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Man tries to relinquish US citizenship. Application Denied.


April 25, 2012
Santiago, Chile

I was approached recently by a member of our Sovereign Man community who filed the paperwork to relinquish US citizenship some time ago. Long story short, after an incomprehensibly long wait, the US government finally sent him a reply: Application DENIED.

Absolutely shocking. That you even have to ‘apply’ to relinquish what you never signed up for is intellectually insulting. That you cannot do so freely, and immediately, is nothing short of totalitarian.

It’s still an embryonic movement, though more and more US citizens are being driven to divorce their country. Last year nearly 1,600 people gave up US citizenship, up from 1,485 in 2010, 731 in 2009, and 226 in 2008.

While some renunciants have philosophical misgivings about being American, most do it for tax reasons. There’s a growing number of expats who, despite living abroad for years, are still paying huge portions of their income to Uncle Sam.

What’s more, the filing requirements are getting more and more onerous. US citizens living overseas have to keep up with all sorts of changes to the tax code that they may not be privy to, and the penalties for noncompliance are severe.

I can’t tell you how many friends I have who are US citizens living abroad that had no idea they were supposed to file the Report of Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) form every year; or the new FATCA form 8938; or those with businesses that must file form 8858 or 5471.

Usually these things come with pretty nasty penalties, possibly up to $10,000 per instance of failure to file.

Then there’s the latest, greatest tax target: accidental US citizens. This group consists of foreigners who happen to be dual nationals because they were born in the US or have an American parent.

These foreigners have spent their entire lives outside the US.  They know absolutely nothing about US tax code. Now they’re getting Dear John letters from the US government saying-

“I see you are a US citizen but have never filed your taxes. Please enclose a check for the following absurd amount of money, which includes interest and penalties for the last 20-years…”

Such tactics smack of desperation… typical of the same sorts of cannibalistic moves that failing, bankrupt governments throughout history have exacted upon their people.

Citizenship is nothing more than accident of birth. Yet in the modern nation-state paradigm, governments lay claim to citizens from the time they’re born as if we’re property.

Children are saddled with obligations that they never signed up for– taxes, compulsory military service, a debilitating national debt, etc.

Most countries at least have procedures to voluntarily surrender citizenship for those who choose to opt out of the system; in the United States, it is contained in section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The process usually takes place overseas at a US consulate– you have to fill out a series of forms, swear an oath in front of a government official, and eventually file a final tax return. Some people even have to pay a steep ‘exit tax’ on the value of their assets.

I know dozens who have done this, and from what my friends tell me, many of the consular officials attempt to impugn, insult, or otherwise intimidate people looking to surrender their citizenship. It’s their last-ditch effort to keep the milk cows from escaping the dairy farm.

For example, one official tried terrorizing a friend of mine last year in South Africa, saying, “This smells like TAX EVASION to me!”

Despite all the forms, the bureaucracy, and the intimidation tactics, I had never heard of a case where someone’s properly submitted ‘application’ to surrender citizenship has been denied (bar Ken O’Keefe). Until now.

But in what may be the most distinguishing mark of a totalitarian state, the US government has now officially prevented someone from freely leaving the system. The Soviet Union comes to mind.

It certainly does make one wonder to what desperate lows they will sink to next.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity no matter what happens.

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About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Ted

    Just like being a member of the church – once you are baptized as a baby, they give you trouble to leave. You you are not able to choose your religion at age 1. It is the same case with citizenship. Stupid.

    • Gene

       You should check into un-baptisms..they exist. I haven’t done it yet, mostly because I don’t believe in the first one!

  • YankeeZulu

    There’s ways around this, especially if you’re married to a host-nation citizen. Uncle Sugar can’t seize your foreign property holdings or a business you own and operate on foreign soil. Just don’t ever plan on returning to the US.

  • Bob

    Simon: I am not clear why the application was denied.   I hope to see future articles that follow-up on today’s topic.  And can this community member bring a court action under section 349 of the Immigration and Nationality Act – to enforce his right to renounce his citizenship?

    • Gene

       Yes, I don’t understand this either. The only way I could see this happening is if the forms were not filled in to the Stazi’s satisfaction. And that $450 they charge…I assume that fee is illegal since you can not be prevented from renouncing. But for course “illegal” doesn’t mean much in a country without rule of law.

  • IcePyro

    It does seem to me that you are “burying the lead” on this story, because you do not provide the state-declared reason for denying his request to relinquish citizenship. Is he wanted for a crime, or was he convicted of a crime? Does he owe extensive back taxes? Does he have a remaining military obligation? Does he owe large amounts of child support?

    I love Sovereign Man, but come on…There’s gotta be more to the story.

    • https://www.facebook.com/TruthWealthFreedomFoundation Marcus : Matthews

      Why should there be any assumption about ‘negative’ reason for this? Could it be that they have woken up the the artificial nature of ‘CITIZENSHIP’? Or the massive loss of right by associating your being with believing you are a”US CITIZEN” and wish to reclaim their freedom?

    • Fooled No More

      Notice too how the ‘author’ was asked to give the reason for the denial, and we get nothing but radio silence from him?

  • https://www.facebook.com/TruthWealthFreedomFoundation Marcus : Matthews

    “CITIZENSHIP”. How many actually know what this
    is? While it may seem odd and unbelievable to start with once you start digging
    and education yourself you find all the facts and truth to potentially create a
    total change in perspective.

    As a sentient being you can not be a CITIZEN. This word is a
    concept inside the construct of the monopoly game matrix system. Only your NAME
    (sometimes referred to as a STRAWMAN) ie your ‘token’ in the system can be a
    CITIZEN (or Denizen for that matter). It may be well and good to have your
    strawman obtain more Citizenship’s and I have acted as agent for my token to do
    the same. It is important to realise what you are actually doing, and this
    requires comprehending how your NAME gets created by the supposed requirement
    to have a Birth Certificate registered. If you study the details of the
    congressional record in the US, legal dictionaries and statutes in most
    countries (statutes only apply to PERSONS which are corporate fictions, not
    sentient beings) there is some very interesting information about how the
    current version of a ‘Birth Certificate’ came about and why (suffice to say it
    is not in your best interests as it relies on your actual or implied consent
    that you as a being are the same as your system NAME and thus required to
    follow the Statute Rules – which you are not. Simon’s point about
    “governments lay claim to citizens from the time they’re born as if we’re
    property” is spot on. To be precise this happens ONLY at the date of
    Registration of the Birth Certificate (not at birth) IF you believe you are
    also the NAME on the form. Look in YouTube for ‘Meet Your Strawman’ for
    starters, then study at the difference between lawful and legal and the actual
    nature of ‘government’…)


    In terms of US or any Citizenship ‘you’ supposedly have, my
    suggestion is to first and foremost be aware that you are sovereign, a free
    sentient being. This is a basic natural, divine, spiritual status. The creation
    of country borders (and pass-ports), governments and institutions are all
    constructs. While they may be conditioned as ‘real’ into our parents and our
    own minds they are still a construct. Any ‘authority’ they have is only by your
    consent or implied contract. Its like agreeing as a sentient being to be bound
    by the rules inside a game of monopoly you have you car or ship or dog  playing.

    On the monopoly matrix thought level the points Simon makes
    are of course totally valid. I would note though, that you can arrange to have
    sent a NOTICE within the system to dis-associate your strawman from any
    citizenship with appropriate comprehension of the underlying consent, contract
    and trust law that links you as a sentient being, the NAME and the government.
    Once you have your token name NOTICE them and they do not reply then the issue
    is sorted (though actually even this is superfluous as any request they make
    addressed to your ‘NAME’ (including tax demands) can be responded to with
    appropriate NOTICES.

    Once you look into being conscious that you are a sovereign
    man/woman and can knowingly ‘disjoinder’ from your system name (you still have
    your natural name of course), you can take a different view as to whether YOU
    really have to file any forms…..

    Further to opt out of the system you also do not need to
    file any forms. This may seem strange until you get used to the concepts
    referred to above, of course.


    Simon mentions “the US government has now officially
    prevented someone from freely leaving the system”.


    If you study freedom and sovereignty and let go of statute
    monopoly matrix game rules – and especially the FEAR that you have most likely
    been conditioned to feel if your token does anything ‘illegal’ (as opposed to
    unlawful) – then the solution once you have this amazing awakening is


    It does not involve being ‘anti-government’, or ‘fighting
    the system’. It involves only finding out the truth about what is and who you
    really are as a sentient being.


    Then the solution is this: you as this sentient being cannot
    exist in a fictional construct in the first place. So you are and always have
    been sovereign and free. J

    PS If you additionally wish to address the typical initial
    reactions on first hearing or reading about some of the above concepts or send
    some correspondence between your strawman and any system ‘authority’ then this
    is all possible as well J.

  • Gene

    Denied? I feel there MUST be more to this story, and I would very much like to know the details. Btw, they also make you go to two separate meetings at the embassy, during which they try to convince you not to do it. And then at the second meeting they make you pay them one last nuisance charge of $450. So at least now we know the “cost of freedom”.. $450 lol. You can be free, OR you can be an American..just not both.

  • Peter W. Dunn

    We have information at our Isaac Brock Society for why the State
    Department would deny relinquishment of US citizenship. They cannot
    however a deny a person’s right to relinquish or renounce. However they
    can only second guess the person’s intention. A person may have their
    citizenship reinstated if they do actions which are inconsistent with a
    true intent to relinquish, such as move back to the United States,
    continue to use a US passport, have the intention to return to the
    United States to work, continue to pay their US taxes, and vote in US
    elections. It is important that both the person’s words and their
    actions are consistent with the intent to relinquish. I received my
    Certificate of Loss of Nationality, as I relinquished my citizenship as
    reported by Reuters by Atossa Abrahamian. The State Department cannot
    deny it to a person whose actions and words agree in showing an
    intention to relinquish.

  • Mr

    give me  break Simon.  You can’t sell your house unless you pay off  the Mortgage on the house.  Why the one sided story ?   Why was he denied?

  • Kris

    This is rather odd. I am really interested to know the reason(s) how come his application was denied.A close acquaintance of mine is currently going through the ordeal. This could turn out to be useful information for him and his family.A friend of mine relinquished his about 12 years ago. Not much of an ordeal then.Another acquaintance of mine just completed his ordeal. Took him more than 3 years for his “personal” decision to be approved. Meanwhile still having to pay legal fees and taxes and all the while living, working and raising his family far away from the USA shores.I relinquished my citizenship some 26 years ago; a very young and not too wise adult then.I made my decision overnight. The following morning I walked to the local US consulate and stated my decision to the reception clerk. With hindsight, I appreciate for a US civil servant then to be told face to face that I wished to relinquish my US citizenship must have been an unthinkable absurdity.The jaw dropping and eye popping my entry caused! A plain Tex Avery scene. I met with the consul, who could not hide her dismay and bewilderment. Gave me a stern and very patriotic speech, tried to reason with me but I stood firm on my grounds.All that was requested from me is to seriously think about it for another 48 hours. Then, after a few document signatures I gave my oath, I returned my passport, and it was all over.

    Never a regret. 
    Good ol’ days, life was easy a quarter of a century ago.

  • Chuck B.

    The “United States of Argentina” . . . or Venezuala. Take your pick. Goodbye civil and economic freedoms in the West.

  • Alpine Forest
  • http://suijurisforum.com/ noone special

    Is this some sort of joke, no one needs to apply to revoke citizenship. 
    First of all there are no citizens of the united states. One reason is no one takes an oath of allegaince and even if they did there can not be allegiance to a corporation. There can only be allegiances between men.
    See Calvins Case
     “In fide, in faith or ligeance nothing ought to be feigned, but ought to be ex fide non ficta”

    Secondly , the courts have held that the US can not deny expatriation for any reason. They have also said that the best proof of renunciation of citizenship (their legal fiction version of course) is allegiance to another.
    The courts can not resolve politcal questions. Allegiance is a political election and no gov’t has the power to determine it. PERIOD.

    That all being said I don’t know what to make of this article. Someone is being manipulated or lied to.

    • Fooled No More

      expatriation is not the same as reuncification — please get yourself informed.

      • http://suijurisforum.com/ noone special

        What the hell are you talking about?

  • http://www.blackjackchamp.com/ BlackjackChamp

    Your friend surrendered his passport in South Africa?? Is he mentally retarded? That going from bad to worse.

  • Sailorman

    I’m not an American but I’m relating a personal experience of a friend about 12 years ago, before 9-11, sub-prime, when practically the whole world (including me) looked up to the US…

    I was working on a rig in Vietnam in 2000 , and as supervisor I gave shit to the rig radio operator one day for a listing a guy on board as Singaporean when I knew full well the day before day told me came from the Mid-West somewhere. It’s important for the POB list to be accurate on an offshore vessel you see.

    Later that evening I sat down with this WASP dude and share the joke about my crew’s faux pas.

    He corrected me, yes it’s true. WTF?

    As as South-East Asian (indo), I just couldn’t believe I it. Why Sing? Safe and clean streets, pro-business gov’t, modern 1st world, no need visa to go to US (visa waiver) for brief visits if necessary, he claims.

    Then he told me this story how hard it was to relinquish his citizenship because even the US consular officers in Singapore found it hard to believe a typical WASP wanting to leave. At one time he even thought he was being tailed by some G men, CIA probably?

    Anyway, it’s getting harder to get citizenship in S’pore and they ‘ve started plugging loopholes. Even I regretted not buying property in that neighboring country when it was relatively easy back then.

    I guess our friend there, in retrospect, did the the right thing, huh?

  • http://ashcraftgirl.deviantart.com Zomberina Contagion

    Last I checked, you cannot relinquish your US citizenship unless you are an official citizen of another country. So, did this gentleman complete the naturalization process for the other country he lived in? If not, then that is probably reason number one for denial. It is nearly impossible to be on this planet without any national citizenship of some kind. As far as the US tax system smacking dual citizenship peoples of other countries, that is horrible! BUT not surprising. That is why it is so important for people to be educated on the rules of the WORLD and not just their little village. If these parents understood what they were doing by having a multi-nationalized child, they would have done their job to be sure to annul said child’s citizenship or at least leave the consequences out there for the child’s knowledge once of adult age.

    • http://suijurisforum.com/ noone special

      “you cannot relinquish your US citizenship unless you are an official citizen of another country”
      Says who?
      There are no citizens except by confession. 
      It’s one of the biggest frauds ever committed.
      Wanna know how the courts determine citizenship?
      The same way they determine whether someone is a slave.
      You should read.

      Secretary of State report to Congress


      Here’s a juicy excerpt of how scum STATISTS think.

      “In Ex parte Reynolds, supra, the question
      was discussed at some length, and the court, while stating that as between a freeman and a slave the principle of the Roman civil law, expressed in the maxim partus sequitur ventrem, was applied, and so
      the offspring be a slave, yet a different rule was applied between
      freemen. He said :

      But by the common law this rule is reversed with regard to the offspring of free persons. Their offspring follows the condition of the father, and the rule
      partus sequitur patrem prevails in determining their status. This is the universal maxim of the common law with regard to freemen — as old as the common
      law or even as the Roman civil law, and as well settled as the rule partus sequitur ventrem — the one being a rule fixing the status of freemen ; the other
      being a rule defining the ownership of property — the one applicable to different
      political communities or states, whose citizens are in the enjoyment of the civil rights possessed by people in a state of freedom ; the other defining the condition of the offspring which had been tainted by the bondage of the mother. No other rules than the ones above enumerated ever did prevail in this or any other civilized country.”Citizenship and sovereignty are feudal relics implemented via modern social conditioning.

      • mylene grimm

        Wasn’t this Exparte a California case?

    • https://www.facebook.com/TruthWealthFreedomFoundation Marcus : Matthews

      It is nearly impossible to be on this planet without any national citizenship of some kind.” It is impossible for any sentient being (animal, human or other) to be a CITIZEN. It is a construct. If one researched the nature of the PERSON (a corporate fiction) and the legal definition of this and CITIZEN and DENIZEN this will become clear and only the PERSON (which despite the illusion is NOT you!) . You may still decide to use the STRAWMAN to use the CITIZEN concept , however and it certainly pays to research pros and cons of this (and getting away from having your STRAWMAN PERSOn being classified as US is a very good start) I would like to suggest that the most important thing is to comprehend the reality first and wake up to your true natural divine sovereign being :-) 

  • http://twitter.com/Wolverineks wolverine

    If you owe money to a private company, they try to get you to go away and never come back, if you own money to the gov, they force you to stay…..i would much rather live in the united state of [insert private company here].

  • YankeeZulu

    You don’t really require abandoning US citizenship if you intend on staying gone and you can acquire a 2d passport(especially through marriage). If you have a fresh US passport w/lots of pages you can usually pick up your 2nd citizenship well w/in the 10 years your US passport is valid. You have to juggle your finances cleverly and close out everything you have back in the states. Once you pop up on IRS radar, they’ll go after your stateside assets. Not so easy if you’ve completely pulled the plug back there. Host nations will usually have a problem w/Uncle Sam trying to seize accounts in your spouse’s name, and foreign property can’t be taken by the US.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stmartinez1 S Thania Martinez

      With FACTA if your second passport say you where born in the US offshore banks will likely categorize you as a US citizen unless you formally renounce – not relinquish your citizenship. FACTA requires banks report any US citizens account information to either the IRS or the US Govt. 

  • Hiday_happy

    great i also have many friends’s boy learning to you

  • Hiday_happy

    learning from u

  • Angela Wiltz

    Can any of this be verified?  Otherwise it is little more than an unsubstantiated rant.

  • http://greenlander.myopenid.com/ greenlander

    I have to agree with the other commenters here that this post is missing the most important piece of data: what the REASON given for the application’s denial.

  • YankeeZulu

    Yeah, me too. ‘Cause you know the federal government ALWAYS has a logical reason for EVERYTHING they do!

  • eileen

    I know all about the problems one has in relinquishing a US passport. I was born during the war in the UK, registered by my American father at birth(English mother).I married a Chilean and have lived here ever since.The reason I had for giving up the passport was that the US denied US citizenship to my six children,as I had only resided in the USA for 9.5 years, and 10 years was the minimum to pass on citizenship.All this took quite a time to accomplish and with the help of a very good but expensive lawyer in the US who took care of all the tax related matters, such as a special ruling from the IRS on my case

    • Coy Coleman

      Ah, but is it a UNITED STATES Passport or a united States Passport or an American Passport? You are an American Citizen on the inside of the united States Passport.

      • mylene grimm

        Here is an 1857, Massachusetts` own passport.

  • mylene grimm


    This is incorrect, from what I have been learning from the pacinlaw.org group. Our parents signed us up, when they registered/signed, our/their Birth Certificate. What they don’t tell us, is how we have lawful, natural right as men and women, to leave their DC 14th Amendment Federal Citizenship, once we reach the age of legal adulthood, now 18.5. The fact that we don’t leave the DC Plantation, is actually our agreement to staying in their jurisdiction of DC.

    • Coy Coleman

      UCC 1 and ACT OF STATE Document. Say, no, more.

      • mylene grimm

        All UCC stuff, and USC stuff came after they first, reconstructed all the state governments. Of course, first starting with the southern states first, in 1867/68.

    • Nunyer Business

      Hmm, my birth certificate says nothing about being signed up for citizenship. If signing a birth certificate does such a thing, shouldn’t there be a statement of such in order to make it a valid binding contract? Why yes, there would be. Otherwise any such ‘contract’ would be null and void if there was no disclosure.

      And tell me again how a parent can conscript a child for life by signing a contract? And where does it state that if we stay on the plantation after the age of 18 that we have ‘consented’ to being conscripted? Yeah, ummm, there is no legal precedent for such a thing. The only ‘contract’ we have with the feds is through violence.

      In all actuality, the ‘law’ (Constitution) states that we have the right to Citizenship and travel. To be forced to ASK to renounce ones citizenship, rather than to simply declare one’s renunciation, is to have it not be a right at all, but a privilege enforced by violence.

  • mylene grimm

    To see the Plantation, is to leave it. The State Nationality status was codified in 1940. The reason, it was left in limbo for so long, is a wonderment of many in the know, of what the real deal is against Americans in their 14th Amendment US Citizenship. Our natural born native statuses of our states/nations, was changed with the placement of the 14th Amendment in 1868. Why it took 70+ years to renew or codify term is a great wonderment.

    Oh, and the US is not a country, in its own right. It is a District. They did try to get recognition as statehood, but, no can do. A District it remains, to this day.  Our states, are, our nations. U.S.Constitution is an international contract of commerce, federal government is set up as a mediator of commerce between nations/states, and to represent our states, while abroad. Not to take them over. Which is us, the peoples.

    Have you read, The Red Amendment, yet?

  • mylene grimm

    Oh, and one more thing to add, here.

    One does not have to physically leave to expatriate. It is about statuses, not where we physically stand. They pulled us all into their 10square mile area/zoned box, of DC, that our Founders put them in. For good reason, I might add. They knew!

    They pulled us all into DC Federal Government’s rule/jurisdiction, by naturalizing us all upon birth, into their 10 square mile area of DC. Pulling us all out of our original state government’s jurisdiction. They couldn’t physically take over the states, so they did the next best thing. They pulled everyone (statuses) into DC instead. While leaving appearances of us, still being of our state governments. Pretty clever of them.

    So, in essence, what we have now, to add to more confusion, if there isn’t enough already. We have a duality of state governments. One is of our original state governments, before the 14th Amendment’s placement. And, a new politically created State government by DC.


    I live in Massachusetts. Prior to 14th Amendment, my state government’s name was, and still is, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    After the 14th Amendment, the new state (14thAmendment State) is called, the State of Massachusetts.

    What they don’t tell us is that we are in a dual political system, at exact, same time.  And the other big kept secret from us, is, how when we turn, into legal adults, we have the right to leave their newly created political system, and we can return to our original, de jure state governments. They somehow, forgot to tell us this part of our Real Deal.

    The very day, before the 14th Amendment was announced ratified, in the RUMP CONGRESS, they passed the
    ” Expatriation Act ” which is what I call, the Escape Hatch Out. They had to put an escape hatch for us, in order for them to be considered legal in eyes of international law, in Law of Nations (which they mention in organic U.S.Constitution) there is a reason that they mention this.

    For, if they did not offer us a way out, then it would not be voluntary/consensual, and totally illegal. It would then be force/enslavement. So, to get us to be enslaved legally, they have to offer us a way out of this new political system that ” they” created, via the Reconstruction Acts, by Military Lieber Code, to enforce the states with their occupation.

  • Jman89

    The reason “Simon” doesn’t give any details as to WHY the man was denied his application is for the same reason “Simon” is intentionally vague and misleading in his other writings– his agenda is to incite fear in you.  This strong emotional response will keep you reading and at some point buy some of his products. He is simply trying to get your $.  He has NO REAL SOLUTIONS. 

    • Nunyer Business

      You can also choose not to buy anything from him if you believe it’s ‘not a solution’. And does one need to have ‘The Solution’ in order to offer solutions? This post merely states some of his observations and conclusions. If this ‘incites fear’ in you, that sounds like a ‘you’ problem. I am not ‘fearful’, but concerned and wanting to take action to protect myself from bullies and thugs. If Simon ‘incites fear’ in you, and you blame him for your emotional state when you can merely not read his writing, then maybe some counseling would be helpful.

  • Alan Carr

    Did they tell this guy why his ‘application’ was denied? If so, what? I would have thought such a thing is not so much an application as a declaration.

  • Jester80l

    the lucky boobs at the consulate get a daily deluge of misinformed losers scamming their way into the U.S., it gives them a false sense of power. Getting out of the citizenship infuriates them. However, I will never be wealthy enough to renounce citizenship; there will always be worries. This is really a contemplation for wealthy people.

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  • D-Block Jackson

    How long does it take to become a soverign citizen?

  • Coy Coleman

    And thus you open bank accounts using Trusts and LLC’s like the big companies do. You never open a bank account overseas using your name, your social security number, or your passport.

  • wali

    I too want to give up my citizen ship

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