demonstrated in at least three supreme court decisions.
      But I suppose you think it’s for “safety”.  I have news for you; you’re not safe.  You’re LESS safe because of the TSA.

      And unfortunately, you’re mathematically illiterate or you’d know you’re more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the airport than you are from a terrorist attack.

      It’s when Americans became afraid of their own shadows that they guaranteed their own enslavement…and you, sir, may your chains rest lightly.  Lick the boot.

      I will see to my own safety.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Wetherington/1519329074 George Wetherington

    The end of the world is not yet, the war of the Anti-Christ has about three years even though it’s two legs is getting very visible. These legs consist of the False prophet (preaching the imposter Jesus, the messiah of Satan), and the Beast known as the God of Forces, but known to most of us as the Military Complex. This duet is determined to be the real Christ who rules the world and put down all evil., but what they call evil is all Constitutional Law and those whose conscience and soul has not been overthrown and supposedly re-born. Turning the world upside down seems a better answer. All this must come BEFORE the real one whom was the first of the resurrected. This duet determines it is God, it is Jesus it is the re-born; but at the very time they believe they have it all secure, the real one shows up, but who in this world believes anything the Bible really did state?

  • http://www.facebook.com/karl.schipul Karl Schipul

    It’s not wise to predict the end of the world, Mr. Wetherington.  It is far less wise to state these predictions publicly.  The past 30 years are so riddled with failed predictions, especially those made by Christians.

    Pat Robertson made failed predictions, so many christians thought it would end in 2000, more recently with Harold Camping.  Even Michele Bachman made a failed prediction.

    • Jsolbakken

      Predicting the end of America due to social, economic, political, and military trends is NOT the same as prophesying the end of the world, unfortunately.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Vincent/611551309 Jeff Vincent

       The very fact that you would even mention Harold Camping in your “argument” shows you have put no thought into this whatsoever, you’re just trolling. Camping does NOT represent Christianity of any kind, his beliefs in part:

      He doesn’t believe in hell, says the church age ended in 1988, and his May/Oct “prophesy” isn’t the first time it’s happened.

      I wish all you “armchair christians” out there that felt the need to bash the rest of us did your homework before you start running your fingers over the keyboard, you give these kind of ppl (Camping, Robertson) a legitimacy they don’t deserve.


      • Karl Schipul

        Hey, JV, it’s 2 years later. See those 4 horses yet?

        How is it trolling to bring up an example of a failed end of the world prediction? Especially when we are talking about end of the world predictions. Sounds like a valid comparison to me.

        It’s not just Camping or Robertson. LOTS of people over the centuries failed to have end of world prophecies for CENTURIES. Why are you better than all these people?

  • Jerry

    “If the American people allow banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent they conquered.” Thomas Jefferson

  • RolandDay

    What would happen if everyone stopped paying their federal income tax?

    • David

      You would have more federal reserve notes to convert to something of value like gold, silver, food, water purifier, getting out of debt.
        The IRS don’t have enough people to get everyone thought you are not breaking the law because it is based on voluntary compliance. Attorney Tom Cryer beat the IRS in court so the are not infallible.
        Reagan had a commission study the IRS and it said most or all the money went to the federal reserve for interest.
        When Ron Paul was asked about only half the people paying income tax, he said great, we are half way there. End the IRS,
         If you check out all of the other candidates, the only choice is Ron Paul so I please ask you and all others to VOTE Ron Paul in the primary as this is SO important, than in the main election.

    • ghostsniper

      You’d get fired from your job.
      If you are self employed you would be jailed.
      The only way to legally not pay income tax is to not have income.

      • Win666

         I have been employed for a number of years with a large firm,and I put “exempt” on my W-4.  I am legally within my right to do so.  I don’t file on the 15th of April, nor do I give away any of my rights. 

      • cuisinequeen2000

        I know people who have not payed for years, they are just about poverty level anyway and too small potato for IRS to deal with. Change jobs frequently and moving about is too much effort to track you down for them. 

      • Flex

        Read Title 26 of USC (any American who volunteers to pay tax, should do so) which contains all the ‘legal’ requisites. Income, as does all legal terms, has a definition – you may be surprised. I’ve ‘legally’ not paid income tax for over 10 years, living in UK, US and Canada, now France. All income tax is voluntary.

  • amerikanka

    I came across a similar urban assault vehicle while buying tickets to the Tribeca film festival back in the Spring. When I tried to ascertain what this group of armed riot police were doing on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, the one I spoke to treated me like I was crazy not to understand why they were performing something necessary to keep peace in the city. There was no protest at the time, not even a parade, just a sunny Spring weekday afternoon. I spent ten years of my life in NYC, but rarely visit now, and even then it’s usually only to see my Neurologist a couple of times a year.  

  • bilejones

    The Flash screen that you you throw up is the reason that I will not (knowingly) be coming back to this site.

    • Epagbreton

      Please explain.
      “Flash Screen”?


    • http://transformyourmind.com Mailforart

      This is why you are one of the sheepeople who be taking orders after the fall

  • Guest

    This is not good for all of us, regardless of where we live. Police in Check Republic routinely stops people on the streets of Prague to check the documents – my friend tells me. Over in Russia, checkpoints are at every large terminal of mass transit, airports and on most highways. When motioned to stop the car, you better pull over or they have the “right” to open fire.
    IMHO, Its just the matter of time before we hear gun fire on the streets of America. 

  • JT

    They are the ones who will be forced to obey.

  • Dhsk

    Ron Paul !

  • dan18921951

    It is true, but sad.  Of course, it did not happen over night.  And
    both parties are responsible as well as we as a people.  We wanted
    our cake and to eat it also.  We became lazy in so many ways.  We have entered what Allan Ridpath called the fourth and final stage
    of a country’s demise – “governmental paternalism.”  Read more at eauclairejournal.com , a truly conservative newspaper

  • Georgia Wiseman

    Amen to that brother. Buy your guns and ammo now. You’ll need them!

  • Richmansecrets

    The government only becomes larger in response to a lawless and immoral populace. When this country tossed the Judeo-Chrisitain ethics and teachings out the window it was only a matter of time before more governmental restrictions would come in and fill the void

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Connie-Barlow/1174434442 Connie Barlow

    Christians have been blamed for everything for over 2000yrs now, I dont see any change in that. Our love for goodness does not seem to  out weigh the love for  “pleasure” which leads to no good in this materialistic world.  Think about it: it only feels good at the time and then it is over.  God wrote the ten commandments for protection, growth and happiness for all his people, just as your father in your house is suppose to take of you. I write it that way because so many “fathers” these days do not know how to love, protect, and guide their children to a happy/successful life.  Therefor the Ten Commandents are not met and people are unhappy.  Look at each one of them on their own merit and see how much better life would be..Exodus 20:1-17  (second book of the Bible, Exodus is the story of God’s people being led out of Egypt where they were in bondage by the Pharoh to build his empire and treated with cruelty and death at times. God gave them many miricles for survival but let them roam for 40 years, because the nature of man thru the sin of Adam.  They did some bad things during the trip to the promise land that made the trip so long.  God gave them tem commandments to live by that would cover everything to keep us safe and content and have a good heart.)…so my point is:  everyone has an opinion and freedom of speech.  They may tell you something that might give you something to think about and research about that might be of great benefit for you to do so. BUT do your research before you throw too many stones that will make you look like a fool.  We do need to help each other for survival or we ourselves will be lost and lonely.  We do need to ban together to protect ourselves from the take over of the government. Read all you can from “reseachers” because we do not have the time, money, or knowledge to do it ourselves. Then weigh all these things and start working on your survival…..God bless you all in your success..   We are not in for good times anymore. Its will be hard for all of us. The devil is very sneaky and he has bought many soles that have brought us to this point. Who would spray mase in students faces because they were ‘sitting’ in a line of nonviolent protest for something that they believed in and needed to make a point?  Only the devil! Things are bad and it is very depressing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.tamillow Mike Tamillow

      Bull**** Christians have blamed the JEWS for everything. What history book have you read from.

    • Dboy

      What a kook.

    • Dboy

      There’s not a single word in the bible that speaks in favor of democracy, individual freedom, or rational thought. Christian has a VERY top-down design…it’s pure dictatorial rule with an invisible dictator.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3GWTVPQ7P3BGUI2AN2Q2HDAQCE SOOTHSAYER

      Holocaust Denial Videos…..FREE to watch

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3GWTVPQ7P3BGUI2AN2Q2HDAQCE SOOTHSAYER

    9/11 false flag cia/mossad  3 buildings blown up  no hijacked airliners missile strikes pentagon and pennsylvania…..every intelligence ageny on planet earth knows this…..all the jews deny it

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