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This is why we internationalize. This is why we have a plan.

September 5, 2011
Lefkosa, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

A few hundred years ago, some rather courageous men and women decided that they’d had enough of living under someone else’s rule– that the right of self-determination was stronger than any benefit or protection from living under a corrupt government.

The US Declaration of Independence eloquently posed the colonists’ grievances against King George III, including among others, that he had:

“erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance;”

“obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers;”

“[deprived] us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury”

The Constitution was supposed to address all of these grievances as the Founding Fathers sought to create a government where no single branch or office had too much power. Even to this day, US government officials swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies– foreign and domestic.

My guess is that most of them haven’t bothered to read it.

Take the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) under the US Department of Interior, for example. A few months ago, a government agent from FWS showed up to the home of an eleven-year-old girl with a federal summons in one hand and a citation for $535 in another.

The girl’s crime? Saving a baby woodpecker from being killed and eaten by the family cat. The bird’s mother was nowhere to be seen, so the girl (an aspiring vet) convinced her parents to let her care for it for a few days until the bird was well enough to fly away on its own.

Noble act? Wrong. Federal crime. It turns out that the bird is on the government list of protected species… and according to the government’s newspeak, protecting a bird that’s on the protected species list is a crime.

It sort of echoes Thomas Jefferson’s line about King George having “erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people…” It seems not too much has changed.

What’s more, the agent obviously couldn’t come alone to confront an 11-year old girl and her mother. No, that wouldn’t be threatening enough. That’s why FWS requested to be escorted by a Virginia State Police Trooper who “stood on the porch and said nothing.”

It’s government fear and intimidation tactics at their best… a far cry from supporting and defending the Constitution.

Then there’s the case of Gibson Guitar, a legendary American company that manufactures some of the most famous, high quality guitars in the industry.  Less than two weeks ago, armed government agents (also from the US Fish and Wildlife Service) raided Gibson Guitar’s manufacturing plants and corporate headquarters in Tennessee.

Gibson Guitar’s crime? Being in possession of a rare ebony wood imported from India; they use it in their manufacturing.

Here’s what’s funny: possession of said wood is not illegal in the United States.

Here’s what’s really funny: Gibson Guitar has clear evidence– letters from the Indian government– proving that their possession of the wood is not illegal in India either.

And… here’s what’s really, really funny: This is the second time in two years that the company has been raided and inventory been seized by federal agents. Gibson’s management team is STILL waiting for a court hearing to get their property back from the 2009 seizure.

Again, echoes of Thomas Jefferson: that King George “[deprived] us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury.”

Welcome to the new reality. Executive agencies in the United States have extraordinary unchecked power. They can seize your assets, freeze your bank accounts, intercept your emails, comb through your credit card transactions, and even take away your children… all without so much as a court order or any form of oversight.

We’ve explored before how you can end up on the wrong side of a government agency, even if you haven’t done anything illegal. If you are so much as suspected of wrongdoing, they can come after you… even if you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can come after you.

These are two cases where the government has come after its citizens– even when they are doing the RIGHT thing.

Think about it: two of the most unlikely people in the country have become enemies of the state: an eleven-year-old girl who wants to save a baby bird, and a manufacturing company that has managed to stay in business (and continue hiring!) in the midst of the worst recession in the nation’s history.

This is why we internationalize. This is why we have a plan.

About the author: Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur, permanent traveler, free man, and founder of Sovereign Man. His free daily e-letter and crash course is about using the experiences from his life and travels to help you achieve more freedom.

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  • Eric wt

    Yes, you can get in trouble even if you do nothing wrong. Which is why the content generators on SMC need to have the ability to delete their own threads on SMC.
    You can bullshit all you want Simon Black, the fact is you are not interested in the security of your posters.

    That is why SMC is boring now because you let the people who did not create content make the rules for people who were creating content.
    You are letting the foolishness of others destroy SMC.
    So enjoy the lack of content, as anyone with brains is not going to post there with no rules to protect the originators. You have killed your best content posters….congrats!

    No loss for me…. BTW: I let you slide on a lot of issues

    • BW

      If you’re not on SMC anymore, how would you know that it’s boring.

  • The Elevation Group

    American citizens should be put on the ‘government list of protected species’, so that they ‘work for us’, not against us.

  • John Lloyd

    Wells written Simon….that Gibson guitar business makes me furious. I think I’ve reached my boiling point….

  • steve ward

    i expected as much which is why i’ve had a plan in motion a long time ago. IF you think the government bad you should see the other groups there even worst.

    Eric, normal i don’t do this, mainly because it seems i waste my time talking and i don’t get paid. From the post it seems you are saying that the commenter’s need a way to delete stuff.

    Other than that im not sure what your talking about, im sure neither does SMC either

  • Diogenese_

     Where did the idea of modern governments running everyone’s lives for the abstract ‘greater good’ come from? It came from Marx and Engels. That idea currently dominates the US and Europe. Most of the citizens of those countries think their government enabled them to have freedom and wealth because of the application of that idea. Nothing could be further from the truth, government has been the biggest destroyer of human lives and wealth of the past 100 years. If you want to know the beyond shocking truth about socialism on this labor day, watch the film below, but first carefully consider this: this film shows real mass murder on film throughout the entire past 100 years, and is disturbing to an extreme. Nonetheless after watching it you will know the hidden truth about socialism. Did you know the socialist George Bernard Shaw called for a ‘humane killing gas’ for use on ‘unproductive backwards countries’? Did you know that Hitler said that the whole of National Socialism’s ideology came from Marx?:

    Here is something else I got out of the film, the reminder that violent control over others is an addictive process that always escalates.

    • BW

      The idea of modern governments running everyone’s lives for the abstract “greater good” comes from the psychologies of those who have those ideas.  Psychologies which are uninformed as to the true nature of mankind, and made up of vague ideas about what the “good” is to which all must conform.

      Marx and Engels and all the other socialists are not the only ones who have ever had these ideas, nor the only ones who ever will, on their own without the external influence of others.

      It’s a state of mind & psychology, which precede the formal economic and political structures that follow as “solutions”.

  • gc41237849874

    A friend posted this on fb and, as a bird biologist, I take exception with the misinformation in this blog.  Please, please, please read up on the Migratory Bird Treat Act and its origins before jumping to conclusions about the “unchecked power” of the FWS.

    • Heimer

      Can you give us some basics?
      What did the girl do wrong in your opinion?
      thank you

    • Advocate4Liberty

      gc, you really don’t understand private property do you? As a bird bra…, er biologist and likely a product of state schools that’s understandable.

       Concepts like individual sovereignty, liberty, property – these aren’t taught in our government propaganda factories. 

      No doubt you would have supported King George in 1776.

  • Nick

    Absurdity to the highest degree. What’s really scary is that the good little Storm Troopers won’t balk because they need their jobs and can’t afford to rock the boat. They can’t risk being ostracized or blacklisted so they follow Der Fuhrer like good little soldiers.

  • Simon the Second


    FYI-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus does not exists. Who are trying to impress and what is your agenda really. More and more, Your stuff is becoming a big BS

    • Akahn1021

      S2- how dumb are you? Becuase your USA government does not recognize the country, you belive it does not exist too! What a robot.

      • John Lloyd

        No government or international body recognizes it except Turkey. I presume you are Turkish, eh?

      • Advocate4Liberty

        I’m an American and I recognize it. My government doesn’t? So what? The opinions of those parasites mean less than nothing to me.

      • Advocate4Liberty

        Robot? Possibly. But Occam’s Razor suggests the simplest explanation: moron (e.g. public school “graduate”) ;-)

  • TroubleBaby

    There’s one more thing about the Gibson raid that makes it really, really, REALLY funny…one of their competitors has and continues to buy the same exact wood from the same exact source….and has never been raided/prosecuted.

    • Deuce

      That’s not the funny thing, that’s THE thing.  Not hard to see that that company has friends in government who are no doubt “helping” that company eliminate the competition for some unknown backend.  No different from companies that make cancer “treatments” buying pols who will stand behind marijuana prohibition.  A cheap, naturally growing plant with proven antitumor properties threatens their business. 

      Just another repeat of the same chorus we’ve been singing for decades.  Sing along with me (stum your Gibson too if you can legally):

      Our government has been
      Co-opted by corporate scum
      Selling and sacrificing souls
      And the Constitution
      To hawk their wares
      And make a dishonest buck
      At the cost of our freedom

      Such a lovely tune isn’t it.

  • Friend

    When I see such stores, than I am very happy that I do not live in USA.

    I had job offer, but I did not take it, one of main reasons (but I did not say it ), was that I need to move for 2 years to USA.

    USA is very high-risk country, from my point of view and also I do not want somebody to touch my balls on airport.

    • Heimer

      I understand your first two comments… but not the last.  Why would you NOT want someone touching your balls at the airport?  This is the best part of traveling!  Weird.

  • BW

    Here’s another funny: 
    “The DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar”

  • Roger Hermann

    The patients are now in charge of the asylum. What ever happend to the good old day when you just were persecuted for disagreeing with the government. Now they persecute you just because you want to live.

  • Nolen

    Government runs wild because WE THE PEOPLE allow it. Get organized join or start a Tea Party and get controll of the monster. We are still in charge, be responsiable and take charge. Stop whinning and run for office. Get in the street with your sign and protest.  SILENCE IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION IS CONCENT.  

    • La19ra42

      Nolen:  it’s too late to organize, except in small close knit groups of friends/family and hunker down.  I’m a retiree, and have seen steady decline for about fifty years.  Patriot groups worked in vain trying to inform others with no results since the early 60′s when these groups formed.  We are under a fascist/corporate technocratic rule with zero future. See News with Views and Lew Rockwell, the heartland usa, etc.  Prepare and keep a low profile.  Politicians are under NWO control; none are for the people and constitution.

    • Bryan_ensign

      Nolen,  I don’t think the Tea Party is the way to go.  It is a good start but there are not enough people in the tea party that believe you should take away or decrease the amount they receive for Social Security or Medicare.  Both these programs have two words that should be anathema for true libertarians that is “Security and Care”.  Responsible individuals should provide for their own security and care in their old age.  When the government supplements or outright pays the whole freight for these institutions prices necessarily increase in all areas of the economy.  This also hold true for 30 year mortgages, school loans and other government subsidized institutions.

    • clark

      People such as Nolen crack me up.
      “Government runs wild because WE THE PEOPLE allow it.”? As if the People have a voice and a say so. We do they ever? Also, it appears the majority of “the People” are just fine with things the way they are.

      “…get control of the monster. We are still in charge, be responsible and take charge.”

      Well, are we “still in charge” or are we to “take charge”? Which is it, and how is that done, exactly?

      “Stop whining and run for office.”
      You mean stop informing others, be quiet, and help legitimize the voting process as if it changes anything?

      “Get in the street with your sign and protest.” As if that changes Anything, ever?

      What the heck is the court of public opinion? Is that the same public opinion that was soundly ignored just before they went ahead with the bailouts anyway?

  • Sdkfjhsj


    Just letting you know that this article is placed here under a different name.

    Not sure the IP thief is, you are Tyler.

    • Diogenese_

       Take a closer look at the top of the article:

      Guest Post: “With Immediate Effect”

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/06/2011 08:31 -0400

      From Simon Black of Sovereign Man
      “With Immediate Effect”

  • La19ra42

    The gov. is harassing people in the raw milk biz too.  Messing w/the light bulbs (that’s why I stocked up on standard ones), some of this is ridiculous  for ex: an Idaho man shot a grizzly to protect his family, and the info in your article.  This causes you not to trust anyone, or tell others about your protecting animals/people.  I don’t report shoplifting, breaking in to cars, or anything suspicious if I see it, because these bad guys get off the hook anyway. Several men were fired when they  grabbed a shoplifter in several stores. Mobs rob  stores, police don’t care.   America is finished, with zero future.  I  quit voting decades ago.  Pinhead/puppet politicians cannot be trusted in anything.  Best to keep things to yourself, have a few close knit like minded friends for bartering, etc.

  • Ducky

    This very thing happened to an acquaintance of mine. She came upon an injured baby duck on the bank of a pond near her summer home. The duckling had been abandoned and was in distress. My acquaintance took it home and cared for it. They became friends. When she was out in her kayak, the duck, grown older, perched on the bow and jumped into the pond to swim about and then came back to the kayak and followed her home. Not only did my acquaintance encourage the duck to return to its habitat, she contacted the wildlife service to ask for its assistance. For her pains, they treated her like a criminal. They told her to bring them the duck at once, which she did. After telling her that she was lucky that they weren’t going to charge her with a felony, they took the duck away. Here’s the kicker: when the duck was clearly in distress and my acquaintance asked if she might have “visiting rights” as the duck was going to be kept in a wildlife sanctuary, the wildlife service told her no way and forbade her any entrance to any government wildlife sanctuary ANYWHERE and FOREVER.

  • Chuck Adkins


  • Bitch

    I can’t believe anyone that has a real job can even find time after work to read all this crap from everyone…. AND spend the extra added effort to type an opinion about everyone else’s comment that get’s posted. Get a real job, losers… I guarantee you, then, you’ll be too fuckin tired at the end of the day to even give a shit about this issue, or any other issues  

    • PMS

      Why are you here then? How we spend our time is our business. I work 45 hrs a week in a 6 day period at a minimum. If you like whats happening in this country just keep sticking your head in the sand, but some of us try to do something about the issues and be ready for or try to avoid whats happening.

    • C Capthump

      Hey bitch, I’m retired, what’s your excuse?

    • Conservative23

      Spoken as a true libtard, dumbocrat.

    • Treeman

      You will have plenty of time waiting in your FEMA camp about these issues.  You will be thinking back at those times when you were critizing others

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